11 November 2007

A Grateful Nation

A grateful nation? Thanks from a grateful nation? It is Veterans Day and what are we thanking the vets for? Their service to the nation? Some had no choice. For their protection of America? Maybe in some case. Why is the nation grateful? Grateful that they did not have to serve? Grateful that they were not maimed or killed? What are they grateful for?

Please a yellow ribbon or some lame magnet is not showing your gratitude. You want to thank the vets? Then get off your ass and demand that they get the treatments they deserve and the compensations they deserve. Write letters, make calls, send emails, DO SOMETHING!


Yes, I said! I meant it! DO SOMETHING!



Anonymous said...

great post -- who gives a crap about a yellow ribbon? that doesnt help anyone, but it is convenient for people who want to make themselves feel like they are helping our vets.

better to volunteer in a soup kitchen or do something of substance

i dont know how personal you get on these journals chuq but some day i would like to read about your katrina and military experiences

-conley from politirant.com

CHUQ said...

conley, thanx for the visit. I am always glad to have a regular poster. I have bared my soul a couple times on Katrina and Nam, but usually on different forums. At times it gets better emotional and I have to stop. One day I will post something. Thanx again!

CHUQ said...

conley, please feel free to read and post on everything that catches your fancy.

conley said...

sorry man, i would never want to upset you and i can see how talking about both experiences could be very emotional. thank you for serving our country, and i wish you the best!

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