08 November 2007

Deja-Vu--All Over Again!

Yes I am an old fart so I remember Iran on so many levels. I remember that in 1953, the Us helped the Shah return to power, which lasted until 1979. I remember the tactics of brutality the Shah used to oppress the people of Iran; all with the knowledge of the US. His brutal rule was dotted with executions, imprisonments, and lack of personal freedoms.

Does any of this sound familiar in any way? Protests by students and businessmen and women. All violently crapped on by the Iranian secret police, the savak, I believe. I recall in 1978 when hostages were taken at the US embassy in Tehran. I remember the flight of the Shah from Iran when he lost total control and had to go on vacation in 1979, never to return. And I remember the mullahs taking the reigns of power and here we are today.

Why do I bring this all up? Take a good look at Pakistan. It is all happening again. the protests, the arresting of hundreds, the crapping on demonstrations, and the whole time the US is behind their man in the country 100%.The only, ONLY difference is Pakistan has 20-30 nukes and Iran did not.

This is one a constant time loop. There is nothing new. It has all been done before. Now ask yourself, just how did that work out before, for the US? Time to wake up! The US and its attack dogs are causing a major problem in Pakistan and the fundamentalist Muslims could gain a major upper hand in the area.

If they do, the US has NO ONE to blame but the man in the dark suit in the big white house.


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