19 December 2007

Huckabee: Warm And Fuzzy

Have you seen the recent Huck ad--where he just wishes everyone a merry Xmas, well, we all knew that the criticisms would begin. Some say he was politicizing Xmas....or exploiting his Christianity....or ....you get the picture. I mean they will focus on the cross over his shoulder, which he says was a bookcase not intended to be a cross...he says there was no script it was purely a "wing it" moment.

Of course, now that everyone is weighing in on his ad....he is saying that it is just sad that a person cannot wish a merry xmas to people without being scrutinized as having an ulterior motive.

IMO, this was a brilliant ploy! He makes the ad and his opponents bring attention to his faith and he can say he just wanted to wish everyone the best during the holidays. It is brilliant! Devious? Of course! But absolutely f*cking brilliant! His opponents are doing his campaigning for him....Damn! More people need to study his techniques..he is a genius...or someone in his campaign is a genius........Kudos!

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