03 December 2007

Professor's Classroom

(Heavy sigh) OSIM! I know we are entering into another week and that can be a frightening thing.

morning class, todays question is for those who are interested in the economic side of government.

What was the name of the corporation and in 1867, became the instrument by which officials of a railroad transferred land of the railroad to themselves and were later caught trying to bribe members of Congress?

Sounds like what is happening today in the news where CEO and Directors are making billions on deception.

Good luck and make it count.

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CHUQ said...

Another non-productive classroom....who do I have to sleep with to get some participation? I try to help out wherever I can, but it seems to be always one-sided. I will rethink this altogether.

OK the answer is--Credit Mobilier was the Penn. corporation set up to transfer land from the RR to individuals. In 1872 mrmbers of the corp, were attempting to bribe Congress to look the other way.

Tjanx to anyone that at least rfead the goddamn question.

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