18 November 2007

Weekly News Up Date

The rooster has sounded the alarm and now it is time to try and stay enthusiastic. Sunday comes but once a week, but indifference lives constantly.

It's the news
can it be used?

A roundup of the most worthless crap on the airwaves.

1--Bush, Sr skydives on his birthday and now he does it to re-open his Library.

2--Mirapex, when taken could give one intense sexual urges--like throwing legs in air and screaming Oh God! BTW, it is for Restless Leg Syndrome.

3--Tom Cruise new movie is a bomb--HA!

4--"The Wall" is 25 yrs old.

5--VA. governor will stop all funds for abstinence sex ed program--it is not working! good call.

6--A couple fall to their death while having sex on a roof. The experience was to die for.

7--OJ to stand trial--maybe this time, huh?

8--FLordia robber shots self in hip during the robbery.

That is it, hope you cannot use anything here. May all your children be born naked.


tumbleweed said...

Great update CHUQ. I missed a couple of them. LOL.

CHUQ said...

Please hurry back, I miss having someone to comment with. lol

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