13 November 2007

Rethink Iraqi Federalism

I have been thinking on the federalism thing for Iraq. At first it sounded pretty good, but then I could see a problem brewing and then Biden intro his bill on the partitioning of the country and I am against it now.

First of all, a definition of federalism: a principle of political organization which permits former independent states to combine under a common central government while retaining some portion of their former power and identity. The principle may also be used to decentralize an existing unitary state.

Used to decentralize an existing unitary state--there is the crux of the thing! This whole thing and situation is to stop a strong central government in Iraq. In which the US would probably get more and better access to the oil reserves and so for. With a strong central government like that with Saddam, there was no way to control the resources, except through him. With a weak central govt. the states would be easy targets for exploitation. And there is the reason the push for federalism.


Factoid: The cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan will be costing $1.5 trillion, that would be the equivalent to a family of four paying $20,200. How is that!

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