30 November 2007

The New Media Darling!

In the last week or so, Mike Huckabee has moved from an also ran to a media darling. He is closing the gap on the leader in Iowa, Mitt. His style seems to be appealing to the voters. But is it his message? Not really! Iowa is one of the whitest and most conservative states and his stands are more appealing than those of Mitt.

I do not think that he will fair well in NH, he may play well in SC, after all he will be one of them, a WASP. But will any of this play well in the rst of the primaries, most likely not. He may well be gone before the majors.

IMO, Huckabee has a disconnect with the majority of people in the US. But he will be the darling of the media, until he begins to be pushed aside by the other Repub candidates, as the primaries move forward.

Sorry, Mike. Politics is a vice that you should have avoided.

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