31 August 2007

Senator Larry Craig (R-ID)

Ok this guy is a lair and a hypocrite. Hypocrite? That depends. If he was an outspoken opponent of gay marriage and such because the people he represented was that way, then the man was doing his job. He was voting and speaking the people's conscience not his. That is what you pay him to do. I cannot believe that I am defending this guy, but in my opinion, I send people to Congress to vote my will, not theirs. If in fact that was what this guy was doing then I applaud him. No matter what his preferences were he stood for the people in his district. His personal decisions in the case were as stupid as you can get.

My problem is that he plead guilty to a misdemeanor and now is admitting that he lied in his plea. well, Senator that is perjury and that is a felony. What are you thinking? Granted your political career is over, but do you really want to be a felon?

They say that when trouble arrives you find out who your friends really are, BTW, that is a true statement. Moving on Craig has found out that you have no friends when you are a politician.


Finally They Get A Taste Of War

It would appear that a US plane carrying some Senators and Reps came under enemy fire as they tried to land in Iraq. Good! Now these guys get a taste of war. I will bet the first thing they did was look for a changing room so they could get out of there sh*t stained drawers.

I will look forward to their comments on the situation as they landed and their views on the surge. But please, stop going to Iraq. I am tired of my taxes beoing spent on these a/holes and their fact finding missions. which is just an excuse to go globe hopping. Are there families on this trip? Are their sons comfortable in some hotel in Munich? If they want to go to Iraq, give them a gun and a position to hold. They want to know how the surge is working then let them be part of it, that should calm their concerns.

What assclowns!


This is another in a long line of ChuqSpeaks--May the force be with you!

GAO Findings On The Iraq Situation

By The Associated PressThu Aug 30, 8:02 PM ET

Government Accountability Office findings on status of 18 military and political goals set by Congress for Iraq:


_Establishing supporting political, media, economic and services committees in support of the Baghdad Security Plan.

_Establishing all of the planned joint security stations in neighborhoods across Baghdad.

_Ensuring that the rights of minority political parties in the Iraqi legislature are protected.


_Enacting and implementing legislation on procedures to form semiautonomous regions.

_Allocating and spending $10 billion in Iraqi revenues for reconstruction projects, including delivery of essential services, on an equitable basis.


_Providing three trained and ready Iraqi brigades to support Baghdad operations.

_Ensuring that the Baghdad security plan will not provide a safe haven for outlaws, regardless of sectarian or political affiliation, as Bush says Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has pledged to do.

_Enacting and implementing legislation on de-Baathification.

_Enacting and implementing legislation to ensure the equitable distribution of hydrocarbon resources of the people of Iraq without regard to the sect or ethnicity of recipients, and enacting and implementing legislation to ensure that the energy resources of Iraq benefit Sunni Arabs, Shia Arabs, Kurds, and other Iraqi citizens in an equitable manner.

_Providing Iraqi commanders with all authorities to execute this plan and to make tactical and operational decisions, in consultation with U.S commanders, without political intervention, to include the authority to pursue all extremists, including Sunni insurgents and Shiite militias.

_Ensuring that the Iraqi Security Forces are providing evenhanded enforcement of the law.

_Increasing the number of Iraqi security forces units capable of operating independently.

_Ensuring that Iraq's political authorities are not undermining or making false accusations against members of the Iraqi Security Forces.

_Reducing the level of sectarian violence in Iraq and eliminating militia control of local security.

_Enacting and implementing legislation establishing an Independent High Electoral Commission, provincial elections law, provincial council authorities, and a date for provincial elections.

_Forming a Constitutional Review Committee and then completing the constitutional review.

_Enacting and implementing legislation addressing amnesty.

_Enacting and implementing legislation establishing a strong militia disarmament program to ensure that such security forces are accountable only to the central government and loyal to the constitution of Iraq

30 August 2007

Katrina--2 Years Later--Part 2

I apologize for my harping on the storm stuff. But I lived through that 14 hour nightmare and I see things different than those who watched it on TV.

Yesterday Bush was in New Orleans and said "Better days are ahead". Where was he standing? apparently he does not visit the same areas I do, for I see little progress short of debris removal in the areas most effective. There are some good stories, like the schools in NO have improved 100%. That is about it as far as the people go. Business is getting a boost, but the people are getting the shaft.

Then on to Bay St. Louis, MS, where Bambi said, 'We have alot of work to do'. I was there and thought I would puke! WE? Who the hell is WE? The people did it on there own with the help of volunteers, the govt sat around watching the Coast take a hit and did NOTHING! The volunteers were a God send and their hard work is appreciated. Bambi needs to stay away from the Hurricane areas and keep his f*cking mouth shut.



Remember the stories that flew around after the storm about people spending their FEMA money on diamonds and such? If not, there were stories about people who spent their money elsewhere, you know the $1500. To begin with, that us say you have a house worth $80,000 and your Ins will not pay and you did not qualify for FEMA loan, but you got $1500 for kicks, what would you do with it, if all else was hopeless?

Now my point is, how many of the victims of tornadoes that get FEMA are followed around to see where they spend the money? I have heard of none. Why? Most are white and not poor! So if you think that that did not play in the reactions to the storm, I think you are wrong. To this day people are worried about the resturants, hotels and such, the poor people are all but forgotten.

70,000 homes were destroyed by Katrina, 2 yrs later 16, ooo on the MS Coast still have no home. And your dickhead Pres comes and tells us that "better days are ahead". Thanx bud you really know how to make a people feel loved by their country. I did not mean that! OK, I do want to say to the Pres, "BITE ME A/HOLE"

I am CHUQ and I definitely approved this message.


A ChuqSpeak

Another ChuqSpeak and have a lovely day.

Partisanship--the loyalty to one party or the other. Sad case of American politics. At least the young are rebelling against being classified and against partisanship. A report says that they do not like being put into categories, since they have different opinions about gays, healthcare, etc. They say that as a whole they share opinions of both parties, and will not be classified as one or the other. They seem to be left leaning on some issues and right leaning on others, at least that is what the report is saying.

Is this good? Well I guess if you like the term Independent it is. But the problem is they WILL NOT go vote, so no matter what they say, they will not stand by it in the voting cycle.

I guess a popular song by john Mayer says it all for them, "waiting for the world to change". They do not want to do it themselves, but instead prefer to wait on change. Tacky, Spuds!


Bhutto/Musharraf And Pakistan

I realize that many people are following the occurrences happening in Pakistan; I am and why? So when it goes to crap I can be the first to say, "I Told You So". I love my job!

Bhutto and Musharaff have been in talks for a couple on months about the possibility of a power sharing deal, where they both are somehow in control of the Pakistani government. Think about this! Bhutto wants Musharaff to give up his control of the army, the only thing that keeps him in power, other than the US. Bhutto is leery of the army because her father was PM he was killed by an army coup. She just wants to cover her butt. Right? I say not really, she wants Musharraf to be weakened and she will make her move to seize complete control of the government.

Will she by a good PM? Her last time the administration was shot full of corruption. Her husband was known as Mr. 10%, when she was the PM. He was in control of overseeing all foreign investment in Pakistan and to do business there he would get 10% of the gross amount of the business deal. When she was running last time she promised to help women move out of the shadows and become a more prominent factor in Pakistani life. Once she was PM, women never came up again. She is a politician, enough said?

Will she help bring stability to Pakistan? probably in the short haul, but I see her as wanting all the power and she will be looking for a way to eliminate Musharraf. Old habits die hard.

And then there is Sharif. Another opponent that is being ignored; he will have a hard on if the deal between Bhutto and Musharraf goes into full swing. he also will be pursuing a path to power. So IMO, this power sharing deal will look good for awhile, but it will not last. It is only a matter of time before Pakistan blows a valve and the US will be up to there butts in another civil conflict.

We will see. I am waiting for my chance to state the obvious.


29 August 2007

Senator And The BJ

I was gonna let this situation go and allow everyone else make their little statements on the situation. But I cannot, alas! here goes, we all know, by now, the whole story as reported in the media. A short synopsis--Idaho Sen, Craig, goes to toilet in airport and solicits an undercover cop for the purpose of having gay sex. He pleads guilty and pays $575 fine on a lesser charge. Now that he has been found out, he is crying that he should not having pleaded guilty and should have had advice of council in his hearing.

Let me think........he was stupid and now wants to retract his guilty plea. If he does that, is it not perjury? I mean he lied on a sworn statement that he had to make to enter the plea. That is a felony! Or did I miss something?

The Republicans really need to do some house cleaning before they continue the anti-gay, moral high ground bullsh*t. This guy is so f*cked up that he is willing to commit perjury trying to hide his actions. Was not the conservatives the "law and order" guys? See what happens when they stay too long in their gigs; they get this superiority complex and feel like they can do no wrong. Time to wake all these SOBs up and give them a taste of the reality that they are above--send them all home and let them look for employment elsewhere.


Katrina--2 Years Later

And thew beat goes on. Since I lived through the storm and am well aware of its damage and destruction, I prefer not to relive it yearly. But since politicians are making it good media fodder and I feel I need to address some of the bullsh*t the American people are handed.

First, progress is not being made--destruction is still everywhere. The government has been no help. Developers descend on the MS Gulf Coast and started sucking up land that dreams laid broken on. The only progress being made is profits, the people are still just as bad off as they were a month after the storm.

Your President, I use that term because after the storm I called for the area from Texas border east to Jacksonville and a distance of 50 miles north to remove itself from a Union that cares nothing about its welfare. So Bush is not my president. He uses, like all politicians the area of Katrina to make talking points and a photo op. No one has sat dwn and told the people how they would be saved from the US government.

I have a novel suggestion--DO SOMETHING and then we will talk about the results!


Republicans And The Cancer Forum

I wanted to be fair and cover the repubs and their responses to the questions put to them at the forum. First, I will say that MSNBC was wrong for the way they put the Repubs responses out there. Thiers was done in pieces on shows on Tuesday which made it difficult for me to follow.

These are the ones I sat through:

Brownbeck--he was first and I did not hear a straight answer from him. His idea is to shift funding for cancer--no new ideas.

Huckabee--a likeable guy and handled himself well. Had some good ideas for the health awareness, but I did not hear any good ideas for funding--other than the call for health saving accts. But no one asked about the poor and how they would save money for their accts. All in all not worth a flip.

At this point I stopped watching and went to SpongeBob, his insights seem to be more realistic than those of Repubs.

I apologize for not watching more but I have a low nausea threshold.


Political Bullsh*t Ads

Freddomwatch.org has put out a new TV ad pushing the Bush agenda. To me this looks like a PR plan to sell the American people on the idea of an extended stay in Iraq. I have a problem with the use of disabled vets in these ads. Of course the one they use is a stauch supporter of Bush's plan. But then it get really tacky--it shows one Tower smoking and a plane headed to the second. I question if that was necessary. I believe all Americans are aware of that incident and I do not think that it needs to be used ever again. FEAR--was the reason it was used, it is to remind the American people that fear is their only ally.

The whole ad is disgusting! And if I had to guess, I would say the the organization is a White House front. The ad is hypocritical and in extreme bad taste. But wait there is more! At the end of the ad, the handicapped vet looks at the screen and says, "don't let this become political".

Thinking.....thinking.......A politcal ad that does not want it to be a political issue.......thinking.....thinking......OK I got it now--Lobotomies for Republicans should be a law!


28 August 2007

A Suggestion For A Bush Library

From time to time, I have these thoughts that I just feel I must put down somewhere before I forget them. So here goes.

Years ago when I heard that the Nixon Library was being built I wanted to suggest that instead of a door for entrance into it, the visitors should enter by crawling through a window. I do hope you get my humor. well that was before the popularity of the internet so now I have a thought for the inevitable Bush Library-----to gain entry to his new library people should be attached to a polygraph and asked a question, if they lie they may enter; if they tell the truth, they fall thru a trap door into a pile of poop.

Just a thought from the lack of caffeine.

Democrats And The Cancer Forum

I watched the stuff yesterday. It was not a debate per say, but a statement by the Dems that attended on healthcare, especially cancer and treatment. Only 4 of the Dem candidates were there and I will assess each one from my point of view.

Kucinich--once again I have as the best of the participants. He answered all questions starightforward and with passion, conviction and forcefully. He showed that he has excellent humorous side and was very good with the audience.

Edwards--was next in my poll--he was on fire and forcefully confrontational--gave all the right answers and said all the right things. Not so much truthful in my opinion.

Richardson--He quoted a lot of stats--his idea is to negotiate with the health industry on treatments--balance the budget--and my personal fav--limit Congressional raise to the success they have with bills.

Clinton--she showed why she is in the lead--vague, boring and aloof.

For me Kucinich is the man--he has good sound ideas and has good sound ways to pay for them. Of course, some will not like his choices, but he is thinking of the population as a whole and not just the monied few. Thumbs up!

It is written--so be it.


27 August 2007

There Goes Gonzo

Flash! Stop the Presses! Alberto Gonzales has resigned.

Now all those little people that were worried about it can now sleep nites. Now you can shut the hell up about impeachment. Now what are you gonna bitch about?

Good timing? Who cares? Since the Pres is getting more popular in the polls he does not now need a focal point for the Dems. He was using Gonzo to keep the heat off of himself; now he does not need the guy. So it is okay for him to split; he is no longer needed. So with that said what the hell will the so called reps be doing when they return? Will the address the war? Sure they will, it will be a waste of time and that is what we pay them for--to waste out money.

Can we pleasae move on now! Can we please start addressing the problems of the American people? Try it! you might like it!

Professor's Classroom

Monday! OSIM! Already?

Ok class take out pencil, paper, and a henway. .............PAUSE..........What is a henway? Well about 2 lbs.

Who was the last presidential daughter to wed at the White House?

It has been a long weekend so today's class will be a short and easy one. Good luck and good day!

26 August 2007

Katrina And The Rages Of Time

As the 2nd anniversary of Katrinba approaches there is a plethora of media stories on the storm and the after math and the recovery. CNN's neew AC360 is entitle Katrina and what has happened. I have been watching since I lived in Ground Zero of thew storm I am always interested to hear the point of view of people who shhowed up afterwards. While everyone who has contributed I say thanx and you are appreciated, but to those that did nothing except bitch, I say BITE ME!

If you did not ride out the storm, all 14 hrs and 37 min of it, then you have NO idea what it was like. Destruction is obvious the mental f*cking is not something you can describe. The reconstruction is going well, that is the reports. that is bullsh*t! New Orleans is still devastated and the Fed funds are trickling in, nothing is being done to help. Basically the Fed is giving a starving man a stick of gum and patting him on the back.

You may see all kinds of progress on your TV; all I can say is go to New Orleans and the Gulf Coast and see for yourself. All those stories are just propaganda. Why is this so--BLACK people! Poor people! Most Americans could care less about these people. They give it lip service, but could care nothing about their real plight.

I have even started working on a plan for the seccession of S, MS, S. LA and S AL, to set up a separate state that would work to help the people since most of the states are too busy worrying which primary will be first.

I have had enough and now I am going to act and push through a partion. Will I succeed? I do not care! I will make my point! And most importantly, I will shhow the politicians for what nthey are---worthless humanity, a waste of skin and bone.


Weekly News UpDate

Sunday, the day of rest, well for some. Before I start I would like to apologize for this Update not being too good. You see there was a breach of security in my office, the INKWELL, and some of my notes for this were destroyed......................Long Puase....................Ok here the rest of the story----my grnad daughter was in my office watching SpongeBob and decided to take some notes of her own and totally ruin my notes. LOL

Come on in--kick off your shoes--break the booze--put on some blues--and the worthless news!

1--Bush's daughter, Jenna, is engaged--bet that wedding will be a party!

2--The Federal govt is starting a new registry on line and wants all porn stars to register----thinking----I guess I can understand, I mean since the DC Madame has been busted, it is hard to find women for these guys.

3--Chinese airline lands then explodes into flames and no one dies! Bet there was a huge cleaning bill, all the sh*t in drawers and stuff.

4--VA Tech in the news again--now they are trying to kill ppl with carbon monoxide.

5--A man kills a rattlesanke in his backyard by cutting the head off--he then tries to clean up and the head bit him--(Damn I wish I had a come back, but laughter prevents it)

6--Bolivian lawmakers while debating a bill, break out into a fist fight.....thinking.....sounds like a good way to handle stuff, the winners get their bill. DC oughta try it, but those guys would hurt each other with their purses.

7--Seniors age 50-80 are having more sex a study found.......finally some good news!

8--Did you know that the US has 16 intel gathering agencies? And you wonder why they are so f*cked up?

That is the news you cannot poosibly use--see next week--same time--different channel.


25 August 2007

Professor's Trivia Tid Bit

Yet another feature I thought my readers might appreciate. From time to time I will be posting some trivial stuff that I think is interesting.

My first installment.

Since we all go shopping in one form or the other how about this:

Americans throw away about 100 billion plastic bags, every year. Since most of them are made from petroleum, that is the equivalent to dumping 12 million barrels of oilo into the environment. Feel better about your part in the extinction of our environment?

Professor's Poll Watch

This poll was conducted by Gallup and I think it will show how the next session of Congress will proceed.

The poll has shown that 31% of the ppl interviewed said the the "surge" is now working, up from 22% a month ago. Also the poll taken about the war in general shows that the Am ppl are more confident now. 57% now say the invasion of Iraq was a mistake down from 62% from last month.

what does this show? The Admin selling the war and its actions is doing well and slowly, but slowly gonna influence the next Congress.

Political Quote Ot The Week

Yawn! It is early and it is Saturday! Time to find a quote worthy of this blog.

An excellent quote and has proved to be accurate, especially in the last couple of years.

All warfare is based on deception. - Art of War, Sun-Tzu,

Have day! Peace and I be gone!

24 August 2007

Is This The Real American Justice?

Actress Lindsay Lohan has been sentenced to a day in jail after pleading guilty to drink driving and drug charges as part of a plea bargain.

She has also been ordered to do community service and complete a drug treatment programme.

Lohan's seven charges included driving while over the alcohol limit and being under the influence of cocaine.

She avoided more serious charges because she was only in possession of a small quantity of drugs when arrested.

In a statement, Lohan said: "It is clear to me that my life has become completely unmanageable because I am addicted to alcohol and drugs.

Wait! Wait! A small amount of drugs? One day? This is total bullsh*t! If that had been me or anyone I know we would be doing hard time and for a lot, lot longer. Just another piece sh*t in our justice system. There is not and has never been equal justice for all Americans. The slutty Paris and now firecrotch Lohan.

H. Rap Brown, the Black Panther Party, back in the day said it was justice, "Just Us White people". I think that needs to be more refined to say "Just Us Rich and Spoiled". SH*T! I got more time for refusing to place my hand on a Bible. I guess I am a more dangerous person, than some well off c*nt that totally ignores laws and does what she thinks is best. I can see where that would be the case--after all I know me and I am an a/hole.

Do you feel that justice was served? Priviledge has its rewards and one of them is you do not have to worry about what you do, for some judge will have pity on you for being so misunderstood.

Give me a f*cking break! The more I look at this type of the thing the more I...................Oh! F*ck it!


Maliki--The Man

This is a ChuqSpeak addition***********

I am so gosh darn happy with the government and the way they handle failure. They never cease to amaze me and keep me on my tippy toes.

Bush has recently stated that he has no confidence, or little confidence, in the presidency of Maliki. (thinking...thinking....) Gee! Really! I must have missed that memo! Hey Bambi--this has been talked about by me and about a ba-zillion other bloggers for over a year. May I suggest that since you are f*cking spying on us all that some of your sneaky petes try reading what us bloggers are saying. Apparently we are a lot smarter than the ass wads you have working for you.

Where does the realization come from? The morning sh*t! Or the morning session with overpaid yes men that are afraid to have set of nuts? Hey Americans! You voted for this guy, how has that worked out for you?

Also the media, they are just so gosh darn on the ball, that they need an award--thinking of giving the whole industry the Assie Award--since they keep their collective heads up their collective asses--they deserve it. Not one of them has enough guts to go look for bloggers that are on the ball, instead they stay with the bullsh*t artist. Why? They are collegues and deserve attention, not the fact that they are accurate, but more that they are just collegues and as such are more in-tuned than others. Well--BULLSH*T! I say to all the media--they are TOOLS and know it but yet to keep their access to whatever they will adjust their opinion to stay in line with the corporate one. The media has become as worthless as tits on a boar.

This is my opinion and if you.....f*ck it! I need a nap!


23 August 2007

Has China Mortgaged The US Future?

Since I am not one of the great economic thinkers of our time, I will approach this from my small perspective of a situation.

On forums and dicussions I have found many who believe that the US is Mortgaging the future to the Chinese. Why? the usually state the fact of how much consumer products that this country gets from China. They say that companies like Wal-Mart are helping this take over by giving them a massive outlet for their goods. Recently a lot has come to liight about the products being unsafe and being recalled. I hear people say companies like Microsoft, IBM, et al are also part of this, because they are biulding massive production centers in China as well as outsorcing jobs, that are much needed in the US.

All of this accussations may have some merit, but I feel there is some other problem that nneeds to be brought forward. Do tell, Professor. Alrighty then, ever heard of the Bank Of China? It has over 1.5 million depositors and that would mean a least a ba-zillion dollars on call. And your point is, Professor? The Bank Of China owns a bunch of American mortgages. SOOOO! If the market goes south and the Chinese get really nervous it will effect the American economic in a most horrible way. If the Chinese start getting out of the business then look for a massive drop in the markets. And I do mean massive!

This situation is why, IMO, that the Bank Of America just pumped $2 billion into Countrywide the country's largest mortgage company. This is an attempt to stabilize the markets. No matter what you would like to call it, it is still a bail out of the sub-prime market and a bail out of the mortgage industry.

China is slowly taking control of the US economy, and should be watched closely for this situation is postponed and not solved.


Iraq's PM Grows "Cajones"

Everybody and their little sister has calling Maliki a worthless limp of sh*t, well, not in those words, but I do tend to flourish my words.

President George W. Bush, under pressure to show results in the unpopular war or start bringing troops home, also urged Maliki to do more to bring together Iraq's warring Shi'ite Muslim majority and minority Sunni Arabs.

As the diplomatic heat rose, violence in the country continued. A suicide bomber killed 20 people in an attack on a police headquarters in Baiji, and 14 U.S. military were killed in a helicopter crash in northern Iraq blamed on mechanical failure, the worst incident of its kind since January 2005.

With Crocker three weeks away from delivering a pivotal progress report to Congress that could signal a change of U.S. policy in Iraq, Bush also said there was "a certain level of frustration" with Iraq's leadership.

Maliki's response was blunt. "The Iraqi government was elected by the Iraqi people," he told reporters in the Syrian capital.

You go boy! But sorry bud, it is too little too late! At least in the eyes of Washington. They have to sell the war again in September when Patraeus shows up with his truckload of crap. They will need a scapegoat and guess what Mr. Maliki, you be it!

The Administration has slowly but slowly worked the press to the point that it is reporting how successful the surge is going. Bush is playing the media like the cheap ass drum it is, so no matter which way the report goes, the Admin has it covered and they can claim success. You would think that seasoned journalist would be smarter than that. HUH?

Think I am being a doom and gloom person, just wagtch the proceedings on CSPAN. And then keep an eye on the Congress. If you are surprised by the outcome of the report hearings, then may I suggest that you stop flogging your jolly and keep up!

The American people, as a whole, are idiots when it comes to World Politics, sh*t they cannot even keep up with national politics, so how could they be expected to see the world as it really is, not as some microcephalic Bambi tells them it is? Remove your head from your ass! Take a whiff of fresh air, once in awhile.


Bush And His Comparisons

Recently, your President finally found a compariosn of Iraq to Vietnam. Well done, Bambi! He said that if we pull out of Iraq as we did in Vietnam then thousands will die, as they did in VN and Cambodia and points north.

First of all, does he read or watch the news? Apparently not! Thousands are already dying because we are there. thousand s are maimed because we just had to topple Saddam. So Bambi, I would say that part of the argument is pretty lame.

He cited democracies in the region like Japan, Korea and Vietnam. Vietnam? You know that communist country where over 50,00 Americans died. You know the country that we brought democracy to through the communists. Come on Bambi, you gotta do better. OK how about Japan? Democracy was forced on them also, no resistence because of WWII and the big bomb thing. They would have agreed to anything. Maybe Bambi should consider a nuke for Iraq, they would become devastated and we could have our way with them. We helped Korea and out reward was the continuing troop deploy for their protection. SH*T! that could be Iraq!

I need to point out a few things here. The US was never in Cambodia, that is the story and they will stick to it. The constant bombing of Cambodia and Laos by B-52's was one of the reasons for the growth of Khmer Rouge ans Pathet Lao. So the US policies were the cause of the rise of these organizations. Sound familiar?

And then there was the famous "Domino Theory". This stated that if Indo-China fell to the commies then the rest of the world was in jeopardy. How did that work mout for them? It was BULLSH*T then it is BULLSH*T now! Sorry guys, but Uncle Ho only wanted his country, Vietnam to be a complete country. He had NO aspirations of world domination. Does that mean the Government lied? You f*cking decide!

This will probably be effective to the run of the mill voter. Is it true? Not a f*cking word!!!!!

I have spoken--I can because I was there--Bambi is full of sh*t!


22 August 2007

The Failure Of Representative Democracy

Why Is Representative Democracy Failing?

I will speak on the American representative democracy, although most of the so-called rep dems, are falling apart all over the world. There are many reason why I say this, after 40 years of watching and participating in various elections, but the three main reason, IMO are:

Expectation of success is too high.

It fails to motivate the people.

Its very size.

Americans have been taught since childhood that the answers to all problems lie with the parlimentarian process of the representative inbstitutions. I say it is more like indoctrination, but I am a skeptic. We are taught that the word 'politics' is up with the action of the state. Even the corporations urge dissenters to go through thye congress for grievences. Knowing full well that Congress will almost always protect corporate interests.
Representative assemblies are too weak to handle effectiently the problems that is presented with. By their very nature, they are more concerned with the power and the retention of that powwer, through re-elections, etc. As one looks at the present attempts to run for office, the people with the most message are seldom the ones in the lead. This system chooses its leadership by who is marketable and not who has a message. JUst watch the tube if you want to test my theory. Who is in the lead? Is their message clear?

Congress is less and less capable of involving the people. I would likie to believe that the people are becoming wiser and for that reason they see Congress as not the leaders that it pretends to be.

In the US, representative democracy is deeply rooted in mass politics. The individual is nothing more than a consumer ofrhetoric delivered to them through the media. This alone encourages manipulation by elites and give a small chance on realizing the conditions set forth by the founding fathers.

My personal belief is that the system is bfroken and failing the people. A new system needs to be found that will involve all the peole in the decision making process and at all levels. The voter is fed up with the pure bovine fecal matter which comes out of washington. I beleive the election in 2008 will spotlight their disgust for the system as it is and hopefully they will wake up and see there are alternatives.

We can only hope that logic and commonsense will prevail in American politics.


18 August 2007

21 August 2007

A ChuqSpeak

Hopefully, you are a frequent reader and know that this feature is where I rant about words and the way they used by society, media, et al.

In todays news the Cat 5 Hurricane Dean is all the talk. I even heard the mnedia call it "a potentially catastrophic" storm. "Potentially catastrophic"? a Cat 3 storm, Katrina, did $81.5 billion in damage and Dean is a Cat 5. So I think the use of the word "potentially" is pretty f*cking stupid!

Do you recall this bridge that fell in Minnesota? 13 people died and the media has called it a catastrophic occurrance. Again 13 people died, a sad thing indeed, but a catastrophy? Again, it was not a catastrophy, it was a damn shame and could have been avoided, but to use the term catastrophic is just plain f*cking stupid!

I say--MEDIA! Stop assigning titles to diasters! Just report the f*cking news and let the knowledge speak for itself.

On a side note---the governor of Minn said on CNN that the down bridge was costing the economy $21 million. thinking...thinking...was it a toll bridge? Where and why are they losing that much money? Is there no other bridges across the river that can be used? This story is starting to look like a continuation of the bullsh*t started with Paris and Lohan.

Thanx I feel better now; a good bitch is always a good thing. Damn, I love my job!


Democrats--No Better Than The Ones They Replace

Dems have done little as a group, their main reason for theiir election was to end the war. How is that working out for you? They made their show and now they can claim they are doing what they were sent to washington to do--it is not their fault that they do not have the votes to override a veto. So they did not know this before pushing the agenda? Of course, they did--they are not that f*cking stupid! It is not their fault, it is those damn Repubs! People wake up! They played you like a cheap flute and you bought it hook line and sinker!

"I believe that the decision to invade Iraq and the post-invasion management of that country were among the largest foreign-policy mistakes in the history of our nation. I voted against them, and I still think they were the right votes," Baird said in a telephone interview from Washington, D.C.

"But we're on the ground now. We have a responsibility to the Iraqi people and a strategic interest in making this work."

Those words were uttered by Congressman Brian Baird. Do you notice there is always a BUT? Slowly but slowly the Dems are lining themselves up with an extended saty in Iraq. Just read news reports. Hillary says it! They all say it, but Kucinich.

You are still being played. The report due in sept has already been decideed what wilkl be said and done. The news will tell you that, there is more shuffling than a deck of cards in Vegas. are you confident of your representatives? If you are then you need a nap! You are being played, sucka!

Wake up! Before it is too late and too many more Americans die!


20 August 2007

Once Again Another Democratic debate

First, let me say that I was extremely unimpressed by the quality of this debate. I watched the debate until I became sick from the total amount of steaming bovine fecal matter that Clinton and Obama were throwing around. As usual I see the debates differently than most. This is my breakdown of the winners and losers of the debate.

Biden was frisky--too bad the public is missing his position.

Edwards was a lawyer--his answer were given not from conviction but from a position of trying to influence thinking.

Kucinich was pretty much ignored

Clinton was --well--Clinton--need I say more?

Obama was trying to take the punches.

I will not give the win to Edwards, because I do not like him. Biden won! Obama second only because he did fairly well in my opinion with the attacks. Clinton third, just because. Edwards fourth and Kucinich, which is still my fav got fifth only because he was not given a chance to speak too damn often.


Does Iraq Need A Dictator?

This question has been debated in many many locations, especially in political forums. The story below is from an Iraq newspaper and is a prewtty good article to read.

Baghdad, Aug 14, (VOI) – A recent paper released by New York University's Center for Global Affairs (CGA) suggests that a dictatorship is the most likely route for salvaging Iraq and serving the U.S.’s long-term interests.

Imposing a dictator for restoring stability to war-torn Iraq and the region is an option rarely adopted by American academics and think tank strategists. However, some debates over alternatives to open-ended U.S. involvement in Iraq have concluded that an authoritarian government is the best scenario.
"The best idea we were able to generate - a National Unity Dictatorship (NUD) - is the only plausible route to stability in both Iraq and the region, and one we can make more likely if we choose to. This would, of course, represent the failure of democratization in Iraq, at least in the short term,
" said Michael Oppenheimer, an associate professor of international affairs at the CGA.
Interviewing a number of Iraqi writers and researchers over the conclusion of the paper, the independent news agency Voices of Iraq (VOI) met with Faleh Abdul Jabbar, the director of the Iraqi Institute for Strategic Studies (IIST), who described the paper as a "trial balloon" that does not reflect U.S. policy towards Iraq.
Abdul Jabbar indicated that the study can also be viewed as a U.S. plan to "back (Iraqi) military commanders," among whom, it says, a strongman able to end all the chaos in Iraq will most likely be found.
"It (the idea of a dictatorship) might also be a proposal from unofficial forces or from a Middle Eastern country like Saudi Arabia, Syria or Jordan. This is not a European way of thinking, it is ours," Abdul Jabbar said in reference to Arab countries.
Ruling out the prospect of a dictatorship, Abdul Jabbar explained that it is not possible for a strongman to emerge on the Iraqi political scene at the present time. "The Iraqi army and police are weak and the street is dominated by militia groups. Also, the United States will not agree to this. A dictatorship in Iraq is unlikely," he added.
Ahmed al-Muhanna, an Iraqi writer, said that he would subscribe to any solution that may rescue Iraq from the current abyss. Describing dictatorship as "better than the state of chaos dominating Iraq at the present time," al-Muhanna indicated that the scenario outlined in the CGA paper is "impractical," citing the U.S. forces’ "awful crime of dissolving the Iraqi army."
Al-Muhanna also indicated that the current Iraqi government has foiled all attempts to establish a "national security force" that operates independently of political parties and factions and can mount a military coup. The CGA paper described the Iraqi army as an important component of the scenario "which must be transformed into a force that is representative of the entire country and strong enough to engineer the most likely path for a NUD to assume power: a coup."
Haidar Saeed, an Iraqi researcher, described the U.S. scenario as a "naïve fantasy," which has emerged in the aftermath of the collapse of the American dream for building democracy in Iraq. "The Americans are now facing an Islamic threat and they prefer totalitarian or semi-totalitarian regimes to Islamic parties in power," Saeed said.
"Where would a military dictator come from? From a corrupt and collapsed military institution?" Saeed wondered. "Arms in the street far outnumber those used by the Iraqi authority. They are just naïve fantasies," he added.

Professor's Classroom

Good morning Class. It is time for the ever present pop quizz.

In an early American song the words, "turbaned heads bowed" were changed to "brow of the brave". Which tune was this from?

Simple, huh?

well since it is I will give you a bonus question to assist your score.

What does the term "casus belli" mean in reference to foreign policy?

Good luck and please keep silent I need a nap!

19 August 2007

Snow Will Leave The White house

Tony Snow has announced that he will step0 down. When? No word of exact date, but he will leave. At least he is honest, he will leave because of money. It seems these politicos cannot live on $150,000+ salary. It is said that he took a pay cut to become press sec. I say it was a diberate move for his stock will go up now and he can make money hand over fist and by the wheel barrow full. After all, is that not why you come to Washington?

Who will take his place? Proably the broad. Why spend the time looking for someone elsewhere when the admin has less than 18 months left in town?

It will be interesting to see who else bails on Bush. since the memo about if you stay past Labor Day you are in for the rest of the term. I think more will bail. The smell of money is ever present and everyone will want their share of the booty.


Weekly News UpDate

I have just emerged from a think tank session, the Insomniac Roundtable, and realized that it is time for me to get busy and give my readers, ALL THE NEWS THAT SHOULD BE SERVED WITH BOOZE! That is right, it is time for the weekly news roundup.

1--New controls for pollution on the beaches in the NE, no feeding of birds. Nothing like a well thought out environmental policy.

2--French pres, Sarkozy, has met with Bush in Maine and he brought along his knees pads. Watch the news they will be big buds.

3--Cal Ripken, jr. will be the new sports envoy for the State dept. What! Huh! Is there aneed for a baseball player to be named an envoy?

4--Merv Griffin craps out!

5--FOX TV has started a new ALL REALITY channel. Now there is a story worth the air time. Stupidity 24/7--thinking--well it will compliment FOX News.

6--God hates Bridges!!!!! collapse in Minn, collapse in China, collapse in N korea, blown up in Iraq--why does god hate bridges? Inquirying minds want to know!

7--Man wraps head in duct tape and tries to rob liquor store. (Chuq shakes head in disbelief)

8--Man robs gas station with mop head on his head and wearing shades. I cannot make this sh*t up. Stupidity is rampanant in the US.

9--There are approximately 2 drug compnay lobbyists for every one member of Congress. I smell lots of money changing hands.

10--Prostitution is growning exponentially in China. There are somewhere between 1 and 10 million hookers in the country. (Chuq must make it quick, he has a pocket full of cash and plane ticket.)

May you enjoy this and the rest of your Sunday.

Tune in next week--same Bat Time, same Bat Channel!

18 August 2007

Professor's Poll Watch

I thought I would start a new feature on my blog and put in some poll numbers of what the average American does, says and thinks. I hope you guys enjoy it.

This one is from Harris Interactive:

89% say that texting while driving is dangerous and should be outlawed. In the same poll 57% say they do it. Makes me want to stay off the roads.

This next poll is from Gallup:

Clinton is at 48% approval; Obama has slid to 26%. Call me a conspiracist if you want, but this slide is a bit suspect to me. Like Obama is being told that he will not be the nominee and that he has to work to keep Clinton in the lead. The drop was just too much to believe, at least for me.

If anyone has other polls they would like to publish please put them in. Til next time, the Professor will take a rest for a couple of days. TTFN!

Political Quote Of The Week

I recently watch the Robin Williams movie, "Man Of The Year" about a comedian that runs for president. Very funny movie, the following quote is from the movie.

"Politicians are like diapers; must be changed often and for the same reason." Tom Dobbs

It pretty much sums up the way I feel about the system as it is working these days.

17 August 2007

A Chuq-ian Observation

Alrighty then, let us begin. N Korea was a bad boy and the US whacked its pee-pee and now they seem to be negotiating in sort of good faith. What made NK a threat? They have a nuke and tested it. N. Korea has nothing of value to the US. Who did they threaten in reality? According to Bush, everybody. Anyway the point is the US has gotten NK into negotiations. And they seem to be a successful meeting.

OK, now we go to Iran. One of the "Axis Of Evil", according to Bush. They do not have nuke but they are trying to acquire it. At least according to Bush, but instead of trying negotiationms they prefer to confront Iran on many fronts. If meetings worked with NK why is it assumed it woll not work for Iran?

Apparently Bush thinks that confrontation and sanctions and such will bring to leadership in Iran down. I say it will not. All this confrontation will just help the mullahs remain in power. When the people start feeling the brunt of the sanctions they will turn to the mullahs for guidence and that cannot be good for the country. Right now the people are really not happy with the government. Especially thye young they seem to be more progressive and open to the west. But the government has executed 118 people who pissed off the mullahs, 150 are waiting for some form of execution, about 20,000 are in prison for dress codes violations and about 6000 are in prison for sexual crimes, like sex and such. None of this is playing to good with young Iranians. Maybe thye US should start considering a possible play with the young progressive Iranians, for they are the ace in the hole that the US has been looking for in the past.

A deal with Iran is possible, but not by the confrontation bullsh*t of the presaent administration.


16 August 2007


For several months now a lot of lip service has been given to the process of impeachment. Not a good thing in my opinion. I mean everybody from a mother of a killed soldier to a US Congressman have called for the impeachment of Bush. Why? Well the INKWELL 3 spent a good portion of time on this subject and we came up with the following. Impeachment would be a waste of time and energy. Bush and Cheney and whoever else will be gone in less than 18 months. if they press this they will spend all their time trying to get the ducks in a row and domestic programs that need attention would be on the backburner. It would be a waste of time! Unless the major concern is to crap on the legacy of a sh*tty president.

Another reason I am against the action is, I think the Dems if they pursue this will look like a bunch of whiny butt losers and that would effect the election next Nov. Most Americans already think or feel that Bush is a lair and view his presidency with contempt and mockery. To pursue this further than talking about it would unleash months upon months of bickering partisanship that would plunge the Congress into turmoil and the Dems will be blamed.

The Bush Admin has given the American people a look into a real conserv agenda, so now the Dems should stick to stuff they can give a weary people hope and action. Stay away from political stunts! The Repubs are waiting for them to make this mistake.


note: The INKWELL 3 consist of myself my dog Jazi and my daughters dog Maggie. A more scholarly group there never was. LOL

15 August 2007

Another ChuqSpeak

After spending my life in the pursuit of news from within the bowels of the INKWELL, I from time to time come across stuff that just f*cking irritates me. One such mindless irritant is the use of term "Boots On The Ground"! What is it about our world that everything must be boiled down to a slogan or similar mind f*ck?

Come on just say the words " more troops", it somehow does not have the same impact if you use the other. People cannot make the connection between boots and troops. Why?

ChuqSpeak is a mental masturbation that helps me cope with the constant bullsh*t that surrounds me daily.

Peace Out!

Turn Up The Pressure

The US is preparing to designate Iran's Revolutionary Guards force as a foreign terrorist unit, officials say.

If confirmed, this will be the first time official armed units of a sovereign state are included in the list of banned terrorist groups.

The classification would allow the US to target the force's finances.

The US has repeatedly accused Iran of destabilising Iraq and Afghanistan, blaming the Revolutionary Guards for supplying and training insurgents.

I am sorry, but I missed a memo! If Iran is one of the infamous "Axis Of Evil" would that not include any and all units of the government? Or maybe it was a bumpersticker after all. Whatya think? I am so sorry but where do the pundits in Washington draw a line?

Really sports fans, this is stupid! all it is is a ratching up of the pressure on Iran. Their people will bre targeted and they will probably react. Sounds like a plan to me. Let me see, for months now the Admin has been issuing so many accussations at Iran that it did not react well, so now the plan is to target their people. Now ask what will be the outcome? you may not like the answers you will arrive at.

This may be a mistake or it may be a bluff. Either way out troops will be tested again.


US Arms Deals For The Middle East

What can I say? Who comes up with these schemes? Do we pay their salaries? If so, we need to re-negotiate their contracts.

Our so-called friends in the ME will be getting massive amounts of weapons and stuff. Is it just me or is the Bush foreign policy two fold; first we either blow them up or we bribe them. Where do they get this sh*t? I have a dog that could come up with a better plan than those.

So the ME policy of the Bush admin is if we cannot buy the friendship of a country, we go in and blow it up and stir up a hornet's nest. Please someone out there explain it to me. I have spent many hours in the INKWELL, debating with policies of this admin. (Oh sorry, the INKWELL is my office that my daughter named because of the amount of stuff I write.)

I am sorry but the present foreign policy is nothing more than a type of imperialism. Call it what you will but a rose by any other name is still imperialism. The policy leaves no room for compromise or negotiation, it only helps military contractors and authoritarian assholews stay in power. And somehow that is suppose to make the world a better place. At best a delusional way of thinking.

Somebody out there has to have a better plan and course for the US policies, we need to hurry and find them before it is way too late to change the directions that Bush has given us.


Democrats--A Perspective

Last year in November all was well with life, mthe Dems had just got a majority in both Houses and the world would change. A happy time with lots of celebration. How nice. I would like to point out at this time, that I predicted the bullsh*t would go nowhere, right here in my blog. Sorry, just wanted to take this opportunity to TELL YOU SO!

The Dems past a minimum wage, but it was not enough to pull millions out of poverty, but it was a step forward, a small step. Then they passed a farm bill; paying dead guys, that was a step backwards, then they past an ethics reform, some good but not enough, I will give them a small step forward, very small. They were elected to end the war, and all they did was waste time and money and funded the war anyway, a huge step backwards and now I come to the bigeest piece of crap any rep has every pulledon the American people. I am speaking on the warrantless wiretaps. OMG! What happened to protecting the people from their govt? This is another huge step backwards.

Now with these bills in place, has the US moved forward to that new day? If yoiu count the steps we are going in the wrong direction; WE ARE GOING BACKWARDS, NOT FORWARD!

So what now Batman? Grin people you will never get a change as long as you put your trust in these parasites you call representatives. Sorry, to be so blunt, but it is time to flush the toilet known as Congress and start making a new pile of sh*t!

Pull your head out of your ass and do the right thing of ALL Americans not just your little corner of the political process.

I am CHUQ and I damn sure approved every f*cking word of this message. Peace!


14 August 2007

14 August 2007

What To Do? What To Do?

The government in Baghdad is disinergrated as we speak. Maliki is up to his American bought ass in problems. The sunnis have taken it on the lame from the government, the Kurfds think hi s a Iranian stooge and the Americans are praying that this lame duck can get his sh*t together and save the government that the US has put together. Dream on!

Maliki is a worhtless lump of American crap! If he cannot promise his way to retaining power, then a power grab will begin and the us wilol either have to step aside and let it take its course or it willo have to be in the middle of it to preserve their investment in Maliki. Either way, the US has screwed themselves into a corner and will most likely be seen as the instigator of the problems.

Maliki has tried to put together a crisis summit to solve these problems withinh his government. He will have to tap dance quicker than Gonzo to save his political ass. I will be watching the events as they unfold; I do not see Maliki surviving without the US getting involved heavily. If the Sunnis are winning this political struggle, the US will be in deep sh*t. Never mind the tribes working with the US against al-Qaeda, that is a temporary thing. The media and the Admin have made a lot more out of the cooperation than there really is. The tribes are doing what they must to survive. They will be pushing on Maliki and his government, only the might of the US military will bring an end to this power struggle. But the question is, Are we willing to chance the intervention? I say we are. Why? OIL!


13 August 2007

Rove Resigns

I awoke this morning to the news that Carl Rove will leave Washington on Aug. 31. Most Bush opponents will be saying about time. He, Rove, says he is leaving to spend more time with his family. This is the political cop-out the politicos use to avoid the real reason they are leaving. I mean come on did he just realize he has a family. I do not buy it. Is it because of the subpeonas that are dogging him? well, that does not wash, he will still have to deal with them whether he is in Washington or some jerk water town in Texas.

I see acouple of things as intersting in this resignation. The deal of 'executive priviledge' will be tested in court no doubt. And the biggie here is Cheney. Dick will probably become the focal point of the Democrats ire. While Rove will not be out of the woods completely, but Cheney will be there and confrontational and a magnet of opposition. I forsee the Democrats loading up for a showdown with Cheney and Bush. Will it be successful? Probably not, for the Dems are still wimps, after all is said and done.

Also the reason for Rove leaving, IMO, is there is no election he can direct. Since the re-election of Bush, he has been on the hotseat with the Dems. Plus, he smells the millions of dollars that await him in the private sector. I think that is more of a motivator than the family BS.

Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah Hey Hey GOODBYE!


Professor's Classroom

My head tells me it is Monday and the class must be started. Sorry, but It is my job! LOL

Keeping with the NA thing this is another question along those lines.

"The only good Indian is a dead Indian" that quote comes from Gen. Philip Sheridan which is not what he said, the real quote is as follows.

"The only good Indians I ever saw were dead".

Any who, what incident happen that made Sheridan utter his infamous quote?

Good luck and good hunting! Do you research quietly, I am gonna take a nap.

12 August 2007

Weekly News UpDate

I see by the ragged clock on the wall, it is Sunday----Sunday---Sunday and time for my news update. ALL THE VIEWS THAT SHOULD NOT BE NEWS!

1--Weekly World News will stop publication after 28 yrs. What will the world do without Bat Boy?

2--Ford and now Chevy have announced they will no longer produce a minivan. I guess low milage and hi consumption SUVs are more desireable.

3--Mitt has a son named TAGG. What is it with rich people naming their kids? I guess George, Tom or Mike is not good enough for them.

4--Rudy's daughter will be supporting Obama in the elction. Nothing like the closeness of political families, huh?

5--McCain's campaign worker, Bob Allen, a state lawmaker was arrested for offering to give an undercover cop a BJ for $20. You have got to love Conservs and their stances and then their actions. tee hee!

6--Wal-Mart will soon begin selling Jesus action figures--I got nothing for a comment! I cannot make this sh*t up!

7--Oh yeah, a mine collapsed in Utah--6 miners are trapped--this should be good for a weeks worth of interviews.

8--A new Hawwaiian TV station is received its call letters from the FCC, you gotta love this, K-U-N-T. Personally, I would keep them and make the best of it. Would make for great progamming!

9--Last but far from least!
Did you guys hear about the bridge in Minnesota that collapsed?

Well sports fans, that is about the total of the sworthless bullsh*t I found during the week, ENJOY!

Until next time--Peace Out!

11 August 2007

Can A Palestinian Compromise Be found?

I do sincerely hope that my readers are aware of the situation in the Palestinian territories. If not then this post will make little sense to them.

I realize with the media attention being drawn onto this situation, it will be hard for some to contemplate some of the proposals that are offered here. Hamas according to the world is a terrorist org, but it was thrusted into a leadership role by participating in the election process, which the peoploe voted them into the role of leaders. For this reason an attempt needs to be made to include them in the process, for they were put into the fray by the democratic vote of the Palestinian people. For whatever reason that they were voted into power, they are a legit group. Yes, they seem to support terrorist aims and tactics, but there has got to be a way to include them in the political outcome.

I like the following tactics:

A more promising course would be for Fatah and Hamas to immediately cease hostile action against each other and begin to reverse steps that are entrenching separation between Gaza and the West Bank and undermining democratic institutions. In the longer run, they should seek a new power-sharing arrangement, including:

  • a clearer political platform, explicitly endorsing the Arab Peace Initiative;
  • a commitment to a reciprocal and comprehensive Israeli-Palestinian ceasefire;
  • reform of the security services, to include de-factionalisation and integration of Hamas’s Executive Security Force;
  • reform of the PLO, expanding it to include Hamas and Islamic Jihad;
  • formation of a new unified government approved by the parliament; and
  • consideration of early presidential and legislative elections, although not before one year before the establishment of new government.

To facilitate this, Arab states and other third parties should offer their mediation and monitoring of any agreement. If an agreement is reached, the Quartet should be prepared to engage with a new government politically and economically.

Peace has got to be found for the region, there has been enough death, destruction and suffering.


05 August 2007

Political Quote Of The Week

It is that time again, a Saturday and another political quote to feed the head.

Don't steal. The government hates competition. - Bumper Sticker

I like it! It is an accurate and profound statement!

10 August 2007

Racially Accepted

I have been watching and thinking about the dating sites that we see on TV and on-line. The one that really caught my eye was e-Harmony. The say for $39 and the filling out of a questionaire you to can find your perfect mate. Well look at the site, from what I have read is that at least 1 million people have been turned down since it began. If true, why?

One thing that comes to mind is that it must be racially correct. Look at the couples white and white, black and black, asian and asian; no where do they depict a mixed couple or even a gay couple. Apparently if you fill out the questionaire and prefer someone other than your race or someone of the same gender, you are no accepted.

It is pretty silly. People will be people, but this group wants to keep the races pure.


I have another nomminee for the Anal-ocity award. You know the dumbest, most anal and the big piece of crap that any can utter.

Mr. McConnell's letter, however, said the government will police itself and has measures in place to prevent snooping on U.S. citizens.

Director of National Intelligence, Michael McConnell's comments on the new spy bill just passed by Congress.

GOD! I love these guys and none seem to realize just how stupid their comments are.

09 August 2007

A Bridge Too Far---Part 3

In Minnesota, the media is calling the bridge collapse catastrophic...(thinking...)...people, people--it was a bridge, at worst 13 people may have died and a few cars were f*cked up--where is the catastrophy? Did thousands of homes get destroyed? Did hundreds of people die? The only thing that will be catastrophic will be the traffic jams on the remaining bridges. Please stop it!

OK, I let us look at the proposed gas hike to fund the program of bridge and road repair. Since the '60's the american people have been paying local, state and fed taxes on gas and now you will be asked to pay more. What did they spend the funds on that they already have collected over the years? Oh sorry, war comes to mind! States have also collected their share of road taxes and yet it was seldom spent on roads or bridges or the infrastructure at all. So I would say that it is the state's responsibility to find the funds that they crapped away on pet projects.

Where I live a prisoner died while in custody of the local sheriff and the trial found the group guilty of murder and violation of civil rights. Now the politicians have said they will raise the property taxes to pay for the lawsuit of some $115 million. So you see politicians want the people to pay the price for their screw ups. Is this wrong? You bet your ass it is!

The American people need to stand up and demand that their tax dollars go for what it was collected for and not pet projects like stadiums built for billionaires. Demand justice and accountability.

The bridge is nothing but a bridge and your politicians have ignored and now you pay the price. If you allow it, you deserve it!


Pakistan: What More Can I Say?

To Stablize Pakistan

Pakistan is in the news almost daily. Either from would-be presidents and their mindless meandering, to the news from Waziristan, to the whole nuke thing, to a mosque shooting, to a deposed judge. In other words if you can think it, it can be found in Pakistan. The country is about as unstable as any in the region. Musharraf is trying to make everyone happy and calm at the same time, The US, Iran, the people, Afghanistan and the song goes on. So how does one stabilize such a headache?

An excellent question and one that cannot be accurately answered by anyone but the Pakistanis. The US seems to think that throwing money at the country and then brow beating the leader is the way to go. I disagree. Political Pakistan could explode any day. Musharraf comes to power through a coup, he is a general and the army play the decisive roll in the coup. Go figure! He is the president of the country and remains the top general of the army also; not a good mix. He has opposition from many many sides and I think that he retains power because he controls the army. Most of the opposition realize that if they get too close to a power move the army will be used to squash them and their movement.

OK, now what about Benazir Bhutto? This woman was the PM of Pakistan until a coup removed her from power. I do not recall much about her and her government because Pakistan was not in the news as then as it is now. About all that was reported was the clash between India and Pakistan over the Kashmir region. I recently listened to an interview that CNN had with her and she struck me as a very intelligent and convicted person, who is trying to help solve Pakistan's political problems. Therer are reports that she and Musharraf's people are meeting trying to strike a deal that would be a power sharing deal between the two. One of her conditions is that Musharraf resign from the military. This is a point of contention since he derives his hold on power from the military. This will be the biggest stumbling block to the deal, IMO.

Just my play on this, say Musharraff did resign from the military and the power sharing deal is signed and Bhutto returns to Pakistan. She is an ambitious politician and I would look for her to cultivate a relationship with the military so that she can move to become the only leader of the country. I realize that a lot of people are saying that her return and a power sharing deal may be the only hope there is for Pakistan and its war with Islamic terrorists. I just think there is more of an agenda here than the defeat of Islamists.

Just some thoughts.


06 August 2007

08 August 2007

Afghanistan And The War

This is an article I found while researching the BBC site. I thought I would put it here and see if there are any comments.

Can the war in Afghanistan be won?
The BBC begins a week of in-depth coverage of Afghanistan by asking its World Affairs editor, John Simpson, to consider if the Afghan government and the West can win the war against the Taleban.

The Taleban have new confidence and new tactics, and their campaign against the government and its Nato backers has been increasingly successful since the beginning of this year.

In the east of the country, around Jalalabad, suicide bombings have become such frequent occurrences that the road from there to Kabul is now known as "the Baghdad road".

I have been coming to Jalalabad since 1989, but for the first time in my experience we needed a police escort to drive around there. In the countryside near the town, they urged us not to get out of our vehicle when we stopped, despite the intense heat.

"There are spies everywhere," the police explained.

The police themselves are a major target for the Taleban and al-Qaeda guerrillas who operate here now.

Outside the main police headquarters in the town, a senior policeman ran out and ordered us to stop filming in case our presence attracted the attentions of a suicide bomber.

There have been several attacks there, and an unexploded rocket is still lodged in a tree in front of the building.

Terror tactics

Until the end of last year, Jalalabad was relatively quiet. Now it is becoming a battleground.

Along part of the length of the so-called "Baghdad Road", local people point out the places where American soldiers fired at passers-by a few weeks ago, after an attempted suicide bombing.

The soldiers claimed they had come under small-arms fire from the side of the road.

The local authorities later apologised and paid compensation for the deaths.

So far neither Nato nor the government of President Karzai seems to know how to counter the resurgent Taleban

As a result of this and other incidents in this part of the country, Nato and US troops are often regarded with dislike and distrust.

The Taleban's tactics are designed to make people feel there is no safety anywhere.

Last week, just north of Kabul in an area which has always been a stronghold of support for the government and for the Northern Alliance which swept the Taleban from power in November 2001, the Taleban staged a fierce and concerted attack on a pro-government village.

The open-ended presence of foreign troops is turning this war into a war of liberation against foreign occupation
Mike Lee, Malaysia

Just south of Kabul, in Logar province, two schools have been attacked in the past few days, and schoolgirls murdered or injured. The Taleban are particularly opposed to the education of women.

At the hospital where one of the schoolteachers and her pupils were being treated, they begged us not to film them for fear of the consequences.

And the capital itself experienced on Sunday its worst bombing since the fall of the Taleban in 2005, when more than 30 people were killed in an attack on a police bus.

Uncertain future

For several years after the Taleban were chased out of power, they seemed to be finished. Girls went back to the schools which the Taleban had closed down, women's groups started up and women appeared on television as newsreaders.

Now a new campaign of murder against prominent women has begun.

With Nato troops mostly tied up in the southern part of the country, the Afghan police and army are finding it harder to operate elsewhere. New recruits, new weapons and new tactics are coming in to help the Taleban from outside.

Especially from Iraq. Al-Qaeda, the Taleban's close ally, is redirecting some of its forces here.

The new al-Qaeda commander in Afghanistan, Mustafa bin Yazid, has himself had combat experience in Iraq, and is thought to be behind the new tactic of suicide-bombing; something that was relatively rare in Afghanistan until recently.

But the Taleban are not winning all the battles. I spoke to a senior Taleban figure who has just defected to the government in Kabul after falling out with the overall Taleban leader, Mullah Omar.

He maintained that many Taleban leaders like himself are hostile to al-Qaeda, and are looking for some third way between the government with its Nato allies and the foreign extremists led by bin Yazid.

But he agreed the Taleban were proving increasingly successful against the government, and confirmed that their strategy was to surround Kabul and eventually capture it.

While Nato forces are in the country, that will not happen. But so far neither Nato nor the government of President Karzai seems to know how to counter the resurgent Taleban.

Democratic Dream Ticket

I have been hearing this rumbling for a month or more--Some are predicting a democratic ticket in 08 of Clinton/Obama. My thoughts are why? but since I carry no weight, that does not need to be answered. I see this as a good possibility, they both will draw a large amount of voters and a huge amount of financial support. IMO. it could be an unbeatable duo.

A Clinton/Obama ticket would click with foreign policy, they both have similar views of Iraq and with the exception of some minor differences; they would make a nice couple.

Could this be the future? It would help Obama with his next run for president, I do not think it will be Clinton's choice but the party machine may win out. Dems want the White house and this would almost assure them the win.

Personally, I worry about the next administration. There are problems that need to be addressed and I am not sure they will be. No matter who wins in Nov. '08; all I can say is God help us!


Another Democratic Moment

This one was billed as a forum and not a debate--semantics! I was a replay of all the previous meetings of these candidates. The only difference is these guys were trying to impress labor, so every other word out of the lying mouths was labor related. Again I will give my impression, take it or leave or just flush it when you are finished; really does not matter to me.

Clinton--as typical well rehearshed.

Obama--general chest thumping and more rhetoric.

Edwards--Good points--too long winded was trying to hard

Richradson--had little chance to make his points

Biden--solid response to the questions, always with clarification.

Kucinich--He was cooking and responded forcibly and with passion

Dodd--too damn stoic

Gravel--was he there? Is so I missed him on all occassions!

Ok Professor, pick a winner! Kucinich would be the winner, IMO, if I had to vote today for Pres it would be him. Biden was second, but lack something, not quite sure what. He answered the question with conviction, but soime thing was not there. Third would be Edwards, I will not vote for him but at least he tried to inject some passion into his responses. The rest were just f*cking boring.

That is the word and the truth and the truth will set you free.


For several occassions Rudy has said thyat the Democratics will not use the term "Islamic Terrorists" and in doing so are ignoring the fact that they are out to get the US. well, Rudy should be happy, Hilary used the term last night. So now the US can be safe from the horrible "bad guys" because someone finally used the term.


07 August 2007

Obama/Clinton And Iraq

Just some of my thyoughts on their policy concering the troops in Iraq.

Obama/Clinton Iraq Troop Withdrawal

I have spent a bunch of time in the Ink Well(a name given to my cubby hole where I write by my daughter) checking all statements by candidates on various policies that they would impliment if elected president. Most of my thinking is about foreign policy and what implications their choices may have.

You have probably hear all about Obama's goof with the Pakistan statement and the ensuing replies from Clinton, from Pakistan and from Joe the flippin' butcher from the corner market. But I want to talk about one of their other foreign policy proposals.

Senators Obama and Clinton have a similar proposals for the war in Iraq. They would draw down the troops and send them to Afghanistan to assist in the hunt for Osama and the fight against the Taleban. This is a logical direction to take, since Afghanistan is the only war that could be justified. But I question the logic of such a move; while it would bolster the forces in the country and would add to the numbers searching out Islamic terrorist, I still do not think it would be an adviseable move. Why, you may ask?

IMO, if the troops were removed from Iraq and sent to Afghanistan a new problem would emerge. I believe that both of them are saying to take 20,000 of the Iraq troops and send them to Afghanistan along the border area with Pakistan. This area is where the Talebam are most active and everytime, at present, when there is an attack, NATO sends in more troops to help and the locals take it in the butt. When that happens support for the Taleban grows and strenghtens, so to say the 20,000 new troops in the area would be a good thing is ignoring past circumstances. I think that their plan is ill-conceived from ignorance of the situation or just politics on the road to the election. Either case it is not a good idea. The best tactic, IMO, would be to use air support and covert ops to fight the Taleban and let the Afghan army do what it is doing. Yes, it will take a long time to achieve the objective, but Afghans would have done it, with limited interference from NATO and the US.


01 August 2007

06 August 2007

Professor's Classroom

It is that time of the week again; time for the ever popular Classroom; the more you visit the more you learn.

good day class, I hope you are prepared to be amazed. Today's question is from the "wild west" days. Who said:

"Give me 80 troopers and I can ride through the entire Sioux nation". And what was the irony of his statement?

Good luck and good day!

The professor has spoken and now time for his nap! LOL

05 August 2007

Weekly News UpDate

It is another sunday and that means another news update, you lucky people! All news that is a tag line from a song in the blues.

1--It is raining airplanes! 2 regular prop planes and 4 choppers, not a good week to be a pilot.

2--Scary thing--record High temps in Idaho and Montana. I use to go there in the summer to cool off, well that plan has to be changed.

3--Chief Justice had a seizure--not really, he just tripped obver the constitution while stomping on it.

4--Let's talk sports! It is outta control, ya'll. Scandals in NBA, MLB, NFL, to mention a few. I expect batter from guys we pay way too much.

5--GARLIC--some resturants in rome are trying to outlaw the use of it in cooking. What are thyey thinking? Would it be Italian without garlic--I think not!

6--More food stuff--VEGANS in the Us are trying to keep their followers from dating or screwing or anything else that is fun, with meat eatersw. (thinking.....thinking.....) All I can say, is that the Vegans I know I would not want to f*ck anyway. Problem solved!

7--Did you guys hear that a bridge collapsed? If not, please email you location, sounds like somewhere I would like to live!

That is about it for the week. Not much more because of the bridge thing, that of course, was the only news in the world last week.

Paece and Out!


04 August 2007

Obama: The Not Ready For Prime time Player

To begin with I wish the title was original, but I heard somewhere, but cannot remember where.

Obama is trying to pull away from the crowd in the democratic field, but IMO, he is going about wrong. He is playing to his opponents accussations that he is inexperienced. Instead going on the attack he is now in the position where he has to define and explain everything he is saying; in other words he is on the defensive and that will hurt him.

For instance, making a blanket statement lkike he would meet with all the "bad" leasders is first year inoffice, was ill advised. Why? He should have spent some time setting the stage for the comment, now he has to spend all his time explaining what he meant by it. A rookie mistake.

Now he says he would go into, invade Pakistan if the info was there to get the bad guys. Not a smart move, Obama; especially when yoiu were against a war from the beginning and would have never voted to go in the first place. But yet he would invade another country. he and his entourage are sending all their time explaining and defending his statement. Another rookie mistake.

Then there was some statement that he would authorize the use of nukes. Not sure about this story, just something I over heard on the telly. But a sweeping statement like this, if true, is another rookie mistake.

Thinki Obama would make a pretty good president, but if he keeps making mistakes like these; it will be this election that he gets the chance.

I am CHUQ and I have no idea who approved this message.


Political Quote Of The Week

It is saturday and I realize thyat yoiu are waiting with bbaited breath for the mental stmulation of the quote I have chosen to share with you. Rejoice! Here it be!

A government is not legitimate merely because it exists. - Jeane J Kirkpatrick,

Well said said, Jean!

03 August 2007

A Bridge Too Far-----Page Two

Have you heard that a bridge in Minnesota collapsed? All day the same story over and over and over........

Congress has authorized $250 million for recovery....Recovery? What recovery? clean-up maybe, but recovery?

Was it the only bridge across the Mississippi? Was there a wide path of destruction? Were homes and businesses destroyed? What f*cking recovery? The people will be inconvienced by having to drive around the site. What they gonna get paid for the drive? What recovery?


CNN's morning show has a new slogan, " more news stories per hour than any place else!!!!"

Guess what? They peed all over that promise the first day, by reporting the same story over and over and over.........All the news I can use. BULLSH*T!

Now back to the bridge----Some are blaming Bush--maybe, but not really, as much as I would like to, I cannot. However the State can be blamed, for they were told about the condition of the bridge 2 yrs ago. It was not really that important. But in the meantime they did find the money to finance a new stadium for the Twins, who, BTW, are owned by a billionaire. I guess the priorities are different when you are dealing with a billionaire, huh?

I would imagine there will be a plethora of lawsuitsa once everyone settles down and the lawyers come out with cards in hand.

Time to move on, this is a local story now, the media has interviewed everyone within a 100 miles of the site , to include a couple of catfish.

I be gone!


02 August 2007

A Bridge Too Far

I am assuming tha most everyone knows that a bridge across the Mississippi in Minnesota has collapsed and people have died. Does any of this ring a bell? Well, if not just turn on your TV and you willo be caught up to date in about the first 15 minutes.

The Media is talking to absolutely anyone that has an opinion on the collapse of the bridge and I DO mean absolutely every-f*cking-one. It seems that a couple of years ago a Fed report gave the bridge a pretty bad overall review, to the point of to consider replacing it. Good God! But allo things considered, the inconvience to the commuters, the disruption of commerce, etc etc, it was not done. However a state inspection gave the bridge a good review. I guess someone will have to explain this to the families of the dead. All the excuses that were given why not to shut the bridge down are pretty much what happens when it collapses. The only difference is that a voluntary shut down does not kill anyone.

Now this is a huge disaster! But the media is loving it! Why? They have to do very little work, it is a built in story. It was national news when it happened, but now it is regional news and I would say let the local affliates handle it from now on and let them give the new updates as they come in.

I am sure that there is news and stuff happening around the world right now and that could be reported on. This is another V. Tech story, it will go on for weeks and weeks; the only thing we will not learn is the shoe size of the first person killed.

Move on the world is turning and shit is happening!


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