06 November 2007

Speaking Of Dictators

The US is still behind Gen. Musharraf; he is a dictator. But that should not come as a surprise. The US has always been behind a dictator or two. NO? Try these on for size, diem of South Vietnam, Batista of Cuba, Pinochet of Chile and my all time fav, the Shah of Iran. All these were authoritarian and dictators in one form of another. So the backing of the Pakistani PM is no surprise to me. I have watched the US back undemocratic leaders for the sake of business or foreign policy. yet they demand democracy from Palestinians and then when it occurs they ignore the outcome.

But they jump on Burma for being undemocratic. Somewhere someone has got to see they lunacy here. So by all accounts, the US is for democracy, as long as it benefits them and them alone.

I just would like for everyone in this country to shut the f*ck up about pursuing democracy in other countries. It not about democracy! it is however, all about what is best for business. The people of any said country may take it in the butt as long as business is not effected.

Hypocritical ass wads! This is the way of things.



tumbleweed said...

Musharraf cooperates just enough for Washington to back him. He's playing Bush like a violin.

CHUQ said...

Tumble, it is always great when you show up. Thanx! Just to keep the cash flowing, he will say and do just about anything. Sounds like a whore to me!

Anonymous said...

this is a great point chuq. it makes so upset when i see people fooled by this administration into thinking we are spreading democracy across the globe. we arent. look at saudi arabia too, where all the 9/11 hijackers were from. instead bush tries to link 9/11 to iraq. it makes me sick.

conley from politirant.com

CHUQ said...

That is why I say the American people are lazy. Most refuse to educate themselves on world events and then they buy some lame excuse for our actions. thanx for the visit, please come back often.

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