15 November 2007

Approaching Storm

Tonite, Tonite! Be there or be square! Yet another debate. This time the Dems will be in Las Vegas, the town where illusion and debauchery rule; I could not have thought of a better place to hold a meeting of politicians.

Sorry, I digress--I would like to help my reader(s) with a few pointers. To begin with, American voters will not vote for a weak candidate. So, watch all try to flex their muscle to impression the voter. After years of indoctrination, the American people have got to embrace a perceived strong leader. How strong? That will depend on the definition of the day, of strong.

Clinton stubbed her toe last debate, look for her to come back appearing stronger than ever and at the same time Edwards will be the attack dog. Obama will be Obama and that formula seems to be working. The rest of the pack will not get much play or they will be asked moronic questions.

In my opinion, CNN has already made up its mind on the nominee and will try to convince the viewers on their choice. I will give my scorecard in tomorrows post.

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