31 May 2008

political Quote Of The Week

Since the birth place of democracy was Greece, I thought I would quote one of the founding fathers of democracy.

Democracy is when the indigent, and not the men of property, are the rulers.

If true, then like socialism, it has never been tried.

28 May 2008

Obama competitive against McCain with key voters

The Associated Press: Obama competitive against McCain with key voters

McCain and Obama are struggling to gain support with those on the line. Who will win the struggle?

27 May 2008

Professor's Classroom

OK it is not Monday...for that was a holiday and now it is back to work....put on your thinking caps, always wanted to say the, and let us begin....

This was a faction within the Dem party in 1835, it was an equal rights faction that seized control of the Dem convention in 1835. What was this faction called and why?

This is one is a bit harder than normal but I have faith in my class....they can do it...good luck

26 May 2008

Historic pictures sent from Mars

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Historic pictures sent from Mars

This is away cool stuff........

Colombia: Open Letter To Nancy Pelosi and the US Congress

Upside Down World - Colombia: Open Letter To Nancy Pelosi and the US Congress

The trade agreement that Bush and boyz were pushing with Colombia was not seen as the great savior of out time but all people. This letter was written to Pelosi and others in Congress.

25 May 2008

Weekly News UpDate

The most worthless news anywhere on the cable news...or anywhere point! In the last week these stories have made up a significant part of the broadcasts.....why?

1--More bus, auto and plane crashes

2--Wild fires in Florida

3--Town in Vermont will no longer allow nudity...Brattleboro...I believe

4--Drag queen robs a New Orleans Burger King

5--Washington coffee shop uses women in bikinis or less to serve the java----(my planes leaves at 0835 hrs.)

6--Guess what more fires in California

7--More really sh*tty weather across mid part of country

Ya happy? That is all the news you could never use....peace.....out!

Vets for Peace Booted from National Memorial Day Parade

Vets for Peace Booted from National Memorial Day Parade

Now this is just flippin' wrong.....if anyone has a right to protest for peace it is the vets that fight the damn war. Cannot have these people out there contradicting the popular stand on the war and the surge.

24 May 2008

Political Quote Of The Week

This week's quote is from Thomas Paine, it deals with the lies and promises that politicians tell and seldom deliver.

It is an affront to treat falsehood with complaisance.
Thomas Paine

Peace Out!

22 May 2008

Informants Wanted By FBI

Moles Wanted - City Pages (Minneapolis/St. Paul)

Just wanted to let all know that if you were gonna be protesting at the Repub convention, that the FBI is actively seeking spies, informants, other assorted ilk. Be careful and know your team!

21 May 2008

McCain on His Hopes for His First Term - New York Times

McCain on His Hopes for His First Term - New York Times

Read this and see that it is nothing more than a continuation of Bush policies and programs...where did the maverick go?

Global Peace Index 2008 - Global Peace Index

Global Peace Index 2008 - Global Peace Index

The USA is not doing too well in the peace category.

Another Divisive Comment

First it was the word "bitter"---and the pundits turned that into a 2 week diatribe of total BS. Now he has said the word "sweetie" directed at a female reporter. Thinking back I use the word sometimes and use it as a term of endearment and not a sexist thing...but then if one is looking for some overtone in it then yes I guess it could be seen as a sexist term. But I think if he had called her a broad or a chick, then these pundits would have a case.

My point is a mis-speak may happen to anyone, it is not the sole domain of a Clinton. To turn this
into a political statement of some sort is just LOW CLASS and damn silly!

Ferraro, a person I respected when she was a VP candidate, has lost all of my respect. She has jumped on the damn silly feminist bandwagon by calling Obama a sexist. I find that a bit much for a Democrat calling another Democrat a name because you are pissed that she is losing her ass in the nomination race. That also is just LOW CLASS!

But then politicians are the sorriest and lwest form of humanity!

20 May 2008

Obama Adopted by Native Americans - The Caucus - Politics - New York Times Blog

Obama Adopted by Native Americans - The Caucus - Politics - New York Times Blog

This is a bigger deal than the politics of the season; it is a show of respect and leadership to be adopted. I pray that he talks this ceremony to heart. NAs need someone who will actually care about their plight in Washington, Obama has an opportunity here to do the right thing.

19 May 2008

Republicans ponder plan to freshen party's image | Chron.com - Houston Chronicle

Republicans ponder plan to freshen party's image | Chron.com - Houston Chronicle

This might be a good idea for the conservative leaders have failed the people.

Professor's Classroom

Monday, Monday...so good to me......Mamas and Papas......Quiz time......so set yourself get out pen and paper and let the fun begin......

In 1826, a new Republic was set up on the soil of America, what was the Republic called and where was it located?

You may scratch your butt and begin......may the angels of tests smile on you.....

18 May 2008

What Congress Did Last week

This are the issues that Congress dealt with...some good...some not so.....


1. Strategic oil reserve (HR 6022): The House voted 385-25 to require the administration to stop filling the Strategic Petroleum Reserve for the rest of the year or until the price of crude oil drops below $75 per barrel. The Senate passed the measure 97-1. A yes vote supported the bill.

2. Farm bill (HR 2419): Voting 318-106, the House approved a five-year farm bill, providing farm subsidies and funding nutrition programs. A yes vote supported the bill.

3. War funding defeat (HR 2642): Voting 141-149, the House defeated an amendment to appropriate $162.5 billion for additional war costs in Iraq and Afghanistan. Many Republican members voted present — officially tallied as not voting — to protest being frozen out of deliberations. A yes vote supported the funding.

4. Iraq troop withdrawals (HR 2642): Voting 227-196, the House approved an amendment requiring the administration to start withdrawing troops from Iraq within 30 days of enactment, but setting no deadline for finishing the pullout. A yes vote backed the amendment.

5. New GI Bill (HR 2642): The House voted 256-166 to establish a GI Bill to pay post-9/11 veterans’ college costs and use tax increases to pay for the program. A yes vote supported the bill.


6. Farm bill (HR 2419): The Senate voted 81-15 in favor of a five-year farm bill. A yes vote supported the bill.

7. Republican energy plan (S 2284): Voting 42-56, the Senate rejected a Republican plan to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for oil drilling, as well as take other steps to increase energy production. A yes vote supported the plan.

8. Police and firefighter unions (HR 980): The Senate voted 69-29 to take up a bill granting limited union rights to police, firefighters and other public safety personnel in all states. A yes vote was to take up the bill.

The Reality In Bubba-land

The shine is off Clintonia 'Yesterday's gone' has new twist for Clintons

Clinton keeps spouting the diatribes about "it ain't over til I say it is over" but she needs to be realistic....sorry, sweetie...it is OVER! All you are doing now is wasting time and trying to find a way to stay influential within the party that you are losing control of.

Weekly News UpDate

Politics got interesting, more dynamite he said, she said, he said......but DAMN!........

The following is the news that absolutely no one could possible use.

1--Who cares where Jenna and boy toy will live?

2--Earthquake in China--1000's dead----More dead in Burma

3--More fires

4--more cops caught being stupid on tape---maybe they should think before the react

5--Robt. Modavi, winemaker, dies--no--not from liver damage--he was 94

6--Polar bears put on endangered species list

7--Calif. Supreme Court overturns ban on gay marraige

8--Another preacher caught i a sex sting--this one thought he was gonna be humping a 13 yr old

9--And as usual, more plane, car and train wrecks

There it be....not any thing one could possibly give a crap about.

17 May 2008

Chris Matthews Eviscerates Right-Wing Host Kevin James Over Obama "Appeasement" Claims - Politics on The Huffington Post

Chris Matthews Eviscerates Right-Wing Host Kevin James Over Obama "Appeasement" Claims - Politics on The Huffington Post

There are times that I find Matthews a bit irritating, but I give props where props are due...he destroyed the right winger on Hardball. My hat goes off to Matthews and he deserves an award for that piece. He has my vote.

Third-party candidacies - - Breaking News, Political News & National Security News - The Washington Times

Third-party candidacies - - Breaking News, Political News & National Security News - The Washington Times

The reality is that 3rd party runs can have a disastrous effect on the one party or the other, but the question should be, is the effort worthwhile?

Political Quote Of The Week

With the general election approaching and with this candidate and that adjusting their positions and principles to fit what they think the voter wants to hear, I have chosen a quote from Thomas Paine.

I love the man that can smile in trouble, that can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection. 'Tis the business of little minds to shrink, but he whose heart is firm, and whose conscience approves his conduct, will pursue his principles unto death.

The pursuit of principles is no longer the aim of a politician. These people sole concern is to be elected and then to be re-elected.

16 May 2008

John Edwards' Endorsement Speech (Full version) - The Jed Report

John Edwards' Endorsement Speech (Full version) - The Jed Report

This was a helluva speech...will it help Obama? well, it crapped allover Clinton's victory, so yes it will help him. Read it!

Text of President Bush's speech to the Israeli parliament

Text of President Bush's speech to the Israeli parliament

Needs to be read.......he definately knows how to piss off the bee hive.

Can Obama Really Change US Policy?

Jonathan Steele: Obama says he'll reshape US foreign policy. But can he? | Comment is free | The Guardian

The aura of change hangs around the Obama campaign, but many are question whether he can really bring the change that he speaks of.

15 May 2008

Republicans Flounder

The Repubs are losing their collective butts in Special elections, the latest was a loss in Mississippi. They have been floundering for at least 4 years and possibly for the last 7. The Repubs prospects in the Fall do not look too good either.

They are scrambling around trying to reinvent themselves and their party with the hope of salvaging some success in the upcoming elections. They have had an epiphany and are trying to become "born again" fiscal conservatives and trying to distance themselves from the crap of social conservatism. Things like the Terry Shiavo case have given the whole idea of social conservatism a bad taste to moderate republicans.

McCain and the Party are trying desperately reinvent their party to make it more appealing before they enter into the battles to come in the general.

14 May 2008

Clinton Wins West Virginia

And this was a surprise to whom? My God, this was predicted after Indiana.....

Hillary Clinton celebrated a blowout victory over Barack Obama in the Democratic primary in West Virginia last night, as enthusiastic supporters sought to help deflect mounting pressures for her to exit the race.

"I am more determined than ever to carry on this campaign until everyone has had a chance to make their voices heard," Clinton said after early results showed her carrying the state by a 2-to-1 margin. She gave no hint that she was ready to withdraw from a contest that growing numbers of longtime allies say now appears out of reach.

My question is what is Clinton trying to secure for herself by this continuation of the campaign. Is it for the better of the people? Or is it for the legacy of the Clintons?

Personally, I have always called the Clintons a self-serving bunch of ..........they would say and do anything to keep their persona out there in front of the voter. This long campaign is just a continuation of the Clintons plan....they do not want to lose the leadership of the Party...but I think that day is fast approaching.....and the nDem Party will once again be a party of the people not the special inbterest party it has become in the past years.

Will Water Rationing Become A National Program?

Drought has crippled some spots in the US. Georgia, Central Alabama, California are among some of the troubled spots, but not all. Northern Calif. has implemented a water rationing policy. Could this soon be the way of the future in most of the states?

Water rationing went into effect Tuesday for East Bay residents after water managers unanimously passed a drought management program aimed at preserving the system's deteriorating water supply.

Residents of single-family homes throughout much of Alameda and Contra Costa counties are required to immediately reduce water use by 19 percent; golf courses face 30 percent cuts; refineries and manufacturers must trim 5 percent.

Tuesday's action by the East Bay Municipal Utility District set out reduction goals, prohibited water uses and declared a water-shortage emergency across the district's system, which serves 1.3 million residents between Oakland and Danville and Crockett and Castro Valley.

But questions swirl about the plan's enforcement, how the targets are calculated and how it will affect water rates - both for those who already conserve, and for those who use large amounts of water.

13 May 2008

Anti-Semitism & The Left

Dissent Magazine

An excellent article that needs to be read and read often.

Divisions In The Democratic Party

Clinton is still pushing the fact that she can still win the nomination of the party. But she and here entourage are about the only ones that see that possibility. She is not helping party by some of her actions and statements. I regret that, she still appears desperate to me. She is still bad mouthing her opponent, but it is a bit more subdued than before. She is hammering that wedge between her supporters and those of Obama, to the point that it could make a difference in the general election.

Recent the toss of the racial crap into the mix again, is not helping. Personally, the latest racial "slur" was in very poor taste. We are talking about a supposed leader of the Democratic Party, using race as an issue against a fellow Democrat. That right there should be unforgiving.

All the goodwill the Clintons had gained in the Black community is quickly being eroded away and if could very well effect the outcome of the election in November.

12 May 2008

Religious Right And Politics

'Raw Politics': Religious right leaning toward Democrats? - CNN.com

OK, I have a prob with this.......why would they do so? A Party which thinks the woman has the right to choose on abortion or that there should be separation of church and state. What within the Dem Party would the religious right find appealing?

Professor's Classroom

Come on slackers, none of this is rocket science, get on the ball if you want to graduate.

Another Monday, and another quiz.

This Act by the US prohibited ships carrying goods from France and England from entering territorial waters or ports in the US?

Google works, if your are lazy. My mind is all a flutter....what will the answers be.....when you are finished..leave your answer on my desk....and I will get back to you.

11 May 2008

Weekly News UpDate

The news that you cannot use was mostly politics and the wedding of the Bush woman child. You just think that cable news gives you all the news you can use...it is a lie.,..they give you some news and mostly crap...my updates show you the crap.

1--Cyclone hits Burma--40,000+ dead

2--75 students in 7 Frats at San Diego State get busted on drugs trafficking charges--higher education?

3--15 Philly cops caught beating 3 suspects on camera--are the just stupid?

4--More wrecks, crashes and chases--who f*cking cares?

5--More bad weather...more tornadoes...more rain............

6--Another Repub bites the sexual dust--Rep Fosella, a champion of morality has admitted he fathered an illegitimate child.

7--Yet another construction crane accident--in Tacoma, WA.

That is it...all the news that NO one can use....Peace Out!

10 May 2008

OMG! What A Difference A Word Makes

BEARINGS! Obama used this word when he was talking about something that McCain had said in the media. To me the word refers to a direction or a compass heading, but when did it become a word disparaging a person's age? Please, explain it to me. It takes a helluva imagination to get there from here.

I guess to be in politics, one would need to hire a walking thesaurus to accompany one everywhere to make sure that one's speech cannot be purposefully misinterpreted. It is just damn silly, to think that anything was implied by the use of the word bearing.

I will give the conservatives their props...they have a helluva imagination.

Political Quote Of The Week

With all the people that are screaming about the obscenity in movies and on TV, I thought that this quote by a magazine publisher says it all.

If the human body's obscene, complain to the manufacturer not to me. - Larry Flynt

09 May 2008

Clintons And The Race Card

First, good ol' Bubba place his foot in his mouth in South Carolina saying that Obama won because like Jesse Jackson, he is black. Ok, that is a paraphrase but the thought was there. Then the campaign had to explain what he meant. There have been other Clinton surrogates that have made comments that could be seen as the playing of the race card.

Now that Hillary is all but eliminated, mathematically any way, the campaign is using just about anything, they are grabbing at straws even heard that they said that they would use the vote in Puerto Rice as an indicator. Thinking about that....they cannot vote in the general election .

Anyway, I digress, it seems the candidate herself is trying to sway the super delegates by using the race card. Here is the part of her interview that sounds a bit racial, at least to me:

This is from the USA Today--

" 'I have a much broader base to build a winning coalition on,' she said in an interview with USA Today. As evidence, Clinton cited an Associated Press article 'that found how Sen. Obama's support among working, hard-working Americans, white Americans, is weakening again, and how whites in both states (those voting in Tuesday's Indiana and North Carolina primaries) who had not completed college were supporting me.' "

"There's a pattern emerging here," she said.

You decide--was she or wasn't she?

08 May 2008


Damn--this is gonna be a good year for dumbass statements by people--this one is from Josef Fritzl, the Austrian dude who kept his daughter in a hole in the floor for 24 yrs, while fathering several children with her.

Recently he told a German news paper:

“I am no monster,” Fritzl said though his lawyer Rudolf Mayer, according to the German tabloid newspaper Bild.

“I could have killed all of them, and no one would have known. No one would have ever found about it.”

07 May 2008

Gas Tax Holiday--Revisited

I thought I had heard this proposal of McCain and Clinton before. Back in the day, 2000 to be exact, then Pres, Bill Clinton was given this idea to help the working class voter. Back then he would not go for the idea because he did not think it would benefit the consumer.

But yet on this campaign trail, he is defending the same proposal that he would not consider. The Clinton people are going all out in their pandering to the white, blue collar worker. Why? At this juncture it is politically advantageous.

Obama has opposed the idea. And lots of economists and other experts have said it would be disasterous for the economy. Because he opposes it, he is labeled an elitist which is pretty humorous if you think about it...an elitist calling an elitist an elitist.....i cannot write this joke any better.

I will give Obama his props--he is telling people what the NEED to hear, not what they WANT to hear. But apparently the people were listening to both sides and made a good choice in Indiana and North Carolina.

The good thing about this is that know that Hillary is all but eliminated, the news will probably let the support for the "holiday" drop. It will no lnoger be news until the general in November.

06 May 2008

Professor's Congressional Scorecard

My monthly feature of scoring how our dynamite US Congress is doing continues. They spent more time in hearings than on anything of substance, but I found a few issues that they weighed in on.

So far in 2008, here is how I see the Congress.

Jan--1 step backwards
Feb--No step--a stand still
Mar--2 steps backwards

And for the rating for the month of April 2008.

Colombia Free Trade Agreement--a no step--a horrible agreement and they tried to stop it.

Vote to commend wrestler Rick Flair--backwards

Offer new media bill--forward

21st century GI Bill--forward

Student loan bill--no step--did not go far enough, but is a start.

Finally they are moving forward, but fast enough, the rating for the month is 1 step forward. A side note, I am being extremely lenient on them.

We will see how they do in the coming months. So far for the year they are still moving backwards as they did last. They are not delivering on the promises of 2007.

Democratic and Republican healthcare plans offer clear choices - Los Angeles Times

Democratic and Republican healthcare plans offer clear choices - Los Angeles Times

For those voters that want to know the difference in the 3 candidates health care plans, this article will help. And please read the article closely and see that nowhere in these plans is there any form of "creeping socialism" and that none of the plans is in reality universal.

Onlookers Swoon For Bill

Did anyone see the stump speech where Bill is being Bill and taunting the crowd to vote for wifey. As usual he was basically talking about himself and once and awhile he would mention Hillary. But during a speech in rural North Carolina speech a viewer faints--he says, "need EMT and water over there"--and went back to speech without missing a beat. Then he tells the people to be quiet and give them room and returns to his speech without much concern.

The media reports on his comment, "I did not know I had that power at my age"...a little laughter and speech goes on.

There was no report of his attitude toward the person or his seemingly lack of concern for the situation. IMO, he was acting like....um...thinking....um....an ELITIST! Does that sound familiar to anyone?

Oh yeah, but Obama is the one with the free ride.

05 May 2008

Election 2008: Previewing the Indiana Primary - washingtonpost.com

Election 2008: Previewing the Indiana Primary - washingtonpost.com

This is a good analysis that I do not agree with in most cases, but Howey seems to know about Indiana than I do but it makes interesting reading.

Professor's Classroom

Monday, Cinco De Mayo, leave it to Mexico to invent a holiday for mayonnaise. It is also the day for our weekly quiz. This week is a simple one if you know presidential politics this should be a snap.

Explain the "Hickory Pole Canvass" the who the when and the why?

Please google your ass off and let me sleep. Peace my peeps!

2008 Anaol-Ocity

OMG! There were two in one day, can you believe it?

This from Vice President Dick Cheney, who spoke to a crowd of Oklahoma Republicans Friday evening.

"When the history is written, it will be said this is a safer country and more hopeful world because George Bush was president," Cheney said, according to Oklahoma's Tulsa World.

Of Iraq, Cheney quipped: "Our strategy is the right strategy. The only way we can lose is to quit.

I appreciate delusional people, but these guys are just flippin' amazing.


Found this one, but for once it is not necessarily a statement that is anal, but this time it is the idea that is so.

Never mind the radiation: British contingency planners worried there would be a dramatic shortage of tea in the aftermath of a nuclear attack, recently declassified documents showed Monday.

The shortfall of the staple British beverage would be "very serious" if the country were to come under attack with atomic and hydrogen bombs, said according to a memo drafted between 1954 and 1956.

"The tea position would be very serious with a loss of 75 percent of stocks and substantial delays in imports and with no system of rationing it would be wrong to consider that even one ounce (28 grams) per head per week could be ensured," it said.

Now I would say that this is the most important reason not to nuke Iran, not to obliterate the country that Clinton has stated.

Windfall Profits for Dummies - WSJ.com

Windfall Profits for Dummies - WSJ.com

I think anyone that reads n my will realize that I have no love for the Clinton gas tax holiday scheme. But I want to be fair in my analysis. This is a rebuttal of Obama's plan for the oil industry. Read and make up your own mind on who has the best plan. Should your vote be worth $30 or so you prefer a longer range plan. It is your----choose wisely.

04 May 2008

Weekly News UpDate

Time for the news that is as worthless as tits on a boar. These are the news stories that were on the national media show on cable.

1--More kids killing family members

2--More fires in California

3--More crappy weather, tornadoes

4--EOS Airlines going bankrupt

5--10 month old baby was issued a gun permit

6--Fla. teacher arrested for the 3rd time for having sex with students--not same student

7--Mayor in Chile gives men over 60 Viagra for free--a re-election ploy

8--Another surfer dies from shark attack

9--Some moron tries to cash $360 billion forged check--he was caught--ya think?

THat is all the news you cannot use--Peace Out!

03 May 2008


The hits just keep coming! HA! McCain and the Repubs keep trying to force feed the public that the Dem proposals on health care are somehow "creeping socialism". My friends(to quote McCain) that is pure bullsh*t. But this statement is very amusing.

“But before you decide to sign on to that kind of a program, go to Canada, or go to European countries that have government-run health care systems,” he continued. “My friends, they don’t work, they’re inefficient, and they end up in a two-tiered system where the wealthiest can afford to pay for their own health care and those with low income sometimes wait six or eight months for a routine kind of treatment. And that’s what I’m not going to let happen to the United States of America.” from a speech of McCain

And somewhere I missed the fact that the US does not a tier system of health care. That memo missed my desk completely. For that reason this statement will be in the running for the most anal statement of the year.

Political Quote Of The Week

Anyone that has read my writings will know that I am rabidly against war; let us just say I played that game and did not like it. This week's quote is again from Thomas Paine, the forgotten American Founding Father.

He who is the author of a war lets loose the whole contagion of hell and opens a vein that bleeds a nation to death.
Thomas Paine

Does that quote sound familiar? If not, then you need to pay closer attention to what is going on around you.

02 May 2008

Anal-Ocity 2008

And yes it is back--the anal-ocity, the most anal statement ever made by an individual. This one is from your president. And will be in the running for the Assie award for 2008.

"Just and open societies protect and rely on the freedom of the press," Bush said in a statement marking World Press Freedom Day, which falls on Saturday.

"Brutal regimes and others who seek to stifle liberty often do so by closing down private newspapers and radio and television stations. They kidnap, arbitrarily jail, and beat journalists," he said.

Apparently he forgets the Patriot Act, huh?

The Elitist Perception

Ever notice that the Dems have been fighting that label for decades. The Repubs have successfully used that term to define Dems during the election cycles. Look at Gore, Dukakis, Kerry, just to mention the most recent losers were all successfully label as elitists.

Now Obama has been saddled with the mantle. Even a fellow Dem has also joined the attacks. Clinton, campaigning in Brownsburg, Indiana, tried to perpetuate the elitist label on Obama, pointing out his opposition to a proposal she supports, a temporary suspension of the federal tax on gasoline of 18.4 cents per gallon. But she fails to mention that in NO economic circles is this proposal a good idea.

"I believe it would be important to get every member of Congress on record. Do they stand with the hard-pressed Americans who are trying to pay their gas bills at the gas station or do they once again stand with the oil companies?," Clinton asked. This is a case of pandering. It is an attempt to look like one actually cares, while massaging the wallets of the average person. Even by one's own admission they have not filled their own vehicle with gas in years, it is the Secret Service that does it. But yet this same person is always saying that they "feel your pain".

May I suggest that before one buys into the whole labeling thingy, that they learn what the candidate is all about. But that is just silly, like an American voter will take the time to do some research. ROFLMAO!

01 May 2008

Protests At The HQ Of Fla. DNC

There was a massive protest at the HQ of the Florida DNC because of the elimination of the vote in the state. Protesters were angry that their votes were not gonna be counted and that the anger was targeted at the DNC for their decision to not count their votes.


If I am not mistaken, it was the Repub Gov and the Repub legislature that changed the date of the primary, not the DNC of Florida. Would not the anger best be directed at the people that actually caused this problem? I realize that is too easy, but would make more sense.

May I suggest that the voters that are angered, try voting the architect of their problem and rage out of office. But they will not, for by the time the election comes around they will have succumb to the genital massage of the politicians.

I guess basically what I am saying is, shut the f*ck up and od something about the real problem and stop blaming everyone for their indifference.

Is It Iran?

Is it just me or has the rhetoric coming out of Washington edged up a notch on Iran?

CIA Director Michael Hayden said Wednesday that Iranian policy, at the highest government level, is to help kill Americans in Iraq, the boldest pronouncement of Iranian involvement by a U.S. official to date.

The Pentagon said Wednesday Iran is continuing to provide weapons and other material to Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan, in addition to its alleged continuing support for Shiite militias in Iraq. Officials spoke to reporters Wednesday shortly after a second U.S. aircraft carrier strike group arrived in the Persian Gulf. VOA's Al Pessin reports from the Pentagon.

Iran will likely have nuclear bomb technology in 2008, Transportation Minister Shaul Mofaz said Wednesday, citing an updated Israeli intelligence assessment.

In the past, the general consensus in the intelligence community has been that Iran had hit some technical difficulties with enrichment and that its attainment of nuclear capability was much further off. In fact, a recent Israeli Military Intelligence assessment showed that the "point of no return" with regards to Iran going nuclear was 2010.

These are all quotes from sources in this day's news. Are they trying to do this to influence the political process? Or is it just words to try and bluff Iran?

What To Do With The Wright Stuff?

In March Rev. Wright and a few politically motivated sound bites came out about his sermons , Obama made a speech on race. A very good speech. The He, Obama, made a bad choice of words and the press went nuts about a bitter comment, then Rev. wright showed up again and did a improv for the NAACP and the National Press. Obama then had to distance himself from his former pastor; he distance himself from him, he condemned his words and actions, he was shcoked and appalled at his words; basically Obama threw his ex-mentor under the bus.

The press should be pleased at this turn, but they now say it was not soon enough or harsh enough. Now I personally think it is over. He has said that he is noit the person that Obama knew in the past and does not speak for him.

About the only thing that Obama can do now, to get the media to move on to the issues, is hire a hit man. Short of that, the media will stoke this fire until it has no more fuel. In the mean time, the voter is being played like a CHEAP DRUM! That is right, PLAYED!

There is more! What about the white ministers that condemned, even damned, the US for allowing abortions? Or what about the white minister that supports McCain that has belittled the Catholic church calling everything but the anti-christ? Why are not these people in the news? Is it a racial thing? You decide.

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