27 December 2007

When A Mitt Attacks

Mitt attacks Huckabee in Iowa......Mitt attacks McCain in NH....what happens when a Mitt attacks? He is looking more and more desperate as the primary season progresses. Since Mitt has started losing ground to several of his opponents, he has chose to attack the people directly with the hope of winning back some of his lost support.

Will it be successful? IMO, NO, not in Iowa or NH, Huckabee and McCain seem to be holding their own against Mitt in the first two....there is the possibility that as the election moves on, he could get a bit stronger. Mitt is worried--he must have a good showing in the early days or he can kiss his butt bye bye when Feb 5th comes around. Rudy is banking on successes in that primary cycle. If Mitt fails there he is all but gone....or maybe just plain---GONE!


Anonymous said...

I think it's going to get real nasty from here on in.I think the rise of Huckabee really threw a monkeywrench into the mix.

CHUQ said...

true that, but will Huck keep this momentum into Super tuesday primaries? That is the question that needs to be addressed.

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