14 November 2007

Ethics Reform?

You recall earlier this year the Congress got an ethics reform bill thru Congress and they taunted us with the fact , by saying they were making good on their promises to clean up Washington and stop the influence of lobbyists. But did they?

Despite the Congressional restrictions on trips paid for by lobbyists and special interests, lawmakers received free trips worth about $1.9 million during the first eight months of this year. Is that good? Yeah right! It is more than was taken in all of last year. So how are those ethics reforms doing?

One day the American people will realize that the influence of the special interests will never be diminished as long as this system is allowed at all. It needs to be whacked down and ALL influence other than the voters should be eliminated.


conley said...

what can we do to stop this? besides outright revolution i don't know what the american people can do to reverse things. it seems like the politicians have just become too rich, too powerful to be stopped. sorry if i seem pessimistic tonight :(

CHUQ said...

Hi conley--We can start a drive to make the reps be recalled when they violate the trust of the voter. It is a small step but it would be a start.

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