28 November 2007

Let The Fights Begin

You asked for it and now you have it! For months the media has been bitchin' and whinin' that the candidates are too meek with each other. They want a nasty, dirty, cat fight. as the Primaries approach the candidates are turning up the rhetoric. and that is all it is political rhetoric.

Mitt and Rudy are trading barbs, back and forth in the media. Clinton and obama are doing the same. The media is in the corner jerking off. They had been pushing the top candidates to do this and now they got their wishes.

The media wants this type of exchanges, it keeps the candidates from addressing the "real" needs and issues of the people. It does however assist the media in their ratings and that is the bottom line in the political media. It is never about the issues. The voters are subjected to he said she said, and that keeps the real issues in the background.

BTW, the media is choosing your candidate for you. Are you happy now? It has got to be easier than thinking. We would not want the voter to get a headache, would we?

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