27 December 2007

Bhutto--They Got Her!

Sad that the death of Benazir Bhutto had to replace all the crap in the news like tigers attack, car crash, plane crashes, yada, yada. This could be disastrous for the country of Pakistan. Ms Bhutto was shot twice and then her attacker blew his ass up, killing many with him.

Pakistan is basically, 4 countries within the borders of one. It is slowly falling apart. Musharaff has a couple of options....my choice and prediction is he may declare a state of emergency--again. This will be an attempt to quieten down his opposition.

My personal opinion is that this was an inside job....but of course to keep the funds flowing it will be blamed on al Qaeda or some similar organization. The problem is that Bhutto was far from the saint that she will now become because of her death. But will she be deified in her country...Bush and most of the candidates will say what a great leader she was and that she will be sorely missed.

I will not jump on the bandwagon and turn her into some martyr. Her push for more democracy in Pakistan was motivated by greed and ambition, her ascension to power would be a replay of her days as PM.

Yes, her assassination was a tragedy and may be a step backwards for Pakistan, but what will it bring to the table in the Bush war on terrorism?


Anonymous said...

I think this ruins all the tactics Bush was banking on in regards to the war on terror. What might be worse than what it does to Bush is what it might do to Pakistan.

CHUQ said...

The US is in a sad spot--no matter what the do--it will probably be wrong--a lose lose scenario.

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