09 November 2007

So You Want Reform

Reform government, reform Congress, reform, reform........these are the calls I hear when I am out talking with people. But what will reform bring? The way that the American political process acts, it will bring short lived changes. Why? Well, reforms can be used to help or improve. Unfortunately, any progress can be changed or eroded whenever the feeling is needed. But in the long run, reforms solve nothing, especially an really bad problems. it is just a way to appear to be accomplishing something when nothing is being done to solve the problem.

Consider all options carefully, because those promising reforms seldom can deliver. The American people are desperate for some reforms to the system, but the two parties they have now will NOT deliver on those reforms. Take a look at the last 50 years, reforms have been promised and promised and we are no better off than we were then.

Consider your options--ask questions--demand answers.


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