14 December 2007

A New Idea For Future Debates

I have watched and watched and .......the debate process over the last year and I see a reall disservice to the American people. The media controlled debates are a joke. even the ones hosted by PBS. This trend has got to stop. The media is looking for ratings not knowledge. they want the cat fights and the insults and attacks and....

I have an idea! Why not have the debates, even in the primaries close together...say there is a GOP debate on Jan 1 then have the Dem debate on Jan 2......ask the same questions of the Dems as the repubs. Then the people that would be watching could compare the different candidates and their stands and then they would have a solid base from which to make an accurate choice of which candidates best represents the stands and policies that they are drawn to.

The process now, seldom are the different party candidates asked the same questions, so if you are a Repub you get only questions that plays to the base and same with Dems. How would the voter know that they are TRULY voting for the person that has a good chance of fixing the country?

The media is a prime suspect in the destructive partisanship of the voter. They need this to keep ratings up and to keep their cutesy jobs.

Please, demand change......you are living in a world that does not need partisanship...it needs a REAl leader.....how do you know you are getting that now?


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