07 December 2007

New Holy War

Are you Mormon....Baptist....Catholic...just what religion are you? Would f*cking cares? well apparently the repubs do. Someone, whoever got the endorsement of the religious right in Washington a month or so ago........BTW...it was NOT Huckabee.

But now that he, Huckabee is surging in the polls, Mitt boy has decided it is time to go on the air and somewhat defend Mormonism. Well not really. His major speech was a snooze...vague..and not informative. It was a good thing he had a speech by JFK as a guide or God knows what sort of crap would have come out of his mouth.

So you think this is just silly? me too! But you can thank the repubs for this new holy war bullsh*t. They are thye ones that embraced the whole "faith based politics" concept. This ugly, ugly situation is a product of the crap they feed people with the support of a politician that shares your particular theology and oppose those who do not.

Mitt did not convince anyone...there was no explanation of his beliefs that would quell any doubters. Basically he was chastizing those who call Mormonism a cult, but yet he did not disclaim such practices as baptizing the dead, or the humans can become gods or that the tribes from Israel came to the Us and built cities and fought huge battles; just to mention a few. So this attempt was lame at best.

It has been reported that the religious right would be insignificant in this election. IMO, NO voting bloc is insignificant. Now I ask if Huckabee is becoming the darling of the religious right, why did they snub him at the convention in Washington?

I personally, think that Huckabee's surge is just a glitch.....and once he gets into the larger states his luster will begin to fade.


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