23 December 2007

Weekly News UpDate

It has been a slow week, not much happen other than the campaigns and a couple of missing people, and ...........plus I have been fighting a horrendous cold.....so the update will not be as extensive as it has in the past.


1--The world's oldest man has died--age 116--the key? he was never married.

2--A square envelope at Xmas will cost 17 cents more

3-- The Queen of UK turns 81--who cares?

4--Britney's lil sis is pregnant--and she is surprised she is with child--how dumb is this little shit?

5--People are still dying in Iraq--just thought I would let you know since the media will not!

6--The military throws away Xmas letters to wounded soldiers--

That is it--enough is enough! BYE--BE WELL!

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