30 June 2007

An Answer For Lebanon

This proposal has been offered, but it is not a good idea, IMO.

Lebanon: A New Federal State?

Since the census of 1932 the political breakdown of Lebanese politics is thus:

President is a Maronite christian

Prime minister is Sunni

Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies is a Shi'a.

This is one of many problems in Lebanon. opponents say this formula is out-dated and should no longer apply. The cite the changing demographics of the country. There has been a move or at least the suggestion that Lebanon could benefitr from the Federal system. Not everyone agress. But many political analysts see federalism as a formula to effectively divide Lebanon into sectarian cantons, with ethnic divisions dislodging the unity of the country.

Nadim Shehadi, associate fellow for Chatham House's Middle East Programme, said: "The question of federalism was brought up [during the civil war], at a very different time when divisions of the country were of a more sectarian nature. I think it's come back because of the political deadlock, whereby the differences with Hezbollah are seen to be irreconcilable.

"But federalism wouldn't work as the assumption of federalism is sectarian division and right now the division within the country is political and cuts through all confessions."

Kamal Salibi, a Lebanese historian, says Lebanon is too small for federalism to be effective and advises the country to be patient. But many political analysts see federalism as a formula to effectively divide Lebanon into sectarian cantons, with ethnic divisions dislodging the unity of the country.

Nadim Shehadi, associate fellow for Chatham House's Middle East Programme, said: "The question of federalism was brought up [during the civil war], at a very different time when divisions of the country were of a more sectarian nature. I think it's come back because of the political deadlock, whereby the differences with Hezbollah are seen to be irreconcilable.

"But federalism wouldn't work as the assumption of federalism is sectarian division and right now the division within the country is political and cuts through all confessions."

Kamal Salibi, a Lebanese historian, says Lebanon is too small for federalism to be effective and advises the country to be patient.

If federalism will not because of sectarian divide, then what makes the world think it will work in Iraq? It is failing and no one wants to admit it. People are dying to test an experiment that will not work. Why not try a different tact? surely, well paid analysts can find a better way or here is a novel idea, why not ask the Iraqi people? Silly I know bu they may have a good idea.



29 June 2007

Lessons Learned

Lesson Learned

There are all sorts of plans being prepared for implimentation in Iraq. Soon, very soon the top general in Iraq and the ambassador will be coming to the Congress with their report on how the "surge" is working and will possibly tell the Congress all about the 'benchmarks' and if they are being met or not. Well the first thing that comes to mind is NOT!

In the past the US has employed several plans of action that has been tried in the past and failed. One was the 'foreign' administrators to oversee the running of the government. It was a dismal failure, all the guys chose to run the government were 'outlaws' from the past. They are trying building a wall to separate the different factions from each other so they would learn to play nice. It did not work in China, it did not work in Northern Ireland, it does not work.

Today I read that the Pentagon is review the French tactics in Algeria against an insurgency. As in Iraq, a foreign, largely non-Arab military occupied an Arab country. The French forces also faced a protracted insurgency that used "extreme and systematic use of terrorism" and was aided by neighboring countries, says Harmon.

In response to those conditions, the French built a complex system of barriers that effectively shut Algeria's borders. In the Battle of Algiers, the French mapped out city residents and their social networks. This understanding of the society helped in the successful operation to win control of the capital and shut down bomb-making rings there. They also identified local leaders and then held them accountable if someone in their area attacked the French. Small groups of French soldiers were also stationed among the general population, getting to know the communities they were trying to control. This last tactic is now being employed in Baghdad.

Groups of Algerians who disagreed over whether to fight the French or to negotiate. "But in the end, we got united because we knew it was the only way to fight France."

Unlike the Iraqi insurgency, that unity helped Algerian insurgent leaders develop a strong campaign to undermine political support for the French occupation. They established formal diplomatic ties with other African countries and in Asia and pushed for the United Nations to help end the war and grant Algeria independence. There were also attacks in France proper by Algerian insurgents that killed some 5,000 people, Harmon notes, "to frighten France and make them stop the war."

After reading and thinking on the subject, I came up with this: France lost their colony! So once again the US is not studying history and in doing so has furthered the violence.

Why does the Bush Administration continue to pursue failed policies and tactics as a 'way forward'? Your tax dollar at work.




Well in case you have been in the bathroom playing with yourself--the Pres. immigration bill has failed again! Bush has lost ALL support except for handful of loyals. His War is losing, his immigration has lost, etc, yada.

What is next? Maybe Bush should just go to Crawford and shovel sh*t. I mean he has got to be good at it because he spent so much shovlling it onto the American people.

PEOPLE! Time for a change! STOP! awaiting for these turds to change! It is up to you! Finally move from the herd and exercise your power. Change is needed and you can do it!


28 June 2007

Your Congress

While most you were concerned about the state of Paris, your Congress passed a bill for them to get a pay raise. While most of the Us is lapping up all the bullshit from Paris, the Congress, especially the Dems, were breaking some of their election promises, those of cutting spending and such.

I hate to say, "I told you so"--that is lie! I love saying! Dems are NO DIFFERENT, than the ones they replaced. So STOP deluding yourselves that you have any change with your vote!

Another Coup For The Media

OK the bitch is out of jail, are you happy now? The concern for a broad that could care less aboiut the rest of the states is just so damn moving, makes me proud! BTW, that is called sarcasm!

Newsworthy? At least for CNN. Anderson Cooper dedictated his 360 to Paris and my fav was Larry f*cking King--He bumped Michael Moore, so he could interview Paris.....thinking......I knew he was a hack, but I had, in the past given me the benefit of the doubt. No more! He is a HACK!

OK, for all you mentally challenged, gthe Paris story IS NOT NEWS! At best, it is GOSSIP!

The only newscaster that I will give props to is Mika Brzenzski. Zbig's daughter, she refused to do the story tuesday morning and put it through a shredder on camera. May we move beyond this spoiled little bitch and get back to the news that will effect our daily lives? I may only hope!


27 June 2007

The New Domino Theory

If you are old, like me, you will remember the domino theory from SE Asia, where if one country went communist they all would fall to the commies. Did not work out so well, some fell most did not!

The new theory I say is one in the ranks of the pro-war people. Yesterday sen Lugar a long time repub supporter came out against the war. Voivich also came out. Sen warner said that after the 4 july break more would fall.

Bush will lose all support soon and then we will see the war being seriously considered and hopefully, Americans can stop dying and come home to their families.


Cheney and The Environment

Here some stuff to be proud of (sarcasm intended)

Characteristically, Cheney left no tracks.

The Klamath case is one of many in which the vice president took on a decisive role to undercut long-standing environmental regulations for the benefit of business.

By combining unwavering ideological positions -- such as the priority of economic interests over protected fish -- with a deep practical knowledge of the federal bureaucracy, Cheney has made an indelible mark on the administration's approach to everything from air and water quality to the preservation of national parks and forests.

It was Cheney's insistence on easing air pollution controls, not the personal reasons she cited at the time, that led Christine Todd Whitman to resign as administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, she said in an interview that provides the most detailed account so far of her departure.

The vice president also pushed to make Nevada's Yucca Mountain the nation's repository for nuclear and radioactive waste, aides said, a victory for the nuclear power industry over those with long-standing safety concerns. And his office was a powerful force behind the White House's decision to rewrite a Clinton-era land-protection measure that put nearly a third of the national forests off limits to logging, mining and most development, former Cheney staff members said.

Shall we call him an assh*le?


Blair To Be The New Middle East Envoy

Who's plan is this? Got to be a Bush/Cheney/ Rove thing! Why would he be a good ME envoy?

The quartet gathering came a day after the Israeli, Palestinian, Egyptian and Jordanian leaders held a summit in a unified stance against Hamas and its stunning takeover of the Gaza Strip. Monday's summit at an Egyptian resort on the Red Sea was meant to bolster Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, whose Western-backed Fatah party was severely weakened by the Hamas victory. The Hamas takeover has left the Palestinians with two governments: Abbas' new Cabinet based in the West Bank, and the Hamas rulers of Gaza, who are internationally isolated.

Is this an attempt to try and find peace? Or is it just a pay off for all his "blind" support of the Bush game. Since Blair is a Bush mouthpiece, why would he be an asset in a region that Bush has f*cked up?


26 June 2007

Speaking Of Bloomberg

Today is my B'day so it will be a short day for posts. How old!?! So old I f*rt dust!

Bloomberg--The Rest Of The Story

Michael has decided he is no longer a Republican, kinda like a few years back when he decided he was not a Democrat. Gee, this guy changes affliation quicker than I change socks. What is behind it? Easy! Answer EGO!

Let us look at the possibility of him running for pres. Here are just a few good calls on his part.

1--Can pick and choose the party he wants to run under or run as an independent.

2--He can wait and let the field thin abit as the annouced candidates snipe at each other until they start dropping like flies.

3--Since he has played in both parties, he has the appearance of possibly being bi-partisan.

4--Has more money than GOd so he can wait and wait for the best time to act.

5--Because of his cash, he can finance his own campaign, thus eliminating special interest influence.

IMO, these are just a few of the reasons he may run for president. At least there is something of interest to watch instead of the normal 2 party rhetoric.



25 June 2007

What Is Unity08?

I have mentioned this organization several times in my blog and thought this would help inderstand why I do so.

Unity08--Now Is The Time!

A new NEWSWEEK Poll, conducted Wednesday and Thursday nights, suggests a majority of registered voters agree with Bloomberg: 57 percent say the two-party system does not do a good job addressing issues important to Americans, according to the poll. The same percentage of registered voters say the country needs a third political party. That's up from 46 percent in 2003—and virtually identical to the 58 percent who said they favored a third party back in 1996, the year Ross Perot mounted his second independent run for the presidency.

While voters may support the notion of a third-party candidate for president, they aren’t necessarily sure Bloomberg, the billionaire business-news entrepreneur now weighing a run for the White House, is the man for the job. According to the new poll, nearly two out of three registered voters, 65 percent, say that if Bloomberg runs they are “not too likely” or “not at all likely” to vote for him—including 55 percent of independents. (Only 5 percent of registered voters say they would “very likely” vote for Bloomberg, while 21 percent say it is “somewhat likely” they would support him.)

It seems that the people are not to impressed with our represntatives right now. The Pres approval rate is 26%, not even Nixon can say that. Congress approval rating is 23%. Even with the so-called mandate with the last election, they are getting nothing accomplished. The American people are starting to come out of their self-induced coma they have been in for years and are realizing it is time for a change of leadership.

That brings me to the point! The best, IMO, chance of a third party in the next election is for the group called Unity08. This is from their website:

What We Believe

Unity08 believes that neither of today’s major parties reflects the aspirations, fears or will of the majority of Americans. Both have polarized and alienated the people. Both are unduly influenced by single-issue groups. Both are excessively dominated by money.

For most of the 20th Century, the contest for the U.S. presidency was waged over those “in the middle.” Recent Presidential elections, however, have not been focused on the middle but on the turnout of each party’s special interest groups — with each party’s “base” representing barely ten percent of the American people.

We believe that, while the leaders of both major parties are well intentioned people, they are trapped in a flawed system — and that the two major parties are today simply neither relevant to the issues and challenges of the 21st Century nor effective in addressing them.

As a result, most Americans have not been enthusiastic about the choices for President in recent elections, the key issues they ran on, or the manner in which the campaigns were conducted.

Therefore Unity08 will act to assure that an alternative ticket is presented to the American voters in 2008.

If you truly want a change in Washington and in your life, then I recommend Unity08.com. Get involved, make a difference, you children and grandchildren are depending on you.



Professor's Classroom

With Congress in session, sort of, and the problems that have occurred with pages, like Monika and that rep guy who liked boys; my question for this week's classroom is:

What corporate biggy served as a page in Congress before leading one of the world's largest and richest companies?

There may be a few, but I am looking for specific person.

Good luck and you may begin.


Well it is time again for the most anal comment to be entered into the mix.

The word was 'we don't do nation-building,'" Gen. George Casey, the Army's chief of staff,

OK, then what would you call the rebuilding of Iraq, the attempted rebuilding of Iraq, in the image of the US?

24 June 2007

Weekly News Round-Up

It is that time again! All the news that sounds better with booze.

Kurds are fleeing N. Iraq's border with Turkey--they seem to know something is about to pop!

Trent Lott, the mouth of the South, has called talk radio, the "scourage" of America. Not bad from a guy who is still living in the days of segregation, huh?

Bush down to a 26% approval rating, great he and Nixon have something in common--STUPIDITY!

Ron Paul has been excluded from the next repub debate in Iowa--it is a christian thing so I guess the think he will not have anything positive to say.

Those damn Asians! That is Asian carp that are taken over the aquatic ecosystem of the Mississippi basin they fly thru the air and attack.

OK, Paris has two f*cking days left in prison--tuesday will be the day to take off for me--there will be no actual news on that day.

One last note--there is a South American airline (name withheld to protect the innocent) that during flites there are lingerie models walking the aisles as entertainment. This is a ..................sorry CHUQ had to catch a flite and he will finish this post when he returns--if he returns.


23 June 2007

CIA's Dirty Little secrets

For years I had been telling anyone who would listen about the games the CIA was playing, but I was a whack-o to most of them, but now I can safely say, "Hey Dick Brain, read it and weep!"

1. Confinement of a Russian defector that "might be regarded as a violation of the kidnapping laws."
2. Wiretapping of two syndicated columnists, Robert Allen and Paul Scott.
3. Physical surveillance of muckraker Jack Anderson and his associates, including current Fox News anchor Brit Hume.
4. Physical surveillance of then Washington Post reporter Michael Getler.
5. Break-in at the home of a former CIA employee.
6. Break-in at the office of a former defector.
7. Warrantless entry into the apartment of a former CIA employee.
8. Mail opening from 1953 to 1973 of letters to and from the Soviet Union.
9. Mail opening from 1969 to 1972 of letters to and from China.
10. Behavior modification experiments on "unwitting" U.S. citizens.
11. Assassination plots against Castro, Lumumba, and Trujillo (on the latter, "no active part" but a "faint connection" to the killers).
12. Surveillance of dissident groups between 1967 and 1971.
13. Surveillance of a particular Latin American female and U.S. citizens in Detroit.
14. Surveillance of a CIA critic and former officer, Victor Marchetti.
15. Amassing of files on 9,900-plus Americans related to the antiwar movement.
16. Polygraph experiments with the San Mateo, California, sheriff.
17. Fake CIA identification documents that might violate state laws.
18. Testing of electronic equipment on US telephone circuits.

And this is just the beginning. More to come and come and come.......God! I love being right!


22 June 2007

Congress And The Environment

The US Senate has approved a bill that would require vehicles sold in the US to burn 30% less fuel by the year 2020.

Fuel efficiency will have to be 35mpg. The measure is part of a wider draft law on conserving energy and promoting alternative fuels.

As reported by the BBC. But come on--let us look at this realistically! It is still away to postpone the implimentation of alt fuel vehicles. This is a stop gap thing to appease the people while leaving the oil companies the resource to continue massive profits. I guess the American peoploe are as uninformed as I think they are.

Come on people--look at this plan--it is a band-aid for a gunshot wound!

If this is truly to help our dependency on oil and the environment, why will it take 13 years to impliment? Why not make it the law by 2010 instead of 2020. This whole thing is total bullsh*t!

The price of gas--everyone is just chomping at the bit because the price of gas has gone down a few cents. Life for the SUV culture is becoming more tolerable. OK ask yourself these questions--Is there a real scarcity of oil or is it being constructed by the oil companies? Why is not the maintance of the refineries done when demand is low? Would running refineries at a reduced rate enhance profits? If you find the answers to these questions, then you have the larger picture--a handful of companies can control the people and at the same time make obscene profits.


Nader Comes Out Of The Woodwork

Yesterday Nader implied he would running again as a 3rd party candidate. WHY? Hey Ralph, you cannot win! Go back to sleep, I am sure you need a nap by now. OK let us ressurrect thew Green Party, sure spend time and money on a hopeless cause. Onlky thing you do, Ralph, is get people to sign a petition. Nothing has changed in the 100 years you have been running. Let it go, Bubba!

As long as we are talking about it, Bloomberg, if he runs for president, which party will be the lucky one? A third party? What would be the platform? I know, go out and amass a fortune, then you too could be a candidate for pres. This is a ego-centric person who will not like to lose and will bring whatever party he decides to grace, down.

Just wanted to add that the crazy McCain has fallen to 5th spot, tied with Brownback, in the national polls. Poor guy is self-destructing and quickly. Maybe he should let Sponge Bob do his talking for him. Just a thought.

If a third way is really ever gonna work, then by God, give Unity08 your support!


Hey Candidates! How About A Plan?

Hamas has overwhelmed Fatah in the Gaza Strip and sent the fragile coalition government in Palestine into a tailspin; the ability of President Abbas to lead Palestine is severely undermined. Stability in Palestine is critical for the entire Middle East and especially for Israel.

The United States must play a diplomatic role in guaranteeing unified statehood for Palestine and security for Israel. The Bush administration has missed multiple opportunities to exercise leadership in this area.

At no point during the recent Democratic and Republican debates did any candidate outline a comprehensive plan to address Palestinian issues.

The conflict in Palestine has serious implications for the United States. The challenges are complex and will not be resolved by military intervention. Constructive diplomatic engagement is the answer. Any serious candidate for the presidency must demonstrate the knowledge, fortitude and leadership to utilize diplomacy in the Middle East and elsewhere as the primary means to peace and security.

I mean, Bush's plan seems to be that all the countries in the region must go through a civil war and then look for democracy.

21 June 2007

Is Democracy In Jeopardy?

BAGHDAD, June 20 -- Iraqi Vice President Adel Abdul Mahdi, a senior Shiite politician often mentioned as a potential prime minister, tendered his resignation last week in a move that reflects deepening frustration inside the Iraqi government with Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.

Other senior Iraqi officials have considered resigning in recent weeks over the failures of their government to make progress after more than a year in power, according to Iraqi and U.S. officials.

Abdul Mahdi said he was provoked by the second bombing of the Shiite shrine in Samarra on June 13, in which he said corrupt police abetted Sunni insurgents. "The two minarets were as important to us as September 11, and we should be accountable to the people," Abdul Mahdi said in a telephone interview Wednesday. "We should be doing more to move in a positive direction -- on corruption, accountability and defending the important sites."

No one seems to buy the deomcracy thing in Iraq. The politicians are abandoning the sink ship. If there is a collapse, what will be the outcome. Another Saddam? What will the Bush Boyz come up with as a replacement?



The subject is usual moist talked about during the election process, but in my opinion everyone shoulod be held accountable for everything they say, especially if they are a public servant.

I will bet that someone is asking just what the hell I am talking about. Well let us look mat the Rev. Jesse Jackson.

About a year ago he made the statement that he would pay the accusser of the Duke guys, whether she was truthful or lying. I have been unable to tell if he did what he said or not. There is no contact with the Rainbow Coalition, mail is returned with the box full note.

I, personally, want to know if he kept his word or decided to blow it off. Please, before some accusses me of bigotry, I say bullsh*t! I would ask thye same question if thyePope had made the statement.

If you have the answer I want to hear!


20 June 2007

Big News--Bloomberg Defection--Again!

Gov. Bloomberg has announced that he is leaving the Republican Party to become unaffiliated. (thinking...thinking) this sounds familiar, for some reason. Oh yeah! He quit the Democratic Party to become a Repub for the Gov election in NY.

Is this his attempt to clear the way for an independent run for pres? Probably! But come on, do you really want to support a guy that changes afiliation quicker than I change shorts? Is he opening himself up to independents as a possible candidate. You betcha!

Sorry, but I do not like a crayfisher! A change just to gain political support? Is that really what the American people are looking for? I mean, a guy that has no loyalities, except to himself? If you see this as a good thing, then we as a nation are in sad shape.


In Defense Of A Mental Midget

We all recall Tom Cruise, the mental midget, and his rants about shrinks and their drugs, being the cause of all society's probs. You recall him attacking Lauer or how about his hopping around on a couch on Oprah, and you people still pay to see him on screen? He has to wear shoe lifts so that he appears to be of narmal heigth.

Well a fellow Scientologist, Travolta, has come to his rescue. Saying that Tommy bo was correct that shrinks and drugs were to probs at places like Colombine and VT and that gun control should not really be the issue but the elimination of the real prob, shrinks.

Well SH*T! He was such a great guy during and after Katrina that I had a new found respect for him and then he has to go f*ck up everything!

Is there a possible way to muzzle so-called "celebs"? Never mind, I guess it is a "freedom of speech" thing.

Oh well, sorry to burden you guys, go back to sleep!


19 June 2007

Tiger Woods

The big news is Tiger has become a daddy. Congrats! But I would like to talk about his speech after com9ing in second at the US Open. He was a bad loser, he was pouting and saying that 2nd was no good, etc. I did not hear him say anything about the guy who won. Stop whining! How much did you make for 2nd? come bubba get over yourself. You may not like the fact that you did not win, but at least show some sportsmanship! All this from a guy who makes more money than God and he cannot handle the fact that someone played Golf better than he. What A Tool!

Is The World Safe For Democracy?

I believe it was Woodrow Wilson who said, "the world must be made safe for democracy". (thinking.....thinking) Has it been made safe for democracy? (thinking...thinking) Well the US has spent many, many years and dollars and time trying to do just that--so far they are a dismal failure, especially with the rise of Bush II. Just his support for a democratic movement can squash it out of existence. Whus chu talk'n bout, professor?

OK, the two most noteable, Iraq and the palestine situation. we invaded and occupied Iraq in the name of democracy and so far our involvement has killed as many Iraqis as Saddam and democracy is only a catch word in the country. Let us move, shall we? The Palestine situation, we pissed and moaned that there was no democratic processes in the territories; they then had a democratic election and the bad guys won. The US immediately called it a sham and so on and so forth. However, the Palestinian people spoke with their votes and the US ignored the speech. Yeah! that is a democratic thing to do.

With George around democratic process means civil war, apparently. He got it in Iraq with deomcracy and now he has it in Gaza!

Do believe the whole policy thing needs to be revamp and quickly. How many civil wars must they have before someone hits themelves in the forward and say, SH*T! this is not working! The rest of the world needs to be very afraid if the admin starts pushing them on the democracy thing. A quick look around should discourage them from listening to anything Bush and Boyz have to say.


18 June 2007


The latest polls show Hillary double digits ahead of Obama. And Mitt is killing 'em in Iowa. Well let us look at these turns of fortune.

Repubs are jerking off in the corner at this news about Clinton they want to run against her in the election. They feel she is beatable. Of course, it is so early in the process that it is open to interruptation.

Mitt on a personal note, to me he looks like game show host, when he is talking I keep waiting for him to yell out, "And the survey says". That aside he seems to be doing a helluva job with his campaign. But my question now is, When will they begin to really attack his Mormonism? Up to now it has been very little with little substance, but I look for it to become sticky, at best.

Personally. I do not support either one. Why? Thyey are too dependent on the political establishment. I am looking for a third way. At Unity08, I have offered the ticket of Hagel/Clark. That ticket I like because of the various experiences in several fields. It is a good ticket.



Professor's Classroom

Gaza is burning, Iraq IS burnt and all over the world people continue to kill each other; there seems to be no let up.

Good Morning, class! Todays lesson is on war, well the recognition of those who fight in the US miliatry.

The US gives the Medal Of Honor for courage in the face of war, the question is:

Where and when was the most medals of honor given for a single action?

This is not that hard and I expect great things from you.

17 June 2007

Weekly News Round-Up

The world is in flames, and the country is divided and these are the stories that got the most coverage.

All The News That Makes You Snooze!

Bush has to go to Albania to find supporters. The people were thrilled to see him and crowded to touch him and are very good friends of the US, to the point that some US flags were flown upside down.

A woman, Susanne Butts, was caught stealing toilet paper. I cannot make this stuff up! And since it is her third offense, it is a felon. Maybe it was an emergency! Think about it!

Spain has it going on! A bunch of bike riders mgot nude a peddled ass thru thye streets of Madrid to protest global warming. If it had happened in the US, the religious right would have stroked out! So, I am planning an event with nude biker riders, just doing my part for the good of the country.

$54 million for a pair of pants?!? Someone explain this to me, please. I have nothing, I am speechless.

Finally, it was the Queen's birthday---thinking---I do not f*cking care. You people do realize that we fought a war with this group to be done with a monarchy, right? But yet you still have this unnatural desire to know everything royal--what are you thinking?

Believe it or not--Paris is still in jail! OK can sainthood be far away?


16 June 2007

Living And Dying In Gaza

A quote by a respected Arab journalist, Tariq Alhomayed

What has happened in Gaza and the emergence of the Islamic principality of Hamas can only be described as earth-shattering. Its impact will be felt by everyone, not only Palestinian citizens. It will influence the [Palestinian] issue itself, the dream of a Palestinian state as well as Arab countries and nations. The impact of the emergence of the Islamic Principality upon our Arab world will not be like the emergence of the Taliban, rather it will be more dangerous as it will affect Arab security.

The Roadmap is dead! The Middle East has become a more dangerousa place. Abbas has set to making a new government with the hopes to retain western support.

RAMALLAH, West Bank - Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas is set to form a new government on Saturday, sealing the divide of the Palestinians after the capture of the Gaza Strip by his Hamas rivals.

Abbas, bolstered by strong Western backing in the deadly standoff with the democratically elected movement, named a new moderate prime minister for his emergency cabinet on Friday but his rule is likely to be limited to the West Bank.

This situation will make any peace in the area more difficult--Hamas will get Iranian aid, if it already does not. And what of Syria? I am not convinced that Syria is in that deep with Hamas. It will be interesting to watch the scramblings that will go on in the next few days. Even the mild mannered Qadafi has an opinion.

RABAT - Libyan leader Muammar Gathafi said on Friday Palestinians should deal with their own problems, asking other Arab countries to stay out of a power struggle between Hamas and Fatah.

"The Palestinian issue has to be left to the Palestinians to deal with. Arabs have to stay away of the problem. What have Arabs done for the Palestinians? They have only exploited the issue for their own interests," Gathafi told Al Jazeera television.

And the song goes on!



Yet another quote to be in the running for the dumbest BS you have ever heard.

O'Reilly explained. "CNN and especially MSNBC delight in showing Iraqi violence because they want Americans to think badly of President Bush, and that strategy has succeeded."

Hurry and include your fav bullsh*t statement.

Weekly Political Quote

Power-worship blurs political judgment because it leads, almost unavoidably, to the belief that present trends will continue. Whoever is winning at the moment will always seem to be invincible. - George Orwell,

This one seems to be quite appropriate.


15 June 2007

Joe Biden's Iraq Plan

At least Biden has an idea for a solution to the problems in Iraq.

A Five Point Plan for Iraq

1. Establish One Iraq, with Three Regions

  • Federalize Iraq in accordance with its constitution by establishing three largely autonomous regions - Shiite, Sunni and Kurd -- with a strong but limited central government in Baghdad
  • Put the central government in charge of truly common interests: border defense, foreign policy, oil production and revenues
  • Form regional governments -- Kurd, Sunni and Shiite -- responsible for administering their own regions
2. Share Oil Revenues
  • Gain agreement for the federal solution from the Sunni Arabs by guaranteeing them 20 percent of all present and future oil revenues -- an amount roughly proportional to their size -- which would make their region economically viable
  • Empower the central government to set national oil policy and distribute the revenues, which would attract needed foreign investment and reinforce each community's interest in keeping Iraq intact and protecting the oil infrastructure

3. Convene International Conference, Enforce Regional Non-Aggression Pact
  • Convene with the U.N. a regional security conference where Iraq's neighbors, including Iran, pledge to support Iraq's power sharing agreement and respect Iraq's borders
  • Engage Iraq's neighbors directly to overcome their suspicions and focus their efforts on stabilizing Iraq, not undermining it
  • Create a standing Contact Group, to include the major powers, that would engage Iraq's neighbors and enforce their commitments

4. Responsibly Drawdown US Troops
  • Direct U.S. military commanders to develop a plan to withdraw and re-deploy almost all U.S. forces from Iraq by the end of 2007
  • Maintain in or near Iraq a small residual force -- perhaps 20,000 troops -- to strike any concentration of terrorists, help keep Iraq's neighbors honest and train its security forces

5. Increase Reconstruction Assistance and Create a Jobs Program
  • Provide more reconstruction assistance, conditioned on the protection of minority and women's rights and the establishment of a jobs program to give Iraqi youth an alternative to the militia and criminal gangs
  • Insist that other countries take the lead in funding reconstruction by making good on old commitments and providing new ones -- especially the oil-rich Arab Gulf countries

All in all, not a bad plan. Biden is showing himself to be a good choice in the Demos. corner.


It's Legal!

There is alot happening around the world; Gaza is going to crap, Iraq is crap and so on. But listening to the news today on thing caught my attention; Nevada has just made cockfighting illegal. That leaves only Louisiana where the fighting of chickens is legal. Really? Yes, really! Where do you think Popeye's gets the chickens to fry?

This story made me think of the time I was introduced to a thing in South Louisiana called a "chicken drop". This like cockfighting is a gambling thing. What is it? OK, there is a large barn, if you will and a large board, similiar to a football pool board, is painted on the floor. Each square has a number in it, sometimes there is other ways of doing this, but when I was exposed to it this was it. Everyone antes up, you pick a number or such; once the board is full a guy comes in with a chicken, a live chicken, he then shakes it up and squeezes it and then tosses it onto the board. There is losts of cheering, yelling, cussing, etc until the chicken CRAPS! The winning number is where the crap lands.

This is a big party with lots of food, drinks and so on. It was good fun and really enjoyable.


The O'Reilley Report

Now how can you argue with this logic?

The Fox pundit said that "on my program, I don't do a lot of Iraq reporting because we don't know what's happening. We can't find out."

"We don't highlight every terrorist attack, because we learn nothing from that, and that's exactly what the terrorists want us to do," O'Reilly explained. "CNN and especially MSNBC delight in showing Iraqi violence because they want Americans to think badly of President Bush, and that strategy has succeeded."

"If the war in Iraq is indeed a mess," he concluded, "there's little news value in broadcasting daily bombings. By the way, Fox News continues to crush CNN and MSNBC in the ratings, as the folks know news when they see it."

That O'Reilley is a helluva reporter, don't ya think?

14 June 2007

Accomplishments, Please!

There has been alot of lip service about what is going on in Washington. About what the Repubs and Dems are up to. Just thought I would remind my faithful readers of something I posted back after the last election.

Are Democrats Gonna Be Different?

The demos ran a campaign of opposition to the war in Iraq. They were successful in winning the control of both legislative houses. They promise to bring reliablity and honesty to Washington. Now they will be facing the American people with there new brand of representative government.

IMO, there will be some smoke and noise at first, giving the impression that they are doing their part, but when the smoke clears, they will be no different than the last Congress.

There is already Demos who are supporting a surge in military forces in Iraq. They claim it will be only temporary. Same song they sung in Vietnam and a tortal of 50,000+ Americans died. I believe we have been decieved. But only time will prove me right or wrong. I pray I am wrong.

I would like to remind you that because they introduce legislature does not mean it will be enacted. With the idea of 2 houses all bills and such can be shuffled back and forth until the bill is so lost in BS that it will be forgotten.

Participatory democracy is the only way to achieve the people's wishes. BTW, you have representative democracy now, do not confuse the two. Once the people are in control then only then will the legislators be held accountable for their actions. Right now they are only held accountable every 4 years or so; and they count on the short memory of the American people.

IMO--Nothing will change!


13 June 2007

My Look At The Political Scene

Political Pique

HUH? Pique: n, indignation. HUH? Indignation: n, righteous anger.

Now just what the hell am I talking about? I have political righteous anger and it began back about a 1000 years ago when I left the service of my country, the US Army. After my exit from the military I became radicalized; I guess one could say I was on the extreme left of the political spectrum. I found the works of Marx, Karl not Groucho and other such thinkers. ( The Internationale plays in the background) I embraced their teachings, unfortunately the teachings did not embrace me. The problem was factionalism. Each group/party/....had their view of what the US should look like and how it should be approached. Nowhere would any of these groups actually work together for a common cause and because of this the left was as impotent as a guy without Viagra. My core beliefs are still there but I decided to move beyond the BS and work for the betterment of the American people.

And then came 1980! The rise of one Ronald Reagan; the beginning of the neocon movement. For me, it was a black day in American politics; it was when the party became more important than the country and the welfare of its citizens. The sad part about this was that it was not solely the Republicans, but the Democrats as well. The Dems saw what the Repubs were doing with the Party apparatus and they jumped o nto that bandwagon. And in doing so they became impotent. They were tasting the BS that kept the Left from becoming a viable alternative. All programs and policies were for the advancement of the party, not the advancement of the country. Unfortunately, it has been this way for decades and it continued through the 2004 election. Both sides held the path of Us against Them!

Because of this posturing by the parties, I ask--what has been accomplished for the people of this country? Simple answer--Not a damn thing!

Is there any good news? In my opinion--YES! What is it? More voters are labelling themselves as Independents than any other time in our history. That means that they are rejecting a lot of the party machines and are actually looking at issues and platforms before they vote. The time has arrived for a possible third party to make a good show in the election. I say go to Unity08.com they are putting together a great effort to find an alternative to the crap we are fed daily by the 2 parties. Will it win? no telling at this point, but it will open up the possibilities for alternatives and the possibility that the people will elect a president and not a party.

So yes I am very happy that my political pique may be on the wane. I am excited that this election could be the beginning of a new day where the country is the first concern and the party is just a minor footnote to that election. The people are finally realizing they have the power; they do not need a party to be in control. Hopefully, they will continue this minor political revolution and they realize that the people are the power.

I say let the games begin and may the best person win the election for the first time in decades. 2008 will be the beginning, I just pray that it will continue and the American people will never again become complacent and allow this manipulation to occur again.



12 June 2007

Colin Powell

I have been seeing a few stories in the media about Powell meeting with Obama, and others. IMO, this is good! He is a man that I would trust and I am not a Repub, so me saying that is really something. I think he can be trusted and has respect and ethics, which is something dearly lacking in politics.

Will he make a run? Doubtful! He seems to not want to be in that light whatsoever. I like that! IMO, he would be an excellent Sec. of State for the next pres. A few of my friends at Pacifica Nation and I have been talking about maybe him for a Veep. I would have not prob with it, but I think Powell might. We must respect his wishes.

Although I will say he has some of the qualifications for leadership, diplomacy, military service, policy experience and a good presence. Like I have stated I am NOT a Repub and I would have little objections to him in the running. Of course, him going against the grain with Bush does not hurt either. I think he stayed as long as he did with Bush jr was because he felt some loyalty to Bush I and wanted to repay him somehow thru service to Jr. He quickly found that he was being used as a tool of these...people and he decided enough was enough.


11 June 2007

The GONZO Vote

I case you have missed it, there will be the start of a debate in the Congress about the wording of a NO Confidence Vote, to be levelled at Gonzo. It will begin this after noon and go on and on and on......

But what does this really mean? Not much! There is no such binding thing as a call for a vote of no confidence, at least in our form of government. Under a parlimentarian form there is, but in the US, it is a non-issue. So what is the Congress actually doing? They are playing politics and wasting time and money.

Is this what you elected these bozos to do? You mean they cannot find anything more import to spend our time on? It is a prime example of your tax dollars at work.

We must change things and the way governmental business is done. I suggest a look to Unity08, an organization that is working hard to find a new direction for our country and our system.

Find a new way or shut the hell up!


Hey! How About Arming Sunni Insurgents?

This is the new plan, to arm Sunnis, and use them to fight al-Qaeda. It worked in Anbar provence. But did it? The news out of al-Anbar is that the coalition of Sunni tribes is falling apart and things may be back to business as usual soon. So to use that as an example of how this works is just plain stupid. But no, we want to arm and finance another group of Sunnis to help fight al-Qaeda. Is this a good idea? What would stop them from using all these resources against US troops?

Questions upon questions. The most important question needs to be asked, are you out of your f*cking minds?" These plans for the "Way Forward" just keep getting more and more frantic and ill-conceived.

When, oh when, will they ever learn? Probably when it is way past. "too f*cking late".


Professor's Classroom

Good morning class. I hope you had a good weekend.

OK today's question involves what some consider one of the most important documents of the civilized world, the Magna Carta. The question is:

The Magna Carta was signed in what year and where? Easy huh? Then who would said this about the document? "TheMagna Carta is a shameful a a demeaning document that was forced on the king by violence and fear."

Oh yeah, a bonus question:

There are 17 copies of the Magna Carta, one is in the US, who owns it and where is it displayed?

Good luck and the clock is ticking.

10 June 2007

GEE-8 Do Nothings In One Place

It just ended! The G8 conference of the 8 wealthiest countries that get together ever so often to plot the world direction. Sounds more like an opportunity to get together and divide the world up as the Church did back in the 15th and 16th centuries.

This one was a failure! Aren't they all?

The leaders of the G8 countries (Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, and the United States) said their farewells without an agreement on international trade negotiations, or on eliminating subsidies for agriculture in the industrialised world, a move that would give development a boost in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

No agreement was reached either on a new regulation of the highly speculative, and therefore risky, hedge funds, nor on the political status of the Serbian province of Kosovo.

At the same time, the only accords the G8 leaders reached in Heiligendamm -- on a medium-term reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and new aid for Africa -- are considered as weak compromises, tailored only to avoid the impression that the summit was a total failure

The Bush-Putin dispute was there to keep the news away from the actually lack of any progress at the summit. I guess the important issue like agriculture reform, emmissions, etc will have to wait for the Japan meeting in 08. None of these meeting are for the benefit of anyone but the 8 members, the rest of the world can go to hell for all they care!


Weekly News Round-Up

Damn! Sunday already! All the news you cannot possibly use.

1--Some guy set a new hot dog eating record at 59 and half dogs----thinking----Why? Apparently it is important to be known as the biggest PIG on the planet. I pass.

2--Larry Flint has offered $1 million again for any info of sex deviation in Washington. So far no takers. Maybe he shpuld take with the Washington Madame she needs monetary help with her defense. Just a thought.

3--An ABC poll shows that 73% of the people think the country is heading in the wrong direction. And this is the same people that will return the do-nothings to Washington for another 4 yrs. Logic? NONE!

4--Some guy sues the maker of Boost energy drink brcause it gave his a hard on for 4 hrs. His wife/girlfriend sent a thank you note.

5--Pres gets pee-pee whacked on immigration. OK, we are aware that there is pros and cons on immigration. Now I ask those against the bill, what is your answer and please, DO NOT say we need to secure the borders--that is obvious, I want to hear your plan.

6--This is my fav of the week--Al Gore and Fred Thompson are running 3rd in their respective paries as candidates for the nomination. ........thinking.......only in the US could those not running be in the running. I have heard many, many excuses why this is--but the reality is--it is just f*cking stupid!

In closing I would like to ask, Have you heard the one about the guy with TB? And I say agsain, if not please send me your address, I will move there tomorrow!

I exit with a quote:

Do not hate the media, become the media!


09 June 2007

Whose Treaty Is It?

This was gonna be a post on my fav discussion board, but since my cable connection is being a complete DICK; I decided to post it here for all to read.

Native Americans And The Government

I am sure that everyone recalls the "treaties" that the US entered into with the Native Americans. History books speak of them and move on, so people's knowledge of them is extremely limited to whatever stance the author of the textbook decided to take.

Take a look at the Constitution, native peoples were not included when the Constitution was first adopted in 1787. Why? Well, good question! Natives were never considered citizens of the country and the founding fathers never believed they would ever be.

1871, a year of infamy! That is the year that the US government decided that it would stop making treaties with individual "tribes". That year the Congress passed a law, Title 25, Chapter 3, Sibchapter 1, Section 71 of the US Code. This law declared that Indian tribes were not sovereign nations with whom the US could make treaties. Since that year, Congress has regulated Indians affairs through legislation, which is better for Congress, since laws instead of treaties, do not need the consent of the Native Americans.

Treaties entered into by the US before 1871 are still valid, anything after that date is not. The Common Clause of the US Constitution distinguishes individual "tribes" from nations and from states. The original Constitution does not address what "tribes" were, only what they were not.

Once this took place, the government no longer threated the "tribes" as individual nations, they became part of an ethnic gropup known as "Native Americans" or "American Indians".

This single act did more to harm the rights of individual nations, tribes, to you, than anything before or after. Navajo became the same as Apache. That will not fly! No nation is a nation, they are all just Native Americans.

One of the founders of the American Indian Movement once said, "The Pilgrims did not land on Plymouth Rock--Plymouth Rock landed on us!"



Another anal-ocity

If you remember I started this section to find the most assinine or anal statement, to be considered for an award at the end of the year. Please submit any statement or quote that you think would be anal.

The one I chose for this week comes from the court proceedings of one Paris Hilton. I am sure that everyone knows what has transpired in the last week, if not please send address for I will move there tomorrow.

When order back to jail in her last court appearance she threw a tantrum and yelled.


Not fair? If she was searching for sympathy, may I suggest she go to a Webster's--she will find sympathy --between Shit and Syphillis! Enough said? I think so!


Political Quote For The Week

Since my cable connection is piss poor and I had to resort to dial-up, I decided to start a new section to be posted every saturday, that being a political quote for the week. I will start with one of my favorites from Gore Vidal:

"Politics: A combination of two words, poli from the Greek meaning "many" and tics, are blood sucking insects".

How accurate is that? IMO, an excellent observation. Thoughts?

08 June 2007

The Day The Earth Stood Still

I wish I was talking about the 50's movie, but unfortunately I am talking about Paris Hilton. I have thought about this a bunch, well not really, but anyway, if the American people would show this much interest and concern for their country and their political system we would be a better place for it.

Look at today's stories--Paris has a court date--then she will do it from home--then she will have to show in court, then the judge sends a car for her, then she is put in handcuffs, like that has not happened in her bedroom, and then...........on and on. Ok what is the deal with this broad? Parents are worried about what TV and the movies are teaching their kids, but yet this microcephalic bitch is allowed air time. She is telling the young that she is special. can get special treatment, and does not need to take responsibility for anything.

I am most upset in the fact that news and death and violence and so forth and so on is happening all over the world, but yet this blonde dink gets all the ait time.

I can only pray that the observation made by Russell Baker, when he said, " Live by publicity, you'll probably die by publicity". We can only hope that Miss Paris falls pray to this.


07 June 2007

Justice Is Served!


Paris Hilton has been released from jail after 5 days of the 23 day sentence is served.

Please forgive me--I do not want this to be a fluff blog or a gossip blog, but I feel i must comment on this deal.

Poor little rich girl--that mean old cell was too bright, too cold, she could not eat or sleep. It got so bad that she had to have a visit from her shrink. At a news conference, officials said she was put on the house arrest program and she would be released because of a unspecified medical condition.

H. Rap Brown in the 60's said the American justice was just-us white folks. Sounds like he was pretty right in his observation. Paris has shown the legal system for what it is--a pile of crap and that if you have enough money --you can get away with anything.

I am sure that Paris has learned her lesson. (sarcasm) I am sure that she now has nothing but respect for the law. (sarcasm) If I were a law enforcement person or a lawyer or a court officer, I would be embarrassed at the utter contempt for the law.

As for her unspecified medical condition--she is a c*nt! A spoiled little rich bitch that desparately needs to be bitch slapped and force fed a burger! She now knows she is better than us common people and the has just reinforced her belief that she can do NO WRONG!

This society makes me sick!

I am CHUQ and I have approved this message!



Classroom Supplimental

Just thought I would give people something to talk about.

What was "Trigger's" first movie and who rode him?

Clue: Was not a western.

Turks Invade Iraq

This is a follow up to my post of a couple of days ago. The news now is that a limited incursion of Turkish troops have entered into N. Iraq. Probably a special ops mission before the big bang. But at the same time Washington, Iraq and Turkey say they have not entered into Iraq. There are reports from Europe that say thus is a falsehood. Now it comes down to whether you believe Washington, I mean they have been so truthful with the facts in the past, or you believe the other reports.

The US media is still fairly silent on this occurrance, so I tend to believe it is happening the way it is reported from other sources.

Answer me this, if you can:

1--Why did the US troops pull out of N. Iraq last week? Good security? He asked as the car bomb goes off.

2--Why no news coverage?

3--What about the friends of the US, the Kurds?


06 June 2007

Follow Us Home!

Are You Safer Now?

This question was asked of the Republican candidates during a recent debate. Almost to a man they said yes. And it is because we are in Afghanistan and Iraq fighting against al-Qaeda, et al. Also almost to aman they said that if the US pulls out of Iraq, the bad guys will follow us home and we in turn, woulod be less safe than we are now.

May I see a show of hands of those who feel the way that the candidates do?

I have two things to interject here. One--those looking into that crystal ball are the same people and the same crystal ball that sent us to Iraq in the firsat place. They wrong then and possibly are wrong now. Two--If you believe that the bad guys will follow us home I would like to ask, whay of the two plots discovered in the US?

I would say that they do not need to follow us home, they are already here. These people both have al-Qaeda links, at least that is the story fed to the media. For the sake of argument, why would they follow us homee, if they are already here?

I am not saying that these guys are innocents but that it comes at a most advantadeous time for the admin. Someone needs to call their bluff on the follow us home diatribe. But I do not think it will happen. And some journalists, if there are any left, should pursue these stories and find out all they can, without using the DHS line.

So, do you really feel safer now?



Pope Attacked

Today while the Pope was riding in his "pope-mobile" across the square and unknown assailant tried to jump into the car. He was thwarted in his attempt by the Pope's security dudes.

After hearing this I got to thinking about world events. If Osama's words cause others to attack, then it is possible that the words of the repub candidates on religion, empowered this guy to attack the Pope.

Just a thought!


Republican Debate--NH Edition

The Repub candidates took to the stage for a CNN debate--and as usual they all got their talking points in on abortion, religion, immigration, gays, and of course terror. The debate was about as stimulating as watch flies mate. My breakdown as I saw it:

Mitt as usual look and sounded presidential, but not much to sink your teeth into.

Rudy--Believe it or not he got to play his ONLY trump card, 9/11, at least twice. other than that he was flat.

McCain--he finally calmed down and actually had something to say. Especially on immigration and his usual line on Iraq.

Paul--Once again Paul brought subjects and ideas that the others cringed to think about.

The also rans--

T. Thompson actually had something to say about healthcare. Huckabee was well Hucka....... Brownbeck has a new plan. Tancredo tried to show some passion, he failed, but at least he tried.

Nukes were envogue for an alt energy; all seem to support it as a clean alternative. Just when you thought it was safe to take a nap--BAM! They actually talked about a real issue--healthcare. Not one of them had an acceptable plan, but at least they talked about something that concerns the majority of the country.

OKIE DOKIE! Who won, Professor? (drum rolling and a rim shot) I gave it a tie to Romney and Paul. Mitt because he did not screw up and was well rehersed and Paul for actually talking on topices with an actual idea and not some rehash of conservative ideology.

The others were just there to make an appearance and keep the peoploe guessing.

I am CHUQ and I have no idea who approved this message.



05 June 2007

Are The Kurds Screwed Again?

Do not know if you know that in 1917 the Kurds were promised a country at the end of WWI. Well, sh*t happens and they were denied. Then George I showed up and there was hope thanks to the Kuwait thing. OOPS! They were denied again. OMG, George II came to call and the possibility of a nation was again on the lips of Kurds. They have been a good friend in the area. Of course they are, they are trying to find someone to give them a country.

Last week the US pulled troops from the Northern part of Iraq citing a good security situation and the troops were no longer needed. Well the Kurds have been at odds with the Turkish government for many years and during that time barbs have been passed between the two. Basically a war of words, with a little violence thrown in to make the situation more interesting.

Well on 03/06/07, the Turkish army began shelling N. Iraq. There reason, they were going after the "terrorist" PKK. Now did we pull the troops to avoid any entanglements with Turkey? Did the US sanction this attack? What will be the outcome? All great questions, with no one talking about it or wanting to answer.

Appears to me that the US has once again turned its back on the Kurds, just as it did with the first Iraq conflict. This situation begs for a few honest answers. Never mind, we are talking about the Bush Admin and honesty is in short supply. One more question. Why is the US media not reporting this occurrance?

Just a few thoughts.



04 June 2007

Professor's Classroom

Since so much is in the news about gas and oil prices, I thought I would expand the knowledge.

When did the modern oil industry begin? By whom? And when and where?

Good luck and you may begin.

Class may I have your attention for a moment? There is a bonus question.

Who said "Play it again, Sam" and where?

Easy, right?

Democratic Debate--NH Version

Let me begin with--the debate was about as exciting as watching grass grow. The first thing I noticed was the "mutual admiration" society on the stage. Everyone going out of their way to say something polite about their counterparts--that was a yawn!

Now to the grits and the gravy

Hillary--was a rehash of sound bytes

Obama--unimpressive and stiff

Edwards--Held his own on Iraq, healthcare, etc. But he is an oxymoron--a personal injury lawyer that talks about honesty.

Biden--A bit confrontational and told the audience some hard cold facts.

Kucinich--Tried but he could not do it. Trying to find a hook to get in the top tier.

Dodd, Gravel, Richardson--were there! No more can be said than that.

Depending on who you support on who the winner was, but since I am not a democrat I will give my opinion.

Biden won the debate! He gave his positions and defended them with skill.

Edwards was a close second--he made his points and moved on. The healthcare exchange was about the best of the night.

It is a shame that people have probably nade up their minds who they will support and the others will be ignored.



03 June 2007

Weekly News RoundUp

All the news you cannot use! It has been a pretty good week for CRAP!

Firecrotch, Lindsey Lohan got nailed for DUI and possibly Coke. No not the soft drink! Anyway, she is in Rehab. What kind of rehab lets you go shopping, partying, and such? They are just places "celebs" go to hide.

Residents of S. Florida are concerned with a 4 foot 80 lb lizard that is on the loose and threatened some locals--thinking...thinking...wait a f*cking minute, they feel somehow threatened by this lizard and they live with 12 ft. gators and snakes the size of SUVs.

A new museum opens in Kentucky, the Creation Museum, where man and dinos are together and even dinos on the ark. I cannot make this stuff up!

Atlanta QB is in the middle of a dog fighting investigation in VA. If you are a magnet for bad PR, why would you be involved in a felony like dog fighting?

Dr. death, Kevorkian, has been released from prison. May I suggest that the Bush Admin give him a call. His way is a lot quicker than their way.

Did you know that they found residual amounts of Cocaine and weed in the air in Rome? You mean all I have to do is breathe? My planes leaves in 2 hours.

Before I call it a day--Did you hear the one about the guy with TB? If you have not--where do you live, I want to move there!

May you have a very Brady day!


02 June 2007

The Russians Are Coming!

Awhile back Georgey boy "looked into Putin's soul and saw a friend". Ooops! Could he have been mistakened? Not our Pres. (sarcasm intended) Today Putin compared the US to Nazi Germany. Does that sound familiar?

The Cold War arms race is about to heat up. The US has spent $23 billion on a missile system and Russia is testing rockets that could carry nukes. Does any of that sound like something from the past? It should!

Where will this lead? Will the communist return? Will Russia become a power again? This is an unfortunate side effect of the Bush scheme for the world; it is backfiring on him and thanks to him we are about to be engulfed in another confrontation with Russia. If the war of words go badly, then the face off will ensue.


Is Spain Really A Bad Guy?

MADRID, Spain (AP) — U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Cuba was on the verge of a "major transition," and chided Spain on Friday for not doing more to support dissidents in the communist island nation.

Rice was speaking en route to talks with Spanish leaders, during a one-day visit meant to smooth over a three-year downturn in relations between Washington and Madrid.

But the disagreement over Cuba has threatened to wash away any growing goodwill. At issue is Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos's decision to snub Cuban dissidents on a visit to Havana in April, a move that irritated Washington

The above is a piece about the admin whacking Spain's pee-pee for now siding with the US. Utterly ridiculous. Why? The US is still pissed that Spain pulled out of Iraq and they are taking every opportunity to scold them on something. Pathetic ain't it?

Spain was looking after the best interests of their country, something Bush should try. I beleive that was why we elected, right?

OK, let us talk about Cuba. recently oil reserves were found off Cuba and the US starting posturing themselves to oppose anyone that may help Cuba get the crude out of the ocean floor. This is stupid! 90 miles off the US is an oil reserve and we will not help get it out because we have this ideological difference with Castro. This is stupid! We will not buy oil from Cuba but we will buy from an unstable country like Nigeria. This is stupid!

Why is this? Answer is pretty easy. The Cuban oil industry will be nationalized and thusly oil companies will not be able to rape the reserves. It is business that is the problem and politics will play a role; they do not want to alienate their conserv Cuban base in Florida.

The whole oil industry is a bit ridiculous and unfortunately, the American people have empowered them to do as they see fit, not what is best for the country. Your President is a yes man for the industry and with the next election, little will change.



01 June 2007

A Despicable Scam!

Scammers are everywhere, but come on this one is by far the most tasteless. Some vets family gets a call and the scammer says that the soldier has been wounded and they need a SSN and DOB before they can treat the person. Of course, with the info in hand the scammers go about stealing the person identity.

This form of theft should be lumped into the treason law! And punishable by death! The troops and vets have enough problems with getting the care they need and now you have this form of abuse. You want this to stop? Then execute!


Bush Environmental Plan

Let me begin with--WHATA JOKE! Bush does not have a plan!

He went on TV and announced his new plan and from what I have heard it will start when the Kyoto Protocol lapses in 2012. Is this a plan? His thing calls for all countries in the G8 and Australia, to come together and work out a plan to save the environment. Why now? The only answer one can give is--POLITICS! AGAIN!

He wants to include India and China who were left out of the original Protocol, not a bad thing, but to wait another 5 years before the US enters into these talks is just plain stupid and very generous to the industries that are doing most of the polluting.

This is just an opportunity for the Pres to appear to be doing something about something that he has ignored for 7 years. It also gives the industrial sector an extended timeline before they actually have to do anything to save the environment. Before they have to spend some of the profits they have been making for the last 20 years.

Also it will give the Repubs something to use in the elections--they will then have a plan they can start building a case for and finding scientists that will help them sell the idea. That should not be too dificult, because money will talk for them.


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