07 November 2007

Finally An Override!

Finally, the Dems have something to celebrate. They finally was able to override a presidential veto. Let the party begin!

I will give this a step forward. Not that I agree with the bill, but only because they were able to put together an override. That is something, granted not much but a small step forward. Now they need to find a way to override all of the President's vetoes.

But they had better hurry, adjournment looms. And we know all the little tricks that Bush will try while no one is in Washington.

It will be interesting to see how the Dems will spin this with elections coming up. I will be watching.


Anonymous said...

Yeah! Overriding the first veto, finally. It's nice to see politicians come to gether and do something, even if it is just that. hopefully this means some of the republicans are coming to there senses and turning again bush!

-conley from politirant.com

CHUQ said...

Thanx conley, great to have you on board. feel free to post your butt off. lol

But now I must ask, did they orverride for the better of the people mor because it is full of pork?

Anonymous said...

unfortunately i think i read that the bill was full of pork :(

but it's a start, and i'm going to think possitively! maybe someday we will get our troops home from iraq too!

conley from politirant

CHUQ said...

conley, I left a post on Kuncinich and he is starting to get more of my support.

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