30 September 2007

Professor's Weekly News UpDate

A cheer goes up through the masses assembled (all one of me) they all anxiously await the offering of News With All The Blues!

So without further entertaining tidbits I give you the news.

1--Mom drives 12 yr old son and friends to homes they burglarize and then she drives them to Pawn shop. Who says parents do not spend quality time with the kids?

2--In South Africa there is a gang that is breaking into cars and rooms. They raid refrigs and vandalize---They are BABOONS!

3--Ebay is selling a unique item the price was $14 million before the auction was cancelled--It was the country of Belgium!

4--Mel Gibson is still pouting about his Jew thing, so he is selling his US home and moving to Costa Rica.....thinking....who f*cking cares!

5--Guy attempts to climb Mt. Everest in the nude.....talk about shrinkage!

6--Sen. Craig will not resign for now--big surprise, huh?

7--US Navy has built a bldg in San Diego in the shape of a swastika, they knew it but did not change until caught.

8--Poor Vick! Good thing he does not smoke pot. WAIT! He DOES smoke pot!

9--Russian woman gives birth to her 12th child--it weighed 17 lbs! OUCH!

QUESTION: A new Long John Silver ad says that you can get 2 crab cakes stuffed with lobster........thinking.....stuffed with lobster? Would that not be a lobster cake? Just wondering.

29 September 2007

Professor's Political Cartoons Of The week

Worldpress.org - World in Cartoons

Please click on the link and enjoy political cartoons. I hope you will enjoy them. I will try to make this a weekly feature for a Saturday.

Professor's Poll Watch

Another Saturday nite and I ain't got nobody........sorry, Sam Cook came to mind.

In a Fox news poll, the question was, if there is another terrorist attack on the US, who would you want to be president?

50% said Rudy

36% said Hillary

Of course a poll taken by FOX you would think that the Repub would have the inside track.

REMINDER: 11% Approval for the Congress. Thinking.....thinking.....thinking.......But yet with the next election one of the two parties that are so disapproved will be elected to run the country. I would say that Einstein was right--Americans Are Insane!!!!

Have a weekend and may the bird of happiness crap on your car.

Political Quote Of The Week

Time for another bit of wisdom from people a lot smarter than the ones we must deal with now. This quote says it all for me.

A politician thinks of the next election - a statesman of the next generation. - James Freeman Clarke

The US has not had a statesman in so long that it is ancient history. And in that lies the problems of the country. No one thinks beyond their next election.

28 September 2007

Burma---What is The Difference

Well to begin with Professor it is Myanmar, at least for now. Let's go to the news--yesterday the military junta and its lackeys killed 9 pro-democracy protesters in the streets of Yangon or is it Rangoon or maybe it is ............ It is all so damn confusing!

But yet, an Israeli air strike kills 11 people in Gaza and the news is silent. What is the difference? Professor..Professor....Professor (he said shaking his head).....the difference is Israel is a "democracy' and Myanmar is a military dictatorship. And that means.....? Israel is a good guy that we support and Myanmar is not.

So the difference is politics? Pretty good answer and yes it is. The whole situation and the condemnation is about politics. The Congress is in the process of condemning the UN because the UN condemned Israel. That whole thing is just silly.

I apologize but the dead do not care what side of a political question you are on. Gaza is in the hands of terrorists and as such it apparently is just ducky to kill civilians as long as you use the word terrorists someplace in the story.


So speaks the Professor!

Bush Seeks More War Funds

And he will probably get them. The Dems are trying to put some earmarks on the bill to accomplish something. It may work or who knows. It will depend on how bad the Prez wants to extra funds.

But wait! The Admin has said the extra money will be for equipment repair, safer vehicles, and.....wait....,wait...safer vehicles? You mean the troops, who are the most important thing to this admin, at least that is their line, still does not have safer vehicles? WHY?

This is a sad thing the Admin is doing! If the Dems defeat the call for more funds, the Repubs will use it as an election tool to make the Dems seem as if they are abandoning the troops. What a sick, sick and perverted game these a/holes play. When will the people realize just how perverted these people are? Unfortunately, not in my lifetime. I can only hope that somewhere down the line people will realize just how sick politicians are and hopefully will do something about it.

But, I ask a lot and I know that deep down the people will just roll over and ignore the crap so they do not have to think.


DUCK! The Minorities Are Coming!

The Republican front runners are ducking another minority forum. Rudy,Mitt,McCain and Thompson all are ducking the African-American forum in Baltimore. They cite scheduling as the reason they cannot attend. Scheduling problems? Is that not the same lame excuse they used for not appearing at a Hispanic forum?

What are the Repubs afraid of they would purposefully duck out on a voting bloc? Could it be that they have nothing for minorities? The Repubs spend all their time telling us how they want to help companies make all the money and that they have NO idea what to do with the domestic side of the election. Any stand on a domestic issue that they may have gives companies a free hand with the people. Not one of them has a descent domestic stand. They spend all their time playing the Bush Fear Card and none on the policies that would actually help the American people.

So, with that said--Repubs are cowards! They had rather duck out of a fight than stand their ground and tell the people where they stand on the issues.

THEY ARE COWARDS!!!!!! I do not want a coward running my country. How about you?


27 September 2007

To Break A Union

I have heard it said that the newest thing between GM and the UAW would be to break the back of the union and I agreed with that analysis, at first, but now I do not. Why? Because the Union is already broken. The GM lost nothing and gain everything. The stock went up by 9% on Wednesday after the announcement that the strike was over. That one fact shows that GM won that round for investors see it as a good thing and will make them money.

The Union is now saddled with the retirement fund and health care and less wages and etc.....where did they win? This will only help the final demise of the Unions in the US, for they are being shown to have less and less strength when it come to contract negotiations.

Now UAW moves on to Chrysler and Ford and the workers there had better put their heads between their knees and kiss their asses good-bye. They will be just as screwed as their GM comrades.

Enough said? I think so!

Democratic Debates--Again!

Last night in NH the democratic candidates came together for another debate; this time the pre-season is over and the real presidential season has begun. I will admit that they were much better than the ones in the past, where everyone so damn polite to each other that you could contract diabetes by listening to them. The night was mostly rules by foreign policy and healthcare.

My take on the winners and losers.

Clinton won the night--not because of her stances on the issue, which are still pretty vague and old school, but because she was attacked from all sides and she remained calm and presidential. She held it together during the constant attacks on her issues and policies.

Second was Biden, he still has the passion and conviction of his stances and made good points on the war and such.

Third was Edwards--not because of his issues, but rather his desperation and his blatant attacks.

Then there is Obama--he looked better than he has in the past; calmer and more serene, but he still does not impress me much on how he handles the issues. He was not outstanding, IMO.

Finally, there are Dodd, Richardson, Kucinich and Gravel--all we just there. Kucinich, as usual was confrontational but not to the point that anyone will listen. I still like his style, but who am I? Dodd? I am not sure about anything. The rest were just there.

The only high point, IMO, was when they were asked about the troops coming home. Kucinich said as soon as he was president, Biden said less than a year or so, the rest would not commit. A minus in my book.

This is how I see it, not the same as the media, but I am more accurate.

27 Sept 2007

26 September 2007

Bush's New Attack Dog

Bush was only at the podium for about 15 minutes and everyone I talked with wondered why he did not mention Iran more and the problems with the nuke thing. I too wondered but then my mental questions were answered. The French President took the podium and began attacking Iran. Time and time again he would come back to the Iran situation. Blair is gone and hopefully soon forgotten, but now Bush has a new attack dog to do all his dirty work for him, that is Sarkozy! He even threatened Iran with war at one point. We are heading down a road that will lead only to the dead end of war. Someone has got to step up and stop this madness before these little mental midgets do something that will effect the whole world adversely.

When will the tiny minds of Americans grasp the horrible consequence of these actions? It is pure stupidity to ignore or defend this bullsh*t! It will NOT make the US a safer and more secure place! You might want to pay attention, a good start would be to remove your head from your ass.


Iranian President And The Media

The media has been all over the President of Iran and his visit. He has been called many things by many people. I am sure that some of the stuff he has been accused of are accurate, but please I thought we were above the name calling and making fun of some one's appearance. Apparently, I was mistaken.

I heard pundits on TV and read some of the criticism, like he is a buffoon, he is short, he is a horrible dresser, yada. But think about it people! There was another short guy, that the world thought was a buffoon and had this stupid little moustache. If I recall correctly, the world did not laugh for very long and he assisted in the deaths of a lot of people.

May I suggest that you take the man seriously, even though you may not like the guy, he is the leader of a country. By not taking him seriously the consequences could have long ranging problems for many many years.

Okay, the GA meeting, the US would not be seated while the Iranian president spoke. Why? Why act like a spoiled little turd? we may not agree with the man, but try to act like an adult. By not being there, the message is that we do not want to hear anything this man has to say. And that attitude will bite us in the butt, eventually.

The media has played its part well in the drama that the Bush Admin has orchestrated. They have attacked the Iranian president on many sides and done all they could to continue the presumption that he is somehow less than human. The American people have bought into the whole tabloid mentality in handling the Iranian president. A sad indictment of the mentality of the American people!

26 Sept 2007

25 September 2007

Obama Is Being Called Names

It would appear that the administration has sunk into the level of the rest of the conservative dinks. Someone has called Obama "intellectually lazy", meaning? No one is quite sure what they mean, but it has been said and now the Obama campaign has to respond. Yes, they have to respond or appear to be weak and inconsistent.

IMO, it is their attempt to sabotage the campaign because of his not voting on the MoveOn, org. Obama needs to jump on this immediately, for the longer he waits the more validity it will hold in the media. Dems have this tendency to wait and see what will transpire and it bites them in the butt. Clinton seems to be the only one who wastes no time striking back. By not striking back, Obama, will look more and more like the inexperienced candidate that all are trying to paint him.

Recently Bush said that Clinton appears to be the nominee. That could be seen as an attempt to influence the voters by painting a mental picture that Bush supports Clinton and that would not be good for those who despise Bush. Now this coulod be seen as an attempt to influence voters, by making Obama look like he cannot win because of inexperience, that would then leave Edwards as a choice and the Repubs would have an excellent change in defeating him.

So is this a plan or just coincidence? Sorry guys, I do not believe in coincidence in politics.


Clinton Gets Weird Endorsement

Are you ready for this? Pres Bush has said that Clinton will be the Dems nominee for the election. a round about endorsement?

In reality, it is a way to try and solidify the Repubs and to try and find that one Repub who would actually have a chance against her. Plus it could be an attempt to influence Dems, especially those who opponents of anything Bush does. This will try and show that he likes Clinton and that would drive voters to another candidate, especially one that a Repub could have a great show against.

Another cute marketing trick, it is called a "testimonial". It is a end run but it is still a testimonial.

24 September 2007

Candidates And Image

If you want to be a candidate there are three words that you MUST remember. MARKETABILITY! MARKETABILITY! MARKETABILITY!

I would bet that you thought it was issues! HA! Issues are secondary to the candidate, how they are perceived by the public is everything. Look at Rudy, while speaking to the NRA he gets a call from his wife on his cel and takes it and appears to be the loving husband. Either his wife has no idea where he is at any given time or it was a staged event to improve an image that is not too good with the NRA-ers. There is one other possibility, it was a fake call, which IMO, is not above Rudy to do. This was what image makers call a "warm fuzzy" moment.

Watch whatever candidate you would like, you will see such marketing ploys as the warm fuzzy,patriotic themes, informal poses, action shots, and finally the staged event. Edwards has used the informal and action shots especially in New Orleans. They all use one or all of these techniques to sell the voter that they are just like them. THEY ARE NOT! Nothing about them is the same with the exception of gender.

The American voter is not sold the best person with the best ideas, but instead the one that has the best appearance. If you buy it you deserve the piece of crap you get.


Professor's Classroom

Monday, Monday, so good to me.........OSIM! So begins another week of total BS.

Good morning class! Another day of quizzes!

Today's question is: Name the US president that was an escaped indentured servant in his younger days?

You may begin and silence is golden, at least while I nap!

23 September 2007

Professor's Weekly News UpDate

The day after Saturday--well ain't that just f*cking ducky?

Let us move on, shall we? All the news that you cannot use!

1--At a Kerry meeting some guy would not give up mic so he was tased. His "Don't tase my bro" will live on youtube forever.

2--The Emmy's were a lead balloon in the ratings--Sally Field made a anti-war statement and that was the highlight.

3--A train wreck!! Britney baby has lost her manager, lawyer; her bodyguard will testify against her in custody battle; she has been charged with hit and run and with all that she may get a sitcom.

4--Pavarotti was worth $275 million--damn and my mother wanted me to taking singing lessons, but I was smarter than that.

5--Meteorite falls into South perun and people get sick--thinking....thinking....were any pods found?

6--Jesse jackson accuses Obama of acting white--can we stop this bullshit?!?

7--Hooters to open new place in China--thinking...thinking....where will they find the boobs to fill those t-shirts?

8--Cel phone use may contribute to hearing loss---HUH? WHAT?

9--More nooses found but in a North Carolina school yard--official said they did not know if it was a prank or maybe a sports tradition. WAIT! WAIT If it is a tradition would they not already know that?

10-Dear Mr. Bush--Castro is still alive--so the rape of Cuba will have to wait.

Well there you are the most worthless news that could be found--ENJOY!

22 September 2007

Professor's Poll Watch

Damn! Saturday already! Time flies when you are medicated! LOL

This week the poll watch is fairly extensive. I found in Foreign Policy magazine a poll taken of the 100 top foreign policy experts, both conserv and liberal and wanted to share with my reader(s) the findings.

Is the world more dangerous or safe? 91% more dangerous, 2% safer

Is The US winning the WOT? 84% No, 6% Yes

Is surge working? 53% No, 17% Yes

Would a withdrawal of troops lead terrorist back to US? 49% Unlikely, 12% Likely, 39% Cannot say.

None of this poll and the conversations with the experts, bears out anything that the Bush and his entourage are saying.

BONUS...........Just thought I would throw in the latest results from the Zogby poll.

Congressional approval is at 11%.

Presidential approval is at 29%

But yet they are still the leaders of the country. Come on people!

Political Quote Of The Week

If have been saying this same exact thing for decades. The American want someone to do their thinking for them and it usually turns out disastrous.

Most people would sooner die than think; in fact, they do so. - Bertrand Russell

Americans need to be more in control of their lives, but as long as they let others make their decisions for them, they will always be just a tolerated nuisance.

21 September 2007

What Is Up With MoveOn.Org?

Recently the pres was all over MoveOn.org in one of his manure spreading photo ops. he called their recent ad in the WSJ about Patraeus as "disgusting".

Thinking.....thinking......Is MoveOn.org on the Bush payroll? They are a liberal site, a "leftist" site? But for ten days the Bush Admin has gotten miles and miles of use out of the ad. The ad has given these guys an opportunity to divert attention from the inconsistency of the Iraq reports and call into their patriotism. It has worked and worked well. Seldom has the media attempted to explain the different reports and their conclusions, which by the way are no where near what the Pres and the Repubs are saying. They spin a little news then they immediately fly off into a diatribe about the MoveOn.org ad. Even the Congress has jumped on this silly bandwagon. When? They passed a thing yesterday that condemned the organization for their add. A waste of time at best.

Just looks like that MoveOn.org was the best thing that could have happened to Bush for he has something that can divert attention from the not-so-good reports that have been given to Congress. Even the lame Congress is playing this game.

Are you asking yourself why the fuss? If not then maybe your are in a coma or maybe just a moron.


What Are The Democrats Afraid Of?

It seems that the Democrats are afraid to attack the Repubs on the issues. The (Dems) just keep offering the same type of legislation and they keep losing the vote. They have been given every opportunity to use the votes as a PR ploy, but so far have refused to call the repubs to task. Why?

Well I guess there are a few reasons that I can think of right now. One is that they have a plan to keep offering measures and bills that are defeated time and time again. Then during the election they will roll out the results and use it to their advantage. If this is the case, I do not think it will be successful. They need to attack now and keep the Repubs on their heels. Just keep hammering them time and time again. So far the Dems are just accepting defeat and move on to the new bill to give themselves time to reword the Iraq bill so that they can offer it again. IMO, this is wasting time.

Second, the Dems are afraid that if they attack the Repubs they will lose any independents that may be leaning toward them. They may be fearful that they will be seen as negative. Again, this is looking toward the election, not to the benefit of the troops. The Dems do need to find ground to bring the light on the Repubs and their defeats of all proposals to end the war or at least some of the funding.

The election is in a little over a year and the Dems are not gaining that many new supporters. Why? They promised to end the war; they failed. Please do not say it is because they do to have the votes to end it . That is a cope out! They knew this when they promised! These people are just playing the game and the American people have lost the bet!


20 September 2007

Food Prices Are Falling

About all that I can say to that is---HUH? Apparently no one who makes such comments ever goes shopping for food.

I recently saw on a news ticker that the prices of food has fallen for the fourth straight month. Thinking....thinking....how does one answer this claim? I found a few stats that should help people understand what a pile of steaming crap that statement is.

In the last month these are the increases on food stuffs that we all buy:

Eggs up 20%
Milk up 13%
Chicken up 10%

I think that the stats were manipulated to make the average working person feel more confident in the economy and their chances of a piece of the "good life". It is a LIE! The economy, for working people, is getting worse and more unequal.

Is there hope for the average American? Yes, but they will not find it in the system as it is now. All they have to look forward to, no matter who wins the election, is more of the same. But as usual the people will buy into the lies and promises of the candidates and when they do not deliver, the people will wait for the next election to try and find someone who will have their best interest at heart. It will, as always, be a futile search.

Einstein once said that insanity was doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result--I agree. The American people prove this theory daily, for they continue to put there trust in a group of people that could care less about them.

All I can say is--STOP waiting for change! YOU CAN bring that change, but you have to get involved. JUST DO IT!

20 Sept 2007

19 September 2007

DC Fails To Get Representation

A bill to give the residents of Washington DC their own representative fell short of passing by 3 votes, short of the 60 needed to make it so.

What is the problem, you may ask? Think about it! There is a section of the US that has NO representation in Congress. Are you thinking about that? Again! There is a section of the US that does not have representation in Congress. Have you grasp this yet?

OK let us look at it from another point, there are those that point to the US as a good example of democracy at work, but yet there are those who are denied representation. What part of that sounds democratic to you? Do you see a problem yet? Who speaks for the residents of DC?

I want to see how all these reps voted on this bill. I want to know who were those who voted against Americans having representation in the Congress. May I suggest that they refrain from holding the US up as an example of how a democracy works--for those who live in DC are getting no democratic representation--then that negates the position illusion of democracy that all seem to want to hold up to the world as an example.


What Is Up With The Anti-War Movement?

What a good question from an attentive class.

Recently there was an anti-war protest along with pro-war, only they call themselves something else, like troop support movement, of some ridiculously stupid title, you know kinda like the pro-life people? During this protest there was an anemic turn out to support the stopping of the war. Why? Another good question.

During Vietnam there were two things that lead to the anti-war support. 1--the war was not censored, it was brought to the people as it happened, not like now where you only get what they want you to have. Nightly news was pack with images as they happened not as they were edited. And 2--there was a draft, for awhile, that meant, unless you were from a wealthy family, your butt would be in Vietnam, no choice. So the combination of the two made most working class people realize that they had no choice other than to force the government to stop the madness.

With Iraq, none of these occurrences are available. The news is filtered so that the viewers get only what is authorized. And second the military is solely volunteer. Only person that a soldier can blame is themselves for signing on the dotted line.

However, I do see a bright spot for the ant-war movement--that being the troops themselves. after numerous deployments to a ware zone they will become concerned for their fellow citizens. The more disabled vets that get out there and bug the Congress, the more the movement will gain. Another bright spot is the groups that are finding the truth of Iraq and putting out there so all can see and reflect.

Will the movement ever be successful? In ending the war? probably not, but they can help influence the thinking of the public and that could lead to a ground swell of support for the anti-war movement.


18 September 2007

Hillary's Healthcare

Hillary has offered her new plan for the health care problem in this country. She is offering the Congressional plan to the US. She has said that this would not create a huge new bureaucracy and that the people could keep the doctors and stuff they know and trust. There is a provision for the uninsured with a medicare-like program. So on and so on.

Well, I see holes where people can fall through the cracks. It is just a reform of an existing program. After all Ms Clinton does get considerable financial support from the health care system. So any attempts to so called "socialize" health care is just plain and simply stupid. She is not gonna offer something that would harm one of her political bases. It is still health care for profit. And huge profits at that.

This program may help a few more people, but it is no universal health care, where everyone has access to health care. Her proposal is just a rehash of one she had back in 1994, I believe. There is no adequate health care proposal out there and as a result the people will be no better off than they are today.

There is an answer but unfortunately no one wants to hear the truth. And the truth is the only way to guarantee that everyone has access to adequate health care is for a program that will include everyone--unfortunately for the people that program is nowhere in the cards, only pale programs that still allow the medical profession to continue to hold the public hostage.


Global War On Drugs

This is a point of contention for me. After 20+ yrs nothing was been accomplished with the exception of spending my money on a worthless endeavor. This war has had some minor successes, like they stop a shipment or so a year, but unfortunately none of the stoppage has put a dent in the flow of drugs into the US. So why do we continue to fight a war that we seemingly cannot win? A very good question with only one answer--bureaucracy. They have created a monster that can only consume resources and produces little in return. Now ask why does it continue? If it were a business and showed as little return on investment it would have shut down years ago. But instead it just keeps consuming with little results. Then why does it live on? Another short answer--money! The contractors in the WOD are making billions and billions and that will keep the war going forever.

As Nathan Nadelmann has said, "it is always dangerous when rhetoric drives policy". They want to reduce the use of drugs by American society, but think about it, has there ever been a drug free society? HELL NO! But day after day, these guys just keep the rhetoric coming. The rhetoric that "we" are winning the WOD, when in reality there is a wealth of info that says we are not. You have about as much chance for a drug free society as you had an alcohol free society in the Prohibition. And how did that work out?

You do realize that if the WOD and Iraq War were eliminated there would be enough money for just about ALL social programs, to include Health, education, etc. So now I ask you, what is more important to you, the WOD or the betterment of the American people?


17 September 2007

Laws Of Political Action--Part 2

OOO! OOOO! I have had another epiphany! the 1st law of motion is: An object in motion will remain in motion unless acted upon by a net force.(paraphrased)

Now let us apply that to , say a politician.

A politician electd stays elected, unless acted on by another force.

Another force can be defined as another politician or a scandal or lack of interest or..........you see where I am going with it. So from this time on I will use the 1st Law of Political Action.


Laws Of Political Action

I have thought about this for awhile and have seen that politics and physics have a lot in common. like the 3rd Law, which states, for every action there is an equal, but opposite reaction (paraphrased).

For example:

Iraq--invasion was to bring more stability to the nation and it reversed.

Congress--Dems get the call to end war--they are failing.

Just a couple to illustrate that there are similarities in the two, so from now on I will call it the 3rd Law of Political Action.

Keep an eye out for I will try and connect more laws of physics to politics--this could be interesting--I guess if you are a political junkie like me--what the hell--it is better than flies mate!


Professor's Classroom

Another Monday and another shot in the dark.

Good morning class--please get out pencil and paper, and we will get this over with as quickly as possible.

What do these film stars have in common?

Groucho Marx, Jose Ferrer, Lucille Ball, Will Greer and Judy Holliday.

You may begin and just slip the answer on my desk, but DO NOT wake me up!

16 September 2007

HUGO--The Bane Of Bush

Hugo has called Bush everything but a upright guy and Bush in turn has gone about a smear campaign against Chavez in South America. For some reason, the two do not like each other. I visit forums and discussion boards and I see that the posters are really not sure about Chavez. He is either a devil or the new "Castro". I guess your political party will determine how you think of Chavez.

But the one people that have been overlooked in the rush to condemn the man, is the Venezuelan people. What an American politician thinks of Chavez means absolutely nothing to the average Venezuelan; but rather what has he done to improve their lives. Good point, Professor! What has he done?

Good question, why don't we take a look?

Poverty decreased from 55% to 34%
Social spending increased from 7.83% to 14.69%
Virtually eliminated hunger through a program of subsidized groceries in poor areas.
Medical care reaches 18 million people through free clinics
Access to higher education for poor and working people
Affirmative action programs for indigenous people
Highest minimum wage in Latin America at $286 per month

Just a few of the improvements that Hugo has made in the lives of the average Venezuelan. I am sure that the figures will be disputed by the US, but keep in mind that the US figures are manipulated also. Economist ALWAYS manipulate figures it is how they stay in work.

I would say that the average Venezuelan is doing fairly well off under the leadership of Chavez. He may not have many friends in Washington, but people in Caracas, could care less what those in Washington have to say or think. US corporations use to having their way in Latin Americ are being awakened by the move of several countries that are trying to improve the lives of their residents and not the bank accounts of companies. I feel like this trend toward a nationalistic program and the turning away from exploitive capitalism will continue, with more and more countries choosing the "Bolivaran Revolution" model.

Do not get me wrong, there is still capitalism in these countries, but it is more geared toward the country than the company. I would say with the successes he is showing, he will be the leader for a long while.


Weekly News UpDate

Before I begin I would like to take this opportunity to let my readers know of a landmark set by this blog. As of today there is approximately 1 billion people who have NOT visited this blog. I am just so underwhelmed that I am all but speechless.

Let us move on to the all the NEWS THAT NEEDS TO BE CONSUMED WITH BOOZE!

1--Pete Doherty, boy toy of supermodel, Kate Moss, has a video of him forcing his cat to inhale crack smoke--take that Micheal Vick!

2--Pam Anderson's two exs get into a fight at the Video awards.....thinking....she said mine's bigger! that would start a riot!

3--McD's employee was arrested for over salting a cops burger..........I got nothing.

4--Columbia has tried to enact a law that would make adultery a jail able offense--they want to preserve moral values--HA HA HA HA!

5--For the second time in a week Southwest has objected to a passenger's attire. This young lady was wearing a green dress with cleavage showing. She was made to wrap up in a blanket before she was allowed to fly. This comnpany has a real problem with women and their clothes.

6--Lamborghini is building a new sports car that will cost $1.4 million--most are being sold to men in the US....thinking...gee, sorry to hear about your dick!

7--Year of the Pig in China--and they have issued a stamp that commemorates the pig--it will taste like a popular pork dish. Oh yeah, it is scratch and sniff, too.

8--OJ in shit with law again, this time over sports stuff.

Well, there it is! Your absolutely worthless news.

Have a day! see Ya in the Funny Papers!

Peace and good day!

15 September 2007

A Political Success In Iraq?

A question for the ages--will there be a political solution found for Iraq? The US Pres has said that is the goal of the US intervention--a politically stable Iraq. Thinking......thinking......Did I miss something while I was medicated? Was not Iraq stable before the invasion? I mean the US had a hard on for Saddam, but the political stability was there.

To begin with politics is a local endeavor--you know work locally--think nationally. In Iraq politics is closely linked with religious ideology--so that means complications are everywhere and should have been seen from the beginning of the US intervention. That would have been prudent, but prudence plays no part when the slobbering capitalist are thinking--OIL!

So is it really an Iraqi political solution that is looked for by the Admin? Or could it be just some success for the Bush and his entourage? Please--look at all happening in Iraq, does any of it appear to be from concern for the Iraqi people? If you said yes, then I suggest that you go back outside and hit that bong again.

Oh boy and now they want us to believe that they have a plan for the presidency? Please-- OK the Pres took heat from some reports that were not too good in July and he said wait for the Patraeus report in Sept and then benchmarks were not met and he is saying wait for March of 08, if all is not up to code by then, what will be the new date that we must wait on? How long will the Dems let this bullshit continue? They need to contact their spouses and get their nuts back; the American people gave them a course they wanted to see followed and so far the Dems have done nothing but go through the paces and accomplished NOTHING! Have the Dems realize that they are asking the American people to vote for them to run the country. They want to convince the majority to vote for them and their leadership. I was born at night, but not last night!

As always I go back to one of my fav sayings--"The American people get the government they deserve".


Professor's Poll Watch

Another Saturday, another poll watch. Just how f*cking lucky can you be?

AP Poll shows that Americans say that Iraq is a failure. 59% yes and 39% no.

A poll taken in Iraq shows that 57% of Iraqis want the US gone.

Here is the most disturbing poll that I read.

33% of the American people still think that Saddam was involved with 9/11.

Here is a factoid I wanted to throw at my readers, all one of you.

The American people blame the lost of manufacturing jobs on the move of them to China. FYI, in the period of 1995-2002, the US lost 2 million manufacturing jobs, the Chinese lost 15 million in the same period. Why is this? Even the Chinese companies look for cheap labor so the jobs went to Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, etc.

Political Quote Of The Week

Another Saturday has arrived--oh joy--I will give another one of my quotes that NO ONE reads! Is it a waste of time? Probably, but it is better than going to the Mall with a gun.

The history of liberty is a history of resistance. The history of liberty is a history of limitations of governmental power, not the increase of it. - Woodrow Wilson Speech in New York, September 9, 1912.

Resistance is the only answer to the crap that is force fed me in the name of liberty and freedom. period!

Peace Be It! Color me out!

14 September 2007

John Edwards, The Populist?

At a recent meeting of the INKWELL Discussion Group, the INKWELL 3, it was decided that from time to time a statement on the candidates will be released. We will begin this series with our opinion on the Democratic candidate John Edwards.

It has been said that Edwards is really a leftist, a populist. His ideas on healthcare, foreign policy and so forth are said to be from the extreme left wing of the party. To this I say--BUNK! This candidate is NO leftist; he is however a staunch capitalist and there lies his true nature.

Here is my take on the candidate, Edwards. He is small minded, parochial, conformist, acquisitive, and easily manipulated by the power base. He tries to be anti-intellectual, scapegoats easy/abstract targets; he is charismatic, yet appears to be approachable and promotes small scale capitalism. All this plays well with the public, but IMO, is not enough for the masses to support him. His ambulance chasing past will come out more and more and will turn off the voter more and more.

If the voter is on the left then I suggest they continue to find another candidate, for Edwards is no LEFTIST!


14 Sept 2007

How To Avoid A Trainwreck

May I see a show of hands from those that have been watching the trainwrecks known as Paris, Britney and Lohan? Just about every- f*cking- body. COOL!

Now let us talk about Latin singing star Shakira. This young lady, OK I will admit a cutie with a great set of hips, but other than the obvious, she has helped build schools and kids programs in her native Columbia. Now she is enrolled in a Western civilization class at UCLA. Her prof, who did not know who she was until recently, has said that she is a very good student. She has taken other classes as well.

So to those that condemn these entertainers like Britney and Lohan, should see that not all are the fluff whores that the gruesome threesome portray. Maybe these air headed bimbos should take a page from Shakira's book on life. Apparently she is handling it better than anyone of the others.

But the more I think about those 3 going back to school, they would just resort to the time honored practice of f*cking your way to an "A". At least, they would be doing something constructive with their lives, instead of trying to go through it on auto pilot.

My hat is off to Shakira for her handling her life. There needs to be more role models like her. it is just ashame that this type of story gets very little play, instead we had rather hear about the personal trainwrecks of the Fluff Whores! Society is just f*cking sick!

I be done--Peace--Out!


The Sub Prime Crisis

Alrighty then, hopefully you are aware of the crisis in the subprime market. If not, then here ya go! The subprime is when borrowers had bad credit or did not make enough money to buy a house. They were referred to a subprime lender who worked with them so they could buy the American dream.

Now that there are layoffs and such, some are coming forward and telling of the shady practices of these lenders. Thinking.....thinking.......they are saying that they lied on applications to help secure the loans. That is a felony! If they are so worried about it, why did they not report it when they were doing it? Answer--f*cking greed! They make ba-zillions off these people, but now that their cash cow has dried up, they are so concerned about the practices of the companies that worked within the subprime markets.

Give me a break you little weasel, you are pissed you got laid off and now you are spilling your guts. I say everyone of them needs to be prosecuted for their greed. This is nothing more than a bunch of crooks pouting over the loss of their exploitation of working people. Nothing they are saying is about doing the right thing, just sour grapes from being laid off.

These organizations, IMO, are pigs and deserve to be sent to slaughter.


What Can The Democrats Do?---Page 3

First of all let us look at a few facts. Presidential approval is at 30% nationwide. 65% of the American people are against the war. The people voted the Dems into office on a anti-war program. Dems are still not capable of stand up to the president.

Now I will say to the Dems. "GROW SOME CAJONES!" You were tasked to end this obscenity. Go on the attack! You have been given an attack opening take it! But then, I ask, were you ever seriously considering ending the war or was it political sh*t to get elected? Do you weasels realize just how impotent you appear to those who voted for you last year? Come on! I mean you cannot find a way to take on an unpopular president? If not, step aside and find people with nuts!

OK, let me give you an idea, since none of you seem to be able to find a handle. Give Pres 90 days to come up with a compromise or the dollars dry up. It is just that simple. Try it, you will like it!

Keep in mind also guys, there is an election coming and the people that helped you get in office will be voting again. Why would they vote for anyone who cannot find a way to stand up to an unpopular president? Just a thought, Dudes!


13 September 2007

Bush Speech---Part.......?

SH*T I have lost count of the number of speeches to sell whichever plan he endorses this week. Well if you want a rehash of the the general's and ambassador's testimony, then watch TV tonite, for the Pres will give it all to you again. FYI, their testimony was the same exact thing that the Pres has been harping on for a month or so. They just reworded his many photo-op speeches; they used a larger vocabulary than the Pres, but it was the same exact assessment of what is happening in Iraq.

R. Scherer has stated it pretty well:

Of course Gen. David Petraeus predicts success in the Iraq war. What wonders couldn’t generals achieve with more troops and more time? The battle is always going well until it is lost, and then they blame defeat on the politicians and the public.

There’s no shortage of retired generals who will tell you we could have won in Vietnam if only we had sent more troops, or bombed the dikes in the North, or been willing to kill more than the 3.4 million Vietnamese who died along with 59,000 American soldiers. Instead, the politicians and public, led by that bleeding heart President Richard Nixon, lost the will to win. Thus, the dominoes fell to communism, and Red China and Red Vietnam now rule the world by dint of military force. Have you been to Wal-Mart lately? The triumph of communism is total.

Oh BTW, The House Minority Leader, Boehner, has said this:

In an interview on CNN today, Wolf Blitzer asked House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) about “the Americans who are killed every month” in Iraq and “how much longer” the “military commitment is going to require?” “The investment that we’re making today will be a small price if we’re able to stop al Qaeda here,” replied Boehner.

Makes me proud to be a vet. This is a normal feeling of your flippin' leaders. The soldiers are acceptable losses.


12 September 2007

Why Federalism?

Federalism? What is it mean for Iraq? Nothing! It was an idea in the beginning because of the success it seemingly had in the US. But unlike the US, Iraq did not go through a building process as the US did. The US started with a confederation which was no exactly the best way to go for the States. For one, it was riddled with infighting for control. So the "Founding Fathers" were searching for a system that would consolidate that control in the hands of the wealthy few, and BAM! federalism was born.

John Jay, Hamilton and Adams, John to be exact, were the major contributors, if I remember my history correctly. But Iraq did not go through this process. It rather went from a dictatorship to elections in just a couple of years. And to boot, it was not their idea; rather it was another countries dictating their political process to them. Sorry, but that is doomed from the start, not matter how noble you try to paint the series of events; it was still a form of imperialism.

But please keep in mind that Yugoslavia under Tito was called a Socialist Federal state, so capitalism is not a prerequisite for federalism. So basically it is just a number of states that fall together under the strong central government.

Amb. Crocker during his recent testimony to Congress used the word Federalism, about a ga-zillion times while answering questions from the Congress. What he was speaking about, IMO, is the "slimy" Plan B of the Bush Admin. That is that Iraq would become three separate states and that their would be a central government but not a strong one. The Kurds are already functioning as a separate state, laboring in the interests of their beliefs and ignoring a national Iraq identity. The idea of partitioning seems to be the plan, but it is being put together to make it appear that the Iraqis are behind this move, not that Washington is pushing it.

Once again it is all about money, never a thought of the Iraqi people. Will the US be safer? Should not the question be, will the Iraqis ever have a descent life? But wait! The US is not into nation building. I believe I heard someone in the Bush Admin say this. If you believe anything these toads have to say, then I have a bridge for sale.


What Can Democrats Do? Page 2

Patraeus was an excellent salesman in his testimony before the two houses of Congress. The Dems are up to their butts in the quagmire. They are losers, before you try to lump me with the Repubs, they are bigger losers.

The General and the Ambassador played their parts well. The Dems took the punch and are now on their heels reeling from that punch. What can they do? Their position is set in stone! Their options are few. They will give the Pres everything he wants.

Even the Pres is punching at the Congress, before the elections, he will announce a draw down of 30, 000 troops by next summer. BAM! Another hit to the head of the Dems. The Repubs are making all the political points and it may carry over to the elections. If it does then nothing is written in stone for the outcome of the elections.

The Dems are losing ALL support for their so-called agenda. The best question to ask is, "how will these morons salvage their political lives"?

By the way, if you were paying attention to the General's comments, he gave the Dems the most perfect opening for their stands. But will they seize the day? When asked if the surge is making the US safer, he basically said no, but it was making Iraq safer.

To Dems: There is your opening will you be smart enough to seize it? We will see!


11 September 2007

What Can Democrats Do?

I heard it said this morning that Patraeus and Crocker are the last bullet in the stay the course gun. The President is banking everything on their reports. And their reports are just what was ordered by the President. Nothing new was offered by either of the guys to the House panel. It was the same old stuff that has been flying around Washington for at least a year.

Are the Dems screwed? you bet they are. They keep zeroing in on a hopeless cause, that being the end of the war. If they continue along the lines they seem to want to travel, they will face the voters and it will not be pretty. It has been said that they need to move past the war in Iraq and move to a position of the security of the US. They should state that the war is stretching our troops to the breaking level. Numerous deployments, families in trouble, troops with moral probs, and so on. The Dems need to say that this will reduce the security of the country if it continues along these lines.

Regardless of which pundit becomes Pres, we will still be in Iraq and still facing the same situation year after year. Now it is time for some one in the Dem party to realize that their present stance is a loser; they need a new approach with the war in mind. It can be done, but it will take a brilliant person to see that the Dems move past their loser stance they are grasping for all it is worth.

So the Dems are screwed and are screwing themselves.


A Rememberance

Oh God! Here we go! Last week it was Diana and now today there will be endless reports on 9/11. Do the American people need to be reminded of the day? Are they that short sighted that they could forget the day? Why must we be consumed with death?

With that I ask, was it a coincidence that the general's report came the day before 9/11? Or is it just the plan, that is to keep the "Fear Card" in the minds of the people? Where does this whole thing end? For a society that cares little about the aged, we are all consumed with the death of others, why? At what point does the obsession with death become perverted?

Do the people that were killed on that day deserve recognition? Yes, they do! But that is for the families to decide, not the media or anyone else. By turning it into a media circus, they are lessening the deaths.

Just my thoughts on the "day of infamy".


Professor's Patraeus Report

Well, well I t has finally arrived! To begin with there was an hour of Representatives telling the general what a fine upstanding individual he was. They patted, kissed, massaged, babbled on and on about what a great guy he was and how much they admired his work. YAWN!

Now to the grits and the gravy! Did you hear anything new? I did not! It was the same thing the pres has been saying since the end of August. Surge is succeeding, violence down, political situation is bad, etc, etc. The same lame stuff you have been exposed to for a month or so.

What new did I learn? Glad you asked! Patraeus used the phrase, "I want to be up front with you" so many times I was gonna turn it into a drinking game. you where everytime he used it I would take a shot. But decided against it. And then there was Amb. Crocker--another fine upstanding individual, at least according to the Reps and their intros. Another endless massaging of the ego. What did I learn from Crocker? Let see....(thinking).....he is on the same page with the pres who is on the same page as Patraeus who is on the same page as Gates...on and on..and on........

Before I forget......Crocker had his own "catch" word....it was Federalism....which he used over and over, til I was becoming nauseous.

All in all, absolutely NOTHING new was said. Unless of course, you have been under a rock for the last several months, then you might have learned something. It was a monumental waste of time and resources. It gave the Pres his day and gave the Dems away out of their dilemma in Iraq.

If you were looking for good news to come out of this circus, you will be disappointed, but then if you are a voter, you are use to disappointment from your elected officials.

Whoop! There It Is!


10 September 2007

Professor's Prediction

Everybody and his brother and/or sister, is making a prediction on the Patraeus report. Why should I be any different?

OK, Patraeus will make his report to Congress today and so will Amb. Crocker. It will be a "stay the course" format. they will say that there is some success and more failures, especially in the political arena. They will pretty much echo the position of the President that he has been spouting for a couple of weeks. In fact, I would not be surprised if the Pres visit to Iraq was not more for the informing of the players at what was to be said. The photo op with soldiers was a really nice touch, but that is not the concern of the visit; but it does make good press.

The Dems--this is a broken party! they were swept into power with the promise of an end to the war and they have been thwarted on every front by the Pres and the GOP. Their approval ratings suck and they want to attack a General who is in the war. Not one of their better plans.

The prediction for the war? Troops will stay another 6 months or so. Pres will get his extension and the Dems will be on their heels trying to salvage their dignity. They will have to switch their rhetoric as the elections approach. They can no longer embrace the anti-war position. Not if they want to be elected. The American people will believe Patraeus and Bush will come out of this smelling like a rose. How does he do it!

The question is who will you believe? The general owes his position to the president. The ambassador owes his position to the president. But yet some believe they will be straightforward with the Congress. The media is kept at bay, allowed only access when it is prudent to the position of the president. Those who say things have improved are the president's boys. They would support his opinion if it were that a BMW evolved from an ape. So please save me from the bovine fecal matter that this is an unbiased report.

The Dems are becoming more and more impotent as the process moves forward. Ask yourself, if they were swept into office on an anti-war program, what has changed that they are now a supporter of the obscenity in Iraq?

Just some random thoughts for a Monday morning.


Love/Hate Affair--A Vicious Cycle

Is Osama on the payroll of the GOP? why do you ask, Professor? Osama seems to be the most vocal when there is an election in the making. When the news is not its best, Osama makes a statement and Bush calls him on it and the ratings go up.

Osama is the best thing that could have ever happened to the Bush Admin. Why? Defense spending was a priority and was in sad shape in 2001, but then BAM! 9/11 and the pres got everything he wanted out of the Congress. From that point on, the FEAR CARD, is always played when it will be the most effective.

Osama picks his moments to go public. Almost everytime his comments aid the Bush Admin in whatever battle they are facing. Osama needs the Repubs to win the election. Why? It will keep his brand of Islam in the forefront of everybody's mind and will only assist AQ in their recruitment programs.

So, Osama has a vested interest in who will win the next election. He will be heard from a couple more times before the election. The Repubs love to hate Osama, but he is the pillar of their policies.

Enough Said!?!

I am CHUQ and I have approved every word of this post.

Professor's Classroom

So it is Monday again and we are all here, well at least one of us, HA! Time to play the history game; if all will take out their writing instruments, paper and their brains, we will commence.

Name the only US standing governor to die from an assassins bullet. Who, when and where?

Many are asleep, but please take a moment to enlighten yourselves.

It has been fun; it has been real; but it has not been real fun!

09 September 2007


And yet another candidate for the ASSIE AWARD!

How can rational people make these types of statements? OOPS! SORRY! That would be assuming they are rational. Silly me!

Newly announced presidential candidate, Fred Thompson, has given his lean on the reason that the Sunni tribes are now allied with the US.

SIOUX CITY, Iowa - Freshly minted GOP White House hopeful Fred Thompson puzzled Iowans yesterday by insisting an Al Qaeda smoking ban was one reason freedom-loving Iraqis bolted to the U.S. side.

"They said, 'You gotta quit smoking,'" Thompson explained to a questioner asking about progress in Iraq during a town hall-style meeting.

As I have said in the past, "I CANNOT MAKE THIS SH*T UP!" I love my job!

Fred Heads Unite!

Or is it Fred Necks unite? whichever suits you best.

But now that he is a candidate, an official candidate, the crap comes out and will it sway voters to or from his campaign?


1--waiting too long for announcement of candidacy.

2--implicated in a medicare fraud case.

3--firm represented those terrorists implicated in the Lockerbie plane bomb.

I am sure more will come to light as the campaigns go forward.

But Wait! There is more!

Fred has said that the anti-smoking ban by al-Qaeda is the reason that the Iraqi tribes have become allies with the US. ( I cannot make this stuff up!)

Now the question is, will Fred be successful in his bid? That is the $64 question. The mentality of the American people never ceases to amaze me on the grasp of bullsh*t.


Weekly News UpDate

It is a Sunday and I am tired of trying to teach my dog to yoddle!

OK here we go! This is the yin and the yang

The Boda and the Bing

Take a snooze, for this is worthless f*cking news!

1--It is raining planes again; there were crashes in CA, Poland, NV, VA, FL and NY, just to mention a few. The train is looking more appealing daily.

2--The famed Coney Island may soon be gone. Developers are buying up the land and no one seems to know what they are planning.

3--Some a/hole paid $100 million for a diamond encrusted skull--now that is having more money than brains.

4--report that a DC Fire House was running some sort of hooker operation out of it. Maybe they were bored!

5--A 3000 yr old beekeeping site has been found in Israel. What a honey of a story!

6--New report on MINN bridge that collapsed--they are blaming pigeon sh*t! It is corrosive and damaging over the yrs. I guess it easier than finding out what really happened.

7--McDonald's sells 17 Big Macs per second. Just buy them and glue them to your ass.

8--A young woman was thrown off a flite because of the way she was dressed. She wore a white mini dress and a green sweater. Nothing exposed, with the exception of a great pair of.....legs. I was unaware that there was a dress code for flying.

Not much more that has not been reported. All and all it was a exceptional average week!

The Professor is OUT--peace y'all!

08 September 2007

Who Should Pay?

After a meeting of the INKWELL 3, we decided to try and answer these questions for people. If you are a homeowner you have been watching the drama unfold with the housing markets and the sub-prime thing. Well, what is happening?

The Fed lowered its discount rate to banks in an attempt at heading off the collapse of the banks and such. IMO, this move could create what is known as a "moral hazard" to economists. This occurs when the government rescues people of institutions from the consequences of their judgement, bad judgement. The bad judgement was that of the hedge funds managers, who invested in the sub-prime market without doing their homework, because the market was so lucrative. By cutting rates, the Fed is encouraging these funds to continue to make risky and faulty investments.

Another problem that will soon show its ugly face is a drop in the housing markets. Home prices fell about 3.2% nationwide and could drop as much as 10% before the thing is over. But the government is playing the same game that they played with the Savings & Loan crisis in the 1990's. When the government absorbed the bad debts and stuck the taxpayer with the bill. in the long run the average taxpayer will be paying the price of the greed of the funds. Basically, the government would be bailing out hedge funds for making bad decisions.

Once again, I ask , where is the free market in this? The taxpayer is just subsidizing the wealthy, while placing themselves in a position that they cannot extract themselves from anytime soon. The people need to pull their collective heads out of their butts and see just what is being done in their name.


08 Sept 2007

Professor's Poll Watch

This this was just a trial section and if I deem it to be worthless I will make it disappear, GITMO comes to mind. This week I will post polls on the Repub side of the campaign. In national polls Mitt has finally broke into double digit approval; he now is at 14%. He is third behind Rudy at 32% and Fred boy at 19%.

I still am amazed that Fred has been in second place for awhile now and he was not a candidate until this week. Repubs are not too damn thrilled with their choices, it appears.

Seems that scandal just really, really likes these guys. Why? Craig thing, Newt misleads donors, Fred in a medicare thing, and the beat goes on. They are handing the campaign to the Dems. The way this whole campaign season is going I would say that there is a possibility that the voter turn out will be one of the lowest in a very long time. Something will have to be offered to the voters to get them excited again, and I see nothing so far.


Political Quote Of The Week

Saturday and all is well in the state of confusion.

Political language -- and with variations this is true of all political parties, from Conservatives to Anarchists -- is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.
- George Orwell,

A smart man!

07 September 2007

Do They Earn Their Money?

Do you work 8 hrs a day? How about 5 days a week? Or maybe 40 hrs a week? These are questions I ask because I want to point out what you are getting for your money in the Senate.

While watching CSPAN2 today was fortunate enough to catch the Senate adjourning for the weekend at 1230 hrs ET. They return to work on Tuesday the 4th of September and leave at 1230 on the 7th. Not bad huh? But wait there is more! Next week they will work 3 days because they will be off Thursday and Friday for a Jewish holiday.

Maybe we should pay these a/holes by the piece of legislation that they actually pass? We are definitely not getting our money's worth out of them. I am sorry, but we pay these guys way too much for the work they actually do.

If you think these guys are earning their pay, I suggest that you watch them on CSPAN and your opinion will be altered. It is a pathetic bunch of wealthy people playing games with your money and your lives.


Is It War Or Not?

For months now there has been a war of words between Israel and Syria, both sides say the other is preparing to launch a strike across the border. and both sides have said No-No-you need rehab. This is from the UK's Independent newspaper:

Syria was considering its response last night after an Israeli warplane violated Syrian air space and was accused of dropping ammunition inside the country. The incident, near the Turkish border on Wednesday, came just after midnight at a time when tensions are running high between the two neighbours. It prompted Syrian air defence units to open fire on the Israeli jets, Syrian officials said.

The Israeli aircraft "infiltrated Syrian air space through the northern border, coming from the direction of the Mediterranean, and headed towards northeastern territory, breaking the sound barrier," said the official Syrian news agency, Sana. "The Syrian Arab Republic warns the government of the Israeli enemy and reserves the right to respond according to what it sees fit."

A Syrian official added: "They dropped bombs on an empty area while our air defences were firing heavily at them." Residents said they heard the sound of five planes or more above the Tal al-Abiad area on Syria's border with Turkey, about 100 miles north of the Syrian city of Rakka.

The Israeli army refused to comment on the incident but no casualties or damage were reported. "We cannot discuss military operations," a spokesman said.

Syria has not responded yet to the incident. But if true, who fired the first shot in this new conflict? Is this a provocation by Israel, to force a head to head with Syria? What purpose did the incursion into Syrian airspace serve?

I will look forward to the answers.

06 September 2007

FOX's Republican Debates

How to best describe the event? YAWN! comes to mind. FOX did nothing to further the process they offered up underhand softball pitches that were nothing short of mind numbing. The only bright spot, IMO, was Paul. He continued to be confrontational and well informed. His exchanges with other candidates was good and I liked them.

unfortunately, the rest of the time it was snooze city. No wonder the Repubs like Thompson! The batch they have now is about as boring and unmotivated as any I have ever seen. I am a political geek or junkie or......whatever term you prefer and as such after about 30 mins I had to go watch SpongeBob.

If you are a Repub I feel for you. May I suggest that you consider Paul, at least you would have a candidate with conviction, passion and brains. You could do worse and you probably WILL!


The Non-candidate Candidate Is Now A Candidate

Finally, Fred Thompson has announced that he is a candidate, it is official and Leno was the source of the announcement. He skipped the Repub debates that FOX was holding. Cool! He will get more ratings boost from Leno than he would have from FOX.

Now we will see if he can hold onto his 3rd place standing now that he is a candidate. He will now have to be specific in his stands. Well as specific as a politician can be, which at best is a vague collection of random thoughts.

Let the attacks begin!

Reorganize The Iraqi Security Force

A recent report offered up some considerations on the possible reorganization of Iraqi security forces. After reading them I thought, would not this have been the best course from the beginning? I guess one could say better late than never. I reply--tell that to the dead Iraqis!

You know, I think we could have a better perspective on this war if we would remove our heads from our asses.

Some recommendations in a study on Iraq's security forces:

• Disband and reorganize Iraq's national police.

• Create instead a smaller organization responsible for specialized tasks, such as explosive ordnance disposal and urban search and rescue.

• Restructure the Interior Ministry, develop a five-year plan and work toward sustaining forces "in a manner that is free of real or perceived sectarian favoritism."

• Develop a functioning logistics and maintenance system within the Iraqi army that would enable it to operate independently of U.S. units.

• Continue to foster leadership development within the Iraqi army using its "train the trainers" approach.

• Establish a formal Iraqi police academy.

• Work with Iraqi leaders to provide heavily armored vehicles and better weapons for the police.

And you think that morons can run a war? HA!


05 September 2007

A Possible Answer To Controlling Sectarian Violence

This plan could have some merits but it would have to be watched and protected for awhile.

Why Recruit Minorities for the Iraqi Military?

At the moment, many minority groups in Iraq face greater security threats from more dominant Sunni and Shia groups. They experience violence from militias, insurgents, and foreign fighters. Even more, the Iraqi state provides no protection for minorities. Corruption in the Iraqi police and military, coupled with religious and ethnic violence, renders Iraqi authorities incapable of providing security for minorities. Various groups like the Shabaks currently face the possibility of genocide in Iraq. For this reason, it is possible for the United States to receive support from these groups in exchange for minority protection.

The United States must be prepared to provide special protection for these groups to persuade them into seeing that their security interests lie with American forces. Since minority groups lack militias to provide them protection, this void can be filled by recuriting more minorities to join the I.S.F. Furthermore, it is very likely that if left to their own devices such groups might eventually be severely diminished in number due to the ongoing violence, or that more militias may emerge as minority groups seek to provide for their own security.

If the United States can manage to persuade the Maliki government to provide special minority rights and state protection for such groups, their leaders may not only see their interests tied with America, but also with the Iraqi state. Moreover, the United States can bind the allegiance of minority groups to the Iraqi state as they join the ranks of the I.S.F. Integrated brigades or brigades composed solely of minority groups loyal to an Iraqi state that makes an effort to provide for their welfare would present an opportunity to substitute them for the Shia militias that influence the decisions of the Maliki government. Iraq, a nation with both a weak government and military, must gain legitimacy by restoring civil order, which is most likely to come from a national army that serves government interests. Such order can come about through the use of integrated or minority brigades.

No Child Left Behind

One of Bush's many failed policies.

No Child Left Behind.

This was the Bush educational policy. It is scary! By now all have seen the video on youtube of Miss Teen South Carolina ans her answer on why American students are not as proficient in geography as other nations. In case you are in the dark, her answer was a shortage of maps. Since she is 17 yrs old, that makes her a product of the Bush educational policy.

Another scary thing pertaining to the Bush policy is the ad for a company that lends students money for college. The ad points out that a lot of students fall short of the required monies for college The ad gives a multiple choice question with answers. The answers are:

A--search couch for loose change.

B--sell a kidney

C--play the lottery

D--call said company for a loan.

It is so bad that the ad guy gives the correct answer of D. It is an ad for a company and the company's name is one of the answers and yet they have to give the correct answer. Does not bid well for the "No Child Left Behind" program.

Does not say too much for the intelligence of the grads that will move on to college. Keep in mind these will be our future leaders. If that does not scare you then you are a product of the Bush educational policies.


Note: since I wrote this they have changed the answers a bit. Apparently, someone tried to sell a kidney to go college. Now the "B" answer is sell ad space on his body. Again must they be reminded that the answer would be "D"? It is an ad for "said " company for God's sake.

04 September 2007

Kucinich In 08

It should not come as a surprise to anyone who reads my stuff that I agree with Dennis Kucinich about 95% of the time. He is not popular with the centrist, which in my opinion is just about everyone in the Democratic party. But come on people let the fact that his wife3 is 30 yrs old and he is 60, let it go.

To begin with that is none of anybody's business, but his. And I will say that about any other candidate whether Repub or Demo.. Personally, I am partial to redheads so he has my vote as the "MAN".

So, disagree with his position on issues, but for God's sakes let the wife thing go and move on to real issues. His positions are very good position and deserve to be discussed on their merits, not on whether his wife is younger than him.

Chuq has spoken, so be it!

What Is Gay Sex?

This will be my last entry on the Sen. Craig thing.

MSNBC had an anthropology professor on as an expert , when asked to try and explain what was going on with Craig in the airport, he said,

"First it is not about gay sex. It is about two men approaching each other for man on man sex."

thinking....thinking.....I got nothing! Apparently I need to do more research because I have missed something.

This will also be added to the nominees for the most anal statement and will be entered into the mix for the ASSIE AWARD.

NOTE: There is a wealth of stupid statements coming out of the mouths of Americans. They are making my dream of giving an Anal-ocity award, the Assie, to the most stupid a dream come true. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

03 September 2007


Another anal and completely stupid statement, already. They just keeping rolling. There will be a wealth of dumbass stuff to vote on in Jen 08.

This is the newest one, it comes from Iraqi PM Maliki.

BAGHDAD - Iraq's embattled prime minister defended his government Sunday against American critics, saying they underestimate the problems facing this country and fail to appreciate his achievements "such as stopping the civil and sectarian war."

He has stopped civil and sectarian war? Did I miss something while I was sleeping?

Professor's Classroom

Since it is Labor Day and hopefully everyone will make a burnt offering of scorched flesh to the God of BBQ, I will make this a short and simple question. Hopefully all will enjoy.

Who was the American film idol that was an avid supporter of Stalin and left the US just ahead of subpoenas, to never return?

EASY? Good luck and have a good Labor Day. Peace--Out!

02 September 2007

Weekly News UpDate

After the influx of caffeine and the lack of sleep brings me to the Professor's fav thing to do on a Sunday--the UPDATE!


1--A teen in NJ has broken the IPhone code and unlocked it. hat should be worth a couple of bucks.

2--Britney accused of child abuse by ex--Lohan caught having sex in bathroom at rehab center. A horny and messed up bunch of f*ckers!

3--Another cop was killed while escorting the Pres limo--I think I would tell Bambi to hitch his way to wherever he was going.

4--Queen Of Mean, Hemsley, craps out and leaves dog $12 million. I got nothing!

5--Brazil will start covering sex change ops on their health system. (thinking.......)

6--V^T still in news--this time they were negligent in the deaths of students. what will the next chapter hold?

7--Chemical agents found at UN offices--they were from Iraq--SEE! They told us they were planning to attack the US. NOW!

8--A medicated mom lets 5 yr drive car. He probably was better than most in my area.

9--The recess game of TAG has been outlawed in Colorado--What is next--playing doctor?

Well sports fans that is it for this Sunday and I sincerely hope it has amused. See you next week--Until then--see ya in the funny papers!

01 September 2007


I have found another candidate for the ASSIE AWARD to be given by me every year. This quote is from the Miss Teen Pageant from the the young lady representing South Carolina.

When asked why some in the US do not have much knowledge of geography, her answer was:

"Personally I believe that it is because that in the USA some do not have access to maps".

First of all, I did realize there was a shortage of maps. Second, she is 17 yrs old and that would make her a product of the Bush education policies. "Nuff said?

Please feel free to to add to the list of anal statements made by people--your input will be greatly appreciated.

When Is It Time To Let Them Die?

What is it about people that have this morbid streak that refuses to let people die? Elvis, Di, so on. We must relive their lives over and over and over....OK Di was a wonderful person, a good mother and do-da, but she is dead. Why not let her die in peace? We are bombarded with stories, she died 10 yrs ago. Why? Is the retention of information by the people so bad that they must be reminded over and over ..........?

Elvis---the same. Only he died 30 yrs ago and he is still a big draw. Somebody is making money on his memory. Let him die. If he was that important to the people--he WILL be remembered.

Do you remember Audrey Hepburn? Yes, she was a movie star. But beyond that she was a great humanitarian that was a special envoy for the UN. Do you remember anything she did? Probably not! She was not the glamour that you seek. She was just a great person that did not want to publicize everything she did.

You let her die, now when will it be time to let the rest die?


Professor's PollWatch

I kinda like finding this stuff, adds to my understanding of why the society is sooooo screwed up.

Associated Press poll shows that 25% of the people did not read a book last year. 41% read between 1 and 5, 31% read between 6 and 15 and lastly, 27% read more than 15 books.

Which describes you? Me? I am in the 27% group.

People! Drop the remote! Read a flippin' book!

Political Quote Of The Week

Damn! Saturday already? My how time flies when you are heavily medicated. LOL

This describes my thinking over the years.

It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong. - Voltaire

Enough said? Damn right!

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