02 December 2007

Weekly News UpDate

Between the Holloway death and the Redskins death and another missing wife and a hostage thing--not much real news was reported. How unfortunate. It was another extremely uninformative week.

A little blues
Tempered with booze
and now for the news.

1--More Repubs leave Congress, Lott and Hastert.

2--Cheney returns to hspital for heart prob--better living thru electronics.

3--Gore finally gets to Oval Office--as a visitor.

4--Iraqi refugees are returning to Baghdad--good?

5--Hooker in Chile will donate a month's earnings to help the poor and kids.

6--Hurricane season ends--woo--hoo! But Fla. business guys are pissed that the season was so slow. GOD I hate these f*ckers!

7--So. Calif.--again--this time it is the possibilities of mudslides. Sorry not news! It happens yearly!

That is it, all the news you cannot possibly use.

Remember: An Idaho potato has 110 calories....thinking....thinking....does that mean all other potatoes are more fattening? Just wondering.

Have a day, have drink, have some sex--Peace--Out!

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