13 December 2007

Democrats Fall Apart

The Democrats are not consistent they , like all politicians, will fly with changing winds. this is where the party starts to fall apart. For instance, the waterboarding thing, Rep. Jane Harmen has files a letter of protest over the use of this tactic. That is all well and good, but she is a supporter of HR 1955, which simple put, would be the thought police.

People have to know this stuff or you will keep making the same mistakes in the elections you have been making for decades. This a/holes will say and do whatever gets them positive press. And the media does not report on the happenings in Washington accurately. They would rather spend their time in search of ratings by report on some missing wife or a shooter at a mall. All the while crap like HR 1955 sneaks in under the radar until it is too late to do anything but bitch.

When will the American people realize just how useless they are to these people? They pretend to care every 4 years or so just to get the vote by massaging the genitals with bullsh*t.

Wake up America!


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