05 November 2007

Professor's Classroom

OSIM! Time for the quizz you all have been waiting for! (not really! The quizz I have been wanting to post).

Here is the question of the day. It has two parts.

Which president is the only one to have a PHD, then which president never went to college?

Not a difficult question, so just turn in your papers when finished and you may leave.


Kizzume said...

I'll never forget taking Business 101, and the instructor went on for a half an hour about "how much is your grandmother worth". And we had to write a paper about it....

CHUQ said...

thanx for the visit Kizz. A friend of mine started calling me professor because said that I always made her think about everything. So it just stuck. This is a weekly thing, please jump in.

tumbleweed said...

The only president with a PhD, was Woodrow Wilson. He was president of Princeton before he entered politics.

Abraham Lincoln barely had any public schooling

CHUQ said...

Great job Tumble, but I should have said modern president. Sorry.

CHUQ said...

And the answer is!!!!!!!!!!

Woodrow Wilson and Harry Truman.

Thanx for the participation!

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