31 October 2007

Recent Democratic Debate

Last night was the day that Obama promised something new in his campaign. For the life of me I could not find anything new.

Here is my take on the debate--I am not endorsing anyone just my observations on the get together.

Edwards--Was pretty strong on his attacks on Clinton and her stands on some of the issues.

Obama--His was a low key attack on Clinton, nothing new there.

Clinton--looked presidential, she remained unflappable, but as usual she was very unclear on her stances and elusive on her answers. Her electability was called into question on several occasions.

Biden--he was pretty good. he had the best line of the debate. when asked about Rudy he said that a sentence from him has three parts; a noun, a verb and 9/11.

Kucinich--as always had good things to say, but it will be overshadowed by the UFO thing.

Richardson--tried to be the good guy, and he just cannot break out of the pack.

Dodd--needs to call it a day and go home.

OK, what were the winners and losers. IMO, Edwards won, not for what he said, but for the tenacity in which he went for Clinton. Clinton was second, only because she kept a cool head under the attacks on her stances. A distant third, was Obama, if that was his attack then he needs to rethink his tactics or go home. Way down in fourth, is Kucinich and Biden, some good points but the media will do everything to downplay their importance. The big losers were Richardson and Dodd.

These are just my personal takes on the debate. I am sure that I am not in the same crowd as the media and talk show hosts.


30 October 2007

US General Gets Wounded

It is being reported that Brig. Gen. Dorko was wounded by an IED that exploded near his convoy. He is resting peacefully in a hospital in Germany. I am so pleased that he is OK. I guess he will earn another Purple Heart for the effort. That should make him popular with the media that wants to spin this war as something noble and good.

The only comment I have on this situation is that it is about time that the Upper echelon felt the fear and panic that is felt by the average grunt. Another thing is I can say "welcome to their nightmare general."

I will watch to see how much play this general gets in the media.

29 October 2007

Professor's Classroom

Another Monday--Another quiz! Damn does he ever get tired? NO I DO NOT! LOL

Today's question is: What President courted the same woman as his son?

Not that difficult, I had a weak moment. Good luck and you may leave when finished.

28 October 2007

Weekly News UpDate

Sunday--Sunday--You bought a seat but you will only use the edge!

Not much happening in the news, except for the massive redundancy of fires.


1-Harry Porter's, Dumbeldore, is gay. Was that really of concern to people?

2--Jindal, elected gov. of Louisiana. The 1st Indian-American to ever get elected as gov. he will also be the youngest. Do you care?

3--Fires in Malibu

4--Fires in Orange County

5--Fires around San Diego

6--Fires in......you have got the picture right?

7--Fires coming under control.

8--Houston couple arrested for cocaine was found in kid's blood.

OK, the redundancy is over, you may return the seat in the upright position.

27 October 2007


Found another anal statement by a world leader. This one is really good.

Israel has vowed not to cause a humanitarian crisis in Gaza - despite plans to cut fuel and electricity in a bid to halt rocket attacks. This one is from the mouth of Israeli PM Olmert.

I wish him luck, he could be the next ASSIE award winner.

Professor's Poll Watch

I recently was doing research and came across all polls that were predicting outcomes of the presidential election. The asked about the three frontrunners in the races. In everyone poll except one the Democrat beat the Repub no matter which candidate was up against the Dems. The only pool that had the Repub beating the Dem candidate was the Zogby poll, it had:

Giuliani beating Edwards by 3%

These early polls are showing just how bad and anxious the American people are to change the leadership of the country.

National Blackout Day

Activists and leaders on the Left have asked for a national day where no one spends money, if not necessary. This is not just anti-war, people are asked to do this in the name of whatever is important to them. The environment, war, civil rights, etc; whatever is important to the individual.

The National Blackout is schedule for the day of 02 Nov 07.

The organizers realize this will not be a total thing, but any help would be appreciated. The old saying , "if you do not stand for something, you will fall for anything" rings true.

Please help, this country is in trouble, deep trouble and financial pain is the only thing most understand. You have the power--USE IT!

California Fire Hardships

Hardships? What are those hardships? Part of an AP story, "With some of the worst wildfires dying down, many Southern Californians lucky enough to find their homes still standing could nevertheless face hardships for weeks to come, including polluted air, no electricity and no drinking water.

Power lines are down in many burned-over areas, and the smoke and ash could irritate people's lungs for as long as the blazes keep burning.

Randy and Aimee Powers returned to this mountain community in San Diego County on Friday to find their home without electricity or water, after fire trucks drained the town's reservoir."

I am sorry for their losses, but what are the hardships? They can find shelter with no prob. There is plenty of food and places to eat, places to stay and etc. Government has done everything but read them a bedtime story, so what will the hardships be?

The hardships will be emotional and that is something the individual has to deal with. Other than that they have it made!

Political Quote Of The Week

Saturday arrives--Fires are quiet--Bush is an idiot--Life is good!

This one is from Truman and it is super good advice that ALL Americans should heed.

You can never get all the facts from just one newspaper, and unless you have all the facts, you cannot make proper judgments about what is going on. - Harry S Truman,

That was fun, let us do it again sometime, say.......next Saturday.

26 October 2007

Blackwater--Government Bail out?

The U.S. Embassy on Wednesday began offering tens of thousands of dollars in payments to victims and families of victims of the Sept. 16 shootings in Baghdad involving security guards from the firm Blackwater Worldwide, according to relatives and U.S. officials.

Family members of several victims turned down the compensation, out of concern that accepting the funds would limit their future claims against the North Carolina-based security contractor and its chief executive, Erik Prince. Others said that the money being offered -- in some cases $12,500 for a death -- was paltry and that they wanted to sue Blackwater in an American court.

What the hell is this!?! The US govt is trying to save Blackwater's butt by trying to get people to settle for a lesser sum.

Why is the US gov. trying to bail out Blackwater? They seem to want the company NOT to be held responsible for its actions. Why? What has Blackwater done for the government that it needs to be protected at all costs? I will be watching, for there is more to this story than reaches the ear.

AFTER NOTE: I read someplace that the US Intel services uses private contractors to gather Intel. Now somewhere, somehow, that has got to be a bad thing. I do not want some "cowboy" agent running around pretending to be 007.

Enough said?

A Case For Self-Defense

I am hoping that you recall last year when Israel invaded Lebanon and pretty much destroyed the entire country's infrastructure. The Israelis were after Hezbollah for its part in scattered attacks and the capture of 2 Israeli soldiers. Shall I go on?

At that time during a news briefing when asked about the invasion, Pres. Bush said, Israel has a right to defend itself against its enemies. He also said that if you harbor terrorists you are just as guilty of terror as the terrorists.

If you take the Pres. at his word, where is the problem with Turkey's impending invasion of N. Iraq? They are defending themselves and the PKK are a terrorist organization that is being harbored in N. Iraq. Where is the problem?

Could it be that only Israel may defend themselves? Let us see here, Hezbollah held 2 Israeli soldiers hostage, right? The PKK is holding 8 Turkish soldiers hostage, where the difference? Hezbollah is designated as a terrorists organization, BTW so is the PKK. Where is the difference? Well, Israel is a parliamentary democracy, so is Turkey. Where the difference?

OK mental midgets, you really want to know where the difference is? AIPAC! This lobbying group has a lot more bought influence than any Turkish lobby. It is all about MONEY! One could make the case that Israel is a Judeo-Christian religion and Turkey is Muslim. You may not want to hear that, but it does make a difference.

The real reason that Bush is trying to stave off an invasion by Turkey is because of his legacy. He is afraid that it will get even more bad than it is now. He has beat his chest about going after terrorist wherever they are found, yet he and his entourage have allowed a terrorist group to operate out of a country they control.

Watch this an see which way the Turks will go. Will they take the plunge and embarass Bush by invading Northern Iraq?

26 Oct 07

25 October 2007

The Cave In Continues

Miners are not the only ones suffering from cave ins, the American people are suffering also. I know, HUH?

Rep. Stark has apologized for his comment about the president and his amusement at sending troops to die. (a paraphrase) He has issued a statement of apology. OK, how nice! He is a coward! The Dems are cowards! I will bet you want to know why I say this?

They are caving to the Pres and political pressure. They cannot stand up to this Pres so they will cower to him. Not what I want from a rep! I want someone that will say what is on his/her mind and stand by what they say.

Why have not the Dems used the press conference the Pres had on 17 Oct 07, when he was predicting a WWIII if Iran gets nukes? He spoke about a WWIII with a smirk and a chuckle. Sounds like he is amused by the possibility of war, to me. But the Dems let this piece of ammo they desperately need slip through their fingers. Why? what do they have to gain by apologizing? Oh yeah, there is something they will gain!

Will you people please wake up and see the writing on the wall! I cannot for the life of me, understand why you keep putting your faith in these people, that spend their time on personal gratification and none on the betterment of their people. Why? what is it that gives these wealthy, self-serving pricks the support?

'Politics' is made up of two words, 'poli,' which is Greek for 'many,' and 'tics,' which are blood-sucking insects.
- Gore Vidal

I like and agree with Gore Vidal! When will the voter realize they are being scammed every election? Never mind! Stupid is, as stupid does!


24 October 2007

Worldpress.org - World in Cartoons

Worldpress.org - World in Cartoons



I ask that of the Dems! They have let this egotistical Pres get away with murder, both literally and physically. When will they start acting like men and women and stop acting like sheep? At least make an attempt to do the right thing.

Come on! Bush smirks at predicting WWIII--you let that go without a challenge. Why? He asked for a whopping $150 billion for the war and you gave it to him. Why? Now, he asks for another $50 billion for the war and you will no doubt cave to him. Why?

Ok more! Bush vetoes SCHIP because it would be too expensive and then turns around and asks for the same amount for his war. Where is the challenge to him? Where is the massive mouth pieces that should be on very talk show blasting this? Where is the GUTS?

You, if you will recall, were sent to Washington to do one thing--END THE WAR! And what have you done? Just let this Pres keep playing his imperialistic game. You have done nothing! And now you want the American People to support the candidates of the DNC. These people are NO better than the mental midgets we have now. Your major candidates have no intention at ending the war, no matter how much they protest and bitch, they will keep our young in harm's way.

I ask once again, why should we trust you and your candidates? Nothing I have seen recently would lead me to believe that your ideas are no better than the party you want to replace. The American people are looking for someone with GUTS; you offer them the same damn thing as they have now. Why would we vote for you and your lame candidates?

The Oracle Of Inkwell
24 Oct 07

23 October 2007

What Aare They Doing?

Recently, I have been watching the Congress for some type of success, but I have seen nothing that would lead me to believe that they can accomplish anything worthwhile.

While researching legislation I found some interesting stuff.

1--Rep Tancredo has authored a resolution that will recognize the importance of western civilization.

2--rep. Rehberg has offered a resolution recognizing the 125th anniversary of Billings Montana.

3--Rep. Gilmore has offered the recognotion of the contributions of freemasons.

4--Rep. Castor has offered a resolution for support for a National Child Health month.

And then I found two bills, HR 240 and HR 320 that are private bills. Private Bills? I had to look this up for I do not recall a bill being private. I was laboring under the false belief that it was an open democracy.

How about a definition of a private bill--it is when people seek Congress to help them with personal problems. How nice; they cannot help the nation but they can handle individual personal problems. There is your beloved "open" democracy.

Another point, the House could not get SCHIP passed but they will waste time on proclaiming a month for child health. Little short of the goal would you say?

I point out this so you can see just how much time and effort is wasted by these reps. I also found they spen a wealth of time offering resolutions on stamps, congrats to people, etc. I pay them to get sh*t done not massage the egos of their financial base.

BY THE WAY! SCHIP would have cost about $50 billion and the President has said it was too expensive. But yet, yesterday Bush asked for $46 Billion more for the funding of the war. Will he get it? Probably! Dems should use this as a campaign thing or at least stick to the Repubs with the increase. Will they? Probably not--THEY ARE COWARDS!


An Indian-American Governor

The state of Louisiana has elected an India-American as governor of the state. First time in US. He will be the youngest governor and he is a Repub. Of course, he would be a Repub, he is wealthy, what else would he be? and he has a plan to clean up the state; not sure what that plan is, he never really said, but he has one nonetheless.

Of course in his victory speech he eludes to the fact that he is the son of immigrants. A humble beginning--BULLSH*T! All these types use that immigrant thing or the "son of a poor sharecropper". People! People! it is all bullsh*t, they are millionaires and have NO idea what it was like to be a sharecropper. WAKE UP! Stop being mental midgets! ALL try to appear to be humble--they are ELITIST! I do not care where they came from or who their grandparents were--they are ELITISTS!

Jindal, new gov of LA, has one thing going for him--he married a Indian woman, so conservs will like him, he did not interracially marry. BTW, he supports the war in Iraq, for whatever reason, no one is sure.

Only time will tell just how good he woill be for Louisiana. I think he has a long hard road.

22 October 2007

Professor's Classroom

Hope everyone had a good weekend. Now it is time to get back to work. Today's quizz is about one our most revered presidents.

While this soon to be president was working in Europe, he discovered something that he just had to have. But unfortunately, to take this out of the country was punishable by death. This person decided to steal the product and bring it to the US. The questions are: who was the person? And what was it he had to have?

Good luck and may all your children be born naked.

21 October 2007

Weekly News UpDate

For once the news was mostly usable. Very little worthless crap this past week. Go figure!

Your mind you could lose, if you think any of this is NEWS!

Its is Sunday, let the week begin or end, whichever you prefer.

1--Sen. Craig becomes a Hall Of Famer--we could speculate, but why it is so easy to just think what you are thinking.

2--Lindsey Lohan is broke--she spent $7.5 million in just the last month on bullsh*t. Stupid is as stupid does!

3--NO Saints won their 1st game--RAH! They are rolling now!

4--Vatican buys a soccer team in Italy--I got nothing on this one!

5--Woman in Fla. finds 7 ft snake in crapper. Bet she craps in the tub from now on.

6--There is a Clown Convention in Mexico City,--NO not politicians--REAL clowns.

7--Brownback drops out of campaign--WHO?

8--In a test of TSA officers at LAX, they missed 75% of the simulated bomb material--I feel so much safer now!

9--Viagra gets a warning label saying that it could cause hearing loss. I will give them a free study report. When taken blood rushes to crank, thus not enough to feed the ears. It is not rocket science, guys!

There is your worthless crap that is reported by the worthless TV media. Now you are truly informed!

Have A Day--Peace--Out!

20 October 2007

The Horror That Is Burma

SH*T! he is at it again! The Pres had yet another news conference where he spouted more of his hypocritical horsesh*t!

He spoke with Laura on one side and good ol' Condy on the other. I am still not certain why they were there, they said nothing and actually looked kinda bored. Anyway, I digress. Bush announced newer sanctions against Myanmar, Burma to you. The US will target certain people within the junta and their families. Companies will also be watched. Does that mean that Paris will not be able to buy a ruby? HA HA HA! Of course, she will, these sanctions are toothless at best.

The Pres mentioned the horror of the lack of human rights. Thinking...thinking...what about GITMO? He was horrified by the deaths in Burma. I ask what about the deaths in Darfur or Iraq or ............? My point is this whole sanction thing is a cop out! It is nothing short of a band aid for a gunshot wound. They have no teeth. The only hope there is that if things get too bad, more people will join the protests for democracy. But on the other side of that coin, the more that join, the more will die when the junta responds to the protests.

Talks are wanted. Palestine have talked on and off for 40+ years and how has that worked out? I say arm the people, they will do what is best for them, not what is best for the US. you want a free Burma, armed struggle looks like the last measure.

Presidential Amusement

If you are amused, how do you react? Smile, smirk or a chuckle?

With that established, recently Calif. Democrat Stark has taken heat for his comment that troops would die for the amusement of the President. Every conservative since Machiavelli has jumped on this with both feet. It was a God send for them, something they could use to divert attention from their seemingly lack of concern for children. Stark's comment was a bad idea and should have never been voiced.

Why have the democrats not retaliated? With what, you ask? With the presidential news conference on 17 Oct 07, I believe. In that conference he spoke on Iran and its drive for nukes. And he basically said that if they did get their nukes WWIII would be in the a possibility. While predicting the possibility of said war, the president chuckled and smirked. He was AMUSED at the fact that WWIII was a possibility. You may read say what you want, but when speaking about the possibility of a world war it would not be advisable to chuckle and smirk.

If it was not amusing to him, then why the amusement?

Democrats are so lame that they cannot even find something like this to use in Stark's defense. They just let conservative talk show host go on and on about how uncalled for, Stark's comments were. I say wake butt brains, there is a justification for his comments. Please for the love of GOD USE IT!

How did these ass clowns get elected--they are not smart enough to go after the conservs! If a peon like me can find a good justification, then should not the people that make the big bucks find them also. If not, what are we paying them for?

A lame bunch of people, with no vision other than re-election. And then they wonder why the American people think they are impotent. You asked for it--You got it!


Professor's Poll Watch

Poll after poll, now that the primaries are close. Did you know that 65% of the people that eat turkey regularly will vote for Mitt? Stupid right? Just shows how many and how dumb the polls are.

Here are the ones I think are the most telling.

The Congress approval rating is at 11%--not good but it has not fallen from last month. Again it was taken before the SCHIP failure. It could be a lot lower.

Bush has slid down even more in his approval rating. From 29% to 24%.

What to do, what to do?

Political Quote Of The Week

S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y! Saturday, Saturday! What a difference a day makes. .........Never mind........

There are bunches of quotes out there, I just try and find the ones that make the most sense.

The State calls its own violence, law; but that of the individual, crime - Max Stirner,

How true, how true!

19 October 2007

Is It Torture?

I am sick of this debate! Yes water boarding is TORTURE! But according to some Media talk show peeps, 90% of Americans will say it is okay. I suggest that before you make those kind of statements, that you ask someone who had been tortured. That would be a good idea before one makes some sweeping conclusion that has no validity.

Where do you draw the line? Who will be the oversight people? Does the results justify the means?

I am personally tired of talk show mouthpieces, that spend their time scratching their ass while in line to deposit their checks, making sweeping statements without knowledge of what it is they are supporting.

Let me ask, was the torture in NVA prisons justified? Was the torture inflicted by Nazis justified? How about the alleged torture of Cubans by Castro? And the torture of Cambodians by the Khmer Rouge? If per chance you said no, then you are a HYPOCRITE!

Wake up butt face, TORTURE IS TORTURE! No amount of justification can change that fact.

I said it--I mean it!


Iraqi Troop Drawdown

The Congress has been impotent to end the war, as a matter of fact they gave the Pres the funds to continue the war. Wait.......74% of the American people did not want the Pres to get the funds! Thinking....thinking.....if the people are the voice of the country--NO ONE IS LISTENING! Why? Come on you know the answer! It is all about who gets elected! It was never about what the people want!

Okay, the Pres wants to prove that his lame ass program, the Surge, is working so there will be a troop draw down by next year. Oh yeah, just in time for the Primaries--coincidence? Only if you are stupid enough to believe in such. His plan is to bring approximately 30, 000 troops home by the end of the year. Again just in time for the elections. Coincidence? Yada Yada.

This sounds really good right? Our boys and girls get to come home, finally. But wait! Yesterday there was a report that some National Guard units were being called up to go by the beginning of the year of 08. Oh yeah, some 20,000 of them.

Have you been paying attention? What part of that sounds like a draw down to you? The so-called draw Down is nothing but a political ploy to help repubs in the upcoming election. They can say we are bring the troops home. true that, but they are sending almost as many over to Iraq.

See what happens when you pay attention? You see politicians for what they are manipulating pricks and most important, f*cking LAIRS!

18 October 2007

A Thought On SCHIP

A battle looms! Congress passed SCHIP and sent it to pres; he vetoed and now it is in Congress for them to try and find the guts to override. Personally, I do not think they have the guts to override.

The Pres said he vetoed because he did not want that burden to fall on the tax payer. Thinking.....And what about the war is not a burden on the tax payer. A mere portion of that money would fund this program. But he must protect the tax payer. GOD I love this stuff.

I have a simple option that would go a long way in solving all this petty bullsh*t over the program. ASK THE TAX PAYER! You see it is that easy.

Another thing--tax cuts, according to the admin puts more money into the system, for the people will have extra money to spend and that is good for the economy. Using that same lame line of thinking. If people who have the kids on a private policy were covered by the government, would that not put more money back into the economy, for the people would not need that private policy and thus woulod have more money to spend?

Just a thought using the same twisted logic that the Repubs use on the tax cut thing.


17 October 2007

Tsongas Wins House Seat

Does that name ring a bell? It should she is the widow of Paul Tsongas, democrat presidential hopeful from the 80's. That puts yet another Democrat in the House, it can only help the balance of power in the Congress. Congrats to her!

But I need to ask a few questions. Is it written somewhere that if you were married to a Congressman that you should run for office? She is not alone in her situation. There is a congressperson from Louisiana, and I am sure there are others that I have overlooked. So what makes them attractive to run for office? Name recognition? Something other than that? Just what is it?

Will she be a liberal democrat or a conservative like those lame-os from the South? Since I am not very knowledgeable a bout Northeast politics, I am not sure about her ideology. If there is someone who knows, please enlighten me.

I will reserve my opinion on the new Congresswoman until I see how she handles the issues that come before her.

Is Obama On The Attack?

I have said, as many others have also, that Obama needs to stop being a good guy and go on the attack. Clinton is leading in the polls by as much as 20 points. The time has past for the Mr. Nice Guy routine. If he is to give her a race, he needs to start asserting himself more.

Guess what? He has taken off the kid gloves and put on some work gloves; he has started some minor attacks on Clinton. Hopefully more will come and people will see the differences in the two.

Yesterday he said in a speech that Clinton is a divisive candidate, that to support her would be to drive a wedge in the government. He also called her motivated by polls not real issues. That her platforms has little substance other than generalities, with no real direction. He said she was all about getting 50% +1 vote.

It is about time that he started attacking and pointing out the differences between the two candidates. He has got to keep it up. He has got to make voters see the difference in their two visions of America. Iowa has moved its Caucus to to 03 January 08, that is a little over 2 months, so NOW is the time to separate himself from the pack.


Verizon--Your Link to The World

Do you have Verizon cel services? Did you know they gave phone records to the US spy agencies without a warrant? Is that what you want from a wireless carrier?

People, people, we are losing our civil rights one piece at a time. The Congress is not being much help protecting us, they have authorized even more violations. When will this stop? Not until you get off your ass and make it STOP! Stop living in fear! Find real protectors of your rights and support them.

As long as this bunch of people are in power, you will continue to lose your rights and no one will help you--you must help yourself! Let me give you a clue--if they are on TV massaging voters for their support, you will pay a large price for your support. Or just roll over and play dead--for they will eventually come for YOU!


16 October 2007

Professor's Classroom

A day late, you say? Yep! Monday was a "Blog for Action" day and I blogged on the environment with other bloggers. Sorry for the delay--but with the small amount of visits--who would f*cking notice?

Class today is gonna be a short and easy one.

What is Harry S. Truman's middle name?

And since it is so damn easy there is a bonus question.

Why do most men part their hair on the left side?

You may begin and just leave your answers on my desk.

15 October 2007

An Environmental Reality


Ethanol! Ethanol! Rah! Rah! Rah!

The cheer go up we can finally end our dependence on foreign oil. Now that is a one pound bag of manure, which they are selling to the people. Guess what!? They are buying this crap (pun intended). As long as we allow the oil companies to make obscene profits, you will NEVER be weaned from foreign oil. Why is that? Ethanol cannot be transported through pipelines, for it will pick up impurities like water. So, the only way to transport it is in trucks. Now guess what? Trucks use diesel and that is another pollutant. Ethanol IS NOT the answer, sports fans.

Let us talk about how environmentally friendly ethanol is, NOT! A Stanford study showed that ethanol is at least as polluting as gasoline and could be more so. The burning of ethanol produces more lung damaging ozone than the burning of gasoline. Another polluting factor of ethanol is that farmers will use a nitrogen based fertilizer which will enter into the water supply, killing marine life and such. This alone should make it unwise to push the use of corn as an alternative. But who cares, it is all about who makes the profits, not what it will do to the environment.

Now let us talk about corn prices. Ethanol refiners use huge amounts of corn and with that food prices will go up and up. Corn is used in food production from feed for the cattle that make out steaks to the syrup for our soft drinks. As the demand for ethanol rise, so will the price of our food. The more corn that is planted the less other crops are raised and this will also add to the price of food. Nothing about ethanol is a good.

Corn is not even the best source of ethanol. Sugar cane is and it produces 8 times more energy than it uses to make. Corn, however, the ratio is 1.3 to 1. This basically means that corn produces a little more energy than it consumes in the refining process. Not an efficient product.

The US is importing foreign oil so that ethanol can be produced and distributed. The only thing that is being accomplished by the production of ethanol is we are putting the grocery store in competition with the gas station for the use of the corn.

Ethanol is nothing new! It was used in Ford’s original Model T and it was considered in the 1970’s during the oil embargo. If ethanol is inefficient and costly why is it even being considered? That is the easiest question to answer—PROFITS! No one in the oil business wants to eliminate out dependence on foreign oil. Why would they shoot themselves in the ass? Answer—they will not cut off their supply of profit.

This is not an answer to dependency, it is however an answer to oil companies retaining their profit margin, for an additive will still need a supply of the original product and that translates into continued exploitation by the oil companies.

I am always amazed that the American consumer will pay $60,000 for an SUV, but will not spend $5 on a light bulb that will use less energy. The American consumer wants others to do the sacrifice, not them personally. There is the problem Americans are shallow little toads, that think a tax deductible donation will solve the problem and all they have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride.

Do not take my word for it! Do some research and you will find that I am correct. Do not hand the oil industry any more power than they have taken in the past. It is time for the people to become the power; we have waited long enough; time to act my friends.

15 Oct 07

14 October 2007

Worldpress.org - World in Cartoons

Worldpress.org - World in Cartoons


They anal statements just keep flowing. Politicians are so pathetic in the speeches. Below is another statement to be considered for the ASSIE award.

arguing that his own real-world experience and socially conservative values represent the "Republican wing of the Republican Party."

I like the republican wing of the republican party, now that is definitely an anal statement.

Look for the complete list of nominees in late Dec 07, I will let my readers decide who gets the ASSIE.

Weekly News UpDate

Another Sunday in the park--Damn that was Chicago. I have put together the most wonderful collection of worthless crap that CNN or MSNBC or FOX could come up with in the past week.


1--Yet another person hassled by Southwest Airlines for the way he was dressed. Someone needs to publish a passenger's dress code.

2-A huge sink hole is claiming expensive homes in Calif.--I told you Calif. sucked!

3-OMG! Another investigation into Princess Di death--how long must we endure this sh*t?

4--Marion Jones is ordered to return 5 medals and repay $100,000...thinking...I thought she was an amateur athlete?

5--Japanese have genetically engineered a clear skin frog--I have nothing clever to say.

6--Another noose shows up in NYC, at the campus of Columbia University. Still think there is no racism?

7--Vick told to repay $20 million to the Falcons organization.

8--Guy in Wisconsin that shot up girlfriends party killing ppl and then escaped , shot self in head 3 times. How do you do that? It is kinda like choking yourself with handcuffs behind your back.

9--USMC wants out of Iraq--that ought to play well with the army/marine rivalry.

10-EX commander in Iraq rips Bush and boyz as incompetant--but we already knew that, so not much new there.

That is the crap you missed. Now aren't you glad I showed up? HA!

TTFN! Peace--Out!

13 October 2007


The stupid statements just keep coming, it is a source that just keeps giving, lame ass sayings. This nominee is from our good friend and moral BS supporter, Bill O'reilly. He said this about Carter's criticism of the Bush policies. It seems that Bill watched an interview that Wolf Blitzer has with Carter and now his summation of the show.

"Summing up, that interview was simply awful. President Carter is entitled to his opinion, but history is history, and he has no right to distort it, president or not. CNN has lots of problems. They now have another one."

Ya gotta love a guy that has more mouth than brains. He keeps this up he could be the next "ASSIE" winner.

Professor's Poll Watch

Just a few of the results of your consideration.

When asked which party would do what for the country, here are the results.

Both About
The Same
Neither Unsure

% % % % %

Dealing with global warming


48 9 19 17 7


Dealing with health care


49 13 14 21 3


Dealing with gas prices


42 7 13 32 6


Improving America's standing in the world


44 17 18 17 4

Not much confidence in those darn pesky Repubs, huh?

Political Quote Of The Week

Once again Saturday has creeped up and caught me with my finger in a Dyke.

I offer this quote for your enjoyment.

A government is not legitimate merely because it exists. - Jeane J Kirkpatrick, US Ambassador to UN

Keep that in mind while you consider which moron to vote for in the next election.

12 October 2007

Gore Wins!

It was announced today that Al Gore has won the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize. Go figure! I believe he was the odds on favorite to win it. He has a Emmy, Grammy, Oscar; what now Batman?

Americans seem to be all consumed with the environment, at least for now. That could equate into a political future, more so than he has now. There are those that want to draft him as a presidential candidate, but he has said no up til now, that is.

Will he run for President? I think it is a little early to say, but IMO, there is an excellent chance that he will. He would have the attention of environmentalist and those sympathetic. He has a built in group of supporters. That could equate into votes in the primaries.

It will be an interesting situation to keep an eye on in the future. If he does decide to run, it will be interesting to see if all the awards will translate into massive support or not. Right now it would be a one issue campaign, but he has enough experience and wisdom to expand into the real world.

Will he be successful? Only the primaries can answer that question, Trying to predict that would be disastrous for an analyst. After some testing in the public a clearer answer can be formulated. But right now, it is up for grabs.

11 October 2007

A Third Party For The Election?

Conservative Christians are not happy with there choices of the candidates in the Republican Party. They are threatening to either start a third party or support a third party candidate. They are looking for someone that will press their moral issues and concerns. None of the front runners of the GOP are gonna be to their liking.

Paul is the only true conservative running in the GOP. He is being successful raising much needed cash. And he is popular with the people. Could he be the new 3rd party candidate if he does not get the nomination? hard to say, if he wants to travel that path again. But the possibility IMO is real high.

In the wings watching all this play out are the Dems; they are jerking off at the thought of a conservative third party candidate. Why? It would bite into the GOP vote and would give them a good victory that they can use to carry out their agenda. Whatever that is.

Dems are praying for the chance to have a 3rd party; it would be a dream come true.

10 October 2007

Why Not Report The Good?

The media focuses on the train wrecks of Lindsay, Britney and other yuppie larva. I guess it is all about ratings. recently I did a piece on the singer Shakira. She attends college and is a good student and has a heart to help people without being forced into "community service".

The latest is Briney has lost kids, may lose dogs and is speeding up the charts with a new song. Lohan is being named in a divorce because she shagged a guy in the bathroom at rehab and wifey found out. Now Lohan is being popped with hit and run charges to go along with the coke and other stuff. Worthless, C word!

Meanwhile back at reality, Shakira has pledged $40 million for the victims of an earthquake in Peru and the hurricane in Nicaragua. As well as, she has a $5 million commitment for projects to alleviate child poverty in the region. Here is one of the few in the music business that is actually trying to make a difference in the world and she gets no credit for her efforts. rather we are bombarded with the endless trivial crap known as Lohan, Brtiney and Paris. These are the poster child that the media is force feeding to your kids. Personally, I would want my kid to know about the good and leave the ugly out of it.

Another Republican Debate

Last nite it was the Repubs turn in the barrel, they lined up on a stage in Michigan to answer questions. Not much is different than the Dems debates. Questions asked, answers attempted.

This is my take on the winners and losers. No one will agree with I am sure of that, but I look for certain qualities in the candidates, not just how they tap dance. The rest of the media looks to see if they screw up or how they appear and that is what they sell to the public, that is why Giuliani is in the lead.

And the winner is!........Ron Paul, why? He was confrontational and on his message. He is an individual.

Rudy was next, because he was on his message--whatever that is.

Thompson was third. WHY? He was there and awake. He did not embarrass himself. He was a bit nervous at first but settled down and played the part well.

Mitt next--he was Mitt, he was well groomed and he was boring and ridiculous.

McCain was there and a bit feisty but he just does not seem to have anything to say but Nat security.

Huckabee--He is a likable guy for a preacher, but I just do not think he can make it.

Hunter, Brownback were there and answered questions but for the life of me I cannot remember anything they said.

You notice I left out Tancredo, that is right, because he called Katrina survivors as lazy and I am one of those people, he has got nothing to say I would listen to, so if he talked I went and took a dump. So if you support him all I can say is.........that is your problem!

09 October 2007

The 24 Hour Media

Just thought I would rant once more--since not many read this I can vent a bit and relieve the pressure on my safety valve.

CNN and others bill themselves as a 24 hour media outlet.......thinking.....thinking......no it is not! I am a news junkie and I am always watching or listening to the news and NO channel is a 24 hour news outlet. They record parts of their shows and is shown over and over in the early morning hours.

CNN and their tag line of "All the news you can use" is a waste of words. I mean look at yesterday:

Shooting in Wisconsin
School lock down in Florida
Plane missing in Washington
New Mexico balloon accident

What part of this is national news? At best it is a local story that needs to be covered by local affiliates. Not one of these stories concern a national audience. It is fluff and used so that they can forgo reporting stuff that truly concerns the nation. During these hours nothing happened in Afghanistan? Or Burma? Or Sudan?

Well these organizations are a 24 hour news service-----just not 24 hours in a row.

Worldpress.org - World in Cartoons

Worldpress.org - World in Cartoons

A week worth of political cartoons. Enjoy!

More Katrina Aftermath

It has been 2+ years since the massive destruction of Katrina has left many people without a home. A recent story has reported that 250,000 people displaced by the storm are still living below poverty line. Another report from my area is that the city council is planning to enforce a law that would make it an infraction to have FEMA trailers in your yard. Plus locals are bitching about the FEMA trailer parks that are dotted across the Gulf Coast.

First of all, poverty seems to be a prime motivator of crime. With a hopeless outlook to the future, crime is not that offensive. No one seems to report on this aspect of the rising crime rate in New Orleans. Someone should! If you have nothing to lose, what could it hurt? I am tired of listening to these sanctimonious a/holes sitting in NY or Washington talking about how disgraceful it is in Washington. How can they have any idea about the plight of the people while staying at 4 star hotels? They need to shut the f*ck up! All of them!

Next, the trailers and the problems they impose. The wealthy that have rebuilt are the ones with the biggest mouths. The trailers mean that the government has failed the people of the Coast. Business and profit do not want these reminders to be around it hurts in the sales pitch for new industry. Out of sight, out of mind--if the trailers go away there will be nothing there to remind the people just how screwed they were by their government.

I say leave them where they are! I want the governments, local, state and national to be embarassed as much and as often as possible. They failed the people and they should be reminded daily of that failure.

08 October 2007

The Professor Rants

I spend a lot of time trying to give people a perspective, a different perspective; I read and listen and analyze, but all that work is to no avail. I have 5 blogs that I give my slant on world affairs and such, but no matter how you promote their is little to no participation.

I also go to a couple of discussion forums to maybe exchange views with other and maybe to make them think about different things. These sources of aggravation are amazing, you have some that are willing to debate an issue and then you have those that want to be rude and insulting. There are more insults than debates, but I keep going trying to promote my perspectives. It is getting to the point that I am gonna chuck it all into a dumpster somewhere.

I have a couple of people that are reading and commenting on my blogs and to them I say thank you and I appreciate their participation, but if others are reading my blogs, they do not post. I am beginning to think that it is that they are afraid of a face to face, that they will hide in a forum and jump out and insult and then slink back into the crowd.

I just wish that I could get more people reading my blogs and maybe some of them would actually participate, that is why I started so many of them. Dreaming I guess, but it is better than not giving a sh*t!

Professor's Classroom

OSIM! Since this has become less popular over the weeks, I will make it as simple as possible, but still it will require thought.

Which American President is a National Hero In South America? Which country and why?

OK class! The word has been spoken, the question awaits. Keep answer simple and to the point and when finished DO NOT AWAKE ME!


Yet another really dumb ass statement from the President. Recently, Bush was addressing the bill on health care that he had just vetoed and in explaining himself he said:

"they are trying to FEDERALIZE" the health care system."

Sorry there Bob-o, the word you were looking for was "socialize"

Bush seems to be stacking the anal-ocity deck in his favor. LOL

07 October 2007

Weekly News UpDate

Sunday already? Just seems like yesterday was Saturday. The smoking lamp is on!

News for those without a clue!

1--Pam Anderson to marry Rick Solomon, Paris Ex, the one who made the tape. Lites! Camera! Action! Let the money roll!

2--Woman dies in Police custody after she makes a scene in an airport. They say she strangled herself with her hands cuffed behind her. thinking....thinking....Please explain how one does that!

3--More taser vids--cop zaps man quickly after traffic stop and Texas cop zaps 15 yr girl after a curfew stop. This stuff is just shocking!

4--Thai chef gets busted while cooking chiles for sauce. People call in a terrorist attack! The food is toxic--lol

5--Texas kills hubby with a sherry enema--was she drinking first? think about it.

6--Auto dealer in south Fla. is accused of being a traitor because he ran a Spanish language ad on an English language station. No they are not racist.

7--Mirena--a new contraception device, it must be inserted4ed by a doctor, it last for 5 yrs and is 99% effective. Add says that for more info on how it works and other data to contact maker. How does it work? thinking....thinking......IT IS A CORK!

These are the stories that make up some news shows and I just wanted to let you know what you missed by watching game shows.

May your day be...........pick your closing!

06 October 2007

Professor's Poll Watch

And yet another week of polls. They never stop, as long as we are looking for someone to run the country and the government.

CNN poll found that 53% of all people asked which party would be best serve the country, answered Democrats.

NBC poll showed that when the people were asked if their Rep should be returned to Washington, 47% said NO, that it was time for a change. An interesting figure, but we will see if they vote that way soon.

Even a recent FOX poll shows that Clinton would beat Rudy in a general election 42% to 32%.

Seems the media has done a really good job helping Clinton become the front runner. But will it translate into votes when the primaries start?

That is about all the time there is for this stuff. Have a day and if you see little figures in clouds, please stop smokin' that sh*t and get a life!


Weekly Political Quote

It is another Saturday--my how time flies when you are medicated. This week's quote is from Jefferson. I am not one of his biggest fans but he did have a way with words.

Reason and free inquiry are the only effectual agents against error... They are the natural enemies of error, and of error only... If [free enquiry] be restrained now, the present corruptions will be protected, and new ones encouraged. - Thomas Jefferson: Notes on Virginia, 1782.

It is just too damn bad that there is so little of reason and free inquiry left in the US.

05 October 2007


I have yet another totally anal statement that I will put into the mix for the most anal saying of the year. This one comes from Press Sec. Perino, when asked about the two secret memos on terrorist interrogation. She said:

"It was safe, necessary, lawful and saved American lives".

"....saved American lives". This is the part I liked, I mean would we have accepted that excuse from the North Vietnamese on the torture of McCain and others? Not likely! As I have said before it implies that the people receiving the torture were somehow less human than Americans and therefore it was acceptable to treat they inhumanely.

Look for the complete list on Dec 15 or so. You input is happily accepted.

Troops And Vets Get What Is Coming To Them

Yes they are! A really, really fine screwing!

Americans buying stupid magnets and fly flags and put little cardboard signs in the yard and lastly they have yellow ribbons on trees. What a crock of crap! But yet, they still support the Administrations complete f*cking of the troops and vets.

They are asked to endure extended tours away from their loved ones. They are asked to put their lives on the line for the World. And what do they get in return?

A military hospital that was no better than abu Grebh. They get refusal of medical benefits or at best reduced medical. They were exposed to a new bacterial disease that is baffling doctors. And they were refused their education benefits when they return.

Now you sanctimonious a/holes what part of this is a support for the people you ask to fight and die, while you sit on your asses and complain about the price of eggs? Thomas Paine had a name for people like you--Sunshine Patriots!

And the media----what a bunch of ass wads these people are--ALL OF THEM! They will report on some guy with a guy and some high speed chase that has nothing to do with news. But yet they will not report on a daily basis the battles that the vets most fight everyday. And the really sad part is those battles are against the very country that put them in the position to be injured or killed. One of you self-centered little ass wipes explain that to me and the rest of the vets .

I am a vet, and thank God I did not need the government's help when I came back from Vietnam. But someone has got to step up and demand that these people be treated with the respect they deserve. I am ashamed and embarrassed by the people of the US. they are self-center little pricks that deserve no respect or consideration in any way.

I am disgusted daily, by the news of the treatment of out troops and vets. Nothing can be done or said that can change my attitude toward this f*cked up society.

Yes! I am CHUQ and I meant every f*cking word!

05 Oct 07

04 October 2007

Where Have All The Racists Gone?

For some years racism seem to be waning, but in the last year or so it is back and with a vengeance. Remember Imus and his totally unprofessional comment? How about the Jena 6? How about the nooses showing up in Louisiana and NewYork? How about the Louisiana school bus driver that made black children sit in the back of the bus? None of this sounds like the racism of the past is going away anytime soon.

Recently, FOX's Bill O'Reilly made a few bone head comments about he was surprised that black people could run a successful restaurant and that he was surprised that they could be well dressed. He still does not realize that his comment was racist, or at least could be perceived as racist. A lot of attention has been paid to his comments and as such his TV ratings have increased. Why?

The American, no matter how they deny it, are racist. Look at the immigration debate. Paint it anyway you want, it is still trying to eliminate the people of color. The more that people deny the fact the more racist they appear.

To answer the original question, they have gone nowhere. They are here, but more covert than in the past.


I have found another anal statement that I will put into the running for the "ASSIE" award that I will give at the end of the year. This one is yet another one from the lips of Pres. Bush.

"Chaos would embolden not only the extremists and radicals who would like to do us harm, but it would also embolden Iran. What you don't want is to have a nuclear arms race taking place in the Middle East."

He still says that if we leave Iraq it will embolden Iran. You have to love this guy, he can say the dumbest things and mean them. I would say that the invasion has done more to embolden Iran than leaving would. I am not alone in this belief.

Your thoughts?

03 October 2007

To Fund A War

I have been an outspoken opponent of the war and the way it is being handled in Congress. These people have tried and failed to stop the madness and then caved to the Prez and given him just about everything he asked for. Still do not see where these people are doing what the American people are asking them to do.

But my faith has been sort of restored. Why? Good question! Rep Obey, D-WI, has introduced an idea to fund the war. He is proposing an increase on the surtax from 2% to 15%, which would raise about $150 billion, which is very close to the money that the Prez was asking for in his begging for funds. This is a positive step, IMO, to finding ways to end this war.

A recent poll shows that about 74% of the American people did not want the Admin to get its extra funds, but that was of no consequence to the Reps in Washington. But if they can push this proposal through and it becomes the law of the land, anti-war protests will begin and begin with a bang. Sad that it will take this type of thing to make people start protesting and finally win an end to the war. But this war has gone on for too long, simply because the American people have not had to sacrifice anything short of their children. A kick to the wallet will wake them up to the obscenity and then they will demand an end.

I will be watching this piece of legislation and will comment from time to time on it.


02 October 2007

What Are The Democrats Doing?

COWARDS! The Democrats are COWARDS! The Dems are acting like pansies! But what are they doing? They had a mandate that they cannot deliver on and so forth and so on. Just yesterday the Senate voted 92-3 to give the Prez his blood money. Probably with the hope that it will stave off his veto of the SCHIP thing. But 74% of the American people do not want the money to be spent on the war. So what are these people doing? They are doing what all politicians do--they play with people's lives.

The American people want deliverance from the politicians, but they get NOTHING! They will not listen to the people, once they go to Washington all bets are off. Is this the democracy that you hold up to the world? Please, it is a farce and it gets worse every election.

A new Prez is coming! But what we get? Just another of the same crap we have been getting for years. Big money will rule; the people will suffer. So, you think I am wrong? The Repubs are in big trouble, no one jumps out as the new leader. Big business is abandoning the GOP in favor of Clinton. Think about that for a moment........................Is that enough time? If Hilary was gonna be bad for business why would they be throwing their weight behind her? She will be just another politician that you can bitch about after she is elected. She will not bite the hand that feeds her money.

Next election--nothing will change. That is what you have to look forward to; another 4+ years of the same sh*t over and over. Welcome to the nightmare.


Are Markets Manipulated?

Think about it! Yesterday UBS, the Swiss bank group, wrote off $3.4 billion and the market broke 14ooo. CitiCorp reported that their profits would be off 60% and the market rose by 192 points. Oil is at $83 a barrel and the markets rise. Housing market is in the crapper. And will be for some time but yet the market closed at a record high. WTF?

Stats is the answer you are looking for! The stats will be reported as to not cause a panic in the markets. And then there are the hedge funds, wealthy investors that are speculating. All of which the government watches and massages.

Investors are really gamblers that have the house on their side. The House will tweek the markets as to prevent them from losing too much for too long. They will lose from time to time, but it is not the devastation that it has felt in the past.

So yes, the markets are manipulated in favor of the investors, big investors. Working people are on the outside and pay the price for all the bail outs the government gives the gamblers. It would be nice if someone would protect my investments in the roulette table, huh?

01 October 2007

Professor's monthly Congressional Scorecard

I started this last month as to inform my readers of the actions within the Congress. My scoring is by steps, forward, backward and no step. Last month, August, the Congress with all its stuff had taken a step backwards since coming to power in January.

This is the scorecard for September.

Pandering to Patraeus--backwards

Failure of the funds measure--backwards

Condemnation of MoveOn.org--backwards

Failure of the representation of DC--backwards

Airline Passengers bill--forward

Feingold's set date for withdrawal measure--forward

SCHIP legislation--forward

Partitioning of Iraq--forward (but I am being polite. I do not see this as a good measure, but at least they are trying.)

Vote on tightening sanctions on Iran--forward

House withdrawal plan that does not require a withdrawal--backwards

Failure of measure to require more time at home for troops--backwards

And the score is! 6 steps backwards, 5 forward.

The Congress has taken yet another step backwards. this is not what they were elected to do!

ATTENTION: This post or thread will from now on be posted on my other blog, "The Oracle Of Inkwell". I will give reminder here, but the meat of the analysis will be elsewhere.


01 Oct 07

Professor's Classroom

Another Manic Monday----Oh sh*t that is the Bangles!

Today's quiz is about the American political process. Take out the ole thinking cap and begin!

What line MUST be said in the speech by the party's nominee to trigger a funds transfer to the campaign from the government?

Easy, huh?

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