13 November 2007


A lot has been said and written about this. Kucinich has entered a bill for the impeachment of Cheney and it gets little play. But what do the American people think? Do not know? Why is that?

When was the last time you say a poll taken by the major polling companies? You know like Zogby, CNN, Gallup. et al, none of the majors have asked this question of the American people. Why? could it be they are afraid of the answer? If so, is that not influencing people by not asking the question?

Nobody apparently wants to ask this question because they would find that the people are all for it by 50% or better. So by not asking the question, they are ignoring a position and by ignoring it they are assisting the administration. Now there is a way to prevent the people from voicing their opinion. Democracy at work? you decide.


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