16 December 2007

Weekly News UpDate

Another Sunday, another update. All the news that you could not possibly use.

1--Dead Canoeist turns up alive--who cares?

2--More shootings--more fluff--more BS--more wasted air time.

3--Man unplugs comatose wife--she wakes up talking--she probably was bitchin' at him.

4--Kids in NYC raised a million bucks in pennies for charity--who counted them?

5--God is working for Huckabee cause and campaign--his words, not mine.

6--Ike turner dies--he went down swinging--pun intended.

7--this is my fav--Gonzo elected Lawyer Of The Year by the ABA......hysterical laughing heard in background.

That is it--not a piece of real news anywhere--have a day

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