27 November 2007


Since I am an old fart, I have been watching the American society slowly, but slowly destroy itself, politically. Everything started falling apart in 1968, this is when the fringe factions started influencing the DNC. The war was raging, tempers were raging and all was starting to unravel. Look at the things that influenced, many, many deaths in Vietnam, the young did not want to fight and the young wanted a new direction for the country. And then the Dem convention in Chicago, where the lid blew off the pot. (no pun intended).

The anti-war faction and the social liberals started influencing the Party. That is why McGovern became the candidate over Humphrey or Muskie. The violence in the streets were turning voters from the Dems and this lead to the conserv democrat surge in the South. Because of this the repubs gained many new voters and helped give Nixon a win.

Fast forward to 2007. Now take a good look at the repubs, their party is unraveling before their eyes, just as the Dems did in '68. Fringe factors had gain too much influence on the direction of the Party and the bailing began. There are too many factions struggling for control and influence; this will prove fatal to the election for the repubs.

This repub struggle will most likely give the election to the dems. Then the repubs will have to reinvent themselves just as the dems had to in the past.

My only question is, whether any of this will help the common man? It did not when the dems had to reinvent. Only time will tell. The remake will be interesting to watch.


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