08 November 2007

You Wanna Another Raise?

Not at work! The US deficit has reached another all-time high. $9 trillion, I believe. That means we are looking at another ceiling raise to compensate for this spending. BTW, the ceiling has been raised 5 times with Bush at the helm. So much for Repubs being for smaller government.

He recently, Bush that is, vetoed a massive water bill because he said it was too expensive. Did I miss something? But yet, the billions upon billions thrown at Iraq and Afghanistan is money will spent? The water bill was probably full of pork in one form or another and I would agree that it that is the case then trim that sh*t and go again. You guys voted for these ass wads, are you happy now?

Yesterday, the Dow lost 360 points, ouch! They say it is because of the sub-prime debacle. Actually the sub-prime lenders are under investigation and the sell off was the hedge funds running for cover. Rats deserting a sinking ship, if you will.

NOTE: There has been a few predictions that inflation will return. First of all, let me give you a little knowledge. The two most important things to the consumer is gas and food. These go up and seldom come down, but when the government figures the inflation rate these two are not part of the equation. Why? They say those markets are too volatile to be used to get an accurate picture of the economy. Really? Those two markets tell the story, these are the things that effect the people more than anything else. But we do not use it to keep the markets stable and profitable.

Just thought you might like to know.



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