26 November 2007

Professor's Classroom

It is another Monday and another quiz. I may re-evaluate this feature after the first of the year. Since it is not too damn popular, I may discontinue it. I was hoping that it would help educate the people on history, politics and such, but so far it has not lived up to my expectations. The first meeting of the Inkwell 4 in january will determine its fate.

Enough whining and I shall move on to the question.

In politics, who were the "Half-Breeds"?

Not especially difficult, but will require a little thought. Good luck and good hunting.


Tumbleweed said...

Interesting CHUQ.

During the administration of Rutherford B. Hayes (1877-1881), the Republican Party was split into three factions:

The Stalwarts, the conservative faction, saw themselves as "stalwart" in opposition to Hayes' efforts to reconcile with the South. They opposed all forms of civil service reform, preferring to keep in place the existing patronage system. Among their numbers were many Radical Republicans, Union war veterans and most of the Republican political bosses. The Stalwarts also backed the protective tariff and sought a third term for U.S. Grant in 1880. Roscoe Conkling of New York was the most prominent Stalwart leader.

The reform element of the party, the liberals, supported active civil service reform and a tariff for revenue purposes only.

The Half-Breeds, a term of disparagement ginned-up by the Stalwarts, was applied to the moderate faction of the Republican Party. They backed Hayes' lenient treatment of the South and supported moderate civil service reform. James G. Blaine of Maine was the leader of this group, but failed to win the party nomination in 1876 and 1880. James A. Garfield was also affiliated with the Half-Breeds.
The assassination of Garfield by a crazed Stalwart in 1881 promptly ended usage of the terms "Stalwart" and "Half-Breed."

CHUQ said...

Well done Tumble! I am making these a little too easy. lol. Thanx for the participation.

tumbleweed said...

Hi CHUQ. While I admit it wasn't a hard topic, it was enlightening, because I'd never heard of the Stalwarts. So though it wasn't hard it was interesting. Thanks.

CHUQ said...

NP! I like learning new things and helping others to do the same. Thanx for the visit.

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