15 December 2007

Is Hillary Inevitable?

A recent poll this week shows Clinton with a 30 pt lead over Obama, nationally. Other polls show her lead not that large, but a sizable lead, indeed. But is she the inevitable nominee? It is a good question, the media has been thumping her as the logical nominee. well all that is changing. Why? Her lead in Iowa is gone. Her lead in NH is not so good. Her lead in SC, also not so good. Obama is coming on strong in these last days of '07.

She appears to be get desperate. Her campaign in the past has brought up Obama's ambition, by quoting him in Kindergarten saying he wanting to be pres. That was a bit silly and IMO, ill-advised. But that her lead and her inevitability is slide down the toilet, the campaign is back to negativity. Clinton NH co-manager of the campaign brought up Obama's drug use. Which he has already said that he was using drugs in his younger days. Since that part is common knowledge, the campaign asked, did he give drugs to other people? Did he sell drugs? This is just f*cking pathetic. Of course, Hillary apologized for the unauthorized use of the negative. This was an upfront gesture on her part, right?

NO! If this is not the message they want to put out there, then why did her national campaign manager bring it up on Hardball? The campaign said that it was not what they wanted, the negativity, but yet they are still trying to interject it into their messages on talk shows.

Clinton and her staff are appearing to be running scared. They are appearing to be desperate. They are losing support and they are terrified with a bout 3 weeks before the first caucus and they could lose it handily. If they do lose, they will be hard pressed to push forward as the natural candidate.

Obama has nothing to lose and the world to gain. If the attacks do not stop Clinton will be back to fighting in the Senate.


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