28 November 2007

Huckabee Gains On Mitt

At least in Iowa that is. But is that indicative of what is happening all over the country? I saw probably not. Iowa is a mostly white, very conservative state. Huckabee pretty much fits the bill. But keep in mind that Iowans do not like to be told who to vote for or who the leader is in their state.

Mitt is leading only because he has been campaigning in the state for a long time. Huckabee however has only been there a short period of time in comparison and he is gaining on Mitt. Of course, the media sees this as a trend nationwide with the Repubs. I say it is just a blip in the radar scope of the primaries. Huckabee will probably not do well in NH, but possible well in SC and then he will move on to Mich and others where his luster will fade.

The media likes him for now, because he makes a good stroy, but he will be ignored as the primaries move on. IMO, he is not a threat to the ones that the media is pushing.

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