09 December 2007

Shooters And The Media

How long will the media keep glorifying these goddamn shooters? The American people do not need to know their names or anything about them, other than the fuckers are crazy. These dicks are looking for "fame" and by a string of worthless reports they are receiving just that. STOP IT!

We do not need to know his history, his eating habits or what his folks do for a living. All this bullshit is just embolding others to do the same thing. Maybe that is what the media is looking to do. For these types of stories are easier than actually having to be a journalist.

Are you people happy with the corporate media? It is all about the entertainment quality, not the newsworthiness of a story. It is about ratings and ONLY ratings. This is what you fuckers get for allowing the media to be OWNED by a handful of companies. Are you happy and content? If you are may I suggest that you buy a gun and do the world a favor.

Yes I said --I meant it--so bite my ass!



Kizzume said...

They certainly don't have to do much to report these kinds of stories. They certainly are glorifying the situation--but then again, people really ARE wanting to know that kind of info.

Media primarily cares whether the programming will put people in the mindset to absorb the commercials.

CHUQ said...

True, but that is ok to report the initial attack and a short update. But after that we do not need to know his name his religion, what he had for dinner. none of that is national news, more for a local station not a national outlet.

CHUQ said...

kizz--welcome back...I thought maybe you had deserted me....lol.

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