30 April 2008

Candidates And The Gas Tax

ABC News: Gas Tax 101: Where the Candidates Stand

Looks like Clinton has the same idea for the gas tax as McCain. Does anyone else see a scary trend there? She will make changes to lead the country, but yet she has the same plan as a Bush-ite. Where would the difference be?

This will not improve much....maybe a half a tank of gas..but as I have said already would cost about $9 billion in much needed tax money and possibly cost about 300,000 jobs. Where is that leading the country in a different direction.

Issues For The Democrats

Some have asked why the candidates do not speak more on the issues at hand. Think about it! The media seldom asks questions on issues, they prefer to continue to pick the crap to report on. There is another reason why the issues are not so important.

I bet you would like to know why? The answer is very simple--with the two Dem candidates there is not a spit worth of difference in there stands on the issues.

Here are just a few of the comparisons:

On abortion: Obama-pro Clinton--pro
On China--neither have a solid position
ON health care--similar positions with minor differences, but neither is universal
On Iraq--both favor a timetable with minor differences
On gay marriage--both are opposed
On social security privatization--both oppose

Just a few of the issues that voters will be looking at. I realize that my comparison is a simplistic, but if one wants clarification, then I suggest that one visit their websites.

If one is a voter on issues then the decision will not be an easy one, but most Americans go past issues and head straight for the personality. If that is one's plan then I say good luck with that--but please if later they are dissatisfied with their choice, keep quiet, because they were stupid enough to vote for a personality, they will just have to live with their choice for the time being.

29 April 2008

A Stable Government In Iraq

I was watching an interview with Gov. Crist of Fla. yesterday. He spouted the crap about the people of Fla. no being represented, but first of all it was him and is Repub cronies that did this and caused the prob.

But he lauded the attributes of McCain and condemned the new DNC add about McCain's comment of a 100 years in Iraq. He then went on to say, "we need to establish a government in Iraq that is stable...before we pull out of the country".


need to establish? Would that truly be a democracy? What part of the US establishing a stable government democratic? Basically, we DID invade Iraq for the purpose of nation building. At least that is the way I read this statement. And you?

28 April 2008

Syria's Nuclear Facility

The Bush administration has made a strong case that Syria built a nuclear reactor with North Korean help but should not have waited until months after Israel destroyed the suspected facility to share its intelligence with Congress, two U.S. lawmakers said Sunday.

I have a problem with this. Why is this being offered now? The facility was destroyed last year, but now they offer proof of the claim that was a nuclear site. But 7 months is plenty of time for doctoring these photos to tell the story they want to tell.

Why am I suspicious? WMDs come mind. Saddam's involvement in 9/11 also. Basically, they have lied before and they could be lying now.

My suggestion is to have the photos checked out by experts and look for tampering.

Trust come to mind and the Bush clan has none to offer.

Professor's Classroom

OSIM! And time for the quiz--spring is here and I realize that everyone is pretty bored, but try to keep up.

Ever notice that presidents have to name their time in Washington, i.e., New Deal, etc. In the election of 1824, when Andrew Jackson became pres, what did he name his administration?

Please keep answer short and sweet, I do not have time nor energy to care about long diatribes. Good luck and good googling.

27 April 2008

Bill Will Be Just Another Fading Political Figure

If Hillary is vanquished, Bill will feel his own pain - Print Version - International Herald Tribune

I had never thought about this situation very hard, but this makes a lot of sense. Bill would be devastated and would be a minor character once again. It would kill him to not be the big cheese in the Dem party. And the great part is that he can blame everybody for Hillary's failure, but he will know that it was never about her, only him and he will be part of the reason she failed.

Weeekly News UpDate

All the news
NO one can use

1--Pope finally went away

2--The Church Of The Holy Sceplecter (?) in Jerusalem--a fist fight between Christians--not the Christian thing to do.

3--woman finds 12 ft gator in her kitchen is Fla.

4--people pay thousands of dollars to run marathon across Sahara--more money than brains

5--more plane and auto crashes

6--tornadoes in Texas

7--more crazies in police stand-offs

8--Wes Snipes gets 3 yrs in prison

9--yet another shark attack in Calif--man dies

This is just bullsh*t--this is local news not national......and in no way helps me or anyone to understand why sh*t happens!

26 April 2008

Political Quote Of The Week

This week's quote is my answer to when people say that if you vote some anyone other than the two parties, that your vote was wasted. I do not agree and will never agre.

Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.
John Quincy Adams

MY feeling is that principle is far more important than some damn silly political party.

25 April 2008

Lott's New Gig

Jackson Free Press: Jackson, Mississippi - Noise - Lott Uses Old Campaign Cash to Help Lobbying Clients

Gee, Trent is not wasting anytime becoming a inside moving and shaking. But let me see, should not that money be used for something other than feathering Lott's bed? Let me see the money was donated to help Lott out during his political heyday. Here is a thought. Why does that money belong to a candidate if they are no longer running for office, if it was given in that spirit? The money was given in good faith to a candidate to serve the people, not add to his personal bank account. Since he was a "servant of the people" the money belo0ngs back where it originated

McCain And Poverty

John McCain has said the government is not the only answer to solving the problem of poverty. Here are his thoughts on poverty.

In his formal remarks, Mr. McCain distinguished himself from Johnson as a Republican who would not turn solely to government for solutions to poverty. “I have no doubt President Johnson was serious and had the very best of intentions when he declared the war on poverty in America,” Mr. McCain said. “But the army that he enlisted was mostly drawn from the ranks of government bureaucracies.”

In contrast, Mr. McCain called for a “People Connect Program” that would provide tax breaks to private companies and federal loans and low-interest bonds to small towns to help provide high-speed Internet service to isolated communities like Inez — a way, he said, “to knit together all of the United States with 21st-century information networks” that “will make location less of a factor in the potential for economic success.”

This is just lovely. This has been the answer to poverty the whole time tax cuts for the rich......someone please explain that thinking to me. I have missed that chapter on social justice. But have that types of solutions been tried in the last decades and poverty continues and continues to rise. So once again, I ask you to explain this thinking to me.

New Game For Iraq

Sadr threatens to start new war against US, Sunnis agree to return to the government. This all is becoming one large game in Iraq.

Iraq’s largest Sunni bloc has agreed to return to Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki’s cabinet after a boycott that lasted nearly a year, several Sunni leaders said on Thursday, citing a recently passed amnesty law and the Maliki government’s crackdown on Shiite militias as reasons for the move.

The Sunni leaders said they were still working out the details of their return, an indication that the deal could still fall through. But such a return would represent a major political victory for Mr. Maliki in the midst of a military operation that has at times been criticized as poorly planned and fraught with risk. The principal group his security forces have been confronting is the Mahdi Army, a powerful militia led by Moktada al-Sadr, the radical Shiite cleric. Even though Mr. Maliki’s American-backed offensive against elements of the Mahdi Army has frequently stalled and has led to bitter complaints of civilian casualties, the Sunni leaders said that the government had done enough to address their concerns that they had decided to end their boycott.

Sadr calms down, sunnis leave government, sunnis return to government, Sadr starts thumping his war chest....do you guys see a pattern here? It is becoming all too predictable. It is not even a good game of political chess they are playing.

Congress Gets Its Props

I have been one of the biggest critics of the Congress. I have called them do noting and lame, but I will give props where props are deserved.

The media has been allowed by president after president to be owned or controlled by corporations and senator Dorgan is trying to stop this control.

The Federal Communications Commission defied some members of Congress in 2007 by easing a ban on ownership of a newspaper and a broadcast station in the same city.

Yesterday, the lawmakers took the first step toward getting even.

The Senate Commerce Committee unanimously approved a rare "resolution of disapproval" to invalidate the FCC's new rules, as concerns about media consolidation escalated in the wake of News Corp.'s negotiations to buy a second New York newspaper.

"We really do literally have five or six major corporations in this country that determine for the most part what Americans see, hear and read every day," said Sen. Byron L. Dorgan, a Democrat from North Dakota who is the lead sponsor of the resolution. "I don't think that's healthy for our country."

Both Sen. Clinton and Obama are signed on board of this effort. The real test will be if the Prez vetoes, will they overrride.

24 April 2008

Candidates And Pep Rallies

I hate pep rallies! The candidates, all the candidates, and their stump speeches are just that....a pep rally. Complete with cheers, jeers, yells, whistles, applause and even a fight song, in some cases. It is all about winning, just like a high school pep rally.

Apparently, the American voter appreciates being treated like a juvenile. I guess that makes sense , since the mental capacity of most is about that of a 14 year old. That could go to explain it.

A good example, in Pennsylvania union, blue collar, non-college working class voted large for Clinton. Thinking...thinking....does anyone remember Bill and NAFTA? He basically, gave away their jobs to overseas. And they expect someone who supported the original agreement to somehow bring those jobs back? Yeah, right!

And then white women voted for a white woman...go figure.

Here is my fav, catholics voted for Clinton, but will mostly likely help elect McCain. Does anyone else see the utter lunacy of any of this? Does anyone see the game being played here?

This shows me that: 1--the voter is uninformed.....a polite way of saying stupid. 2--they like this stupid little game of politics makes them feel a little important for a short while. 3--Finally, there vote will probably not count, because the power elite already have their choice for president.

May the force be with you!

Curing our sick system - The Minnesota Daily

Curing our sick system - The Minnesota Daily

This is an excellent analysis of the health care problem. read it and it will help one understand the complexities that reform will face and probably not solve.

Virtual border fence in Ariz. a failure - The Boston Globe

Virtual border fence in Ariz. a failure - The Boston Globe

I was gonna summarize this story for my readers, but hell, you got to read the whole thing. It is the brain child of Boeing and the $20 million is a flush down the toilet. The story they will scrap it and go with a new idea and concept.

All I can ask is, did they try it out before they bought it? If not, why not? If it does not work as advertised can the taxpayer get their money back?

I am working on a new award for my Blog to give every year for this type of waste and stupidity. I already have the "Assies".

23 April 2008

A Political Reality Check

Surrogates on both sides of the Dem campaigns are playing race card, fear card, and several other cards. Please make them stop! All this he said, she said silliness must stop. When talking about to "real" people and not the pundits that are looking for that hook that they can use for a couple of days or even a couple of weeks. Appears the people are getting weary of this negativity, the voters are worried about losing their home or how to feed the kids and the candidates spend all their time spreading manure. Voters really want specifics on issues and not who goes bowling, or does a shooter, or who the candidate has met in the past.

Even when I say that, it appears that I could be mistaken by the vote in Pennsylvania. I have watched this process from the beginning and it is the media that is setting the tone and the direction of these campaigns. Manure is just good ratings. For that reason whenever the candidates are interviewed it is some obscure BS instead of the issues that is talked about. They seem to refuse to make the candidates to face "real" issues that the people need to know.

If this crap continues through the convention, then I could foresee a low voter turn out in the Fall. Why? The voter will see that the change both candidates promise, is just that a promise that will be broken and NOTHING will change in Washington. If there is a low voter turn out then I see McCain winning the general.

What Are The Issues, Now?

Have learned some learned people, men and women, talk about forgotten issues of this election season. Such as education, inner city crime, etc. These people are saying that the candidates are missing an excellent opportunity to discuss these issues on the national stage. That they have the perfect platform for that dialog.


Okay, where have these smart people been? When we "real" issues ever been the focal point of an election season? (Pause for thought) NEVER! That is when!

The worse group is the mainstream media. These "people" and I use the term losely, concentrate on BS issues and seldom on "real" ones. Sensationalism always trumps reality with the pundits.

Campaigns may start off with the best of intentions, but it quickly degrades into the slinging of mud. Let us be realistic--campaigns are about popularity and electability--seldom about the issues. That would be just Un-American! To put issues and problem solving, ahead of ego.


22 April 2008

What to look for in the Pennsylvania primary - Los Angeles Times

What to look for in the Pennsylvania primary - Los Angeles Times

Today is the day---FINALLY! The voters will speak today in Pennsylvania. But will it be a shout for one candidate or a whisper? That is the question. All the npolls pundits like so much, mean diddly today.

Return Of Vlad The Impaler

The Dem candidates are spending the last couple of days min Pennsylvania--trying to impale each other on there stands and words. No longer is the issues the most important, it is how hard and accurate c an you impale your opponent on something said or people they know. Vlad was an enthusiastic impaler and the Dem candidates are no different.

Clinton impales Obama on the spike of "bitter", Obama impales Clinton on the spike of NAFTA and well you get the idea. Little is said about how the Dems will beat McCain in the Fall, just beating up on each other. Sado-Masochistic comes to mind. Just as Vlad's implaing show his extreme cruelty, the candidates are showing their true colors--it is not necessarily about the issues, but more about them.

The Dem voter has got to be cringing at the sight of these impalings, they seem to be on auto-destruct. If Clinton gets a lead in PA, then watch for the Vlad-like tactics to continue and get worse the closer they get to Denver.

Democrats' Rules Set Stage for Messy Nomination - WSJ.com

Democrats' Rules Set Stage for Messy Nomination - WSJ.com

They do not miss much. I realize that the voters are not pay much attention right to the WSJ. They use that money per copy to buy gas and some food. But this is a story that has already been covered from every angle.

21 April 2008

Media Comments On Obama's Negativity

Senator Barack Obama sharpened his tone against Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton on Sunday as the six-week Pennsylvania primary contest raced to a close, with the rivals marshaling extensive resources in a battle for undecided vote.

In television commercials and in appearances before crowded rallies, Mr. Obama, of Illinois, cast his opponent in one of the most negative lights of the entire 16-month campaign, calling her a compromised Washington insider. Mrs. Clinton, of New York, responded by suggesting that Mr. Obama’s message of hope had given way to old-style politics and asked Democrats to take a harder look at him.

But wait! Did not Bill Clinton tell him to suit up or stay on the bench? Did not Hillary tell him to stand the heat or get out of kitchen? But when he takes their advice he is negative. Clinton is looking more and more desperate. She attacks and then does not want attacks in return. Seems she is the one in the fantasy world.

I have covered the whining thingy...so read that and enjoy.

But wait yet again! Now TV pundits are jumping on this and his negative campaign, but say little that Clinton brought it onto herself. They make a big deal of of the latest tracking poll and how He is only a few pts ahead of her, but yet when he was 11 pts ahead it was not worth more than a mention.

Tell me again...how is the media unbiased? It is the silly season!

Professor's Classroom

It is Monday and all can be happy to start another week......I was talking with a good friend about how the mistakes in American history are seldom talked about I thought I would offer this question for the quiz today.

Let's look at the War of 1812, the Americans came up with a plan to try an cripple the Brits. They were gonna have a 3 prong attack into Canada. With the hopes that it would stifle the Brits and their march across America.

the questions is: Name the commanders of each prong and what they accomplished?

Google awaits! Have a day and will have a nap!

20 April 2008

Obama's Naive At Times

But nhe had better realize that if he is nominee, what the people think is not important, it will be how the oppositions paints him to the people. The people may love him, but the 527's will turn him into something that he is not.

BARACK OBAMA believes his patriotism can't be challenged. Maybe he should talk to Michael Dukakis, Al Gore, and John Kerry.

"I am absolutely confident that during the general election that when I'm in a debate with John McCain, people are not going to be questioning my patriotism, they are going to be questioning how can you make people's lives a little better," declared Obama during last week's contentious debate with Hillary Clinton.

Obama wants the race for the White House to be about hope. It probably won't be.

In 1988, Dukakis said the campaign was about "competence, not ideology." His opponent, George H.W. Bush, made it all about ideology. The GOP turned Dukakis into a civil liberties-loving elitist who let convicted felons free to strike again.

Obama and his group need to get their heads out of their collective butts.

Weekly News UpDate

Between the candidates playing he said she said and the Pope, not much more was reported on, but I did find a bit of crap that is worthless.

Listen to some blues
Grab a shot of booze
I give you the NEWS
No one could possibly Use

1--Dr. Phil trying to interferes again into the lives of people trying to boost ratings

2--More plane crashes, more stupid hikers, more house fires, more auto crashes

3--Anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic--rivots did it!

4--More teen violence videos--eventually someone will address this problem

5--New record high for oil

6--Yankee Derek Jeter sics bodyguards onto autograph hunters--they were kids

7--5.2 earthquake in Illinois

8--More fires in California, Colorado and Montana

This past week was the same as the one before and the before it and..........

Have a week! Peace!

19 April 2008

Who Won The Debate?

Originally, I said that the onloy winner was those people that went to bed and got some nookie, but it appears that there was more to it than that. It was the most watched debate to date. In some areas it was more popular than American Idol.

Onward and up ward......most media pundits, newspapers ands such are saying that Obama had is worse debate to date and Clinton was clearly on her game. Good analysis for the most part, but there is a disconnect.

Contessa Brewer on MSNBC's afternoon news show said that they had received 12,000+ text messages saying that Obama had won the debate. But yet I have heard no other pundit mention this fact.

Why the disconnect from pundit to people? Difference in my opinion, that is not the story the media wants. The texters are most likely voters and will probably vote for Obama. Yet the media will not report on that, instead that keep thumping their chests for Clinton. The disconnect is what the media wants you to believe and what is reality is seldom the same, especially in politics.

As I keep saying, IMO, the media appears to be deep into the Clinton pocket.

Who Whines?

Bill Clinton has accused Obama of whining and that he should not suit up if he does not want the tackles. And after 15 after 15 months of scrutiny Hill is not whining.

That is true! She does not need to, she has the master whiner on her team, her hubby, Bill. He has whined about the media, he has whined about gender attacks, he has whined about the Nevada Caucus, he has whined about the votes in SC, he has whined about her "mis-speak"...you get the idea...he is a whining fool.

Maybe he should have served a selection of cheeses with the array of whines.

Political Quote Of The Week

I found this quote by accident and it tells so much about the education system in the US.

"War is God"s way of teaching Americans geography" Ambrose Bierce, writer

Just think about it. How many Americans could find Iraq on a map without the war.

18 April 2008

Which Candidate Will Benefit?

In a dramatic reversal, an Associated Press-Yahoo! News poll found that a clear majority of Democratic voters now say Sen. Barack Obama has a better chance of defeating Republican Sen. John McCain in November than Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

While Obama and Clinton are both sustaining dents and dings from their lengthy presidential fight, the former first lady is clearly suffering more. Democratic voters no longer see her as the party's strongest contender for the White House.

Voters of all types have gotten a better sense of Obama, who was an obscure Illinois legislator just four years ago. As more people moved from the "I don't know him" category in the AP-Yahoo! News poll, more rated Obama as inexperienced, unethical and dishonest. And 15 percent erroneously think he's a Muslim, thanks in part to disinformation widely spread on the Internet.

But Obama's positive ratings have climbed as well, while Clinton — widely known since the early 1990s — has been less able to change people's views of her. And when those views have shifted, it has hurt her more than helped.

The New York senator's ratings for being honest, likable, ethical and refreshing have fallen since January, and Obama scores higher than she does in all those categories.

And it will just get worse for Clinton, the longer she and her hit squad keep playing the negative card.

The Last Democratic Debate

There has been much said about this debate. From Obama was wounded to ABC was petty to mods were just fanning the flames of dissension. IMO, ABC was wrong to let the debate go on for 50+ minutes before asking any real issue questions.

Then Bill Clinton is trying to be cute again, letting his arrogance show through. Nothing new there.

But MSNBC held a text poll on the winner of the debate and it was a majority for Obama. So that is contrary to all pundits views that Obama lost the debate. So that shows me that the media corporate stooges are just trying desperately to keep Clinton in the game.

The mass media wants Clinton to be the nominee and it will do what it must to see that she is at least in the game until the end.

Obama and the former radicals - Los Angeles Times

Obama and the former radicals - Los Angeles Times

This crap is making the rounds on YouTube. It is just f*cking silly.

Iran's Sex Police

We have a sex police, but we call it the "vice squad" and in Iran there is something similar. Gen Zarei was in charge of enforcing Iran's strict anti-vice laws, which include a ban on prostitution.

Why do I bring this up?

Tehran's police chief, who was reportedly discovered in a brothel, has been arrested, it has been confirmed.

Local media have reported that General Reza Zarei was found with six naked women in a house of prostitution in the Iranian capital last month.

You see the US is not the only country where it politician like their hookers. LOL

Who Is The Elitist?

For a week or more the term "elitist" has been shuffled around in the media, but their weak definition has not explained it to the people. Most are not sure what the hell an elitist is. Maybe I can help.

From the beginning of political philosophy by the Sophists, especially Trasymachus, whose ideas lead to an elitist theory. His thoughts on politics were: Politics is a struggle, The stronger dominate the weaker and make laws favoring themselves. That is pretty simplistic, but for clarity we will keep it so.

A more modern definition is that the elite assumes that the individuals have an inborn desire for power, once obtained will guard it jealously. Those in government will use all avenues to retain power to include force, chicanery, ideological appeal. Basically, the society is divided into two sectors, the elitist and the people.

Now Clinton is calling Obama an elitist, IMO, that is like a callgirl calling a street walker a whore. She is just pandering to the people and taking advantage of a situation. She is an elitist, by her own words she has been in the power structure for 35 years.

I Think of something that Mike Barnacle said about Clinton calling Obama an elitist. He said, "You will have to soak your face in cement to keep from laughing."

17 April 2008

2008 Anal-Ocity

This one was actually said in 1999, by Hillary Clinton when talking to her hubby about Serbia and the need to bomb.

" What do we have NATO for if not to defend our way of life?”

Now my question is what did Serbia have to do with life in the US? There is the reason it is an Anal-Ocity. It has been reprinted so it will qualify for the 2008 Anal-Ocity awards.

What About A Flag Pin?

OMG! A question was asked of Obama, why he does not wear a flag pins? The woman said that soldiers, EMTs, PD, firemen, all wear the flag on their uniform. Well this is just stupid! Of course, they, not by choice dill hole, it is part of the uniform!

Can you people get a f*cking grip on reality? Please, stop show your f*cking ignorance at every turn. Question was not bad, but the example was just plain STUPID! The question to ask is, who chose this absolute worthless question? Was it ABC or was it the Clinton campaign considering that Geo. Stepa...Stehan....whatever his name is...is an ex-Clinton employee.

If you people choose your leader on crap like this, then this country is truly DOOMED!

From My youtube channel

At Last! The Final Debate!

Can I have an amen? With luck and God's help, will not have to go through another debate until the Fall. We can only pray. Is that because I am bitter? You bet your ass I am! I am full of the crap spread by the candidates.

On to the Dem Debate of last nite. If you have made up your mind on which candidate you will vote for, then this debate did nothing but waste your time. Issues were rehashed, that is a lie, few issues and more about personal stuff. about lies, mis-speaks, condescending,, yada, yada.

Clinton was Clinton--she was sorta nice which leads me to think she is bi-polar. She hot and cold running on Obama. Obama was Obama--he tried to stay above the personal crap, but as usual got sucked into it by the media.

If you were looking for a winner--then it was those that went to bed and got some nookie. All in all, if you watch the news regular then the debate was a total waste of time.

16 April 2008

America should invest in the 'front side of life' :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Jesse Jackson

America should invest in the 'front side of life' :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Jesse Jackson

Jesse should be listen to when he speaks. I am not a loyal supporter of him but I will give him his props when I feel they are deserved. These are deserving.

Professor's Classroom

Since I was unavoidably detained elsewhere on Monday, the quiz will be today.

In 1791, Congress levied a tax on farmers of Pennsylvania, which they refuse to pay and in 1794 Pres. Washington sent in the militia to enforce the tax. What was this incident called and what was the tax levied on?

Not tough. I am being very kind to you this day. Write it down may never happen again. Just put the answer on mmy desk and exit quietly---I need a nap!

HANDLING THE BULLIES: Dealing with the playground thugs of the right by Sam Smith

HANDLING THE BULLIES: Dealing with the playground thugs of the right by Sam Smith

This article has made some excellent points and should be read and understood. For too long it has been us against them mentality. What should be considered is how ALL Americans are treated by others and especially by the government.

Are They Truly One Of Us?

Candidates keep talking and we keep ignoring what they are saying. That they feel our pain or they are just one of us. Really? Does eating pizza or slamming back a shot and beer make someone part of the working class? How about going bowling? NO! It does not.

IMO, it is pandering and very condescending!

Will Americans buy this pandering crap? Most likely! I mean look at those that think Obama is a Muslim. Or the 28% that does not know that 4000+ Americans have died in Iraq. Or the 80% of Americans that think the economy is being handled poorly. But yet have confidence in McCain, who by any stretch of the imagination is just Bush Lite.

Sad that SAmericans are so uninformed. The problem is they seem to cherish their ignorance.

15 April 2008

The Texas Polygamist Compound

Lots has been said about the raid on the compound that took 416 kids off of it. A lot of condemnation of the practice has been out there. Why? well, for on ehting it does not fit in with out puritan sensibilities. That is about it!

I heard one media pundit vent his rage over the fact that a 16 yr girl had 4 kids. He went on and on about the abuse that caused this situation. Was it abuse.....after thinking it over and not being part of the investigation, I cannot answer that question...But it did bring a question to mind....What about a 16 yr old living in the country of, say Kentucky, with 4 kids--is that abuse or will it be written off as just a horny little tart?

Personally, I do not understand for the craving of more than one wife.....I mean it is difficult to keep one happy why would anyone want more than the one?

Beyond all the fluff on TV, if this is their religion and they have no problem with it, then it is none of anybody's business but those involved. This sounds like arranged marriages in other countries and the US has no problem looking the other way on those.

It is time for this story to die and the media needs to move on and stop editorializing about others religion.


I Am Back

For two days I have been fighting my internet connection, it was connectile dysfunction...tee-hee. Hopefully it is good to go now, but we can only hope. I will be back at it tomorrow. I have been going absolutely nuts without my connection.

13 April 2008

A CHUQ Prediction

The "bitter" comment by Obama will be the talk of the town on MSNBC. He will be called an elitist by Morning Joe.......Clinton's position will be defended heavily.......nothing will be said about Clinton lies...yes I said lies..."mis-speak" is just plain bullsh*t!

A Surprise Statement

The following is a statement on the 2008 election that I thought I would never see.

The fact that the Democratic frontrunners are an African American and a woman speaks volumes on how far the country has come. Hillary Clinton’s campaign has attracted large numbers of supporters, especially women. Other Democratic contenders presented some excellent proposals to reverse the devastation caused by the Bush administration’s policies.

Barack Obama’s campaign has so far generated the most excitement, attracted the most votes, most volunteers and the most money. We think the basic reason for this is that his campaign has the clearest message of unity and progressive change, while having a real possibility for victory in November.

As we see it, however, this battle is bigger than the Democrats and Republicans, even though those parties are the main electoral vehicle for most voters today. Our approach is to focus on issues and movements that are influencing candidates and parties.

We will work with others to defeat the Republican nominee and to end right-wing control of the new Congress.

The activism growing out of this election will help guarantee a progressive mandate no matter who is elected. It is critical to our country’s renewal and future.

We think this election is a great opportunity to bring an early withdrawal of US troops from Iraq. It can mean job creation and relief for those who are losing their homes or unable to pay their bills.

This election can set the stage to advance the interests of working people; of those excluded because of race, gender, sexual orientation and immigration status.

This election can begin to turn the tide: it can help bring universal health care, save the environment and start the restoration of our democratic rights. This election can strengthen democracy for all.

Can anyone even begin to guess where this statement came from?

Professor's Weekly News UpDate

It is Sunday, a day of rest and contemplation.

I Bring you the news
No One could possibly use
I consulted my muse
But she was high on booze.

Most of the news was election related, but the media did get a few worthless stories into the reports.

1--Charlton Heston rolls boxcars--dies at 84

2--More polygamists found and arrested in Texas--these people are just nuts--why would anyone want more than one wife?

3--More auto crashes, House fires, Armed stand offs and school lock downs

4--12 yr old girl found working in strip club in Dallas--she was doing what strippers do

5--More crappy weather in the heartland

6--Olympic torch is catching hell from Tibetans no matter where it goes.

7--Yet another English judge has determined that Princess Di is STILL dead

That was the news and I hope you have a sh*tty day

12 April 2008

How about McKinney?

That is Cynthia McKinney; you will most likely remember her from her altercation with the Capitol Police. She supposedly attack a policeman, it got lost of play on CNN and probably cost her re-election. But beyond that, she is trying to win the nomination for the Green Party and if one is a true Progressive her record and evals by various groups is pretty impressive.

Rated 0% by the NRLC, indicating a pro-choice stance.

Rated 80% by the HRC, indicating a pro-gay-rights stance.

Rated 97% by the NAACP, indicating a pro-affirmative-action stance.

Rated 80% by CURE, indicating pro-rehabilitation crime votes.Rated +20 by NORML, indicating a pro-drug-reform stance.

Rated 100% by the CAF, indicating support for energy independence.

  • Voted NO on 'Fast Track' authority for trade agreements.
  • No MFN for China; condition trade on human rights.
She has a strong pro-environmental stand, pro-family stand, and pro-worker stand. Her stands are consistent with those of "real" progressives. She deserves a good hard look if you are looking for a candidate other than the Big 3.

DLC: The Trouble With Class-Interest Populism by Stephen Rose

DLC: The Trouble With Class-Interest Populism by Stephen Rose

This paper is pure bovine fecal matter. It supposes that the working class is all about high end jobs and corporate related interests by the workers. This is just another lame attempt to high jack the progressive label. This paper should be published by some conservative think tank and not one called the Progressive policy Institute....there is NOTHING progressive about this. It just illustrates how far right the DLC and its mouthpiece the PPI have moved.

Political Quote Of The Week

I think a lot of Thomas Paine and this week's quote is from him.

"Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state, an intolerable one."

Only the American people can change the direction of the country. But will they?

Is Obama An Elitist?

I have heard this question posed many times and the answer is: "Of course, he is!" When was the last time that a presidential nominee was not an elitist? From the very beginning of this country elitist have ruled.

But the humorous part is it is the Clinton group that is calling him an elitist. The same arrogant bunch that have this air of inevitability around them. The same group that feels it is their birth right to be the next president. By any stretch of the imagination, that is an ELITIST.

Clinton said on the stump in Pennsylvania, "As I travel around Pennsylvania, I meet people who are resilient, who are optimistic, who are positive. . . . They're working hard every day for a better future for themselves and their children. Pennsylvanians don't need a president who looks down on them. They need a president who stands up for them, who fights for them."

This coming from a member of the DLC, the poster child for elitism.

So yes, Obama is an elitist, but so is every other person running for President. Americans have a long history of letting the rich and the elite push them around and I do not see any change in the near future.

11 April 2008

The Enemy Has Changed In Iraq

The shift was articulated this week in Washington by Gen. David Petraeus, who told Congress that "unchecked, the special groups pose the greatest long-term threat to the viability of a democratic Iraq."

Before, American commanders have called al-Qaida the greatest threat.

There is little doubt that Shiite extremists fighting U.S. and Iraqi forces have received Iranian weapons, although Iran's government denies supplying them.

But Petraeus' comments obscure the fact that the United States has waded into a monumental power struggle within the majority Shiite community — and crucially, that both sides in that struggle, not just the "special groups," maintain close ties to Iran.

Bush and the boys have just got to keep the landscape of war ever changing to keep their hold on the situation. Sorry, but Bush, Patraeus and others are playing a dangerous and lethal game with the lives of American service people. Sad part is that McCain will play the same game with the same results. IMO, I am not too sure that either of the Democratic candidates will do anything different.

The American voter has control of this situation, but will they exercise their desires or just go back to the "good old days" of voting for the popular candidate not the one that would actually do something constructive about Iraq.

Escape from Recession: What you should know about the economic stimulus package

Escape from Recession: What you should know about the economic stimulus package

What everyone should know about the economic stimulus plan that the Pres and Congress have authorized.

When Will It End?

Well if Clinton is telling the truth, it will end at the convention. CRAP! Do you mean that we must hear the same song a dance for another couple months? Crap! It is whining! Why can she not stick to the issues? I know winning is FAR MORE IMPORTANT than the issues. Once again she has shown that the campaign is all about her and not what is needed for the people of this country.

I once said that she appeared as a harpy and boy did I catch hell for that.....I was accused of being a sexist, which I found a bit humorous coming from people who do not know me and definitely do not know Greek mythology. May I suggest that one look up what a harpy is and they will see that the analysis is pretty accurate. I stand by that analysis and if you are too lazy to find the definition then you may attack again. Or better yet, YOU CAN BITE ME!

Political Cartoons: Editorial cartoons online at THEWEEKDaily.com

Political Cartoons: Editorial cartoons online at THEWEEKDaily.com

Not a bad cartoon.

10 April 2008


I am taking a day

09 April 2008

Candidate's Scorecard

New thing--a scorecard for the candidate's. This time it will be their performance at the hearings on Iraq.

McCain--Stayed on message that surge was working and that it was somehow unpatriotic to leave Iraq until it was a good and safe place.

Clinton--Very careful in her questions. Did not press the points by the general and ambassadorof the "good" conditions in Iraq.

Obama--He was the most critical of the candidates. He was forceful on the money spent and the idea that all is well in Iraq.

In my opinion, Obama had the best performance of all the candidates in the hearings. However, I will say the Joe Biden's opening statement was an excellent one.

Clinton re-emphasized points she and Democrats had made before: that even with security gains, the Iraqi government has proved incapable of political reconciliation, and that U.S. troops tied down in Iraq are needed elsewhere.

"I think it's time to begin an orderly process of withdrawing our troops, start rebuilding our military and focusing on the challenges posed by Afghanistan, the global terrorist groups and other problems that confront Americans," the New York senator said during the morning hearing before the Armed Services Committee.
Obama, on the other hand, argued that both Petraeus and Crocker were setting the bar for success too high, making it nearly impossible to ever achieve goals or withdraw troops.

During the afternoon hearing before the Foreign Relations Committee, the Illinois senator argued for consideration of more limited goals: an Iraqi government that could contain if not eradicate Sunni Arab radicals and could hold its own against Iranian influences, if not expel them.

"When you have finite resources, you've got to define your goal tightly and modestly," Obama said.

Iraq Hearings

Yes, I am a political geek, I watched both Iraq hearings on the tube. Just about the most boring day I have ever spent. As we would expect, the Repubs for the most part, did the "at a Boys" and the Dems ask real questions. But the Ambassador and the general gave the same basic speech they gave 6 months ago. It was a diatribe of what is going right and little said about what was going wrong. They all ask the same basic question, will the Iraqis be able to stand on their own? The answer was a 10 min diatribe of what ifs and maybes.

Then in the Foreign Relations Ctme hearings it became a bit more clear, at least for me. Sen. Biden's opening statement was just amazing (will post as soon as it is available) Hagel ask hard questions, as did Obama, but the answers were not as well thought out as the questions.

All in all, not many questions were answered, as it was 6 months ago, basically it was all the good news we could stand and little about the crap that is really going on. The hearings at the Armed Services Cmte was all partisan, lots of back slapping and lots of questions--little answers.

The testimony before the Foreign relations was a bit more detailed than the previous hearing. Lots of excellent questions, few excellent answers. Nothing new the same rhetoric by Bush cronies. All is well in Iraq and we need to stay much longer.

08 April 2008

Crackdown on Militias Raises Stability Concerns - New York Times

Crackdown on Militias Raises Stability Concerns - New York Times

Yet more info that needs to be covered in the hearings with Patraeus/Crocker. But will it?

McClatchy Washington Bureau | 04/07/2008 | Gen. Petraeus' Iraq strategy on trial in Congress

McClatchy Washington Bureau | 04/07/2008 | Gen. Petraeus' Iraq strategy on trial in Congress

The general will be in Washington to echo the policies of the Prez. And thanx to that Iraq will be back in the news and the political pundits will be forced to talk about the war. Since all three presidential candidates will be present it will be interesting to see if their stump speeches show their faces in the hearings.

Good News From Pennsylvania?

It has been reported heavily that the rolls of the voting population are growing in the state thanks in part to the energized Democrats. There has not been a charge to the polls like this season, in many years. And it is not just a PA thing; it is happening all over the country. Such energy has not been the norm and may well lead to the best and most voted election in decades.

Republican strongholds are becoming democratic now.

The four suburban counties have long been Republican strongholds, with more Republican voters than Democratic ones. The last time there were more Democrats than Republicans seems lost in the mist of time.

But a new day is here. Voter enrollment in both Montgomery and Bucks Counties has flipped from Republican to Democratic.

The registration deadline was March 24, and tens of thousands of new registrations flooded in, from both new voters and party switchers.

Well this be good news for the democrats or the repubs? Only the voter can answer that and the media will report it. But my question is will it be the best vote for the country as a whole?

07 April 2008

General Speaks: Yet Again!

Patraeus is due to testify before Congress this week and he will have his work cut out for him. With the escalation of violence in Iraq, it will be a hard sell.

"General Petraeus really has a very difficult issue on his hands because Sadr City is home to the Mahdi Army and militia loyal to Moqtada al-Sadr, one of the most powerful and popular in the country. It's densely populated.

For the U.S., They are on the outskirts of Sadr City but for them to move deep into this area, they risk a potential bloodbath. Nobody wants to see that happening.

The U.S. has been looking for a political solution to that, trying to bring Moqtada al-Sadr on board. They've been successful to a degree but what has been seen in the last few weeks - and there were 20 people reportedly killed overnight in clashes between U.S. forces and the militia inside Sadr City - what you've seen is a very determined defense by these militias not wanting to give up the rocket launch sites, or any ground.

His defense of the Bush policy will be put to the test. Repubs will do a lot of back slapping and hopefully the Dems will do a lot of face slapping. The truth is ugly, but the lies are unforgivable.

Professor's Classroom

OSIM! Yes it is and a quiz awaits. As always you will have sufficient time to get the answer. Good luck and good hunting.

What significance does the word "Virginius" in American history? Give year and details.

You may begin now-----remember--do not disturb the professor on your way out......

06 April 2008

Professor's weekly News UpDate

Primaries, elections, negativity, speeches, and lie.....that was the major news of the week...but there were a few worthless POS that did slither their way into the broadcasts.

If it is worthless
And it is news
time for that long overdue snooze.

1--Obama bowls a 37 in Penn.--did not think this would be big news--but i was mistaken.

2--Chinese Olympians use powered deer penis as an enhancer......I cannot make this shit up!

3--3rd graders in GA. plan to kill their teacher for scolding them.....they had a plan and the equipment....and you think this is a healthy society......guess again!

4--More cops being caught being stupid on camera......are they that stupid?

5--More car chases, crashes, more weather, more celebs being morons.....yada, yada

6--An English judge has rules that Princess Di is still DEAD!

Good-bye and good day---may all your children be born naked!

Blackwater To Stay In Iraq

you remember Blackwater, right? That private army of mercenaries that killed 17 civilians in some fake attack. Even thought the investigation is still on going and the Iraqi people do not want them in country; their contract has been renewed.

In spite of the criminal probe, the State Department announced on Friday the firm's contract to protect U.S. personnel in Baghdad would be renewed.

The State Department says Blackwater's tactics have been changed to prevent further incidents like last year's shooting.

Iraqi government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh said the government believed its requests for tighter controls over Blackwater's activities had been met.

"The demands of the Iraqi government have been taken into consideration and Blackwater will follow the Iraqi government's laws. We were never against Blackwater's work in Iraq, but the company has committed a mistake," he said. Ordinary Iraqis were less tolerant.

"So far we haven't passed laws governing the work of foreign companies. The government should have shown its influence and authority by taking the initiative," said Saleem al-Jubouri, spokesman for the mainly Sunni Arab Accordance Front bloc.

"But the Americans want to show that Iraq is under their control. It's a violation of the Iraqi judicial system."

And there is the answer, the US is an occupying force and we will do what we want, regardless of the wishes of the Iraqi people and government.

05 April 2008

Iraq: No End In Sight

Democrats called this approach unacceptable and said they would pursue an alternative policy through legislation. They said their focus will be on restoring the strength of the Army and Marines and refocusing the nation's resources on fighting terrorists in Afghanistan.

But Democrats face an uphill battle. Lacking a veto-proof majority, the party has repeatedly failed to force Bush to accept any anti-war legislation, including one measure supported by many Republicans that would have required that troops spend more time at home between combat tours.

Further, the only legislative approach guaranteed to end the war would be for Congress to cut off money for troops while in combat — a position that not enough Democrats support and which Republicans universally oppose.

The lack of options has left Democrats with mostly rhetoric, as it becomes all but certain that the next president will have to manage the war once Bush leaves office.

"The current Iraq strategy has no discernible end in sight and requires the United States to spend additional hundreds of billions of dollars despite urgent national needs in education, health care, and infrastructure improvement, and when high oil prices have provided the Iraqi government with billions in additional revenue that could pay for their own redevelopment and security," the Democratic leaders wrote in their letter.

"This strategy is neither sustainable nor in our broader national security or economic interest," they said.

More terrible news for the troops and their families. I am so sorry that we, as a nation, cannot end the mental suffering of these people.

Political Quote Of The Week

If you listen to McCain speak on what he wants to do for this country, then you will hear the same crap that Bush and his lackeys have been saying for the last 7 years. So this week's quote pertains to that.

Republicans are men of narrow vision, who are afraid of the future.
Jimmy Carter

04 April 2008

Obamanomics -- In These Times

Obamanomics -- In These Times

I was gonna review this article but decided that it would be best if it was read in its entirety. Thefre are some excellent points in this article. Please read and decide for yourself.

It Was The Best Of Times

I keep hearing the media a Clinton supporters that say some of her appeal is the good times that was had during her husband's reign. But I ask what has those good times brought?

NAFTA comes to mind! This was a brain child of Bill and the DLC. What did it do for the country? An increase in illegal immigration and the loss of many, many manufacturing jobs, well a lot of all blue collar jobs. It is kinda like sex, a great momentary feeling and then the CLAP!

Bill also was a contributor to the corporate control of the media, something that is helping fuel the racism and sexism of this election. Not news, but corporate play.

Yes, there were some good times during Bill's reign, but today shows the REAL consequences of their actions. So if you are voting for the good times of the past, try to keep in mind what those momentary good times have cost you in the present.

03 April 2008

Professor's Congressional Scorecard

This past month of March, the Congress spent as little time as possible on actual legislation. And as usual I will give my analysis of the past month's work for our Reps. But first, the scores so far this year:

January 08--1 step backwards

February 08--No step--a stand still

Mar ch 08--

1--failure to override torture veto--backwards
2--Failure to override FISA--backwards
3--Failure to pass the Empolyees Freedom of Choice Act--backward
4--Hearings on oil profits--forward--not a good step but in the right direction.

Those were the major issues that the Congress faced and the score for March is 2 steps backwards.

Since the new Congress has taken over, they have NEVER moved forward. Now someone remind me of why we sent these people to Washington?

02 April 2008

In What World?

I listen to the media and their ramblings daily and all I can ask is, in what world do these people live? I guess if your corporate owners pay you 6 figures then you have to massage their genitalia on a regular basis.

On 10 Apr 08, the markets soared up by almost 400 pts, that is good, if you are luckiy enough to have enough money to invest, that is, and most political pundits highlighted the rise as a sign of just how healthy the US economy is.

I ask, with that rise in the markets, how many American families lost their home yesterday? I even heard one moron pundit say that most of Americans are losing only on paper. WTF? In what world do these ass wads live? Do they buy food? Do they buy gas? Sorry but that is not a paper problem, it is a wallet problem.

Must be wonderful to have an expense account that reimburses you for the money you spend on such items. The problem is that most Americans do not have that luxury. Most American families do not make enough money for these situations not to effect them. Families, unfortunately, have to live in the real world and not the Fantasy Land that political pundits live in.

May I suggest that if they really want to know what is happening economically to the American people then try talking to real people and ignore the wealthy bullshit artists.

01 April 2008

Voter Optimism

I think it is great that the American people have this built in optimism. They see the silver lining to most storm clouds. A recent poll showed that the people everything will be ok by the end of '09. It seems they are booking this on the next election and that the new president will make everything good.

Personally, I think this cockeyed optimism is a bit delusional. If one looks at the indicators, then the future, at least the near future is not that bright. The fact that gold is pushing $1000 an ounce points to the approach of inflation.

Will gas go down to a safe level? Do not think so! Food prices will stay where they are now. BTW, you can thank your idiot government for that. Why? The push for ethanol, E85.

To the working stiff, all I can say is tighten your belt, there will be some lean months ahead.

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