29 November 2007

Latest Republican Debate

Last night the CNN/YouTube debate took place. What can I say? YAWN! This idea is just f*cking silly! I will agree that the web is the next frontier for elections and campaigns, but the YouTube thing is just not what it needs to be. CNN as usual lost control of the debate, especially the audience. They allowed the candidates to try and be cute and humorous, the candidates failed miserably. With that said I will move on.

From the beginning it was the Mitt and Rudy dog and pony show. Just what CNN wanted. They attacked each other from the start. The others were just there. Huckabee got a few jabs in--Paul was his normal calm confrontational self--Thompson --who knows?--Tancredo and hunter were--oh hell--who cares?

As usual the debate was around immigration, guns, abortions, do dah do dah. And as usual there was very little on issues that effect "real" people. As usual, emotional bullsh*t ruled the day.

So you want to know who won? Since there must be a winner and a loser in the American mindset--the winner was ....thinking....thinking.....I GOT NOTHING!

The losers were the voter. None of these guys gave anything but a canned bullsh*t explanation of their policies. The loser was CNN for a failed experiment. So I guess with they way it was handled--the winners would be Rudy and Mitt for they were allowed the most time to attack each other.

All in all, it was a total waste of my time.

Enuff said? you betcha!

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CHUQ said...

OMG! I forgot McCain! that is what I get for doing this stuff BC before coffee. McCain was not a real player until Mitt mentioned torture and McCain let him have a diatribe on what torture is; that was his shining moment.

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