30 December 2006

Somalia--Here We Go--Again!

Fir months I have been posting on various forums that the Somalia situation would become a war--Again! I have been vindicated--Thank you Ethiopia.

A little background--since the US pulled out in 1994, the country never has been very stable. the Islamic Courts had assumed what appeared to be power in the country against the warlords and the US backed BS government. Since then the IC have been accused of havinf al-Qaeda connection and to be fomenting a radical Islamist position. All this made the US and her butt boy allies worry; they did not want to see the Horn of Africa in the clutches of Radical Islamists.

All the while the US was arming and training the Ethiopian army for this day. There was a unit of troops from Guam in the country helping the Ethiopian army train for this action.

Now the Ethiopians havce crossed the border and is engaging the forces in Somalia. It appears to be a easy walk to the capital. Do not get over confident for Baghdad fell rather easily, also.

THe IC has taken to ground around the capital and an insurgency is about to begin. It will not be pretty; if you recall in the '90's it was a shit hole and will be again. The Us is using a proxy to fight for the control of Somalia anf that proxy is fighting for the intersts of the multinational corps. The Horn of Africa cannot fall to the bad guys--profits would be disrupted.

I realize this is a short history lesson, but a little research will expose this conflict for what it is--domination and imperialism.

29 December 2006

Successful Third Party


The US there has been lots of third parties and candidates, but most have been unsuccessful because many reason. THe following is, in my opinion, a recipe for a third party to be used if it wants to be successful in its endeavors. For years these paries have been plagued by a one issue platform, or a weak leader or other problems that have help it be defeated in the polls.

A successful third party has to function on many levels from supporting local projects to implimenting foreign policy. All parties that attempt to qualify for the American democratic process should have the following characteristics.

Leadership Recruitment--A party leader must command respect of all within the party. He/she should have common interests as the party, be capable of giving the party public attention and have a grasp on the function of government. Above he/she must have the interest of the party as the foremost ideal.

Common interests--the party must become the mediator on a wide range of political interests. The best way to do this is to set up an internal party apparatus that will define, present, discuss, compromise and correlate ideas and stances.

Policy Formulation--Once the ideals of the party are defined then the part, once the peoples desires are identified then it comes to the party apparatus to formulate policies. Once the platform is set then the party goes about educating the people on those policies. It is imperative that the people's voices be heard and acted on--the people must set the agenda.

Campaigning--THis is probably the most single important aspect of running a party candidate. Granted third parties typically do not have the funds as the two majors, but it must try and keep up with the others, by using media advisers, polling, direct mailings and other professionals. Putting together a grassroots organization can help lighten some of the monetary burden. Another excellent tool in campaigning is the door to door approach. This gives the people a chance to talk with a supporter to help clarify any misunderstandings. This also will use volunteers and would lessen the monetary load.

Governing--Lastly, the party must function on the permise that it will win the election and in doing so, must be prepared totally to govern. The candidate must have a complete grasp of what his functions will be and be the most capable person to carry out those functions. In a word--A Strong Leader With Confidence.

I realize this is a bit simplistic but It is a good outline for a party, a third party, to follow. If followed religiously, the party would have better chance than those of the past.


28 December 2006

Close The Door--I Feel a Draft

During the recent mid term elections, Kerry mad an unfortuante statement, that being if you do not do well in college, you could wind up in Iraq. Not a good choice of words. He was almost immedately attacked for his statement and called a multiple amount of names. The problem is he chose the wrong venue to voice this opinion, even though, I personally think is correct.

After the elections, Rangel of Michigan called for a new draft. Almost immediately he also was chastized for his comments and the names began.

About the 1st of December a panel was put together by the Administration to study the viability of a new draft.

And recently, a program is being considered to offer immigrants a fast track to citizenship by volunteering for active duty.

Does any of this sound that it is a healthy recruitment program? Does this sound like we are meeting the goals set for the military? What will this do for the opposition to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?

27 December 2006

How Will An Iranian War Begin?

Well once the play comes to a crecendo, the Saudis will do the US bidding, they will increase production and slash prices; Iran will try to adjust its production to keep up and that will only drain there dwindling supply. Then they will try to do something ill advised which in turn will give the US, who by now has UNSC justification, a reason to attack.

How will it play out? Since the US has ordered two carrier battle groups to the Persian Gulf, some minor incident will set up the action. Or possibly an attack on nuclear facilities by Israel. Or even some possible incident in Iraq that could be linked back to Iran.

The last option is beginning to play out. Iranian officials have been arrested in Iraq. The premise being that they we there for training purposes. This could provoke an Iranian response and then the US can attack on "self-defense". My problem is that with an escalation and a use of force could be a precursor to the use of nukes.


Hello and welcome--I will be posting my political studies and observations as often as I can. Hopefully people will find it thought provoking and interesting. I look forward to any and all comments.

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