25 July 2008

Full script of Obama's speech - CNN.com

Full script of Obama's speech - CNN.com

I disagree with most of the analysts---I think this was a very good speech--one that Europeans will appreciate.

23 July 2008

Why We Need Unions

Dear 44: Let unions work for U.S. - David Madland - Center for American Progress Action Fund - Politico.com

The unions are the leaders in industry and all workers should consider joining a union. Yes, it is always an uphill battle and the corporate a/holes are just trying to perserve the massive profits of their position and company.

18 July 2008

Activists Spied On

Police Spied on Activists In Md. - washingtonpost.com

I realize that this may be old hat to some, but I cannot stress enough on this subject. If you are an activist or protester, be warned. Always know those around you........always know that they are watching......and always be careful.

09 July 2008

06 July 2008

Were we duped? - CBC Archives

Were we duped? - CBC Archives

These people bring up some points about the first Iraq war. Interesting!

I was one of the people pointing out this BS in the 90's and I was called everything but a patriot. That was in the days before PCs and when I find my written word I will post it and illustrate that some of us were right and informed back in the "dark ages".

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