30 December 2007

Professor's Weekly News UpDate

This past week has been nothing but worthless crap in the media. From a tiger, to a family slaying, to a overturned train, to ..........on and on.

This week has been worthless for news
Definitely nothing one could use.

1--Steven Spielberg puts $14,000 fish into pond and it is eaten by a raccoon......now that is good stuff!

2--Old man Hilton will leave 97% of the Hilton fortune to charity.....maybe Paris will use her time honored quote, "It's not fair"!

3--CEO of Goldman/Sachs will get a $68 million bonus--is anyone worth that kind of money? Is Goldman/Sachs intwined with the sub prime mess?

That is about it for the week. Hopefully, next week and the New Year will be a better outlewt for news---but, I doubt it.

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