31 March 2007

Voter Beware


I have given voting a lot of thought lately and my views have not changed over the years. I wanted to reassess my stand to see if that maybe something positive had happened and that I might be mistakened. I am Not!

With the general election approaching, ever so slowly, you would not realize it by the tap dancing candidates are doing. You would swear, if you just woke up that it was 2008 and the first of the primaries are long days away. Unfortunately, for your sensibilties it is a year away.

For decades we have been told that if you do not vote, then you have nothing to bitch about. Or that it is your civic duty to vote. We have been taught from the very first Civics class that it is all important to participate in the system. Do you agree? What has your paricipation accomplished? Do you truly feel that you are part of the system? Do you feel that you have gotten your money's worth out of the slugs you have help put into office?

People need to ask themselves these questions, but only if they are willing to take a hard look at their own participation. If you vote, what do you vote for? The Party? Or possibly the person? How many really give two shakes in hell about the issues?

Alrighty then, with all that said let us take a look at the institution called voting.

Voting is a strong ideological tool. Having a majority of the adults vote in any given election is giving a legitimacy to the system that supposedly derives its power from those very people. The problem is that the people are not being represented, they are justifying the ruling elites who reinforce their legitimacy by claiming to be held to the highest standards. Basically, what most of these slimes are saying is that they through their representation are contributing to the material well being of the people. And for most Americans that is all they are looking for, is their material well being. That is one of the major contributors that lead to the War On Terror.

The candidates that the American people are given as their future leaders are all popped from the same mold. Makes no difference on party affiliation; they are wealthy, self-serving and manical. And these are the people that we have to choose from at election time.

So you want proof? Look at the present administration; it is arrogant, self-serving and above all unconcerned with the will of the people. But yet it was returned for a second tour in power. Why? It played heavily on the fears of the people, which in turn, proved to be the best emotional issue to secure leadership through the mandate called votes.

The ordeal of voting is an illusion created by those in power, that tghere is actually a struggle for the positions in which the people decide the outcome. The only thing the American voter decides is which wealthy elitist will lead them. The entire system is programed so that only the wealthy elite can enter into the system and have the chance of leadership. It is acceptable because the voter, from childhood, has been lead to believe that is the way it must be. By the way, politics in the US is a monopoly, that only the wealthy can play.

Remember, voting does not determine policy, it only legitimizes those who actually control the state apparatus.

Voting is an illusion of popular rule, by the people, which is legitimized by popular elections. In other words, it is a scam, that the American people participate in freely and it is so well entrenched that they assume they have the power. They do not! All you need to do is just look at the last 20 yrs of politics--where were they ever in control?



30 March 2007

A Good Question

If you go to Google Maps and type in New Orleans you get the image before Katrina. Why? I mean the lower 9th Ward is in tact, sorry guys but that is not the truth. Is this ploy to give the impression that the recovery is going well? Google says that it is the only image they have of the area--WRONG! It was showing a more accurate image awhile back. Why are they now showing a LIE?

Oh, my bad! I forgot--Who cares? I mean there are tornadoes in mid-America that are far more destructive than Katrina--if you believe that--YOU ARE AN IDIOT!

I mean the tornado takes out an area the size of 2 football fields, and Katrina effect at least 5 states, but that is somehow not that relevant today, is it? So to those that seem to want to forget Katrina--I have but one statement for you and please understand that I sincerely mean this--BITE ME!


What Is This?

The State Department made its appeal before Syria's April parliamentary election, urging Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's government to show greater respect for political freedoms.

"We deplore arbitrary arrest and detention of political prisoners by the Syrian government," the State Department said in a statement, saying it was particularly concerned about activists Anwar al-Bunni and Kamal al-Labwani.

WTF? Gitmo is full of these types. And did not read somewhere that the CIA used Syria to interrogate prisoners? Is it just me or is this typical hypocritical BS?


Observations Of The Day

Just a few of the more interesting things that occur.

Carl Rove--what can I say? DAMN! white boy needs to leave HipHop to the pros.

While speaking to union workers, Hilary said she wants to make the US "bold again". ...........(thinking)........What the hell is she talking about? Slogans--nothing but slogans--when will the people demand action instead of half ass slogans? Probably never, they are that fucking lazy!

OOPS! Guiliani may be in deep do-do! Of yeah, I heard his first wife was also his cousin--he should fair well in the South.

Iran seems to be calling the UK's bluff. Tough talk by Blair has resulted in the release of the female captive to be cancelled. What to do?

US has said it is not occupying Iraq--what would we call it then?

New US ambassador sworn in at Baghdad ceremony--name--Ryan Crocker and he speaks fluent Arabic. Would anyone like to bet on which oil company he has ties to?


29 March 2007

Very Fortunate Occurrance

I am sure that everyone by now has heard all the fecal matter surrounding the fired attorneys. If not, may I suggest you put down the vid control and watch the news or better read a paper.

I think it is very fortunate for all concerned that this story broke, for in doing so it made the veterans abuse story a back page affair. This I do not understand, we are talking about the lives of 8 or so lawyers, who wioll have no problem feeding themselves. And yet disabled veterans are being treated like crap and unfortunately no one cares if it is not on the front page.

Who is being held accountable? Who is changing things? What are the chances these vets will get the help they need? These are the stories that need to be reported, not some poor lwayers who lost their jobs.


Quote Of The Day

This is a quote by House leader Pelosi. THe pres has said he will veto any Iraqi war thing coming from the Congress.

Pelosi--"(the President) gets no more blank checks for the war. The pres will get every dollar and more that he asks for, but with accountability."

What does that mean? I realize there is a political tactic called "doublespeak" but what did she say? My question now, why waste time on a non-binding resolution? If no one can can be held to it, why waste the time? Basically, it is just a political thing so they have a little ammo during the campaign. All the while, the Congress and the Pres play games, troops are dying.

If you are against the war, all the people, then FORCE them to stop. Take it to the streets--vote in the streets. If not, then sit on your hands and watch the fatalities grow, or wrap your worthless ass in the flag and watch the injuries mount.


28 March 2007

Iraqi Oil UpDate

These are a few articles I found on the oil law being considered by the Iraqi government





These are good sources of info regarding the new oil law. Read them and weep.


When Is One Better Than Two?


A humorous word at best. Does it refer to some sort of sexual preference which includes camels? Or is it possibly some newly discovered type of cannibalism? Neither are true, though with a stretch of the imagination, both could be true.

All seriousness aside, bicameralism, simply put is two chambers of the government, like the UK with its House of Commons and the House of Lords, the US has its adaptation, know as the Senate and the House of Representatives. This is all pretty straightforward and was learned in Civics 101. Hopefully, all will recall their indoctrination into the two party system of the US.

This is a fairly universal practice in most states, with the exception of Nebraska, which has one chamber or it is unicameral. Now that we have established what the terms mean, we shall further explore this phenom. Each one of these chambers has committees within it, like education, national security, intelligence, etc.

Now we have the fundamentals, let's look at it in operation. Take an idea, it is submitted to its respective committee, it is considered, talked about, debated and somethimes even joked about, once the guys have it all in line it is sent for a vote on the respective chamber. Once it passes there it is sent on to the second chamber and the whole process begins again. Once this chamber has their version hammered out and it is not the same as the first chamber, then it sent back and forth, to and fro until a compromise that both houses will agree on and then it final is sent to the pres who can play with it, either sign it into law or veto. If it is per chance it is vetoed it then is sent back to the chambers and they bat it back and forth until they can get an override.

That all sounds pretty democratic, don't it? In one aspect it is, but then on the other hand it could be seen as not so much.

IMO, it is time for the US to stop wasting time, money and resources on the delaying game. I think that a unicameral system would be more efficient and less expense. Time would be saved by not having to play ping pong with bills trying to get them passed. One chamber would take the idea into the respective committee, they will bang out the compromise and then send to pres for action. The money would be saved by elimating a bunch of dead weight from the Congress. This would eliminate support people, office expenses, etc.

The bicameral system does work in favor of the American people; the unicameral would not be perfect but it could be a start to giving the American people their shot at help to govern themselves. The two chamber work in concert to keep the political process bogged down in fecal matter so that as little as possible can be accmplished, thus securing the elites hold on power and control over the people.

Of course I am a realist and for that reason I understand this will never happen, becuase it would have to be proposed to the Congress and those guys are not about to eliminate themselves from the power equation. Unfortunately, it is only wishful thinking on my part and a concern to return the reigns of control to the American people. I'm a realist there too, they do not want it; they prefer someone else do their thinking for them and all they have to do is bitch and vote.



27 March 2007

Quote Of The Day

``They achieved something, which is the very regularized meetings between the two of them, in which they will not just talk about their day-to-day issues, but also about a political horizon.'' - Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in announcing that Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas agreed to meet on a regular basis.

Now the only question that can be asked about the quote is WTF?

Where Did Sectarian Violence Begin?

When Did Sectarian Violence Begin In Iraq?

Do you have any idea? Was it after the 2003 invasion? Just when was it?

sunni and Shi'a lived together fairly peacefully for generations, but then Saddam and Iran had to start a war over oil resources and land. Because the Shi'a were of the same sect as Iran, Saddam started treating them like state enemies. He tried limiting their movement and put into place a network of informants to keep tabs on their leadership. After the end of the Iraq-Iran War, saddam started clamping down even harder than in the past. But wait! The 1st Gulf War starts and the Shi'a in the South of Iraq start feeling they have been saved. Wrong!

After this war was over, there was a no-fly zone in the South which was to help protect the population from an aerial assaulkt by Saddam's guys. But on the ground not much had changed, on the contrary, Saddam upped his repression of the Shi'as.

And then, when all looked bleak, a new George was in the White House and was not going to let the Iraq thing go. The Shi'a thought they were about to be saved once again. They were wrong!

Hopefully, you are well aware of what has happened and is happening in Iraq, especially along sectarian lines. If not, where the hell have you been?

The violence has been a natural progression to date. After centuries of bad feelings, suppression and betrayal, violence has erupted and there well could be no stopping it now. Violence begets violence, is the only thing one can say about the situation in Iraq. The tribal mentality is playing out as we speak--revenge the only justice, each group has at this time.

Can the violence be stopped? Yes, a definite yes! But not by the powers that are in control, for this group is feeding its desires for power with the bodies of Iraqis. The more Iraqis die, the more cash and influence each side will acquire and with that acquisition will come nore violence. A vivious circle? You bet and the US is a prime architect of that circle.

Only the Iraqis can stop the flow of events that is so much a part of Iraqi life. There are those who are attempting to make a difference, but since they are not a US supporter, little will be heard of their efforts and accomplishments. One such organization is the Iraq Freedom Congress, which is made up of normal Iraqis, workers, teachers, etc. This group is working for a non-sectarian Iraq, something the US will not be able to help provide the people. My thought? The US should remove itself from Iraq and give these people a chance; it will not be an easy transition but a better one than they have now.



26 March 2007

Rantings Of A Cheesed Guy!

There are a couple of things I would like to rant about:

PD and FD, regardless of where you live, these people are held up as some kind of hero--Why? It is there job to do what it is they are called upon to do. No one else that is doing their job is even closely considered a hero, it is doing their job. As a worker after Katrina, 4 of us were working drying houses only hours after the storm, but not one person called us a hero, we were doing what we are paid to do. These people, the FD and PD, are doing their job, yes it is dangerous, but they know that when they applied for the employment, so to call them heroes is to lessen the acts of TRUE heroes.

NOw lets move on to the lost Boy Scout, this was a tragedy that turned out happily, but come on did it deserve hours upon hours of coverage? Maybe on a local station to keep the community abreast on the efforts, but on national media? And then the famous line came, "we have him". And then every expert on record came parading on to tell what "we got him" meant. Sorry, but I am smart enough to know what it meant, I did not need the added coverage.

Again I am happy that the boy was found safe, but it was not national news at the expense of the world affairs. It is extremely sad that the American need this type of fluff to keep them watching the news.


News Observations

Just a few of the things that caught my fancy as reported in the news.

A couple falls off a cruise ship and is rescued 4 hrs later. Amazing, but one report I heard was that they were nude and fell off their cabin patio. Getting freaky on a cruise ship can have its draw backs.

Some guy kills his girlfriend, cuts her up and cooks her on a BBQ grill on his deck around his apartment.

A Chicago cop beats up a female bartender becuae shw would not serve him more booze.

Two senior women beaten by thug and robbed, their ages were 85 and 101.

Yeah, you are right--American society is not wrapped too tight.


The American Society

Around the world, people are chomping at the bit to come to this country, for they perceive it as gold brick road and a wonderful life. Boy, they need to wake up!

The society they want to join:

a couple tortures 4 yr old to death
bartender beaten by cop
Senior women beaten and robbed by a thug
babies stolen from hospitals
teen charged with 128 felonies at one time
man kills wife and cuts her up
Governmental reps chasing pages

Why would any normal individual see this as the perfect society? Think about it, if they want to come here, just how flippin' sick is their current society? The American society is becoming more perverted and diseased with each passing year and people are dying trying to enter into this society. Either those people are just plain stupid or the rest of the world is more sick than the good old US of A. Either way it is a sad, sad indictment on civilization, and I use the term very, very loosely.


Sectarian Violence

When Did Sectarian Violence Begin In Iraq?

Do you have any idea? Was it after the 2003 invasion? Just when was it?

sunni and Shi'a lived together fairly peacefully for generations, but then Saddam and Iran had to start a war over oil resources and land. Because the Shi'a were of the same sect as Iran, Saddam started treating them like state enemies. He tried limiting their movement and put into place a network of informants to keep tabs on their leadership. After the end of the Iraq-Iran War, saddam started clamping down even harder than in the past. But wait! The 1st Gulf War starts and the Shi'a in the South of Iraq start feeling they have been saved. Wrong!

After this war was over, there was a no-fly zone in the South which was to help protect the population from an aerial assaulkt by Saddam's guys. But on the ground not much had changed, on the contrary, Saddam upped his repression of the Shi'as.

And then, when all looked bleak, a new George was in the White House and was not going to let the Iraq thing go. The Shi'a thought they were about to be saved once again. They were wrong!

Hopefully, you are well aware of what has happened and is happening in Iraq, especially along sectarian lines. If not, where the hell have you been?

The violence has been a natural progression to date. After centuries of bad feelings, suppression and betrayal, violence has erupted and there well could be no stopping it now. Violence begets violence, is the only thing one can say about the situation in Iraq. The tribal mentality is playing out as we speak--revenge the only justice, each group has at this time.

Can the violence be stopped? Yes, a definite yes! But not by the powers that are in control, for this group is feeding its desires for power with the bodies of Iraqis. The more Iraqis die, the more cash and influence each side will acquire and with that acquisition will come nore violence. A vivious circle? You bet and the US is a prime architect of that circle.

Only the Iraqis can stop the flow of events that is so much a part of Iraqi life. There are those who are attempting to make a difference, but since they are not a US supporter, little will be heard of their efforts and accomplishments. One such organization is the Iraq Freedom Congress, which is made up of normal Iraqis, workers, teachers, etc. This group is working for a non-sectarian Iraq, something the US will not be able to help provide the people. My thought? The US should remove itself from Iraq and give these people a chance; it will not be an easy transition but a better one than they have now.



25 March 2007

And Yet Another Thought

RAMALLAH, West Bank — The visiting U.N. secretary-general, Ban Ki-moon, said Sunday that the time is not ripe for meetings with Hamas officials in the new Palestinian government.

Hamas, branded a terrorist group by the U.S. and European Union, joined the more moderate Fatah party in a coalition government last week. Palestinian officials have expressed hope that the alliance would lead to an end of international sanctions imposed against the previous Hamas government.

Ban welcomed the formation of the new government, but said "the atmosphere is not ripe" for talks with Hamas. "At this time, I do not have plans to meet with Prime Minister Haniyeh or other Hamas Cabinet ministers," he said after a meeting with President Mahmoud Abbas of Fatah.

As reported by FOX News.

I would say that the new UN chief is gonna be Washington's man at the UN. He seems to be doing whatever it takes to help the new unity government fail.


A Thought

How about that Palestine? They have successfully formed a unity government, yes it is still a bit shaky, but an effort non the less. Israel not happy! The US is pouting because someone went behind their backs and actually accomplished something, the very thing the US has been trying to prevent.

Rice is going to the ME to have the Saudis alter their 2002 Peace proposal, as I have said, no doubt in Israel's favor. She is a pain in the ass! I say since the US has always had Israel's best interst at heart, that they should not be the arbitrator in any peace negotiations. WHY? They are not impartial--their main concern is to look after the interests of Israel and the US military-industrial complex. These alone should disqualify them fro participating in the process.

Now, polls show that 2/3 of Palestinians want a peaceful settlement to the conflict and they have a unity government and now it is time for the world to step up and help a peace be found. The Saudi plan should be stuck with--it is basically a plan for land for peace. It is that simple, but then the US comes along with some mouthy bitch and complicates the proposal into something a lawyer would find confusing.

It is time for the US to remove its nose from Israel's butt, bow out and let the real peace process move on!



24 March 2007

News Tidbits for 24/03/07

Just a few of stories of the day.

15 UK trrops captured by Iran--UK says they were in Iraqi waters, Iran says no they were not. I realize most Americans will side with the UK on these statements, but with all the west's chest thumping, could this be one provacation? Or possibly just an unfortunate occurance? You decide.

Rice to go to ME to have talks about the peace process. She wants the Saudis to alter their 2002 plan. What could be the purposed alteration? Israel will benefit no doubt, the most out of any changes. It is straight forward, no negoiations--LAND FOR EACE! It is just that simple.

More gas bombs in Iraq, that is 6 since 01/07. If there is a remedy for this, no one has any idea what it could possibly be.

Dems barely passed the resolution to have troops out by 31/08/08. If the elections showed that the majority wanted to find a way to fix this thing, why did this resolution barely pass?

Questions---questions---and more questions--It is a real shame that there are no adequate answers, just emotional bovine fecal matter that is disguised as an answer.



I know that everyone has got to know about the daily violence of bombs and such in Iraq. If you do not, please just skip this post and return to watching SpongeBob.

These explosions have killed almost countless people, Iraqis as well as US troops and injured many more. OK, the question of the day, when did this form of insurgency basically begin? It is not hard question, but then I am assuming that someone gives a crap.

(waiting......waiting.........tapping fingers on desk.)

Since few are sure of their answer--the bombings began in 2003, November I believe, when a suicide bomber walked into the UN headquarters and BLAM!--took out many people as well as the head of the UN mission.

And so it begins!

Will the world ever be the same? Just something to consider--the future!

Class Dismissed!


23 March 2007


Alrighty then--For awhile now the Bush Admin has been saying the the new security surge is going well and some progress has been made, then given enough time Baghdad will be secure. On the other side of that coin--opponenets have been saying that the surge for security is just a band-aid for a gunshot wound. They say that no amount of trrops and money will ever secure the Iraqi capital.

Who to believe? On one hand you have admitted lairs and on the other you have thrill seekers, looking for that Pulitzer story. Who to believe? What to do?

Let's see yesterday while the new UN chief was having a press conference an explosion went off. I think he soiled himself, anyway, that does not sound like a secure area to me. Anyone else?

Today, the deputy VP of Iraq was in his compound working, when a suicide bomber enteres into his office a --Ka-Bam!!!!!! Bunch of people died, the VP is in intensive care and the compound looks like a bomb went off--wait! wait! A bomb did go off.

Where is the security? Is it there or where? Sorry, peeps, someone is lying--THERE IS NO SECURITY IN BAGHDAD.



22 March 2007

Alternative Fuels

This is a really wide and all encompassing subject and I am sure the debate will go on long after I crap out. I mean there is electric, hydrogen, hybrids, yada, yada. The question to askis who will win out in the end? Will the oil companies find a way retain control over our lives or will some new industry grab us by the cajones in the future?


You remember WWII, if not just turn your TV onto the Hitler channel, soory, a slip of the tongue, histroy channel and you can learn all a bout it. The Holocaust, the pyhic stuff, the Gestapo, yada, yada.

But above all the crap, German scientist were flippin' amazing; you know rockets, jets, a sound canon, stuff like that. At the end of WWII, these scientist were sucked up and sent to the US and USSR, so they could continue their research and work. So basically, the Cold War was about their German scientist battling our German scientists.

I read a story many years ago about the Germans research into synthetic fuel--what happened to that research? They (Germans) actually had already put this man made fuel into operation, but unfortunately, the war ended. And when that happened there were scores of military types scouring the country to find and steal all the good stuff they could. So what happened to the synthetic fuel?

If I had to guess, it is in a vault someplace safe so that it could never be put into use. Do you realze what that would do to oil companies? If it ever appeared it would send the entire world's economies into a tail spin. And as the super capitalist that we are, we cannot allow that to happen.

I say, screw the world! If it is there use it! I have been hungry before and survived. The problem is this planet we live on will not survive the damage that humanity is heaping onto it. If the formula exist, it should be used. If it does not exist, why is there little research into re-inventing the formula? Those damn oil companies weild more influence than you think. They will allow ethanol to be used as an additive, but I do not think a replacement for oil will ever be allowed to emerge.

Just a thought.


21 March 2007

WASSUP In Washington??

Ok you remember the last elections, the Dems promised all kinds of stuff to get your votes and in the beginning they started with a bang. Little to none has become reality just a bunch of hot air to give the impression of actual work. They were appalled by the conditions at walter Reed, they want a deadline to be out of Iraq, yada, yada, yada!

Now they are all over this prosecutirs thing, to the point that it is all consuming, taking the pres and his boys. None want the talks with Rove, et al to be off the record; they want it recorded so that they can say whatever it is they want to say. Of course, the pres wants it off the record, and who would not?

The repubs are resisting on partisan grounds just as the dems are also. So is the honeymoon over? No, there is alot of screwing go on on a honeymoon and believe me the truth will be screwed out of shape.

All well, and good, but where will they find the time for all that legislation they have been thumping their chests about. This DOJ thing seems to be consuming all their time. If so, where does that leave immigration, the vets, the war, domestic programs and on and on?

JUst keep your eyes on the news and you will be given a show you may not soon forget and it will illustrate just how screw this system is. Enjoy! This is the system and the people you choose to run your lives. Are you satisfied?


Today's News Bites

Just a few more observations for the day.

Boy Scout Found in NC--well--Gandolf found him. A very happy outcome, about time there is one with a happy ending.

Iraq--insurgents used a car with children in backseat to go thru a check point and then detonated a bomb. What a bunch of sick-os! I have always said that if it is in uniform it can be fair game, but once you start using children in any way you have lost a lot of respect and understanding.

Pres. Bush spends all his time saying that things will be handled. Attorney firings, vets situation and so on and so forth. Why does the media let this go on--make the bastards explain themselves so that the whole population knows what they did and why.

Gov. Blance of LA is not running for re-election--obviously, she is 24 pts behind her opposition, time to cut an run. If she stays she will be grilled on all the failed stuff from Katrina. God forbid anyone would be willing to give honest answers to the questions. Bye, girl!

Britney baby is out of rehab and now she needs her provacy. Why did the people I know who had a melt down take months and months to come out of rehab, but famous people can bounce back in a couple of weeks? I must have missed something.


20 March 2007

The Approaching Storm.

The Coming Doom!

What doom are we gonna talk about, CHUQ? How about the doom of the coming retirement of babyboomers. Next year the oldest of the boomers will begin to retire and will the system be able to handle it in the coming years? IMO, don't think so.

Remember Reagan? Well he and a democratic Congress hammered out a deal back in the 80's that saved SS and the retirees from losing their benefits. But unfortunately, no one noew seems to be watching out for the retirees. Why is that? Well, you know, there are two wars going on and God knows how many others may be in the planning stage; that takes cash! And where will the cash come from now that we have had break cuts and such?

Domestic spending is down, war spending is at record levels and even more is needed. From where will they get the extra funds for their wars? Domestic programs will take it in the butt. Demos were thrown into the power place by the voters last November and have yet to do anything about the war, with the exceptionof a lot of lip service. Does anyone in this classroom think that domestic programs will be expanded? May I see a show of hands? For any who raised the hands, there is conical hat and a corner with your name on it, please progress to the rear of the room and assume your position.

Personally, I am one of those that believe that all American people should have adequate education, health care, retirement and so on; then once that is accomplished the government may go ahead and start as many wars as they like. But never at the cost of the American people!

The bad news is since the domestic programs are pretty much ignore in favor of whatever it is they are trying to accomplish in Iraq and Afghanistan, which by the way is going quite badly, domestic programs will soon be at critical mass. Meaning they will soon implode and in doing so will effect in the neighbohood of 78 million people.

I call on the Democrats to get off their butts and make domestic programs an essential part of their platform. End the war--use the money where it is truly needed--the American people!


19 March 2007

News Bites Of The Day--19/03/07

Just a few of the crap of the day.

Accidental Suicide--Is this not an oxymoron? Either it was an accident or it was suicide. The term is being used in the Phil Spector thing.

4 yr old girl is abused by her father and step-mom with burns, bites, bruises and shock--Do these people need to keep breathing? Yes and made to suffer everything the child suffered.

A missing 12 yr old in North Carolina--missing for a couple of days--you know if they still had NAs they would have a resource for finding this kid. It is called tracking, something whites are not that good at.

Bong Hits For Jesus--do I need to say more?

Personal thought of the day:

In WWII, the American people were asked to sacrifice for the war effort and they did. They paid higher taxes, cuts in gas and sugar and were asked to donate certain things for the war effort. I say let us try it again and we will see just how much the people support the war. Buying magnets and flags is not a good indication.


Organs, Organs, Who Has Got The Organs!

The Donor Program

The other day, in my 'hood there were a wealth of volunteers out pushing the Organ Donor Program. They were going door to door trying to sign people up for the program. I think it is an excellent program and would do good things for people who need an organ transplant.

Did I sign up? NO! Oh, you are already a donor, right? NO! NO?! But I have said it is a good program and does good things, so why am I not a donor?

OK, just remember you asked!

That is an easy question for me to answer--the program as is, sells the organs to the highest bidder. What? You ask? OK, the person needing the organ is put on a list and if an organ becomes available they are contacted and informed, but if they do not have money alread in place they are past over until the person and the money are there. I am sure there are exceptions to this, but the majority of the program works as I have stated.

Do I have this right? I am to donate my healthy organs to benefit an ailing person. but the hospitals and doctors charge for the transplant. Is that about right? I, out of the goodness of my heart, am willing to help someone, but the medicals dicks get paid? Well, that is about right!

Sorry, but if I am to give my organs freely to help people, then so should the entire operation be free to the reciepient. Again, I apologize, but my organs will not be used to extort money from people.

When the entire proceedure is free, then they may have my healthy organs, but until then, I will retain possession of them.


18 March 2007

Observations for 18/03/07

There are a few things I have noticed recently.

I think it was Geo. Carlin a few years ago that had this thing about responsibility, I thought of it when everyone seems to be taking responsibility for the vets care or the firing of prosecutors or whatever. Like Carlin, if they want to take responsibility they can impress me by taking over some of my bills and debts. Now that is a responsibility I would appreciate.

I listen to Bush on his radio speech, I was underwhelmed! He spoke about the massive anti-war protests and said, "the Constitution says that we may have a peaceful protest and we just want to bring the same thing to Iraq." OK, how admireable, but has anyone in the admin asked the Iraqi people if that is what they want? Doubt it?

And now the Democrats--some totally forgetable person gave the Dems side, but DAMMIT! Please someone tell her it is Iraq not EYE-ROCK!

The anti-war movement is beginning and will only get bigger, my brothers from years past will be proud.

I live in the South, so ever year about this time something is pollenating, so everyone walks around snorting and coughing and sneezing. But for the last week or so the humidity has been 60% or more. So I believe that we are not suffering from allergies; we are breathing water--it has to be "gill disease".


Troops And Training

Troops And Training

Since the very beginning of the Ieaq thing, all the concerned leaders have been piping the same line. We will train and equipment the Iraqi Police and Army and once that is accomplished we will hand over the enforcement of security for the country to them. I know damn well you have heard this crap! Do you believe it? I hope the hell not!

How long have we been in Iraq? I beleve going on 5 years or so, is that about right? My next question is a toughy--how long does it take to train these people? I mean come on, are they about there yet?

But wait--they can always say that because of the violence and such, it is hard to find and train adequate forces so that the US troops can be nothing but back-up and logistics. Still how long does this whole operation take?

I will be fair--there have been a few successes, but there should be lots more properly trained individuals than they are telling us they have. I still have not heard an adequate explanantion of why the shortfall.

Maybe they should hire some of the Drill Instructors from the Us military. I mean in this country you can enlist go to basic and on to advanced training and be ready for the battlefield in less than a year. With that kind of production and success with turning out fodder these people should be in charge in Iraq, and then the present program might be on time, for a change.

With all that said, I would like to take on the subject of proper combat training for the American soldier. I have been watching the war progress since the beginning. As an ex-combat soldier, I would like to ask a couple of questions. Are our troops being properly trained in urban combat? I mean, my training was something different from what I see on the tube. The embedded reporters that go out with the patrols, show the men walking single file within 5 feet of each other. My training told me that "to spread out for one round could get you all". And when the reports are with these guys, say on a rooftop they are in position they are within a foot of each other. Now was my training wrong? Or has the technique changed. I can tell you first hand that a RPG will take out everyone within 20 feet of the impact. So why are these troops so close together?

I can see why we are losing people at an ever increasing rate. IMO, their training is lacking. Possibly the military should try to find some people that know how to fight an urban war and let them teach the troops the way to survive.

Just a few thoughts to keep you on your toes.


17 March 2007

Human Shields

Here is one for thought.

Human Shields

Do you recall the 1st Gulf War, when Saddam had those foreign civilians in Baghdad and they were being used as human shields? Do you remember? How about last summers Lebanon conflict? Israel accused Hezbollah of using civilians as human shields. Remember that?

Human shields have been used by everyone in time of war with the hope that it will protect whatever it is one is hiding in a populated are. Germany used it in WWII! Rebs used it in Vicksburg to keep the Yankees from bombarding the city! Just search history, you will find it used a lot and always for the same reason.

During the Lebanon conflict, the media was all over the human shields being used by Hezbollah. Israel used it as an excuse for most of the civilian deaths. Western media made sure that the world knew of what Hezbollah was doing.

The 1st Gulf War, remember that one? It was George I's attempt at saving the world, when basically we were saving Israel and multinationals. Anyway, that bastard Saddam had foreign civilians housed in a hotel in Baghdad and the media, again, made sure that the world was aware of this dastardly deed. And they made sure you knew that Saddam was wrong in using civilians as a shield against attack.

You may be asking yourself--why are we talking about this now? An excellent question!

It seems that Israel's excursion into Nablus on the West Bank by the IDF to find bad guys and to protect itself, anyway they are being investigated for using Arab civilians as a sheild against attack. What? You heard me! Israel is using the technique themselves and yet nothing or very little is being reported in the Western media. Why? It is hard to condemn an organization for their tactics when you employ the same. So to protect Israel's reputation, it is being ignored in the West. Remember--CNN--"All the news you need to know"--a very cute slogan and I guess that shows that THEY decided what news you need to know.

Here is something to think about--the surge in process in Baghdad--the troops will clear an area and build post within the area so that the troops will be seen as friends. But it you think about it, they clear a Shi'a area and start staying there, right? Sounds like a shield to me! Let us see, you have troops living and working in a Shi'a area, would that not possibly cut down the amount of violence and attacks--Shi'as would want to be sure that Shi'as are safe.

Sorry, sleepers, a human shield by anyother name is still a shield.


16 March 2007

Protection Money

Recently Chiquita was fined $25 million becaus the paid protection money to some paramilitary group. Wassup? The paid money so that their interests were protected in Columbia. yet, Haliburton, et al in Iraq are paying mercenaries, sorry, security contractors for protection against violence levelled at them.

Am I the only person who is having a problem understanding this ? A company, which I have no love for, is fined by the US government for payinf protection money and Haliburton is not. Sorry guys a mercenary is a mercenary, whether you call them a security consultant or a paramilitary group.

I cannot believe that I, of all people, is coming to the aid of a large corporation, believe me, it is out of character for me to do so. I would like someone to explain the difference between the two payments. Wrong is wrong and if Chiquita is guilty, then so is Halliburton. I guess if Chiquita had someone close to the president they would also be exempt, as Halliburton is.

You gotta love the way this system works! In case there is any confusion, that was sarcasm!


Your Legislators

You know who I mean; those guys and gals you send to Washington to represent you. Now I ask, Do they represent your interests?

Most likely they do not! You hear all the time that this guy or that gal voted their conscience. Do we pay them to vote their conscience? I say NO! We pay them to do our bidding in Washington. Come on think about it! Let say that 55% of the voters in a district are against the school prayer thing and you rep votwes for it--who is he/she representing?

Personally, I do not give two craps in hell about his/her conscience. I am concerned that they vote the way that the majority of their constituents believe. But because of this representative form of government, they are allowed to vote anyway they want, because there is no recourse for the voter, other than an election every 4 years or so. Is is no recourse for recalling the ones that are self-serving and an adequate representative. But then again, ALL politicians are self-serving; the voter is a necessary inconvenience. Why? What can they do besides bitch? Nothing!

The time has come for these self-serving millionaires to be accountable, which under the present system; they will NEVER be accountable. The American people bitch constantly about the actions of these people, but yet do NOTHING.

It is true! The American People Get The Government They Deserve.


The Other War

Remember Afghanistan?

Of course you do! It is that little conflict in Central Asia that can be somewhat justified! Come on! Think about it!

Afghanistan, the country that has had three major wars in 24 years, now there is a distinction that not many would want to claim. First we had the USSR, and conflict soon followed, then they left and the rise of the Taliban came about, and conflict soon followed and then came 9/11 and Osama's connection with the Taliban and conflict soon followed with the Invasion of the US and its buds. That pretty much brings us up to date, with the wars, anyway.

Remember my little time machine? The Way Back? OK, then let us climb into the machine and set the controls for 1998. NOw we are in a meeting of the then govt and reps of Unocal. Unocal? Where have I heard that before? I believe it has something to do with Iraq and oil. But that was a past story, shall we move on?

OH yeah, the meeting! Unocal has tapped into the natural resources in Turkmenistan and is desparately seacrching for a way to get it to port. Idea! How about a pipeline through Afghanistan to ports in Pakistan? Now we have come to the reason for the meeting.

Unocal in its desire for the pipeline was wooing the Taliban, to the point of flying their reps to Texas for fun and sun. They were training Afghans on the proper construction of pipelines. But sadly, it was a wasted endeavor for shortly thereafter all hell broke loose and the plan was scrapped because of war.

Ok let us take another tact here. Do you remember the pres of Afghanistan? One, Hamid Karzai? He was the hand picked guy that the US wanted to run the country. He became the interim pres and then was elected pres. What good fortune!

I will bet you are asking, why would this be good fortune? Good question!

Even with the problems and the conflict a pipeline is being considered through Afghanistan. This time it is being funded by the International community. Now, is Unocal involved? They officially say no.

IMO, it is a bit suspect that they are involved. Why!? Karzai was an emplyee of Unocal in 1998. And we know how multinationals work and he is probably still on the payroll, unofficially. I find it completely suspect that the hand picked leader of the country was an employee of the company that had so much invested in the country before 9/11.

So, I ask, Was Karzai chosen to lead because he is an adequate leader? That answer is pretty obvious, just look at all occuring in Afghanistan. He does not lead the country in reality, he is little more than the Mayor of Kabul. If that is true, then was he chosen because of his connection to the oil giant? That seems to be the most accurate answer.

An after note--there was another player in the picture--Zalmay Khalilizad, who was the US special envoy to Afghanistan, now we know him as the US ambassador to Iraq and soon to be the ambassador to the UN. Why do we bring this up? He helped write the new Iraq Oil law and is a past employee of Unocal. Convienent ain't?


15 March 2007

News Flashes

Just afew things cooking today in the news.

Some 13 yr old boy is facing 128 felony charges. Now there is a kid to make you proud, huh?

Jolie is in Vietnam to adopt a kid--you know you have too much money when a kid is the only thing you can think of to buy.

Is this society something to proud of or what?


Politcs Is Never Having To Say You Are Sorry

Has everyone been watching the Gonzalez thing unfold? Prosecutors were fired and now people want to know why. Was it becuase they were acting in a non-Bush way? This story is on-going and humorous.

Humorous? How so? Have you listened to Attorney General? Every interview he says that "mistakes" were made. Ok that nice to know but who made them? The mistake thing is saying that somebody screwed up, but we will not say who. It is a disguised apology without having to apologize.

Will they find out who made the "mistakes"? Will they make these people pay with their jobs?

Good questions, and the answer is simple--NO! Somebody will be given up as the sacrifical lamb; you know kinda like Libby.

And that is the name of that tune!


Another Look At Iraq's Oil Law

For Your Consideration

I recently did a piece on the new Iraqi Oil Law and I was none too polite to the prospect of this law. I presented a bunch of other considerations that were not reported in the US media about this law. Some might say that I was damn right rude to the Bush Administration. I would like to take this opportunity to say this about my statements and to the Bush Administration--Tough nuggies, numb nuts! I realize that I am just alittle voice in a massive crowd all yelling this and that, but I will be on record as to the outcome of this law and the dipsticks that gave birth to it.

OK Class a few questions--What is Unocal? Who is Zalmay Khalilizad? (A short pause for thought.) NO takers?

Unocal? A massive US multinational oil corporation with tentacles all over the world, especially Afghanistan and Iraq.

Zalmay Khalilizad? The US present ambassador to Iraq and soon to be the ambassador to the UN for the US. He exerted pressure, heavy pressure on the the Iraqi government to pass the new Iraqi oil law, even to the point of dictating a good portion of the final terms.

Now that we have adequately defined these two, the next question is--what do they have in common? (another short pause for thought.) Give up?

And the answer is---Unocal! What!?! Zalmay Khalilizad is a past employee of Unocal. Unocal was working on a deal that would give Unocal a pipeline through Afghanistan before the Taliban came to power. At the time he was a special envoy to Afghanistan. Now he seems to be involved in the birth of an new oil law in Iraq that heavily favors US oil companies. Coincidence?

Not on your life and I mean that both physically and literally. I do not believe in coincidences in international policies.

And now he will become the new US ambassador to the UN. Could that be his reward for a job well done in Iraq? Well, you do the math--he will not leave Iraq until the oil law thing is settled. As they say from the past, "old habits die hard."

Now ask yourself, what country will he influence next for his former employer?


14 March 2007

Let's Talk Sports

I must have been in a coma, for when did poker become a sport? I mean it is on ESPN so someone thinks it is a sport. WHY?

Next on the sporting events is Competative Eating. Now, when did being a pig and a glutton become a sport? I mean come on--football is entertainment, but watching someone wolf down 40 hot dogs? Someone needs to get out more. Find a life!

X Games--if these people are addicted to adrenalin then I suggest they enlist in the military, I am sure that they could find something that would help their need for adrenalin.

Mountain climbers--"we do it because it is there". Please will someone give these idiots a trophy for being the dumbest of the dumb. Climb a mountain in winter and not expect bad weather? Stupid is as stupid does.

Just had to be said--and now I feel better.



OK I wanna bitch! The news has given us a couple of trucks parked in houses, cars doing strange things, etc, etc, but why? These stories are good for local news but why does CNN report such things. I mean, is there no news from around the world, that you would have to use this type of filler? Ok, some of them are tragedies and such, but it is still local news. I suggest that CNN allow the local guys to do their jobs and CNN could go back to reporting on world events and stories.

OK, I'm a news geek--but come on! Are you telling me that there is no news from Darfur, so we must go to an airplane that misses a runway? Or no one has died from starvation, becuase the world is too damn busy worrying about tractor trailer that took out half a house, with no one home, in Poedunk, Arkansas?

The American people and their government are so screwed up that it has become a comedy of errors.

'Nuff said?


New Stuff From ME

Recently, Israel has shown interest in the Arab Peace Inititive of 2002. This could be a good sign, right? NO! Israel will consider it only if the changes they suggest are put into place. The Saudis, who came up with the plan, have said accept the whole and we will talk or reject it. IMO, a very good stand by the Saudis.

With this sort of good news Rice will head to the ME shortly. Her first stop will be Saudi--go figure! What will she bring to the Saudis? A demand of acceptance of the Israel changes? She has stated that she would return to discuss the re-enstatement of the Roadmap, but since Saudi is not involved with the Roadmap, why does she stop there first? A bit suspect? You betcha butt!

I say keep an eye on the new, it may take a couple of weeks but the results will be there.

And if you think that they will demand anything of Israel, then please join me in the conference room, I have some land in Florida I would like to seel, by the gallon.


What If---

What If--There was A kurdistan?

Let us say that somewhere, somehow, one of the Bush Boyz has a brain fart and they give the Kurds their own country. You know that area in N. Iraq, The area that was promised them by the Brits at the end of WWI. This could be something special, the birth of a new country. This is big what if, huh?

But wait, after it becomes a country what about the others? What others? I will bet you are asking. Well, this same area that the Kurds claim is also the same as the area claimed by the Assyrians. Yes, it is a serious claim. There are Patriotic Fronts, Parties and other such political entities.

So imagine what if Kurdistan became a country--the Assyrians would probably be the same pain in the ass as the Kurds were to Saddam. What would this do to the region? About the same as happening now. But wait, most Assyrians are Christian and the Kurds are mostly Muslim. Now there is a combination that would present a helluva problem for the world.

Giving the Kurds their own country, a free and separate country, would be a large mistake and would be a calling for more sectarian violence and more conflict. So since it would be a big problem, it is probably being considered by some low level bureaucratic hiding in the basement of the State Dept.

All I can say about what ifs is--what if worms had machine guns, birds would not fuck with them.


13 March 2007

Who Said It?

People should not be afraid of their government, the government should be afraid of its people.

A very good saying, so sports fans, who said it?


Is Iraq A Country?

The Country Formerly Known As Iraq

I hope you recall Prince or The Artist Formerly Known As Prince or as it is now, he is back to prince; I guess all the law suit crap was taken care of and finally settled. I bring up this occurance because Iraq is going through something similar.

I have been giving this situation a lot of thought and consideration. I have heard from friends in the area of what was told the Bush guys before the operation for the liberation of Iraq was to take place. None of their reccommendations were heeded; they fell on deaf ears and now the Us is in crap up to their collective butts. Desparately, the administration is grasping at straws to solve the dilemna they have forged for themselves.

I guess being the fine upstanding individual that I am I will assist them. Now that I have patted myself on the back, how will I help? Tea leaves, comes to mind. Tarot cards are just pretentious, and reading the knots on my head is out--too painful trying to get them there. Anyway--I shall continue.

There are several avenues that Iraq could travel on its way to better things, independence. What are these? well class take out your pencil and paper and we shall begin.

Democracy--Bush's favorite term and ultimate goal. This, at best, is a very fragile reality. Why? Well, you are lumping three separate cultures that have hated each other for centuries, into one country and expect it to be a stable democracy. (snap, snap) No way Batman! At best it is a pipedream thought up by people who have no idea what they are doing. Kinda as stupid as the lines drawn at the end of WWI to create Iraq.

Now the yell of Islamists, a Islamic Republic of Iraq. Thoughts? It happened in Iran, but Iran is almost totally Shi'a, whereas Iraq it is only about 65% Shi'a. What does it mean? The Sunnis will not allow this to happen. And the Kurds would be about as non-receptive as the Sunni. A bomb!

What? What was that I heard? Partition? This would break up Iraq into 3 separate states, Shi'a, Sunni and Kurd. What of this? If it were to happen the Turks would immediately be at the throats of the Kurds, the Shi'a and Sunni would be at each others throats, wait! wait! They already are at each other throats. Since the new oil law it would be more profitable for the oil companies if Iraq stayed intect. That alone would probably prevent any partitioning of the country. You think or believe Iran is involved in the violence within the country, just let it break up and then talk about the violence.

OK, what is left? Since none of the leaders that are in the back pockets of the US,is capable of controlling the violence, about all that is left is a strong leader, this would be similar to a benevolent dictator. This would make it necessary to curb the violence by such actions as martial law and postponed elections, among other forms of repression. Is this the things to come? Who flippin' knows?

What is Iraq to do? That, my friends, is the $64 question. Which ever program they try, I do not believe that it will succeed with a massive involvement of the US and its money.

Have you ever heard of a win-win situation? Not happening in Iraq, no matter what is tried, the only thing that comes to mind is ---BAM! You Lose!

I am underwhelmed by the lack of prep by the Bush aministrsation, these guys knew all along what was going to happen after the invasion and they continued with BS policy, so now ask yourself, who is profiting by the war and the occupation? Once you have that answer a whole new world of knowledge will open up to you.


The Democrats

I agree with Bill Maher, the democrats are "pussies"! Bill Clinton showed them how it should be done when he went after the FOX guy interviewing him. But they have learned nothing, they are still being mamby pamby in their approach to just about everything. Once they got control they talked tough, but the toughness has been replace with an attitude of "well maybe we should work together".

The candidates are no better, they beat their fists on the podium and wimp out at the first sign of trouble. If they cannot be tougher they will lose in November. Have you noticed that the attacks on Hilary are subsiding? Why? The Repubs want her to be the candidate! Why? She can be beat by a republican candidate, regardless who that candidate is.

The democrats need to pick a stance and stick with it, instead they seem to be changing with the political winds. This is a prescription for disaster.


12 March 2007

Before and After

OK I gotta question for all those out there. Take any weight loss commercial on the tube, Jeny Craig, Weightwatchers, yad, yada, and more yada. they inevitably show the before and the after, right? Stacy M. lost 48 lbs, a pic before and after, or Barb Z. lost 28 lbs, a pic before and after, and it goes on and on and on...........

Are you awake yet? OK, the question is the fat chick is a brunette and the after is a blonde. Why?Does society dictate that if you lose weight you need to be a blonde? Or is it, now that they are slimmer they think that blonde is the color of skinny? Just what is it, that makes women need to be blonde after a weight loss?

Just wondering!


Who Says They Did Not Know?

Pre-War Findings

Recently, I had the good fortune of talking with some long time friends in the Middle East. We talked about the war and how it was going and what would be the possible outcomes. None of their predictions are rosy.

We talked about the days before the war and what was known at the time. It seems that strategists formulated what the outcome would be after the initial invasion and that their findings and recommendations were forwarded to the Bush Administration. The findings were as such:

Any Sunni resistance would crumble along with the Iraqi Army.

The Shi'as would be the problem because of Iran's desire to stir up trouble and keep the US off balance.

The Kurds could be coumnted on as long as their safety was guaranteed from the Turks and the Sunnis.

Foreign fighters would become the problem if secutiry was not immediately established. The longer security was lacking the more difficult it would be to re-establish it. And with that foreign fighters would find a haven that would be difficult to break and the longer it took the more entrenched they would become.

Most of these findings were ignored by the Bush Administration in their haste to get democracy in place. They totally ignored any thing that did not fit into their arrogant plan for Iraq.

Funny how all these things seem to have taken place or are taking place as we speak.

OK hindsight is 20/20, but if they were informed before the invasin it is not hindsight, it would foresight and unfortunately for the troops and the Iraqi people, foresight was not something the administration wanted to deal with in their haste to bring the elusive democracy to the country.

It is a little late to try and put these recommendations in place since the war is going to crap and the admin is scrambling around trying to find a solution. Too bad they could bring themselves to use the solutions given to them before the invasion.

Troops are mangled and die; Iraqis are mangled and die, and for what? Because of a bunch of arrogant imperialistic pigs would not listen to the voices of logic.

Just how proud could I be of this bunch of numb nuts?


It's A Lula Of A deal

Bush, pres of the US and Lula, Pres of Brazil have signed a deal that they would cooperate on the production of bio-fuels. Is this a good deal? Who flippin' knows! If it is a good deal for the environment, why has none of the details been released? I mean, Bush has a dismal record on the environment and the global warming thing. Then why not tell the world about this new deal if it is a good thing?

Brazil and the US are the world's only bio-fuel producers! Is it possible that this deal is a cooperation to set up an organization to control the prices and production? (Snap, snap) Ypou know kinda like an OPEC thing?

It is starting to smell like a deal to control the industry and the profits, if bio-fuels are inevitable then the oil companies may suffer and we know that the Bush boys cannot have that.

Rio is a lovely city, lots of nude beaches and great looking women, ok I have priority, but IMO, something is rotten in Sao Paolo.


11 March 2007

Who Gets Iraq's Oil?

Iraq's New Oil Law

In the last couple of weeks, the Iraqi talking heads have come up with a proposal for a new law for the distribution of Iraq's oil wealth. There was a bunch of saber rattling back and forth and then with the assistence of Amb. Khalilzad the proposal is an inter-ethnic law that would evenly distribute any and all revenue that would be made from the sell of oil. Everybody, according to the framers of the new law will benefit, not one group over another.

For the last couple of weeks I have been talking with friends and posting on discussion forums about this law. I was not enthusiastic about it, for I thought it was a crappy idea. So for two days I researched and read and cussed over everything I could find on the subject on line. My research revealed some interesting things that are not being put into the media reports about the law.

All is not as it appears--only a dufus living under a rock would believe that this law was conceived with the Iraqi people in mind.

THe first thing that jumped out at me was the law would re-establish the Iraqi National Oil Company. This organization was shut down by Sadda, in 1987 when he formed the oil ministry. Saddam shut it down because he saw that Iraq's oil industry was basically owned by foreigners and then the ministry would be owned by the state, in his case owned and controlled by Saddam. THere is an oil ministry in the present government in Iraq. If the law passes as is, then the control by foreign companies will be in the future. A prediction coming true.

Now the most significant provision, at least in my opinion, is the revival of "Production-Sharing Agreements". I will bet you are asking, what is it and how does it work? Here it is, it is a oil contract which gives foreign companies first claim on any oil they help Iraq extract from its reserves. These agreements were popular back in the days of the beginning of OPEC to try and stave off any popularity they could possibly garner.

PSAs are an interesting twist of affairs. Even when the oil reserves are nationalized by Iraq, that means the oil will be nominally be controlled by the state. The oil companies and all their glory are guaranteed first rights to Iraq's oil reserves.

The new Iraqi oil law would allow the regional authorities to enter into PSAs in which the oil companies would be guaranteed up to 70% of the revenues. As well as an unrestricted right to take all profits out of Iraq. They would not have to reinvest in the industry nor the country.

Apparently, since the Bush administration has failed in its attempt to reactivate Iraq's oil industry. I find it interesting that the president, his guys and the media seem to be pumping this law up, as something good for the people of Iraq. To that I say, CRAP! IT IS CRAP!

I hear all the time that the invasion of Iraq was not about the oil. To that I say YES IT WAS! The first piece of legislation to come out of Iraq in awhile and it would give US oil companies control over the oil in the reserves in Iraq.

Stop telling lies to the American people, we are there to rape the countries of their natural resources. The people of Iraq are of no more concern to Bush than the care of injured vets. It is time to take your head out of your butt and realize what the war is about. Our troops are dying to give multinational companies a free reign over Iraq--DEMOCRACY? Just a smoke screen to make it appear a noble cause.


10 March 2007

Star date 1003.07

Paris Hilton--now here is a trainwreck! Seems our fav rich little "ho is in for some possible jail time. Seems Paris had her head up her--choose an orifice--and was driving intoxicated and on a suspended license. It is a breach of her parole! What to do? What to do? I say put her in stir and give her to "Big Bertha" and let her learn a whole new meaning to "the simple life". Maybe for entertainment they will show "A Night In Paris". Stop it, it is just to funny for words.



I realize that not everyone is a news geek or junkie like me, so from time to time I will comment on some of the daily news--I will probably be humorous and a bit sarcastic, but what the hell, I will enjoy, hoefully you will also.


09 March 2007

An Early Daylight Savings Time

This weekend , 3 weeks early, daylight savings time will kick in. Why? Ok the admin says it will saving energy, give people more time to relax, yada, yada. The only prob is the biggest proponent of this change is a guy Markey, the prob with all his data for then change is from the 70's and are not much good in these days.

So why do we go to an early time change, if so many people like farmers, airlines, etc are against it? Was anyone consulted before this became law? Does not appear many were asked what they thought. So, if so many are against it why does it go into effect?

The first thing that came to my mind was--we will be on the road more and thus more gas would be sold. And since most of the admin leaders are oil men, it makes good sense to me. What better reason for the change than profits! I mean since all the oil companies are suffering so, they need something to help their profit margin. BTW, that is sarcasm.

May I see a show hands of all those that think this change was brought about because of concern for thed average person?

If your hand is up--you may proceed to the nearest corner and stand there until told to sit down.


Intelligent Design


Intelligent design. HUH? When did creationism become intelligent design? I guess I was standing on the dock and that boat just past be by.

Let me see if I have it about right--God created man in his image about 5000years ago. He did not evelve from ooze from a bog into man over millions of years. Ok, this elderly gent made man in his image and then a woman from a rib--and this is basically, intelligent design, I realize this a simplistic look at tghe theory, but to go further, I would be dead and gone by its completion.

So this benevolent being with a wealth of intelligence formed this being known as man.

Does anything about man show any intelligence? NO! It shows an extreme lack of intelligence. Would an intelligent being make another being that would have kids kill kids over shoes or kids having babies and then leaving them in a dumpster or a man that uses a stun gun on a 19 month baby? Hopefully the answer is NO!

If there is an intelligent being watching over the world, then I would suggest that he flush this toilet and try again, this experiment is a total failure. It does not deserve to continue. Of course, we could always blame Satan for the failure, but that would just be looking for someone to blame other than ourselves.

God gave man a brain and in doing so gave the decision making to him, so man can only blame himself for any of the ridiculous occurrances in his life. It is a shame God did not give man the intelligence to fix his own problems and in doing so man is a worthless lump of proto-plasm that serves no necessary functions, other than destroying everything he touches.



08 March 2007

Where Have All The Free Markets Gone?

What Happened To The Free Market?

This is a subject that is tossed around by just about anybody that wants their mug on TV. What are free markets? Since I am not an economic expert, I will give you a simple definition: Free markets are basically, the economic markets that are free of intervention, by the government or such. I guess the Law of Supply and demand would be a good anology--supply low -prices high and vice versa.

Sounds good, but the free markets that Adam Smith envisioned were a great idea, never worked! About the only places this actually may work is the stock exchange, some retailing and an ever dwindling small manufacturing sector. Oh yeah, it seems to work best in the Drug Trade.

Multinationals, companies that deal in the world capitalist system, have turned the idea of free market into a pipedream. They obey none of the laws of national governments or the market strategy.

These multinationals have a tendency to fixed prices and make nonesense of the idea that there is a free market. These seem to gravitate to the third world, why? The five easy freedoms, they are: no corporate income tax, no import duties, no property taxes no excise taxes and finally monetary and political incentives like weak or no unions and another thing is, most of the countries in the third world are desperate for foreign capital.

Basically, what I am saying is, THERE ARE NO FREE MARKETS--it is an illusion. Even the Stock market is not a free market, for trading is controlled by computers, say a bad slide starts and after a prescribed amoun of time, the computer kicks in ans suspends trading until the following day and will continue until the market stabilizes.

What to do? What to do? Grin and bear it! That is unless you have a better approach; the multinationals are here to stay and they will control the entire world, if they already do not. Wars? They benefit the multnationals! Peace? Benefits the multinationals not

You are looking at the control of everything by the corporations--The fact is that most of the world is already control by them and the small part that is not controlled is in their sights and only time will tell when that small part will fall.


07 March 2007


As one might guess, I do a lot of posting on different discussion forums, well, on one particular one, I am "doom and gloom" because I post on things that go wrong. I am also accused of being on the Left. well, that part is pretty true, but unfortunately, my detractors do not know where the left is, to begin with. They are working on the assumption I am a democrat. HA! Wrong, moose-breath! I have little use for any politician within the 2 party system.

To these people, if you are not a conservative, then you are part of the left. How nice, ddoes that mean that everbody, but a conserv is a leftist? I guess, but what a pile of crap that thinking is. To me a demo is just a middle of the road conserv, there is nothing liberal about their present thinking. And these same people see the media as left leaning, (pause), (wipe tears of laughter from eyes). All I can say two things, if their IQ ever makes it to 100--SELL! And if shoe size and IQ are close to each other, keep you mouth shut.


Questions Without Answers?

OK lots of talk about the Walter Reed thing--hearings and now a commission--why? If the crap is documented what will a commission find? Talk--the vets need none of that--there is enough talk--how about a little action? Yet another quetion, how many vets either died or got worse because of the inaction of the pigs?

We have all seen the pics of people repairing Bldg #18--right? They got rid of the mold--Right? But, what caused the mold? Has anyone asked or answered that question? What causes mold? Wetness! Where did the wetness come from? If that is not repaired, it will be back. It is nothing but a band-aid for a gunshot wound!

The media reports that there is an outrage over the treatment of the vets--if so, why no one calling for heads? Are they gonna let the politicians police politicians? Now there is a wasted bunch of time. I watched McCain on the tube, he was playing to the camera, he did not appear to be really concerned, just the angle of the camera. Yeah, he is my hero (sarcasm intended).

If you are impressed on the actions of the bureaucrats, then buy another magnet and grab your pom-poms and lead the cheers. This whole thing is a pile of bovine fecal matter--it is awaste of time and money--the result will be some badly worded report that will mean NOTHING to the vets. They need it fixed NOW--not nafter a bunch of bureaucratic bullshit!



Living and Dying In A Geopolitical World

Now here is the bomb--Geopolitics. What is it you may ask? Good question and now for something completely different.

Basically, it is a theory that the role of geography and factors there of, defines life within a society. This view states that developement of a society is directly dependent on geographical conditions. It uses a wealth of things to justify itself, like inequalities, insufficient living space or natural borders, etc. All of which can be used by a society bent on some imperialistic endeavor, which can be said is for the best of the world as a whole.

It is nothing but a lame attempt to disguise blatant aggression and a grab at world domoination, whether you call it communism or capitalism or whatever, it is the desire of a society or nation to impose its will on the entire world.

It is not an attempt to assist the world with social, economic or political problems. It is that the interest of the instigating society is primary and the attempt to remake the other society into an entity that will conform to the desires of the first society.

Does Iraq come to mind? Possibly Afghanistan? Only time will tell which way this will play out, but one can bet that the invading country will make up like a champ in the future.

Can there be a counter to geopolitics? Not now, the world has allowed this situation to festerinto a serpent that will consume it. The correct answer is there, but NO ONE wants to hear it or use it.


06 March 2007

A Side Note--The Veep

The Veep has had an episode with his health--it seems he was developing a bloodclot. How awful, but how many forms did he have to fill out? How long did he have to wait? Just goes to show just how rapid the bureacracy can work when it is one of their own that needs medical care.

Makes me proud of our great system (Sarcasm intended, just in case there was nay doubt).



Sorry to dwell on a point, but I WILL!

After listening to the military Bozos at hearinbgs I have come to a realization. What is that, you may ask? What a flippin' circus! Hearings and what happens everyone is blaming everyone else, this should continue until nausea sets in. They will write a report and the Senate will have hearings and write a report and then it will go to the pres and he will set up a commission who will write a report on and on.............and all the while good people are caught in the beast of bureaucracy. Fix it NOW! Not in 3 to 5 yrs!

If it is money, then all the players in the military-industrial complex coughs up 5% of profits they show from the manufacturing of impliments of destruction. An audit of these pigs should be every three months, to keep them honest, for if they are watched they will screw their own mothers to keep their money. Since the weapons and equipment they make is being used by the troops, then they need to step up and assist those that have been injured. Since they make billions upon billions, they can afford to help pay the price for the injuries they have helped to make.

If you watched any of the hearing then you saw everybody apologizing for the situation--which is just duckey--but did any of them look like they actually meant it. HELL NO! They were reading from a prepared script, written by some mental midget in the White House. Did any of the ilitary types say anything to disparge the military? NO! They are just trying to protect their collective asses and the real problem is their indifference to the troops that they have sent into a meat grinder.

Do I want their heads? HELL YES! Both physically and literally!


05 March 2007

Another Quote

Who said this?

"Victory is no longer a truth. It is only a word to describe who is left alive in the ruins."

Need a clue?

A Crock Of Crap!

I have been watching the Walter Reed Hearings and I am truly impressed--NOT!

Someone stated that the Washington Post should be proud for ruining careers-- I say screw their careers and how many lives have these parasitic SOBs ruined?

Cheney said at the Am. Legion thing that "IT WILL BE FIXED"! How nice, would it be fixed if the story had not broken--probably not! These elitist pricks are scrambling trying to save their collective asses.

These hearings are well and good, but a colassal waste of time and money, make all accountable from pres down, they caused the problem let themn suffer along with the men and women whose lives they destroyed.

If it was up to me, they would be stripped naked put honey and feathers all over them and run through the streets of Washington so all could see how these people, I use the term losely, should be treated.

These disgraced people will be fine, they will bounce back, why? Because they will not be made to suffer the indignities that they forced the soldiers to endure, these men and women will have the scars of the country's ingratitude for the rest of their lives. It is only fitting that thise responsible scarred as well, least we forget the disservice they have done to the troops.

I say NEVER give those animals a moments peace for the rest of their lives, make them relive over and over their abuse of fine men and women, until they are planted. Period!


What Is This Thing Called Capitalism?

This is just a quikie I wrote while comtemplating the universe, or something just as profound.

Capitalism And Why

A simple look At the Beast

Capitalism--whay is it? Is it an economic system? Or possibly a historic stage of civilazation? Well, those are excellent questions with no good answer. It depends on which side of the economic spectrum.

Please step into the "way back" machine once again. Push the backward button and --Zoom! Zap! Pop! and here you are--modern capitalism originated in the land of the English workers in the Industrial Revolution. The magnates of industry who operated the mills extracted their profit from the exploitation of children, women and later adult males. They were parasites that lived off the labor of someone else; they created nothing, other than the pursuit of more profits, in other words GREED! These people owned the factories, the land, the at one point even owned the workers.

Then came the trade unions, rising wages and social reform, that was good right? Depends on who you were. Income and wealth still was unequally distributed. The owners still owned the factories and the workers still had to sell their labor and were still exploited.

Capitalism has always been a chaotic and unstable and disorderly mode of organization of the economic scene. There are always disruptions in the cycles that effect the worker, the farmer and the small businessperson, leading to unemployment, bankruptcies and homelessness.

Believe it or not, even the cheerleaders of capitalism have seen it to be deficient. There are few competitive markets, nothing like the great Adam Smith had originally envisoned. The modern capitalist system is increasingly conntrolled ny monopolists, multinational giants, a by a market that is dominated by fewer and fewer suppliers.

And lastly, all this activity among the players is causing irreversible damage to the environment and deflating the public good. The materials and advancements of worldwide capitalism is a beast that will eventually consume the civilization that it now controls. More and more, capitalism is loom large and menacing the public health and well being of the worker, the citizen and the world.

In closing allow me to say this--Not many analysts of capitalism have ever thought it would be a permanent system, but yet the leaders of the system find ways to keep the beast alive and continually feed it with the sacrifices of the world's workers.


04 March 2007

Who Said It?

"The security of the Nation demands total and complete compliance"

Who was the genius that said this?

A News Geek Revolt!

OK I have had enough of Smith and Brtitney and Hurley and tornadoes and ....yada yada Yada!

It is time to move on, people are dying, people are starving, people are being ....whatever else the human race can doto itself and all the news is FLUFF! Why? Are the American people that starved for bullshit that it is popular? If so, it could explain why we as a country have so many problems overseas. We do not think that the suffering of average human beings is a significant news story, but yet will spend hours upon hours upon hiours on crap.

Do you really care that E. Hurley married some Indian guy? Do you really care where Smith is going to be buried? Do you really give a shit what happens to Britney? If you answers are yes to any of these questions, themnn may suggest that you buy a reliable hasndgun and do the world a favor and oft yourself.

The fewer mental midgets we have the better life will be for the rest of us. If you are looking for sympathy I suggest you get a webster's and look between shit and syphillis, you should be able to find sympathy.


03 March 2007

Movement In B Sharp

Let us speak about the new Anti-War movement that is forming and going through some birthing pangs, Is it good? Hell, yea it is good! Dissention is very patriotic. look at our fore-fathers. Maybe that was not a good analogy--a bunch of fat rich bastards wanting to control their own country--Not a good example. Sorry!

The country is starting to get behind the anti-war movement, we have vets against the Iraq war, we have students demostrating at college campuses and a recent march on Washington. It is growing daily. Even the pompous Democrats have jumped unto the bandwagon--is that good? Probably not! Why? They will subvert it to the point that it will probably succeed only to be reborn at the next great war. Politicians are about as trustworthy and sincere as a rattlesnake in heat.

The problem will be, the people are jumping onto this quickly and as with the anti-movement from our recent past, they will jump off just as quickly. Once they have achieved whatever it is, they are after, it will be forgotten and the will move on to something else that will catch their fancy until the next "great" injustice arrives. The Americans are not consistent with any of their so-called ideals. They go with the flow aned then move on, like a herd of sheep looking for new grazing.

In the 70's the 18 yr old got the vote and that was sufficient to quell the radical ideals of the day, once the young felt that they were being listened to, they fell into line with the very same people they were fighting against. So what am I saying? That is easy--The American people are idiots for the most part, easily appeased and flippin' lazy. Until they learn to live by their ideals and stop falling for every political game the powers that be are offering.

The scenario being played out now, ws played out during Vietnam and now once again they same BS is being fought against. The people learned NOTHING! And unfortunately, after this play is over another will take its place and the results will just continue, ad nauseum.


01 March 2007

How About That Afghanistan?

This is a short piece I wrote awhile back and found how prophetic it was.

Afghanistan--The New Democracy?

Well the Central Asian country of Afghanistan has had its "free and fair" elections. And the winner was Hamid Karzai. THe country must now try and bring stability and peace to a wat torn landscape. The uphill battle will be to give this region its first strong central government. A government that is not influenced by some outside influences--oops--maybe that will not happen right now.

First, let us take good look at the "fair and free" elections. Yes, the people, all the people, had a chance to vote in the elections and by all accounts many did just that. Behind the scenes, America's golden boy Karzai, did all he could to minimize the number of political opponenets. He apparently, he saw the benefit that the 2 party system would provide him. Give the people a minimum of choice and they will vote for the least offensive. It worked! Washungton's boy won! And who did not see that coming?

Now Afghanistan's National Assembly must work together to build a strong government. That will be a pipedream, the tribes, warlords, etc. will not want to work with Karzai. Why? His relationship with Bush will make him a lonely person within the country. THe National Assembly, will see Karzai's relationship with the US as giving away the country to foreeigners. His attempt to gain support and retain it will be only as good as the situation on the ground within the country.

Karzai's presidency will survive only if certain conditions are met--The lives of the Afghans will have to improve, with a war going on I do not see this happening. Because of increase violence his support from the people will be gone and he will have to depend more and more on the US to retain his position. Then there is the Taliban--they were outed out of control by the invasion, but that is well and good but they will return and return with a vengence. When? I wish I could give an accurate prediction--but never fear them will be back!

So, the "free and fair" elections will be of no value within 2 years of their taking place. The Afghanis will be looking at a reign of terror similar to Iraq. The Taliban may be out of sight, but they are far from gone.

Unfortuantely, as with Iraq, voting in an election DOES NOT guarantee democracy. I have said many times before--democracy cannot be given by a force of arms. If the people are not behind the democracy call then all you will have is chaos and another government being propped up by Washington. Karzai is basically, the mayor of Kabul, not the president of all Afghans, the US will have to keep yet another power mad depot in power. Something they have become really good it over the years.


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