11 December 2007

Realization--The Anti-War

Back in my day a REALIZATION was used when someone gained knowledge or enlightenment--yes it sounds New Age, but you had to be there to appreciate the times. If you were not there--sorry!

Do you know about the "Winter Soldier"? Thomas Paine wrote: "These are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from service to their country....". A winter soldier is that person that in time of need steps up and fights for the people and their concerns. Are you a winter soldier?

This is just to point out that a real patriot looks and acts for the benefit of the country and not for personal gain. When will someone, anyone step forward and take command of the army of people that are being misrepresented?

Look at the situation now. Bush is showing a disregard for the reps of the people, Congress. Under this Pres. our Congress is going the way of the roman Senate, impotent at best. The relative impotence of the Legislative branch and the growing power of the Executive branch is a sad indictment of the future of the US. The Congress is allowed to exist as a PR gesture to the people, to let them think they are participating in a democratic process. In actuality they have little to NO power to effect change.

It is now time for the "Winter Soldier" to step forward; these politicos will not give the country back, they will have to take it back. The start would be to help the American people unlearn their submissiveness. An excellent place to begin is the anti-war movement. Make the Reps bring the troops home! And bring them home NOW!

If you are looking for change in the next election....you will be SADLY disappointed. The frontrunners, all of them, both parties, are business as usual, there will be NO CHANGE if any of these fools win the election.

WAKE UP! we are slowing losing our rights and most importantly, our democracy. YOU can change that! But will you!


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