27 November 2007

Mouth Of The South Quits

Sen Trent Lott (R-MS) has announced his resignation before the end of the year. Is he leaving to avoid a heated re-election? Hell no! He is moving on for the cash. you see, if he waits for his term to expire he will have to wait 2 yrs before he can become a high priced lobbyist. By leaving now, he will be eligible next year. It is always about the money. Look at all the Repubs jumping ship before the next election. Ask why would these guys give up all that seniority? It is all about the cash! Anything else that is reported is just bullsh*t!

I look for him to become an associate with Mississippi's governor Barbour who is a high priced lobbyist, at least his firm is. The best interests of the country never plays into the equation. The best intersts of the State never plays into the equation. It is now and always about the cash.

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