11 November 2007

Kucinich VS Tucker

Kucinich has taken a lot of heat lately, his "hot" wife, her tongue stud, his ears, his seeing a UFO; the others will dis him and his wife at every turn, but few will actually engage him in issues. They are afraid of him. They will not engage him on issues because they are afraid the people will listen and that will threaten the status quo that the rest of the candidates represent. Yes he has a good looking wife, but just what does that have to do with issues?

Recently, Tucker on MSNBC had Dennis on and attacked him for the impeachment bill, he called the bill an overthrow of the government and Dennis fired back with a constitutional reference that Tucker had to accept. Tucker attacked and Dennis coolly and calmly dissected Tucker to the point that he handed him his cajones on a stick. Congrats!

Tucker is a HACK; his ratings suck and he needs to go to decaf! Kucinich has shown to be a able debater and a good candidate that offers some different ideas from the media favs. Dennis got my vote, he was confrontational, calm and surgical in the dismantling of Tucker.


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