31 December 2007


I will be taking the next couple of days off to celebrate the New year with my family and friends. I wish all my readers a lovely and happy New Year.

30 December 2007

Professor's Poll Watch

RealClearPolitics - Election 2008 - National Polls

This is a break down of head to head results of the candidates. The one to keep an eye on is the Zogby polls--they were more accurate in 2006 than any of the other polls taken. There are some surprises in the polls.

Professor's Weekly News UpDate

This past week has been nothing but worthless crap in the media. From a tiger, to a family slaying, to a overturned train, to ..........on and on.

This week has been worthless for news
Definitely nothing one could use.

1--Steven Spielberg puts $14,000 fish into pond and it is eaten by a raccoon......now that is good stuff!

2--Old man Hilton will leave 97% of the Hilton fortune to charity.....maybe Paris will use her time honored quote, "It's not fair"!

3--CEO of Goldman/Sachs will get a $68 million bonus--is anyone worth that kind of money? Is Goldman/Sachs intwined with the sub prime mess?

That is about it for the week. Hopefully, next week and the New Year will be a better outlewt for news---but, I doubt it.

29 December 2007

Pakistan Without Benazir

Pakistan Without Benazir

Holding true to the idea of saying nothing bad about the dead, the media is turning Bhutto into a martyr. The truth is far from democratic.

Political Quote Of The Week

IMO, the media is in control of the people's thought process. Opinions are molded by the media to retain control of the elite over the people.

The hand that rules the press, the radio, the screen and the far-spread magazine, rules the country. - Learned Hand

Never a truer statement has ever been made.

28 December 2007

27 December 2007

Bhutto--They Got Her!

Sad that the death of Benazir Bhutto had to replace all the crap in the news like tigers attack, car crash, plane crashes, yada, yada. This could be disastrous for the country of Pakistan. Ms Bhutto was shot twice and then her attacker blew his ass up, killing many with him.

Pakistan is basically, 4 countries within the borders of one. It is slowly falling apart. Musharaff has a couple of options....my choice and prediction is he may declare a state of emergency--again. This will be an attempt to quieten down his opposition.

My personal opinion is that this was an inside job....but of course to keep the funds flowing it will be blamed on al Qaeda or some similar organization. The problem is that Bhutto was far from the saint that she will now become because of her death. But will she be deified in her country...Bush and most of the candidates will say what a great leader she was and that she will be sorely missed.

I will not jump on the bandwagon and turn her into some martyr. Her push for more democracy in Pakistan was motivated by greed and ambition, her ascension to power would be a replay of her days as PM.

Yes, her assassination was a tragedy and may be a step backwards for Pakistan, but what will it bring to the table in the Bush war on terrorism?

When A Mitt Attacks

Mitt attacks Huckabee in Iowa......Mitt attacks McCain in NH....what happens when a Mitt attacks? He is looking more and more desperate as the primary season progresses. Since Mitt has started losing ground to several of his opponents, he has chose to attack the people directly with the hope of winning back some of his lost support.

Will it be successful? IMO, NO, not in Iowa or NH, Huckabee and McCain seem to be holding their own against Mitt in the first two....there is the possibility that as the election moves on, he could get a bit stronger. Mitt is worried--he must have a good showing in the early days or he can kiss his butt bye bye when Feb 5th comes around. Rudy is banking on successes in that primary cycle. If Mitt fails there he is all but gone....or maybe just plain---GONE!

26 December 2007

A Progressive Looks at John Edwards - by Stephen Zunes

A Progressive Looks at John Edwards - by Stephen Zunes

For those that would like to read the entire analysis of Edwards and his positions and issues. A very good and well thought out analysis.

Is Edwards A True Progressive?

This is excerpts of an article by Zunes.

On one hand, he's the first serious candidate in the past two decades to seriously dispute the neo-liberal orthodoxy on international trade. He has challenged the hawkish front-runner Hillary Clinton on a number of issues and has called for the withdrawal of the vast majority of American forces from Iraq. He has questioned calls by President George W. Bush and some of his Democratic rivals to expand the armed services by nearly 100,000 troops. He has disagreed with the Bush administration's framing of the struggle against Islamist extremists as a "war on terror" as well as its overemphasis on military means, instead arguing for "a comprehensive strategy to respond to terrorism and prevent it form taking root in the first place."

Edwards has called for a dramatic increase in spending for development programs aimed at the world's poor, particularly in health care and education, as well as an expansion of support for microcredit programs. He has proposed dramatic reform and better accounting of the military budget. And, he has recognized that climate change is a major threat to national security that needs to be addressed seriously.

As a senator, Edwards distinguished himself as one of the more conservative Democrats through supporting such controversial measures as providing unconditional military aid to the repressive government of Colombia and voting for funding the dangerous and expensive Trident D-5 submarine nuclear missile program. He also voted in favor of an amendment that prohibits the United States from cooperating in any way with the International Criminal Court in its prosecution of individuals responsible for serious crimes against humanity. This vindictive law also restricts U.S. foreign aid to countries that support the ICC and authorizes the president of the United States to use military force to free individuals from the United States or allied countries detained by the ICC.

I am not convinced that Edwards is the Progressive that we on the Left are looking for to lead this country in a new direction. If you are thinking of voting for a Progressive cndidate, then may I suggest that you do more research into the candidates and not rely on the rhetoric to make your decision for you.

25 December 2007


Since the campaigns and the rest of the world has seemed to become non-existent and taken a backseat to the season--I would like to wish all my readers and posters--a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!

I will return on 26 Dec 07 and begin the task of observing the world and the crap that goes on.

To all have a very good day and may all the joy of the season live in your house.

24 December 2007

Professor's Classroom

Merry Christmas to all my posters--ha ha ha--since this section is a bout as popular as a turd in a punch bowl; I will take some time off and give my students a break.

May all have the joyous of holiday seasons and I will be back later. TTFN!

23 December 2007

Weekly News UpDate

It has been a slow week, not much happen other than the campaigns and a couple of missing people, and ...........plus I have been fighting a horrendous cold.....so the update will not be as extensive as it has in the past.


1--The world's oldest man has died--age 116--the key? he was never married.

2--A square envelope at Xmas will cost 17 cents more

3-- The Queen of UK turns 81--who cares?

4--Britney's lil sis is pregnant--and she is surprised she is with child--how dumb is this little shit?

5--People are still dying in Iraq--just thought I would let you know since the media will not!

6--The military throws away Xmas letters to wounded soldiers--

That is it--enough is enough! BYE--BE WELL!

22 December 2007

Professor's Poll Watch

For those die hard Repubs that are trying to decide in which direction to go with their vote, here is the only chance that they will have to beat Clinton, according to the latest polls.

RCP Average11/11 to 12/19-47.0%46.7%McCain +0.3%
FOX News12/18 - 12/19900 RV47%42%McCain +5%
CNN12/06 - 12/09RV50%48%McCain +2%
Gallup11/11 - 11/14897 RV44%50%Clinton +6%

Political Quote Of The Week

Years ago when I became more radicalized, this quote was one that meant a lot about what I was feeling towards my government....

"Let them call me a rebel and welcome, I feel no concern from it; but I should suffer the misery of devils, were I to make a whore of my soul...."

Thomas Paine

This is what has happened to the American voter---they have prostituted their very being to the pimps in Washington. They NEVER think of anything but themselves, their individual selfs. That is not America.....the country becomes a whorehouse.

21 December 2007

Is Political Experience Necessary?

I found this article while reading the Politico site and I think it is a good piece that brings to light good points.

Before wading into the morass of conflicting claims about the role of senatorial experience as preparation for the responsibilities of the Oval Office it would be prudent to ask just what the president does.

This seems like a question that common sense could easily answer, but it is not.

The modern presidency operates at many complex levels — strategic, political, constitutional and symbolic, and it does so in domestic and international circumstances permeated by division and threat.

So, before we can say if senatorial experience counts, we must first answer the question of where it is most important that it do so.

The twin answers to that question are judgment and leadership. We rely on the president to see the problems the country faces clearly, understand their implications and put them into the proper framework for analysis. That is judgment.

We also expect a president to be able to mobilize others in pursuit of a fitting solution, help orchestrate and channel those efforts, and consolidate any success into lasting accomplishments. That is political leadership.

This short list of seemingly straightforward presidential tasks belies their complexity and difficulty.

Good judgment and effective leadership are often a byproduct of learning from experience, both successful and otherwise, that is relevant.

So the first question we must ask of a presidential candidate’s experience is whether it is relevant to making the complex, tough, and often controversial trade-offs that often face a president and whether that experience includes translating those judgments into successful policy solutions.

Regrettably for candidates who tout their senatorial careers, this would seem to preclude giving much weight to their legislative experience.

The problem is not that these senatorial experienced candidates are not smart or capable.

It is that while the Senate may well be an incubator for presidential ambitions, but it is not a good training ground for presidential responsibilities.

Consider the differences. A senator is one of a hundred. The president is singular and unique. A senator casts a vote. The president makes decisions.

A senator’s vote is one of many; the president's decisions are where the buck stops. Senators have few responsibilities for national leadership and most rarely exercise their limited and narrower opportunities for issue leadership.

The president’s national and worldwide leadership is required, and often demanded on a daily basis. A senator may, over the course of his or her career, become a specialist in a few subjects.

The president is expected to be well-versed in many.

A senator doesn’t govern, run an administration or have responsibility for any more than his or her own office staff.

A president is responsible for all the agencies of the federal government, many of them engaged in complex and difficult policy decisions — these, too, ultimately are the president’s responsibility.

And finally, senators do not personally have to make life-or-death decisions regarding the fate of this country.

Senators have a strictly advisory position, cushioned from command responsibility by layers of words and the ability to reinterpret what they really meant when they voted for or against a piece of legislation. They are therefore insulated from the intense emotional and political burdens of having to stand alone before the country and the world on the basis of their judgments.

One obvious response to these facts is to cite Presidents Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy.

Lincoln is rated one of our great presidents and had only one term in the House of Representatives before he won the presidency in 1860.

Kennedy found his short legislative life in Congress boring but is fondly remembered as smart, charming and, during the Cuban Missile Crisis, masterful.

The brief response to those examples is that the presidency of 2008 requires a great deal more of its occupant than the office did in 1860. Lincoln’s justified reputation is based on one absolutely crucial judgment that he successfully made: to preserve the union.

No amount of experience of whatever kind can adequately prepare a president for those national life-or-death decisions.

As for Kennedy, his good judgment and leadership during the Cuban Missile Crisis was preceded by his much poorer judgment and presidential leadership at the Bay of Pigs.

In this case, good judgment did come from experience — that of learning from his mistakes.

There is no inherent reason why a senator cannot make a good president in spite of his lack of relevant experience.

However, the nature of senatorial life ordinarily precludes us from learning anything much about the soundness of a senator's judgment in the types of complex decisions that face a president every day or in his ability to provide the country with leadership that only a president can bring to bear on the issues that face us.

We take a risk in selecting any person for the presidency, but experience that we can judge — and that is relevant to what the president actually does — helps us to manage those risks.

If Clinton, Biden, McCain, Chris Dodd, Barack Obama or Fred Thompson want to convince us that they belong in the presidency, they will have to make arguments on grounds other than their senatorial experience.

Stanley Renshon is a professor of political science at the City University of New York and a certified psychoanalyst.

20 December 2007

McKinney Seeks Green Party Nomination

You remember her/ She slapped a DC congressional guard and all sh*t broke loose. Well she is seeking the nomination of the Green Party to represent the Party in the presidential contest next year.

"The Democrats, no different than their Republican counterpart, eat out of the hands of corrupt lobbyists and feed at the same corporate trough," McKinney says in the video. "I am proud to say the Green Party is my new political home."

In recent weeks, McKinney has traveled to campaign rallies and fund-raisers in Texas, Oklahoma, Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota and Wisconsin trying to organize party support and get her name on state ballots. She said she plans to campaign in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Hugh Esco, who works on the McKinney campaign and runs her Web site, declined to comment Wednesday.

The firebrand six-time Democratic congresswoman from Georgia's 4th congressional district was defeated in 2002, bounced back and won in 2004, and then was defeated by Hank Johnson in 2006. At least six Green Party candidates are running against her. The July nominating convention for the Green Party will be in Chicago.

McKinney is the only former major-party candidate running for president as a Green in 2008, but she is the second black woman from Georgia to declare her Green Party presidential candidacy.

The following is a press release from the GP.

The candidates: Jared Ball, Elaine Brown, Jesse Johnson, Cynthia McKinney, Kent Mesplay, Ralph Nader, Kat Swift

WASHINGTON, DC -- The Green Party will have up to seven candidates for the party's presidential nomination on state ballots for the primary elections in 2008.

"The Green Party, in most states where Greens have ballot status, participate in the primaries just as Democrats and Republicans do," said Jim Coplen, co-chair of the Green Party of the United States. "Green voters will vote in the primaries the same way registered Democrats and Republicans vote."

Among other primaries, the Green Party will participate primaries in four states on February 5. The Green Party has vowed to achieve 51 ballot lines in 2008 in all the states and the District of Columbia, and has committed party resources for this purpose. Greens currently have ballot access in 21 states Green Parties (including DC).

Just trying to keep you informed...I love my job!

19 December 2007

Huckabee: Warm And Fuzzy

Have you seen the recent Huck ad--where he just wishes everyone a merry Xmas, well, we all knew that the criticisms would begin. Some say he was politicizing Xmas....or exploiting his Christianity....or ....you get the picture. I mean they will focus on the cross over his shoulder, which he says was a bookcase not intended to be a cross...he says there was no script it was purely a "wing it" moment.

Of course, now that everyone is weighing in on his ad....he is saying that it is just sad that a person cannot wish a merry xmas to people without being scrutinized as having an ulterior motive.

IMO, this was a brilliant ploy! He makes the ad and his opponents bring attention to his faith and he can say he just wanted to wish everyone the best during the holidays. It is brilliant! Devious? Of course! But absolutely f*cking brilliant! His opponents are doing his campaigning for him....Damn! More people need to study his techniques..he is a genius...or someone in his campaign is a genius........Kudos!

18 December 2007

Professor's Classroom

Sorry for the delay in the latest classroom, but the Professor had a sick day, yesterday. He is sick of the lame ass participation.

What does the term New Harmony have to do with history?

I tried to make it as simple as possible...I do not need any strokes to explain to the administration. You may begin.

Russia Delivers First Nuke Fuel

Okay as of yesterday, Russia has delivered the first of the shipments of nuke fuel to Iran to be used for commercial nuke power. OK, now what will the US do? Will Bush use it to ratch up the anti-Iran rhetoric?

Okay, the Bush admin has said the Iran must stop support for Hezbollah and Hamas, But in 2003 Iran offered to do just that but Bush was riding a wave of patriotism and decided to ignore the offer. Now they want to appear to be taking the higher ground. At that time Iran also offered to help against al-Qaeda as well. Again this was not acceptable to the Admin at that time.

The time is now if we are to engage Iran in helping with the region. My question is will the opportunity be missed? Again?

16 December 2007

Political Quote Of The week

Thomas Jefferson was a smart man, not one of my favs, but nonetheless a smart man. This quote somehow pertains to just about everything that comes out of the mouths of the Bush faithful.

It is error alone which needs the support of government. Truth can stand by itself. - Thomas Jefferson,

Weekly News UpDate

Another Sunday, another update. All the news that you could not possibly use.

1--Dead Canoeist turns up alive--who cares?

2--More shootings--more fluff--more BS--more wasted air time.

3--Man unplugs comatose wife--she wakes up talking--she probably was bitchin' at him.

4--Kids in NYC raised a million bucks in pennies for charity--who counted them?

5--God is working for Huckabee cause and campaign--his words, not mine.

6--Ike turner dies--he went down swinging--pun intended.

7--this is my fav--Gonzo elected Lawyer Of The Year by the ABA......hysterical laughing heard in background.

That is it--not a piece of real news anywhere--have a day

15 December 2007

Is Hillary Inevitable?

A recent poll this week shows Clinton with a 30 pt lead over Obama, nationally. Other polls show her lead not that large, but a sizable lead, indeed. But is she the inevitable nominee? It is a good question, the media has been thumping her as the logical nominee. well all that is changing. Why? Her lead in Iowa is gone. Her lead in NH is not so good. Her lead in SC, also not so good. Obama is coming on strong in these last days of '07.

She appears to be get desperate. Her campaign in the past has brought up Obama's ambition, by quoting him in Kindergarten saying he wanting to be pres. That was a bit silly and IMO, ill-advised. But that her lead and her inevitability is slide down the toilet, the campaign is back to negativity. Clinton NH co-manager of the campaign brought up Obama's drug use. Which he has already said that he was using drugs in his younger days. Since that part is common knowledge, the campaign asked, did he give drugs to other people? Did he sell drugs? This is just f*cking pathetic. Of course, Hillary apologized for the unauthorized use of the negative. This was an upfront gesture on her part, right?

NO! If this is not the message they want to put out there, then why did her national campaign manager bring it up on Hardball? The campaign said that it was not what they wanted, the negativity, but yet they are still trying to interject it into their messages on talk shows.

Clinton and her staff are appearing to be running scared. They are appearing to be desperate. They are losing support and they are terrified with a bout 3 weeks before the first caucus and they could lose it handily. If they do lose, they will be hard pressed to push forward as the natural candidate.

Obama has nothing to lose and the world to gain. If the attacks do not stop Clinton will be back to fighting in the Senate.


14 December 2007

Politics And Religion

I read a story this morning that Huckabee was not alone in his ignorance of Mormonism.....that not many outside the religion have any idea what it is all about. This started me thinking....why is this so damn important? Personally, I do do not care if these people stop at a walmart parking and pray to shopping carts. The real question or concern should be how many children will go to bed hungry? How many more vets will kill themselves? How much longer will a war continue? will there ever be a fair health care program? All of these are far more important than what a person does with his/her Sunday morning.

Ask yourself if the person you support will benefit you and your family. Do not base your decision on what he/she believes religiously.

Another thing in these political ads--shown with wife and kids--okay i get it his dick works. But I do not care if his dick works--that has little to nothing to do with his capability to lead the country.

Please make your decision rationally and logically, but leave the horseshit on the road where it belongs.


A New Idea For Future Debates

I have watched and watched and .......the debate process over the last year and I see a reall disservice to the American people. The media controlled debates are a joke. even the ones hosted by PBS. This trend has got to stop. The media is looking for ratings not knowledge. they want the cat fights and the insults and attacks and....

I have an idea! Why not have the debates, even in the primaries close together...say there is a GOP debate on Jan 1 then have the Dem debate on Jan 2......ask the same questions of the Dems as the repubs. Then the people that would be watching could compare the different candidates and their stands and then they would have a solid base from which to make an accurate choice of which candidates best represents the stands and policies that they are drawn to.

The process now, seldom are the different party candidates asked the same questions, so if you are a Repub you get only questions that plays to the base and same with Dems. How would the voter know that they are TRULY voting for the person that has a good chance of fixing the country?

The media is a prime suspect in the destructive partisanship of the voter. They need this to keep ratings up and to keep their cutesy jobs.

Please, demand change......you are living in a world that does not need partisanship...it needs a REAl leader.....how do you know you are getting that now?


13 December 2007

Last Democratic Debate

This is a synopsis of the last debate of the year. we can only smile at the end of this process for the year. A great Xmas gift.

Finally! The last debate of the year....may I have an amen! The last dem debate was a well done one with all candidates giving ample time and really nothing new. A few zingers, but most stayed on message. The only loser was Dennis Kucinich because he was not allowed to participate. That was the only low point, since the whack job Keyes was allowed to participate on the Repub side, but that is another story.....I am sure. Everyone was polite and civil, no attacks, direct attacks.

If you would like to see my full analysis, you may go to my blog the Oracle of inkwell, a link here will take one to the site.

Democrats Fall Apart

The Democrats are not consistent they , like all politicians, will fly with changing winds. this is where the party starts to fall apart. For instance, the waterboarding thing, Rep. Jane Harmen has files a letter of protest over the use of this tactic. That is all well and good, but she is a supporter of HR 1955, which simple put, would be the thought police.

People have to know this stuff or you will keep making the same mistakes in the elections you have been making for decades. This a/holes will say and do whatever gets them positive press. And the media does not report on the happenings in Washington accurately. They would rather spend their time in search of ratings by report on some missing wife or a shooter at a mall. All the while crap like HR 1955 sneaks in under the radar until it is too late to do anything but bitch.

When will the American people realize just how useless they are to these people? They pretend to care every 4 years or so just to get the vote by massaging the genitals with bullsh*t.

Wake up America!


12 December 2007

The Last GOP Debate In Iowa

If one wants a complete breakdown of who the candidates did then go to The Oracle Of Inkweel link on this page and read the entire analysis of the latest debate.

This is a short synopsis.

You want to know who won? look at the polls....Huck leading...Mitt second and Rudy third. Why? Only because it was a snooze of a debate and the candidates will remain as they were before the debate. I personally think that Paul was by far the best debater on the stage.


Is Hillary The Best Choice?

Everyone from joe blow to jan public has attacked this question. What was the outcome? You decide. I did some research on why she was not so appealing to me and I found the following:

Clinton has her roots, the early years, in the Young Republicans at Wellsley and was a volunteer for the Goldwater campaign. That could explain some of her hawkish stands. She then became a McCarthy volunteer a little later and that led her to the DNC.

Recently, on the stump, Clinton said that, "chage is just a word, that means nothing if you do not have the will to do it". The problem I have , I agree with her, but she does not seem to have that will either. My research leads me to believe that she is just a hawk, a conservative Dem and that NOTHING will change from what we have now.

11 December 2007

Realization--The Anti-War

Back in my day a REALIZATION was used when someone gained knowledge or enlightenment--yes it sounds New Age, but you had to be there to appreciate the times. If you were not there--sorry!

Do you know about the "Winter Soldier"? Thomas Paine wrote: "These are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from service to their country....". A winter soldier is that person that in time of need steps up and fights for the people and their concerns. Are you a winter soldier?

This is just to point out that a real patriot looks and acts for the benefit of the country and not for personal gain. When will someone, anyone step forward and take command of the army of people that are being misrepresented?

Look at the situation now. Bush is showing a disregard for the reps of the people, Congress. Under this Pres. our Congress is going the way of the roman Senate, impotent at best. The relative impotence of the Legislative branch and the growing power of the Executive branch is a sad indictment of the future of the US. The Congress is allowed to exist as a PR gesture to the people, to let them think they are participating in a democratic process. In actuality they have little to NO power to effect change.

It is now time for the "Winter Soldier" to step forward; these politicos will not give the country back, they will have to take it back. The start would be to help the American people unlearn their submissiveness. An excellent place to begin is the anti-war movement. Make the Reps bring the troops home! And bring them home NOW!

If you are looking for change in the next election....you will be SADLY disappointed. The frontrunners, all of them, both parties, are business as usual, there will be NO CHANGE if any of these fools win the election.

WAKE UP! we are slowing losing our rights and most importantly, our democracy. YOU can change that! But will you!


10 December 2007

Worldpress.org - World in Cartoons

Worldpress.org - World in Cartoons

Professor's Classroom

Monday, Monday....so good to me......quizz time.....wake up and pee the world is on fire......

It is a Monday morning and time for the quizz of the week. Last week was a f*cking bust! hopefully someone, anyone will participate........

In American political history, what is the term Well-Born, referring to and where did it originate?

Not too difficult, but hopefully will make one think. You may begin.

09 December 2007

Professor, What Do You Believe In?

I have been asked this several times by several people and I usually answer with whatever subject we are speaking on. But I want to post my beliefs on the correct direction for the country and the government.

  1. People's Power: The power to change our country and develop a society that places human needs over profit rests with the people. The people organized into democratically-controlled organizations and institutions are the wellspring from which a powerful movement for social/economic change must emerge. It is from the experience and struggles of the people that solutions to the severe crises facing our nation will be found. It is with the consent and will of the people that governments are legitimized and leaders empowered.

  2. Progressive Unity: A powerful movement for change will emerge when everyday people aligned with grassroots activists, leaders and organizations operating from community, workplace and school power bases comes together in a unified, national, massive and mass-based, independent political movement and party, or an alliance of parties.

  3. Economic Justice: Only through such a movement can we build a just and sustainable society in which the gross and obscene concentration of corporate power and personal wealth is overcome by the achievement of basic economic rights for all: secure jobs at living wages; decent, affordable housing; adequate food and clothing; universal health care; quality education; a safe, clean environment; an equitable, progressive tax system which taxes unearned wealth; sustainable food production based upon family farms and farm cooperatives; and protection from economic insecurity caused by disability, old age, sickness, accident or unemployment.

  4. Economic Democracy/Workers' Rights: I support workers' rights to organize, to collective bargaining, to strike without the threat of reprisals or replacement, to safe and healthy working conditions, and to receive a living wage, pension and benefits. We support the development of new kind of economy which is democratically run by the people, including at the workplace, and not based on corporate greed.

  5. Political Democracy: A democratic economy presupposes a democratic political system. The current electoral system has been privatized and bought up by the corporate rich who fund political campaigns. The electoral system's winner-take-all rules deny racial and political minorities their fair share of representation and power. We support fundamental political reforms aimed at finally realizing the full democratic promise of our country, including: easy access to voting; publicly-financed elections with full ballot access; equal access to media for all candidates; voting rights for immigrants; preferential ballots (ranking candidates in order of preference) for races electing a single candidate; and proportional representation in the election of legislative bodies.

  6. Human Rights for All People: I support self-determination and treaty rights for the indigenous, Native nations within the borders of the U.S. and for all peoples, as well as affirmative action and reparations for people of color, women and other victims of historic injustice and oppression. We oppose the scapegoating and repression directed against immigrants, particularly immigrants of color. We are opposed to all forms of discrimination based on race, gender, ethnicity, age, class, religious beliefs or non-belief, sexual orientation, disabilities, health status (including HIV), gender identity, national origin or citizenship. We support full reproductive freedom for women and oppose all forms of violence, particularly against women and children, including domestic violence, rape, incest and sexual harassment.

  7. Equal Justice: I oppose the deep-seated racism and class bias that permeate our so-called "criminal justice system." We call for a crash program to re-train and re-structure those police departments that are steeped in a culture of racism, abuse, corruption and brutality. We support the development of a humane criminal sanction system that is genuinely about the rehabilitation of those who have engaged in anti-social activity, that punishes based on behavior, not race, gender, gender identity or class, and which depends on alternatives to incarceration except for those who pose a clear danger to society unless incarcerated. We oppose the racist and class-biased death penalty as cruel and unusual punishment. Drug addiction and mental illness should be treated as issues of public health, not criminal justice. We oppose the use of prison labor for private profit. We support the development of a legal system whose participants-judges, lawyers, court personnel, police, penal staff, jurors-reflect the class, race and gender composition of the affected community and individuals.

  8. Peace and Anti-imperialism: I oppose militarism and the culture of violence which permeates our society. We call for major cuts in the military budget and the conversion of weapons-producing industries to socially-needed production. We oppose military intervention and interference abroad, economic coercion, colonialism and neo-colonialism, and political interference in the sovereign affairs of any other nation, including the indigenous Native nations within our own national borders.

  9. Sustainable Environment: An ecologically sustainable society requires replacing the endless "growth" compelled by a profit-oriented economy with a democratic economy enabling people to gear production to human needs on a sustainable basis. We support the creation of an ecological economy where everyone's basic material needs are met through the sustainable use of non-toxic and renewable energy and materials. We oppose corporate attempts to shift the liability for environmental damage onto taxpayers; polluters must pay for the restoration of environmental damage. In place of the failed policy of regulating pollution releases, we call for pollution prevention, including a rapid phase-out of chlorinated compounds, trash incinerators, nuclear power plants, and synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. We call for a massive "Jobs for the Environment" program of public investment in the replacement of toxic technologies with ecological alternatives, including renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainable organic agriculture, mass transit, biodegradable materials, solid waste reduction, recycling and clean composting, and eco-industrial parks for zero-emissions manufacturing.

  10. Opposition to Racism and Sexism and Support for Diversity and Equality: People of color and women must be substantial in numbers in the membership and particularly in leadership of our independent politics network. Opposition to racism must be a priority for all people but especially for white people working in their communities to understand, confront and help others to unlearn racism. Men have a special responsibility to cultivate space for open expression of sexual orientation and gender and to provide a positive environment for participation by those of all abilities, sizes and ages.

  11. Political Independence: We promote independent candidates and parties who subscribe to the above principles and who are outside of the corporate-dominated, Democratic and Republican parties, who are part of the problem, not the solution. We also support independent working class solidarity and action across international borders to counter the power of the multi-national corporations.

09 Dec 07

Shooters And The Media

How long will the media keep glorifying these goddamn shooters? The American people do not need to know their names or anything about them, other than the fuckers are crazy. These dicks are looking for "fame" and by a string of worthless reports they are receiving just that. STOP IT!

We do not need to know his history, his eating habits or what his folks do for a living. All this bullshit is just embolding others to do the same thing. Maybe that is what the media is looking to do. For these types of stories are easier than actually having to be a journalist.

Are you people happy with the corporate media? It is all about the entertainment quality, not the newsworthiness of a story. It is about ratings and ONLY ratings. This is what you fuckers get for allowing the media to be OWNED by a handful of companies. Are you happy and content? If you are may I suggest that you buy a gun and do the world a favor.

Yes I said --I meant it--so bite my ass!


Weekly News UpDate

First of all, this was yet another pathetic week for news. Secondly, it is somewhere around the middle of Dec and yet another Nicholas Cage movie.

If you were looking for news
you surely will lose
there is no news
when the media is on booze.

1--Santas must lose weight--report finds them too heavy. So now we are re-writing Xmas--Santa must be skinny. BITE ME!

2--AT&T getting out of the pay phine biz by the end of '08.

3--Japanese researchers gave simple IQ test to chimps and humans---chimps are smarter.

4--Catholic church puts out a comic book informing children about sexual predators, but there is no mention of priests.

5--It may rain in Sou. Calif.---and???????

6--the 3 guys in Aruba are arrested again.....and...released again....how long must this continue?

7--Barry bonds pleads not guilty---thinking.....!

That is the news that was some of the focus of the media---now do you feel informed?

08 December 2007

Professor's Poll Watch

This is the latest polls coming out of Iowa.

Newsweek12/05 - 12/06391791068Huckabee +22.0
Strategic Vision (R)11/30 - 12/022724131165Huckabee +3.0
Zogby11/29 - 12/01252612855Romney +1.0
American Res. Group11/26 - 11/29272891493Romney +1.0
Des Moines Register11/25 - 11/28292413977Huckabee +5.0
Rasmussen11/26 - 11/272825121145Huckabee +3.0

Will huckabee's lead hold until 03 Jan 08?

Political Quote Of The Week

This is one of the best quotes I have heard that describes the news media.. It was true yesterday, it is true today and the way it is going will be true tomorrow.

The Media: bold sex and violence, timid politics and morals. - Mason Cooley

07 December 2007

New Holy War

Are you Mormon....Baptist....Catholic...just what religion are you? Would f*cking cares? well apparently the repubs do. Someone, whoever got the endorsement of the religious right in Washington a month or so ago........BTW...it was NOT Huckabee.

But now that he, Huckabee is surging in the polls, Mitt boy has decided it is time to go on the air and somewhat defend Mormonism. Well not really. His major speech was a snooze...vague..and not informative. It was a good thing he had a speech by JFK as a guide or God knows what sort of crap would have come out of his mouth.

So you think this is just silly? me too! But you can thank the repubs for this new holy war bullsh*t. They are thye ones that embraced the whole "faith based politics" concept. This ugly, ugly situation is a product of the crap they feed people with the support of a politician that shares your particular theology and oppose those who do not.

Mitt did not convince anyone...there was no explanation of his beliefs that would quell any doubters. Basically he was chastizing those who call Mormonism a cult, but yet he did not disclaim such practices as baptizing the dead, or the humans can become gods or that the tribes from Israel came to the Us and built cities and fought huge battles; just to mention a few. So this attempt was lame at best.

It has been reported that the religious right would be insignificant in this election. IMO, NO voting bloc is insignificant. Now I ask if Huckabee is becoming the darling of the religious right, why did they snub him at the convention in Washington?

I personally, think that Huckabee's surge is just a glitch.....and once he gets into the larger states his luster will begin to fade.


06 December 2007

H.R. 1955--Authorization For Martial Law

Within HR 1955, section 899D, part b says:

    `(b) Purpose- It shall be the purpose of the Center to study the social, criminal, political, psychological, and economic roots of violent radicalization and homegrown terrorism in the United States and methods that can be utilized by Federal, State, local, and tribal homeland security officials to mitigate violent radicalization and homegrown terrorism.

    `(c) Activities- In carrying out this section, the Center shall--
      `(1) contribute to the establishment of training, written materials, information, analytical assistance and professional resources to aid in combating violent radicalization and homegrown terrorism;
      `(2) utilize theories, methods and data from the social and behavioral sciences to better understand the origins, dynamics, and social and psychological aspects of violent radicalization and homegrown terrorism;
      `(3) conduct research on the motivational factors that lead to violent radicalization and homegrown terrorism; and
      `(4) coordinate with other academic institutions studying the effects of violent radicalization and homegrown terrorism where appropriate.

Does anyone else see a trend here? Yes, it is legal-ese but the wording is there for it to be used as a domestic spying program and if need be the establishment of martial law in the US. You need to read this stuff before you get into a situation that you cannot change before the damage is done.


05 December 2007

Iran's rush For Nukes.

OOPS! That was bullsh*t! The newest NIE states that with high confidence they can say that Iran stop the pursuit of a nuke weapon in 2003. Ok, that is good news, but not for Bush. What can he say after predicting Iran with a nuke would start WWIII? well he says nothing has changed--Iran is still a threat---they are still thinking about a nuke weapon---so now the US is the thought police? They are a threat because onbe day they may consider a nuke weapon...thinking....thinking....I got nothing--this is a dumbass statement.

Now ask yourself this--when did Bush and the Boyz know this? Was it told to them months ago? Like before he made his WWIII statement? Hadley, a Bush spokesman, said that he was pretty sure that it was known a few months ago. Then Bush did know his statement was bullsh*t! That fear card is a very useful tool in politics. Bush sold the idea of a WWIII, like Apple seels an IPod.

Sorry people, but I gotta crap in your chili! How does it feel to be played for a sucker, time after time? You asked for it, you got it! A good f*cking! Be well!


04 December 2007

Nuke Subsidies

Never thought that I would be on the same page as Libertarians, but on the issue of governmental subsidies for the construction of nuke plants we are. It seems that the Senate is willing to pass out billions to the companies that will construct the nuke plants. They want to give these companies taxpayer money to build. why? Because NO investors will give a dime of money without governmental guarantees. All the government should have to do with the construction of nukes is to be sure that all the permits, paperwork, safety regs and fair wages. The government has no right to guarantee the safety of the investors money. Yes, it is risky, but that is their risk not the taxpayers. If the government wants to be that involved in the situation then the money should be used for more earth friendly alternatives.

This appears just another way that the government is trying to control the technology and using taxpayers money without them having a say as to where the cash will go. time for a change, sports fans.


Huckabee/Obama Lead In Iowa

A recent poll taken in Iowa show that Huckabee has passed Mitt and Obama has vaulted past Clinton. This is an interesting turn, Mitt has spent millions in the state, Huckabee has spent thousands. Huckabee is connecting with the religious right and Mitt has to go on national TV to explain Mormonism. That is how worried he is.

Obama has a 5 pt. lead on Clinton at last Iowan poll. And all of a sudden she does not look so invincible. She and her minions have begun a campaign of attacks against Obama. She and they are getting a bit nasty and questioning his character and his integrity. To the point of his kindergarten when he said he wanted to be pres. She is assaulting his ambition. She and they have said that he should not be pres because of his ambition and lack of experience. To the point of saying, that he is not qualified for the presidency. BULLSH*T! what happened to the dream that everybody had the chance to be president? he is showing her elitist leanings.

Both Mitt and Clinton, with their renewed attacks are appearing to be desperate and are grasping for approval. Mitt can afford to come in second, for Huckabee will not play well in NH. Clinton would not lose a lot of support by finishing second in Iowa , but that would show that she is not inevitable. She and her handlers are running scared.


Worldpress.org - World in Cartoons

Worldpress.org - World in Cartoons

03 December 2007


I have a new candidate for the anal-ocity award. This one comes from Carl Rove.

recently he stated that, "Congress pushed for the invasion of Iraq and that the President had been against it." These pricks can spin anything.

Remember; I will be posting the list for you guys to vote on. The winner will be given the ASSIE award at the beginning of '08. If anyone has a candidate please send it to me and I will post it here for all to see. you may have a winner!

Professor's Classroom

(Heavy sigh) OSIM! I know we are entering into another week and that can be a frightening thing.

morning class, todays question is for those who are interested in the economic side of government.

What was the name of the corporation and in 1867, became the instrument by which officials of a railroad transferred land of the railroad to themselves and were later caught trying to bribe members of Congress?

Sounds like what is happening today in the news where CEO and Directors are making billions on deception.

Good luck and make it count.

02 December 2007

Weekly News UpDate

Between the Holloway death and the Redskins death and another missing wife and a hostage thing--not much real news was reported. How unfortunate. It was another extremely uninformative week.

A little blues
Tempered with booze
and now for the news.

1--More Repubs leave Congress, Lott and Hastert.

2--Cheney returns to hspital for heart prob--better living thru electronics.

3--Gore finally gets to Oval Office--as a visitor.

4--Iraqi refugees are returning to Baghdad--good?

5--Hooker in Chile will donate a month's earnings to help the poor and kids.

6--Hurricane season ends--woo--hoo! But Fla. business guys are pissed that the season was so slow. GOD I hate these f*ckers!

7--So. Calif.--again--this time it is the possibilities of mudslides. Sorry not news! It happens yearly!

That is it, all the news you cannot possibly use.

Remember: An Idaho potato has 110 calories....thinking....thinking....does that mean all other potatoes are more fattening? Just wondering.

Have a day, have drink, have some sex--Peace--Out!

01 December 2007

Professor's Congressional ScoreCard

Well it is time for a short synopsis of the progress of the Congress last month. A full review can be found on the Oracle Of Inkwell, there is a link here if you want to read it.

So far the scorecard is thus:

Aug--1 backwards step

Sept--1 backwards step

Oct--1 backward step

And now for Nov- (drum roll, please) No step--the Congress basically stood still for the month.

Professor's Poll Watch

The latest poll on the situation in Iraq shows that the American people are split on the success 48% yes and 48% no.

A recent Zogby poll shows that Clinton would lose to all the Repub candidates if the election were held this week.


Political Quote Of The week

Just a thought on immigration, from the founder of the AFL.

Every effort to enact immigration legislation must expect to meet a number of hostile forces and, in particular, two hostile forces of considerable strength. One of these is greed composed of corporation employers who desire to employ physical strength (broad backs) at the lowest possible wage and who prefer a rapidly revolving labor supply at low wages to a regular supply of American wage earners at fair wages. 'The other is ethnic identity politics composed of racial groups in the United States who oppose all restrictive legislation because they want the doors left open for an influx of their countrymen regardless of the menace to the people of their adopted country. - Samuel Gompers, founder and president of the American Federation of Labor (AFL)

30 November 2007

The New Media Darling!

In the last week or so, Mike Huckabee has moved from an also ran to a media darling. He is closing the gap on the leader in Iowa, Mitt. His style seems to be appealing to the voters. But is it his message? Not really! Iowa is one of the whitest and most conservative states and his stands are more appealing than those of Mitt.

I do not think that he will fair well in NH, he may play well in SC, after all he will be one of them, a WASP. But will any of this play well in the rst of the primaries, most likely not. He may well be gone before the majors.

IMO, Huckabee has a disconnect with the majority of people in the US. But he will be the darling of the media, until he begins to be pushed aside by the other Repub candidates, as the primaries move forward.

Sorry, Mike. Politics is a vice that you should have avoided.

29 November 2007

Latest Republican Debate

Last night the CNN/YouTube debate took place. What can I say? YAWN! This idea is just f*cking silly! I will agree that the web is the next frontier for elections and campaigns, but the YouTube thing is just not what it needs to be. CNN as usual lost control of the debate, especially the audience. They allowed the candidates to try and be cute and humorous, the candidates failed miserably. With that said I will move on.

From the beginning it was the Mitt and Rudy dog and pony show. Just what CNN wanted. They attacked each other from the start. The others were just there. Huckabee got a few jabs in--Paul was his normal calm confrontational self--Thompson --who knows?--Tancredo and hunter were--oh hell--who cares?

As usual the debate was around immigration, guns, abortions, do dah do dah. And as usual there was very little on issues that effect "real" people. As usual, emotional bullsh*t ruled the day.

So you want to know who won? Since there must be a winner and a loser in the American mindset--the winner was ....thinking....thinking.....I GOT NOTHING!

The losers were the voter. None of these guys gave anything but a canned bullsh*t explanation of their policies. The loser was CNN for a failed experiment. So I guess with they way it was handled--the winners would be Rudy and Mitt for they were allowed the most time to attack each other.

All in all, it was a total waste of my time.

Enuff said? you betcha!

28 November 2007

Huckabee Gains On Mitt

At least in Iowa that is. But is that indicative of what is happening all over the country? I saw probably not. Iowa is a mostly white, very conservative state. Huckabee pretty much fits the bill. But keep in mind that Iowans do not like to be told who to vote for or who the leader is in their state.

Mitt is leading only because he has been campaigning in the state for a long time. Huckabee however has only been there a short period of time in comparison and he is gaining on Mitt. Of course, the media sees this as a trend nationwide with the Repubs. I say it is just a blip in the radar scope of the primaries. Huckabee will probably not do well in NH, but possible well in SC and then he will move on to Mich and others where his luster will fade.

The media likes him for now, because he makes a good stroy, but he will be ignored as the primaries move on. IMO, he is not a threat to the ones that the media is pushing.

Let The Fights Begin

You asked for it and now you have it! For months the media has been bitchin' and whinin' that the candidates are too meek with each other. They want a nasty, dirty, cat fight. as the Primaries approach the candidates are turning up the rhetoric. and that is all it is political rhetoric.

Mitt and Rudy are trading barbs, back and forth in the media. Clinton and obama are doing the same. The media is in the corner jerking off. They had been pushing the top candidates to do this and now they got their wishes.

The media wants this type of exchanges, it keeps the candidates from addressing the "real" needs and issues of the people. It does however assist the media in their ratings and that is the bottom line in the political media. It is never about the issues. The voters are subjected to he said she said, and that keeps the real issues in the background.

BTW, the media is choosing your candidate for you. Are you happy now? It has got to be easier than thinking. We would not want the voter to get a headache, would we?

27 November 2007


Since I am an old fart, I have been watching the American society slowly, but slowly destroy itself, politically. Everything started falling apart in 1968, this is when the fringe factions started influencing the DNC. The war was raging, tempers were raging and all was starting to unravel. Look at the things that influenced, many, many deaths in Vietnam, the young did not want to fight and the young wanted a new direction for the country. And then the Dem convention in Chicago, where the lid blew off the pot. (no pun intended).

The anti-war faction and the social liberals started influencing the Party. That is why McGovern became the candidate over Humphrey or Muskie. The violence in the streets were turning voters from the Dems and this lead to the conserv democrat surge in the South. Because of this the repubs gained many new voters and helped give Nixon a win.

Fast forward to 2007. Now take a good look at the repubs, their party is unraveling before their eyes, just as the Dems did in '68. Fringe factors had gain too much influence on the direction of the Party and the bailing began. There are too many factions struggling for control and influence; this will prove fatal to the election for the repubs.

This repub struggle will most likely give the election to the dems. Then the repubs will have to reinvent themselves just as the dems had to in the past.

My only question is, whether any of this will help the common man? It did not when the dems had to reinvent. Only time will tell. The remake will be interesting to watch.


Mouth Of The South Quits

Sen Trent Lott (R-MS) has announced his resignation before the end of the year. Is he leaving to avoid a heated re-election? Hell no! He is moving on for the cash. you see, if he waits for his term to expire he will have to wait 2 yrs before he can become a high priced lobbyist. By leaving now, he will be eligible next year. It is always about the money. Look at all the Repubs jumping ship before the next election. Ask why would these guys give up all that seniority? It is all about the cash! Anything else that is reported is just bullsh*t!

I look for him to become an associate with Mississippi's governor Barbour who is a high priced lobbyist, at least his firm is. The best interests of the country never plays into the equation. The best intersts of the State never plays into the equation. It is now and always about the cash.

26 November 2007

Professor's Poll Watch

Since the media is pushing for a Clinton/Giuliani match-up next Novemeber I thought I would give you a poll breakdown of the possibility.

11/01 to 11/20-44.5%47.2%Clinton +2.7%
Rasmussen11/19 - 11/20800 LV46%42%Giuliani +4%
FOX News11/13 - 11/14900 RV43%47%Clinton +4%
Cook/RT Strategies11/08 - 11/11855 RV43%46%Clinton +3%
NBC/WSJ11/01 - 11/051509 A45%46%Clinton +1%
CNN11/02 - 11/04929 RV45%51%Clinton +6%
USA Today/Gallup

Professor's Classroom

It is another Monday and another quiz. I may re-evaluate this feature after the first of the year. Since it is not too damn popular, I may discontinue it. I was hoping that it would help educate the people on history, politics and such, but so far it has not lived up to my expectations. The first meeting of the Inkwell 4 in january will determine its fate.

Enough whining and I shall move on to the question.

In politics, who were the "Half-Breeds"?

Not especially difficult, but will require a little thought. Good luck and good hunting.

25 November 2007

Weekly News UpDate

This past week has been one of the most dismal weeks for "real" news I have ever encountered. According to the big 4 media outlets in the US, the rest of the world stopped existing for a week. b And yet you still believe there is a free press. HA!

This news
No one could use!

1--UK Queen celebrates 60th wedding anniversary--do you care, no really?

2--Scientist find a claw from a prehistoric bug--it would have been 8 ft long. That is not a record--go South and take look at the roaches.

3--*YAWN* The Holloway case is back in the news. They are arresting the same people all over again.

4--Drs, remove a 10 lb hair ball from a woman's stomach. I got nothing on this one.

5--Hulk Hogan's wife files for a divorce.

That is about it for the weekly news--OH YEAH--Southern Calif is on fire--AGAIN!

Do you feel that you are informed?

24 November 2007

Worldpress.org - World in Cartoons

Worldpress.org - World in Cartoons

Weekly political Quote

This quote is of unknown origin, but sounds pretty dead on to me.

What do Washington's politicians and pro wrestlers have in common?... They're mostly overweight white guys pretending to hurt each other.

23 November 2007

The Day After

T/giving Day was a dismal day for news. If you like fluff then y/day was your day. The only "good" story reported was that all you stoners should be happy, a study has shown that pot smokers are more apt to play sports and be more sociable. That pretty much craps on all the stuff being fed to the public by the "drug free" people. BTW, they are also more creative.

That is about it--I will fire up a fatty and enjoy my day.

22 November 2007

Holiday Cheer

It is Thanksgiving Day and all is right with the world, not really just wanted to sound optimistic for a change. I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my readers a wonderful day filled with family, food and fun.

I may take a few days off so there may not be too many posts on my blogs for the next couple of days. I will return and I will be the same opinionated SOB as always.

Have day--Peace--Out!


21 November 2007

Chavez--Hugo Not Ceasar

I recently read an article by Ann Applebaum--or whatever the broads name is --where she was taunting Chavez because he was trying to extend his rule for life. She also was bitching about film stars who go and embrace him. That is just bullsh*t! These people should be able to support whoever they choose.

But I want to address the Chavez hating thing. To begin with, the part that she is upset with is a constitutional amendment to allow the Pres to seek re-election indefinately, there would be no limits. It will benefit whoever is Pres not Chavez only. I am not saying that Chavez will not abuse the right, but that it will be for all that are pres. I ask if she would be as outspoken if the Venezuelan Pres was a Bush ally? It would not be a story.

Chavez has done much for the poor and lower class in the country than any other Pres. Is he a dick? Most likely! But that is not important, what is, is the fact that he is improving the lives of the massive poor in his country. Because he is an opponent of Bush, any of his successes will NEVER be reported.


20 November 2007

Who Will Be The Uniter?

Now here is a prime example of political doublespeak. Which candidate will be best able to unite the country? First of all, HA! Second, why would it want to be united?

Since the Reagan years, it has been a prime desire to separate the country and its people into "us against them". There is a wealth of plans out there, by both Repubs and Dems, but guess what? There is no solution! All the plans are just rhetoric to keep the whole obscene thing going.

The only united front is the process of privatization. These silly f*cks want the US economy to bomb. They want the government to fail to meet its obligations. Why? Corporations run things and now they are after the ultimate prize, the country. Why else would we allow them to control campaign financing? You lazy sh*ts, the voters, are allowing the outsourcing of the government for profit.

Back to this elusive uniter--there is NOT one--the country CANNOT be united. You fools are asking for it and now you are getting it. Corporate America has become the government. There are few in Congress that do not want this to happen. Pick a candidate and show me one that is not controlled by the corporations. All plans offered to whatever situation you care to look at, is a plan with a strong corporation benefit.

I have talked and posted about how the American people need to take back their country, but the longer they wait the hard and more impossible this becomes. The time is now! stop bitching and take back control.


19 November 2007

Professor's Classroom

It is the Monday before T/giving, this will be short and sweet. sweet for me!

Which President won a Grammy?

Now that should be an easy one before the holiday. good luck and good googling.

18 November 2007

Weekly News Up Date

The rooster has sounded the alarm and now it is time to try and stay enthusiastic. Sunday comes but once a week, but indifference lives constantly.

It's the news
can it be used?

A roundup of the most worthless crap on the airwaves.

1--Bush, Sr skydives on his birthday and now he does it to re-open his Library.

2--Mirapex, when taken could give one intense sexual urges--like throwing legs in air and screaming Oh God! BTW, it is for Restless Leg Syndrome.

3--Tom Cruise new movie is a bomb--HA!

4--"The Wall" is 25 yrs old.

5--VA. governor will stop all funds for abstinence sex ed program--it is not working! good call.

6--A couple fall to their death while having sex on a roof. The experience was to die for.

7--OJ to stand trial--maybe this time, huh?

8--FLordia robber shots self in hip during the robbery.

That is it, hope you cannot use anything here. May all your children be born naked.

17 November 2007

Worldpress.org - World in Cartoons

Worldpress.org - World in Cartoons

Weekly Political Quote

It is another Saturday and yet another quote that few will read. If nothing else I am determined.

There has been alot said about the American media and I found a quote that I have been looking for.

Any dictator would admire the uniformity and obedience of the [U.S.] media - Noam Chomsky


16 November 2007

Democratic Debate

My synopsis of the latest democratic debate can be found on the above link. This will be the short form.




the rest were also rans, in this meeting.

For a complete breakdown on the debate please click on "Oracle Of Inkwell" it will take you to the story.

15 November 2007

Approaching Storm

Tonite, Tonite! Be there or be square! Yet another debate. This time the Dems will be in Las Vegas, the town where illusion and debauchery rule; I could not have thought of a better place to hold a meeting of politicians.

Sorry, I digress--I would like to help my reader(s) with a few pointers. To begin with, American voters will not vote for a weak candidate. So, watch all try to flex their muscle to impression the voter. After years of indoctrination, the American people have got to embrace a perceived strong leader. How strong? That will depend on the definition of the day, of strong.

Clinton stubbed her toe last debate, look for her to come back appearing stronger than ever and at the same time Edwards will be the attack dog. Obama will be Obama and that formula seems to be working. The rest of the pack will not get much play or they will be asked moronic questions.

In my opinion, CNN has already made up its mind on the nominee and will try to convince the viewers on their choice. I will give my scorecard in tomorrows post.

14 November 2007

Ethics Reform?

You recall earlier this year the Congress got an ethics reform bill thru Congress and they taunted us with the fact , by saying they were making good on their promises to clean up Washington and stop the influence of lobbyists. But did they?

Despite the Congressional restrictions on trips paid for by lobbyists and special interests, lawmakers received free trips worth about $1.9 million during the first eight months of this year. Is that good? Yeah right! It is more than was taken in all of last year. So how are those ethics reforms doing?

One day the American people will realize that the influence of the special interests will never be diminished as long as this system is allowed at all. It needs to be whacked down and ALL influence other than the voters should be eliminated.

13 November 2007

Rethink Iraqi Federalism

I have been thinking on the federalism thing for Iraq. At first it sounded pretty good, but then I could see a problem brewing and then Biden intro his bill on the partitioning of the country and I am against it now.

First of all, a definition of federalism: a principle of political organization which permits former independent states to combine under a common central government while retaining some portion of their former power and identity. The principle may also be used to decentralize an existing unitary state.

Used to decentralize an existing unitary state--there is the crux of the thing! This whole thing and situation is to stop a strong central government in Iraq. In which the US would probably get more and better access to the oil reserves and so for. With a strong central government like that with Saddam, there was no way to control the resources, except through him. With a weak central govt. the states would be easy targets for exploitation. And there is the reason the push for federalism.


Factoid: The cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan will be costing $1.5 trillion, that would be the equivalent to a family of four paying $20,200. How is that!


A lot has been said and written about this. Kucinich has entered a bill for the impeachment of Cheney and it gets little play. But what do the American people think? Do not know? Why is that?

When was the last time you say a poll taken by the major polling companies? You know like Zogby, CNN, Gallup. et al, none of the majors have asked this question of the American people. Why? could it be they are afraid of the answer? If so, is that not influencing people by not asking the question?

Nobody apparently wants to ask this question because they would find that the people are all for it by 50% or better. So by not asking the question, they are ignoring a position and by ignoring it they are assisting the administration. Now there is a way to prevent the people from voicing their opinion. Democracy at work? you decide.


12 November 2007

Professor's Classroom

Hiya! Another Monday morning, another quizz.

I will change it up a bit. What was the first music video? Who performed and the name of the song? And in what year?

NOTE: Not the first on played on MTV, but the first one shot.

Good luck and have a day!

11 November 2007

A Grateful Nation

A grateful nation? Thanks from a grateful nation? It is Veterans Day and what are we thanking the vets for? Their service to the nation? Some had no choice. For their protection of America? Maybe in some case. Why is the nation grateful? Grateful that they did not have to serve? Grateful that they were not maimed or killed? What are they grateful for?

Please a yellow ribbon or some lame magnet is not showing your gratitude. You want to thank the vets? Then get off your ass and demand that they get the treatments they deserve and the compensations they deserve. Write letters, make calls, send emails, DO SOMETHING!


Yes, I said! I meant it! DO SOMETHING!


Kucinich VS Tucker

Kucinich has taken a lot of heat lately, his "hot" wife, her tongue stud, his ears, his seeing a UFO; the others will dis him and his wife at every turn, but few will actually engage him in issues. They are afraid of him. They will not engage him on issues because they are afraid the people will listen and that will threaten the status quo that the rest of the candidates represent. Yes he has a good looking wife, but just what does that have to do with issues?

Recently, Tucker on MSNBC had Dennis on and attacked him for the impeachment bill, he called the bill an overthrow of the government and Dennis fired back with a constitutional reference that Tucker had to accept. Tucker attacked and Dennis coolly and calmly dissected Tucker to the point that he handed him his cajones on a stick. Congrats!

Tucker is a HACK; his ratings suck and he needs to go to decaf! Kucinich has shown to be a able debater and a good candidate that offers some different ideas from the media favs. Dennis got my vote, he was confrontational, calm and surgical in the dismantling of Tucker.


Weekly News UpDate

It is another Sunday and a day with joy, peace and......that is all total BS!


1--Another marathon runner drops dead while running. Eat well, stay fit and die anyway.

2--Pakistani lawyers throwin rocks while dressed in Aramani suits.

3--Writers go out on strike (no TV for awhile), stage hands go out on strike (no broadway shows for awhile).

4--Teen tries to hire hit man to kill parents because they took away vid games.

5--Some guy invented a washing machine for dogs. I hear P.E.T.A. coming!

6--Singer Rhianna was asked to leave a resturant because her dress was too revealing. Have you seen her? what kinda moron would not want to look at her?

7--Biologists discover a clam at the bottom of the ocean that is 405 years old. Was it something he ate?

Well sports fans, that is about all there is for news you cannot use. May you have a joyous day filled with love and.........yada, yada, yada.

10 November 2007

Professor's Poll Watch

And you think that the American people are getting more civilized.

This is from a Zogby Poll taken last week.

11% of Americans say they would approve of implanting a device in their brains so they can access the net.

24% of Americans say the the internet could replace the need for a spouse.

These are probably the ones that will vote. Are you scared now?

Political Quote Of The week

I have been a dissenter most of my life. I have tried to point out how and where things are going wrong in the government. So this quote is one that I truly live by.

The dissenter is every human being at those moments of his life when he resigns momentarily from the herd and thinks for himself. - Archibald Macleish

09 November 2007

So You Want Reform

Reform government, reform Congress, reform, reform........these are the calls I hear when I am out talking with people. But what will reform bring? The way that the American political process acts, it will bring short lived changes. Why? Well, reforms can be used to help or improve. Unfortunately, any progress can be changed or eroded whenever the feeling is needed. But in the long run, reforms solve nothing, especially an really bad problems. it is just a way to appear to be accomplishing something when nothing is being done to solve the problem.

Consider all options carefully, because those promising reforms seldom can deliver. The American people are desperate for some reforms to the system, but the two parties they have now will NOT deliver on those reforms. Take a look at the last 50 years, reforms have been promised and promised and we are no better off than we were then.

Consider your options--ask questions--demand answers.


New War Budget

The new budget requested by the Pres., $50 billion, has within it a provision for $88 million to equip the B-2 stealth bomber with 30,000 pound bunker buster bombs. The White House told Congress the bombs were an "urgent request from commanders for their operational needs". Thinking...thinking....now where would we need such a bomb? Al-Anbar--not really! Baghdad? NAH! Afghanistan--probably not. then what would the "urgent operational needs" be?

These types of bombs would come in handy for the destruction of....say....nuke facilities. Could that be the "urgent operational need" the admin was speaking of? "Urgent"? But they would not be used as a diplomatic tool would they? Doubtful! So why then are they desperately needed? Just asking.


08 November 2007

Deja-Vu--All Over Again!

Yes I am an old fart so I remember Iran on so many levels. I remember that in 1953, the Us helped the Shah return to power, which lasted until 1979. I remember the tactics of brutality the Shah used to oppress the people of Iran; all with the knowledge of the US. His brutal rule was dotted with executions, imprisonments, and lack of personal freedoms.

Does any of this sound familiar in any way? Protests by students and businessmen and women. All violently crapped on by the Iranian secret police, the savak, I believe. I recall in 1978 when hostages were taken at the US embassy in Tehran. I remember the flight of the Shah from Iran when he lost total control and had to go on vacation in 1979, never to return. And I remember the mullahs taking the reigns of power and here we are today.

Why do I bring this all up? Take a good look at Pakistan. It is all happening again. the protests, the arresting of hundreds, the crapping on demonstrations, and the whole time the US is behind their man in the country 100%.The only, ONLY difference is Pakistan has 20-30 nukes and Iran did not.

This is one a constant time loop. There is nothing new. It has all been done before. Now ask yourself, just how did that work out before, for the US? Time to wake up! The US and its attack dogs are causing a major problem in Pakistan and the fundamentalist Muslims could gain a major upper hand in the area.

If they do, the US has NO ONE to blame but the man in the dark suit in the big white house.


Worldpress.org - World in Cartoons

Worldpress.org - World in Cartoons

Some humor from around the world! hope you like it!

MY Best Friend

She was rescued by me two days after Katrina.
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You Wanna Another Raise?

Not at work! The US deficit has reached another all-time high. $9 trillion, I believe. That means we are looking at another ceiling raise to compensate for this spending. BTW, the ceiling has been raised 5 times with Bush at the helm. So much for Repubs being for smaller government.

He recently, Bush that is, vetoed a massive water bill because he said it was too expensive. Did I miss something? But yet, the billions upon billions thrown at Iraq and Afghanistan is money will spent? The water bill was probably full of pork in one form or another and I would agree that it that is the case then trim that sh*t and go again. You guys voted for these ass wads, are you happy now?

Yesterday, the Dow lost 360 points, ouch! They say it is because of the sub-prime debacle. Actually the sub-prime lenders are under investigation and the sell off was the hedge funds running for cover. Rats deserting a sinking ship, if you will.

NOTE: There has been a few predictions that inflation will return. First of all, let me give you a little knowledge. The two most important things to the consumer is gas and food. These go up and seldom come down, but when the government figures the inflation rate these two are not part of the equation. Why? They say those markets are too volatile to be used to get an accurate picture of the economy. Really? Those two markets tell the story, these are the things that effect the people more than anything else. But we do not use it to keep the markets stable and profitable.

Just thought you might like to know.



This is a reprint from my other blog, Political rhetoric.

07 November 2007

Finally An Override!

Finally, the Dems have something to celebrate. They finally was able to override a presidential veto. Let the party begin!

I will give this a step forward. Not that I agree with the bill, but only because they were able to put together an override. That is something, granted not much but a small step forward. Now they need to find a way to override all of the President's vetoes.

But they had better hurry, adjournment looms. And we know all the little tricks that Bush will try while no one is in Washington.

It will be interesting to see how the Dems will spin this with elections coming up. I will be watching.

06 November 2007

Speaking Of Dictators

The US is still behind Gen. Musharraf; he is a dictator. But that should not come as a surprise. The US has always been behind a dictator or two. NO? Try these on for size, diem of South Vietnam, Batista of Cuba, Pinochet of Chile and my all time fav, the Shah of Iran. All these were authoritarian and dictators in one form of another. So the backing of the Pakistani PM is no surprise to me. I have watched the US back undemocratic leaders for the sake of business or foreign policy. yet they demand democracy from Palestinians and then when it occurs they ignore the outcome.

But they jump on Burma for being undemocratic. Somewhere someone has got to see they lunacy here. So by all accounts, the US is for democracy, as long as it benefits them and them alone.

I just would like for everyone in this country to shut the f*ck up about pursuing democracy in other countries. It not about democracy! it is however, all about what is best for business. The people of any said country may take it in the butt as long as business is not effected.

Hypocritical ass wads! This is the way of things.


05 November 2007

Look At Pakistan

A look at some of the restrictions and suspended rights in the state of emergency declared by Pakistani President Gen. Pervez Musharraf:

• Protection of life and liberty.

• The right to free movement.

• The right of detainees to be informed of their offense and given access to lawyers.

• Protection of property rights.

• The right to assemble in public.

• The right to free speech.

• Equal rights for all citizens before law and equal legal protection.

• Media coverage of suicide bombings and militant activity is curtailed by new rules. Broadcasters also face a three-year jail term if they "ridicule" members of the government or armed forces.

This probably will not last very long. The US is half assing it with Pakistan. Democracy was never the real thing just a justification for involvement in the country. Money WILL NOT stop. Musharaf is a dictator and the US is well aware of it. His support on the War On terror buys him a lot of latitude.

The General has arrested his opposition, then the supreme court judges have been arrested, then, the press has been shut down with the exception of the state owned ones. Now what part of this sounds democratic? The State of emergency is in reality is martial law and the General is a dictator. It is just that simple, sports fans.


Professor's Classroom

OSIM! Time for the quizz you all have been waiting for! (not really! The quizz I have been wanting to post).

Here is the question of the day. It has two parts.

Which president is the only one to have a PHD, then which president never went to college?

Not a difficult question, so just turn in your papers when finished and you may leave.

04 November 2007

Weekly News UpDate

Do not look now but it is Sunday again. Did you set the clocks back?

After a good snooze, I give you worthless news!

1--Sam Adams, the beer, is suing Sam Adams, the candidate, over the use of the name.

2--Someone in the Royal family has been videoed having sex and drugs.

3--Crazy Kansas church owes dad of dead soldier $11 million.

4--Oprah's African school is under investigation for abuse and sex.

5--An anti-gay GOP politician in Washington sate has resigned because his male lover was blackmailing him. Last name is Curtis. Go figure!

6--Women's tennis star Hingis tested positive for coke and she decides to retire. Ooops!

7--Brit soccer star has OCD according to his wife.

8--World shortage of hops--beer prices will go up! SH*T! there goes my Sunday!

9--Body of a 2-3 yr old girl was found locked in a plastic storage container. they just keep getting sicker and sicker!

That is all the crap that made it to the news. Enjoy your Sunday and by all means keep it clean!

03 November 2007

Professor's Poll Watch

Rudy is gaining in the early polls.

Rasmussen poll -- Clinton 44% Rudy 46%

Obama 43% Rudy 44%

Edwards 44% Rudy 45%

Apparently Rudy's tough stance and 9/11 is helping him, at least in this early stage. But the most interesting for me is the fact that Rudy would beat Clinton by 2% and Obama by 1%. This is something I will be watching. It looks like Obama is slowly improving in the eyes of the voter.

Weekly Political Quote

Here comes another Saturday, time to quote some really smart person. This week I will quote one of my all time fav political writers, Thomas Paine.

"Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state an intolerable one". Common Sense, Thomas Paine.

We are getting close the later one mentioned.

02 November 2007

Rumsfeld Snowflakes

In a series of internal musings and memos to his staff, then-Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld argued that Muslims avoid "physical labor," and wrote of the need to "keep elevating the threat," "link Iraq to Iran" and develop "bumper sticker statements" to rally public support for an increasingly unpopular war.

The memos, often referred to as "snowflakes," shed light on Rumsfeld's brusque management style and on his efforts to address key challenges during his tenure as Pentagon chief. Spanning from 2002 to shortly after his resignation following the 2006 congressional elections, a sampling of his trademark missives obtained Wednesday reveals a defense secretary disdainful of media criticism and driven to reshape public opinion of the Iraq war.

Seems Rumsfeld set the stage for the present probs we are having with Iran. Hopefully, no one is surprised. But wait!!! Did not Bush say that the War On Terror was not a bumpersticker? But yet Rummy used the term!


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