04 November 2007

Weekly News UpDate

Do not look now but it is Sunday again. Did you set the clocks back?

After a good snooze, I give you worthless news!

1--Sam Adams, the beer, is suing Sam Adams, the candidate, over the use of the name.

2--Someone in the Royal family has been videoed having sex and drugs.

3--Crazy Kansas church owes dad of dead soldier $11 million.

4--Oprah's African school is under investigation for abuse and sex.

5--An anti-gay GOP politician in Washington sate has resigned because his male lover was blackmailing him. Last name is Curtis. Go figure!

6--Women's tennis star Hingis tested positive for coke and she decides to retire. Ooops!

7--Brit soccer star has OCD according to his wife.

8--World shortage of hops--beer prices will go up! SH*T! there goes my Sunday!

9--Body of a 2-3 yr old girl was found locked in a plastic storage container. they just keep getting sicker and sicker!

That is all the crap that made it to the news. Enjoy your Sunday and by all means keep it clean!


tumbleweed said...

Great update CHUQ. Thanks.

CHUQ said...

Welcome back my friend. I have missed your input.

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