04 December 2007

Huckabee/Obama Lead In Iowa

A recent poll taken in Iowa show that Huckabee has passed Mitt and Obama has vaulted past Clinton. This is an interesting turn, Mitt has spent millions in the state, Huckabee has spent thousands. Huckabee is connecting with the religious right and Mitt has to go on national TV to explain Mormonism. That is how worried he is.

Obama has a 5 pt. lead on Clinton at last Iowan poll. And all of a sudden she does not look so invincible. She and her minions have begun a campaign of attacks against Obama. She and they are getting a bit nasty and questioning his character and his integrity. To the point of his kindergarten when he said he wanted to be pres. She is assaulting his ambition. She and they have said that he should not be pres because of his ambition and lack of experience. To the point of saying, that he is not qualified for the presidency. BULLSH*T! what happened to the dream that everybody had the chance to be president? he is showing her elitist leanings.

Both Mitt and Clinton, with their renewed attacks are appearing to be desperate and are grasping for approval. Mitt can afford to come in second, for Huckabee will not play well in NH. Clinton would not lose a lot of support by finishing second in Iowa , but that would show that she is not inevitable. She and her handlers are running scared.


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