20 November 2007

Who Will Be The Uniter?

Now here is a prime example of political doublespeak. Which candidate will be best able to unite the country? First of all, HA! Second, why would it want to be united?

Since the Reagan years, it has been a prime desire to separate the country and its people into "us against them". There is a wealth of plans out there, by both Repubs and Dems, but guess what? There is no solution! All the plans are just rhetoric to keep the whole obscene thing going.

The only united front is the process of privatization. These silly f*cks want the US economy to bomb. They want the government to fail to meet its obligations. Why? Corporations run things and now they are after the ultimate prize, the country. Why else would we allow them to control campaign financing? You lazy sh*ts, the voters, are allowing the outsourcing of the government for profit.

Back to this elusive uniter--there is NOT one--the country CANNOT be united. You fools are asking for it and now you are getting it. Corporate America has become the government. There are few in Congress that do not want this to happen. Pick a candidate and show me one that is not controlled by the corporations. All plans offered to whatever situation you care to look at, is a plan with a strong corporation benefit.

I have talked and posted about how the American people need to take back their country, but the longer they wait the hard and more impossible this becomes. The time is now! stop bitching and take back control.


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