14 December 2007

Politics And Religion

I read a story this morning that Huckabee was not alone in his ignorance of Mormonism.....that not many outside the religion have any idea what it is all about. This started me thinking....why is this so damn important? Personally, I do do not care if these people stop at a walmart parking and pray to shopping carts. The real question or concern should be how many children will go to bed hungry? How many more vets will kill themselves? How much longer will a war continue? will there ever be a fair health care program? All of these are far more important than what a person does with his/her Sunday morning.

Ask yourself if the person you support will benefit you and your family. Do not base your decision on what he/she believes religiously.

Another thing in these political ads--shown with wife and kids--okay i get it his dick works. But I do not care if his dick works--that has little to nothing to do with his capability to lead the country.

Please make your decision rationally and logically, but leave the horseshit on the road where it belongs.



bandore said...

When considering the sizes of those voting blocks it seems naive to imagine that a devoted Baptist or Mormon Christian fundamentalist as US president would ignore his/her dogma regarding abortion, birth control, gay equality, drug legalization, mental health care or stem cell research.

CHUQ said...

I will agree they will not ignore their dogmatic indoctrination. What I mean is that these issue are used by politicians to keep reall issues from being talked about.

The more time you spend on fear, gays and abortions, the less time there is for real issues, economy, healthcare, the environment. If you can get people to vote on emotional issues then one would not have to address issues that are important to ALL Americans.

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