09 December 2007

Weekly News UpDate

First of all, this was yet another pathetic week for news. Secondly, it is somewhere around the middle of Dec and yet another Nicholas Cage movie.

If you were looking for news
you surely will lose
there is no news
when the media is on booze.

1--Santas must lose weight--report finds them too heavy. So now we are re-writing Xmas--Santa must be skinny. BITE ME!

2--AT&T getting out of the pay phine biz by the end of '08.

3--Japanese researchers gave simple IQ test to chimps and humans---chimps are smarter.

4--Catholic church puts out a comic book informing children about sexual predators, but there is no mention of priests.

5--It may rain in Sou. Calif.---and???????

6--the 3 guys in Aruba are arrested again.....and...released again....how long must this continue?

7--Barry bonds pleads not guilty---thinking.....!

That is the news that was some of the focus of the media---now do you feel informed?

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