21 November 2007

Chavez--Hugo Not Ceasar

I recently read an article by Ann Applebaum--or whatever the broads name is --where she was taunting Chavez because he was trying to extend his rule for life. She also was bitching about film stars who go and embrace him. That is just bullsh*t! These people should be able to support whoever they choose.

But I want to address the Chavez hating thing. To begin with, the part that she is upset with is a constitutional amendment to allow the Pres to seek re-election indefinately, there would be no limits. It will benefit whoever is Pres not Chavez only. I am not saying that Chavez will not abuse the right, but that it will be for all that are pres. I ask if she would be as outspoken if the Venezuelan Pres was a Bush ally? It would not be a story.

Chavez has done much for the poor and lower class in the country than any other Pres. Is he a dick? Most likely! But that is not important, what is, is the fact that he is improving the lives of the massive poor in his country. Because he is an opponent of Bush, any of his successes will NEVER be reported.



Tumbleweed said...

Chavez just likes being a pain in our ass. lol.

He's a master of propaganda. Him and Bush are a lot alike in some ways, although Bush hasn't done much for the poor.

CHUQ said...

Believe me, if Bush thought he could get away with it, he would push for the same thing Hugo is.

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